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Scally Lads Blog
Me and my love of the good old scally lad. I do go off track a bit and post pictures of footy blokes and the odd other sexy chap but its mostly devoted to England's finest Scally Lads
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Scally Cock 2
2011-05-03 20:22:00
I hope the last 2 posts have helped those cold lonely nights, they did for me :) While I'm on here (as I may not get on here again tonight) I need to give a massive shout out to DAVE THE RAVES Blog! There's no pic's or vid's :( but if you want a good read and a laugh at the same time, get urself's over there. Honestly he has me in stiches, find him at   but for the time being get your right hand (or left) on your nob and whack one out over these scally lads!
Scally Cock
2011-05-02 21:52:00
So we've had camphone cocks now we have caught in the action or show boat cocks, either way we just can't get enough of these scally lads and their nobs. Dave the Rave loving 14th pic of camphone cocks so I'm thinking we need to have Scally of the Month. Drop me a line with your Fav pic so far and i'll put the top 5 on for a vote! There is another load to cum from scally cock, didn't want to throw them all in at once, being a bit of a tease like these lads lol
CamPhone Cocks
2011-05-02 01:55:00
Been a lazy bollox and havent been online for a bit so thought as ive been a cock it's best to cum back wiv sum cocks. Here's the best of the camphone bunch few more to cum
Six Packs 2
2011-04-25 19:40:00
Following on from the last post here's some more sexy scallies with six packs or trying too lol
Six Packs 1
2011-04-25 17:48:00
Well scally lads are sexy eitherway but when they have a six pack to rub your nob on it's even better!! Some of these lads are trying to have a six pack so Ive gotta add them here to lol!!
Scallies & Their Tattoos
2011-04-24 17:08:00
What is it about a tattoo that makes a scally look so hot? I think a tattoo makes them look hard and cum on we all love a hard scally in more ways then one, lol. Here's about 20 scally lads wiv tatts that make me hard
Holiday Scallies Part 2
2011-04-21 19:31:00
Story chaps? Havent had the chance to get on all week. In for a bit so try and get a good few pics up. Still trying to stay away from the cock pics but they are getting closer and closer lol, enjoy these sexy beasts for now
Holiday Scallies
2011-04-18 20:53:00
Don't you love it, our British scally lads go off on holiday, dress in shorts and trainers and end up looking even more sexy in holiday snaps. I know I wouldnt mind being on holiday with most of these scaly lads. This is part 1 of 2 and lads in caps part 4 will follow after my joint lol
Cum on Show Us
2011-04-17 00:12:00
Why when the camera cums out, they always have to go a ruin the picture by hiding their nobs.... Cock Tease!! Here's a few I wudn't mind seeing the picture taken after lol
Lads in caps part 3
2011-04-16 23:32:00
How's it going chaps? Ended up in bed for most of the day, only got up to go to the pub for the cup semi final, what a touch city beating utd!! But back now and going to stick a couple of posts up tonight, so as I was going to over the week and didnt end up doing, here's part 3 of Lads in Caps, enjoy
Morning Chaps
2011-04-16 03:56:00
Good night all round, pissed again and only went out wiv a score, what a result! Going through my shit looking for sumthing to wank over I cum across this lad, he's so fucking horny i'm craving him lol! Off to do the business, catch you all in the afternoon. Laters peeps
Hows it going?
2011-04-15 20:17:00
Story chaps? At last the fucking weekend has cum! Can't wait to get out and about on the town tonight. Always looking for cock always end up with pussy lol! Well I can always dream and today my dream has to be this one posted below, yum fucking yum. Could be on later tonight, not sure yet but the weekend will be full of the hottest scally pics around. Hope you all have a good night, drop us a line on the chat app in the side bar, catch you's all in a bit! Easy!!
Story Chaps?
2011-04-14 23:15:00
What a crazy couple of days ive had. Out last Friday wiv work, pissed and stoned as a skunk I ended up chattin sum bird up at the bar and gave her my number (quickly tell u sumthing, everyone thinks Im straight, I haven’t cum out to anyone, not even close mates/family, in fact I haven’t even cum out 2 myself, but that's another story for another night) She started texin me Tuesday and bla bla cut a long story short, met up wiv tonight 4 a few jars and wine for her of course lol (u'll get he 'Of Course' if u like Al Murry) she offered me bak2 hers and only reason I didn’t go, was meant to meeting up wiv a mate who Im potty about (wud never let on, lol) but he bailed out on me. what a cunt!!!! So home wiv me right hand and sum pukka porn, will defo be on over the weekend wiv plenty more scally lads but for now chaps its goodnight from me and goodnight from him
Lads in Caps part 2
2011-04-13 21:40:00
Story chaps? Didn't get a chance to get on yesterday but as promised here's part 2 of 4 of lads in caps.
Night Chaps
2011-04-11 23:34:00
Well with the mighty scouse boys beat city and having a J to smoke the night cudn't really end better, tomorrow I'll do part 2 of 'Lads in Caps' and I do need to follow up with drinking scallies part 2, but for now lads if off, so it's goodnight from me and goodnight from him x
My Dream Team
2011-04-11 23:09:00
I really tried to do my dream team as a 4-4-2 but for the life of me I can't think of a sexy right back and rather then sticking sum one in just for the sake of it, I went with a 3-5-2 as there are plenty of midfielders who I have the hots for. So this is my 3-5-2 dream team, who would you sub if you had the choice? All 11 of these could have their whicked turn with me, one after the other lol Plus I have to give a big shout to the scouse boys, what a fucking win!!!!!!                                                                                      &nbs...
