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Completely Free Adult Personal Sites
I scour the web to find GENUINELY free to use adult personals, swingers sites and adult dating sites, and give a review of each site. My site does contain sponsored ads too.


Melanies UK Swingers Update!
2010-04-29 13:00:00
Tragic news from the world of free internet sex partners, Melanies UK swingers, previously the best free swinging community site in the UK, have SOLD OUT and are now part of the pay-to-use Bonefish empire.You've doubtless come across Bonefish before in your free searches, though you may not know it. They own countless adult and regular dating websites of the "Join now it's free!!!!" (which means sign up free, and then we'll pester you 'til kingdom come with Upgrade Now! emails, messages from fake profiles that you have to pay to read, and other sleazy low-down methods of getting you to part with cash) variety.A few weeks ago I got an email from them saying they were going to upgrade the site, and transfer profiles across to the new system. Not so. All that's happened is that Bonefish have bought the domain, kept a couple of Melanie's banners on there, and added their own infinite stock of real and fake profiles. The message said that 'it may not be possible to transfer all th...
Newbie Nudes - Rate Me Site
2010-02-22 13:21:00
Rate Me sites are a great way to browse through real amateur pics to find real people, and of course to upload your own naked or sexy pics for the titillation of other users!Whilst they are - generally speaking - not strictly dating sites, many of them serve a similar purpose. You can search for users near you, post a free profile and, if nothing else, see real amateur porn pics. I'm starting with Newbie Nudes, which has thousands of users around the World, and tens of thousands of pics. It is free to use most of the site's functions, including the all-important messaging of other users. One tip - when you check the profiles, look to see the user's last login date. It seems that many users join, upload their pics and hardly use the site ever again. It's probably best only to message people who've been active in the last month or two, though they will receive an email from the site if you message them, so its up to you.Last longer in bed with Delay anti-premature ejaculation. A...
Melanies UK Swingers (UK only)
2010-02-12 14:43:00
Melanies UK Swingers is far and away the best free swingers site in Britain.It has a great community of real members and has been operating for a few years now. The service is completely free to join and use, although the owners also operate a UK adult personals site on a pay to use basis.Melanies is only open to UK residents - you can set up a 'non-UK' profile if all you want is cam-cam fun or chats, but don't expect too much response from other users.Being a swingers site, most profiles are for couples or 'single' males, but there are quite a few single female or women operating alone profiles too.They also have several forums and a live chat room.You can join free, browse other users and message other users free, upload lots of photos including naked ones, choose which photos you make public and private etc and view other members' photos. In fact, you can do pretty much anything you'd normally expect on a paid site, but for free.Spam and bot activity is minimal, and it app...
Real Free Date
2010-02-12 12:57:00
Real Free Date is a completely free to use adult and general dating site. You can:Sign up for freeAdd photos (not sure how many but I think its a lot) including naked ones for freeSearch, message and even IM members for free.View other users' photos (including naked ones) for free.Bot activity is light (I had two suspicious messages on my first day, nothing after that) and the site does not press you to upgrade. However, the site is full of ads for pay to use sister sites, and you may find that they automatically sign you up for some of their sister operations. This is not a problem if you don't use your main email address, and don't fall for the daft trick of upgrading to read a message from a bot. Once again, halfway experienced bullshit spotters will have no problem with this.A great bonus with this site is that they have a large library of decent porn vids available free to download.Quite a large membership base, many seem genuine, again mostly in the US but plenty of people ...
Adult Match Doctor
2010-02-12 12:30:00
Adult Match Doctor is the adult version of the dating site Match Doctor.You can join for free, upload up to 20 photos for free, mail other users for free, receive emails for free, search users for free, include details like email addresses and IM user names in messages or on your profile.As a free member you cannot:View other users' naked pics (clothed pics you can)Make your pics privateSee who's viewed your profilePost images on forums (wow big problem lol!)You are regularly encouraged to upgrade, but only on site - they do not spam you.There are some fake profiles (I kept getting messages from 'girls' saying 'wow nice pics' when i didn't have any posted) but experienced bullshit-avoiders will have no problem identifying them. There really are some genuine people there, and new users join each day. Most members are Americans but there are other nationalities there too.My score: 8/10Worth joining.Sign up here...Last longer in bed with Delay anti-premature ejaculation. All nat...
Welcome To 100% Free Adult Fun!
2010-02-12 11:24:00
This blog is all about my search for genuinely free to use adult dating and adult personals sites. Anyone who has searched for the phrase "100% free adult dating", "completely free adult personals" or similar will know that most sites just lure you in with 'its free to join!' and then force you to upgrade if you want to contact anyone, and bombard your email with spammy messages from bots that you need to upgrade to read.Whilst there are some genuinely good pay to use sites (and I've advertised some of them here) that are worth subscribing to, there are also some smaller sites that offer 100% free to use adult personals services. The purpose of this blog is to list them, with a short review (which is really just my personal opinion) of how likely you are to find a fuck buddy or whatever else it is you're looking for.My review system us based on factors including:Bot activity (site-owned bot profiles that try to make you upgrade or use a sister pay-service)Spam activity (fake pro...
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