Lads in Caps Part 1
2011-04-11 20:33:00
Welcum to lads in caps part 1 of 4 so far! I fucking love a scally in a cap. I dont think I know a scally who doesnt own one. They make them look young yet somewhat hard at the same time, well I know they make me hard anyway lol! I'll post part 2 and onwards each day this week.
Who's A Dummy!!
2011-04-11 20:02:00
What does this scally lad look like wiv his shirt round his neck and a dummy in his gob? Of course I wish I cud swop that dummy wiv my nob but he looks soooo bloody horny. I think he needs to give me a call if he needs his nappy (Diaper) changed lol
Another Weekend Done
2011-04-10 23:03:00
Another weekend has cum and gone but those naughty scallies are still about, if only we cud be hangin wiv them now, lol! Well chaps I'm gone for another night, catch you all in the week with plenty more hot scally lads. So for now it's goodnight from me and good night from him
Premier League Top 20
2011-04-10 19:20:00
Ok most of these fall under the sexy bloke section and not scally lads, but some of these footy players are fucking hot. Now it took me a bit of time to find a half decent player from a couple of teams but done me best. All 20 premier league teams are featured, what do you think, maybe I got one or two wrong, give me your thoughts! Steven Gerrard Liverpool  Ben Foster Birmingham Callum McManaman Wigan Craig Gordon Sunderland  Danny Collins Stoke  David Stockdale Fulham  Graham Dorrans West Brom  Jack Wilshire Arsenal  James Milner Man City  Jamie o'Hara Wolves  Javier Hernandez Man Utd  John Terry Chelsea  Mark Halstead Blackpool  Matthew Taylor Bolton  Michael Dawson Spurs  Morten Gamst Pedersen Blackburn  Phil Jagielka Everton  Ryan Taylor Newcastle  Steven Warnock Villa  Wayne Bridge West Ham
CamPhone Cocks
2011-04-10 17:55:00
It must of been a bloke who came up with the Camera Phone. Why else would you of thought of putting a camera on a phone other then thinking all the lads would whack their nobs out and take pics of themselves. I need to shake the hand of the bloke who came up wiv this idea, what a Genius!!
Summer Time
2011-04-10 16:25:00
The sun cums out the shirts fall off, I fucking love the summer and here's a few lads that make me cum out of da house to dribble over lol! Other then being on holiday wiv these lads, when ur back home and the suns out the streets are full of propa Scally lads ready to show off, here's a few for those of you stuck inside today, I'm off out to find sum of me own lol
Afternoon Treat
2011-04-10 15:28:00
If only this was banging down my down this morning, I wouldn't make it on here today. Owell not to be, but have a look lads, he is fucking fine and what a nob on him!! I'll follow up in a bit with 'Out and about Scallies' as the sun's out the lads seem to strip str8 away and thats one of the reasons I love the sun. Have to get the second half of the Arsenal game in and then i'll put a few hotties and cuties on here!
Army Boys
2011-04-09 20:58:00
I fucking love lads in the army, the only reason I didn't join the army is coz I would have a boner all day everyday and when on night watch I wouldn't be outside doing my job, I would be a peeping tom lifting everyones covers to see their nobs lol. Here's sum of my best ones...
What an Arse
2011-04-09 14:55:00
When they aint whacking their nobs out the old lads are mooning at any given chance. There's nothing sexier then a scally lads arse screaming out to be licked.....
Night Chaps
2011-04-09 02:36:00
Well he aint packing much in the old nob department but fuck me is he sexy. Quicky to cyberi4a, well done for ur comments fella, what's the bets the Lacoste lad took more then an hour gettin that right lol! Should be around over the weekend, So fo now it's goodnight from me and goodnight from him
Morning Lads
2011-04-09 02:19:00
Fuck me I’m neigh on ruined but had a good fucking laugh, the drinks kept cumming and the boys kept me hard throughout the night. But fuck as always came home empty handed, tell myself I do it on purpose lol but if I cud of cum home wiv someone he wud b my first choice, Yum fucking yum. What an amazing cock this lad has, im sure if this was put in front of me I wud front up a months pay to ave a suck and fuck. In fact for this lad I wud simply do as I was fucking told!!!!! Will do me best to do a good night post but fucked and now smoking a J cud drop off any minute lol
Night Chaps
2011-04-07 23:30:00
I'm off chaps, roll on the weekend, gona get tanked tomorrow so might not be around but will get meself on sometime over the weekend. So as usual its good night from me and good night from him
And Then We Have.....
2011-04-07 22:27:00
My last post 'Lacoste Lad' wasn't the best advert for Lacoste in my opinion. Dont get me wrong Ive had a sniff of me mates socks before but you have to draw the line somewhere lol, but here we have the perfect advert for them. Ok is nob is nothing to scream about but I bet HARD he can cause a bit of damage!!
Lacoste Lad
2011-04-07 22:12:00
He's either a dirty bastard or he has some serious Lacoste sock fetish but what a fucking hot picture.
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