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This is the story of an innocent girl blossoming to a woman of submissive pleasures. true stories. real people. witness how I gradually turn into your innocent looking bitch.


time to pay attention to the blogsphere
2007-09-29 06:30:00
I recently joined Blog Explosion in hopes that I tap into more people and help them let go of their inner wildness.I believe that every person has a wild side, and let this be the blog that will open up to your fantasies or introduce you to fantasizing. And maybe.. just maybe I find here someone who will turn this bitch back into innocence. Although I doubt it.And please be reminded that this is NOT a porn blog.
I therefore claim this blog mine!
2007-09-05 10:12:00
...and you have to cum over here to stop meTechnorati Profilerelease the black widow spiders!
Isn't it obvious?
2007-09-05 07:09:00
You Are Bad Girl SexyGirl, you are nothing but trouble. And that's hot.You've got the classic bad girl sexiness mojo going on.And your badass attitude makes men fear you - and crave you.Don't give into people who say to tone it down. You're perfect as is.What Kind of Sexy Girl Are You?
sex in the city vixen
2007-08-28 06:48:00
You Are Most Like Samantha!For you, dating is the ultimate sportYou're into guys with power, looks, or a lot of money.You rather have a great two weeks than a great forever.But even you fall victim to love from time to time. ;-pRomantic prediction: You'll find love in the next few months...But you'll be the last one to realize it.Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You?
2007-07-09 11:38:00
Meeting Lloyd. After Rusty left, I agreed to join the guy I met in the party and his friends. We went to a club and it has been a long time since I went out. They were of the same age as me and were already drinking. I remembered the day I first tasted booze, that same day that I first tasted Kevin’s tongue to my pussy. So I drank to let those memories disappear. Despite the music which I didn’t like at all, the booze hitting me made me dance with the guys and the girls as well.After spending hours on the dance floor and drinking bottles of beer, one girl who was sitting on her boyfriend’s lap invited us to continue the party at her house. I was so dizzy I wasn’t able to disagree.Soon as we went to her house I saw that there were even more people partying there. The guys had a “guy room where no girl was allowed to enter” they said. It was the first time I saw Lloyd and he seemed to be the leader of the guys in that “off limits room”. They introduced us and he joked...
You dirty plaything
2007-06-14 11:34:00
Victim: Rusty part 2And so I thought I will not see him anymore. I never returned to his shop and even took a detour home to avoid passing by there. One weekend as I was reading a naughty magazine and touching myself on my bed, he surprisingly showed at my doorstep and knocked. I was wearing a transparent night gown to suit my fantasies and was the only one in the house. I suspected that he waited for me to be alone. I opened the door but didn’t let him in. We were both standing by the door and I still felt the aching sensation to my thighs as he claimed he was sitting by my window waiting for hours just to catch a glimpse of me. He looked through my dress and wasn’t able to take his eyes off my nipples. I was fired up and I knew my nipples gave a signal that I was, so I let him in. Without a word I led him to my room where he seemed to be familiar of and he closed the door as we both entered. He hurriedly unzipped his trousers, lowered it to his knees and stood straight, showin...
What if I played with them?
2007-05-15 11:29:00
Victim: RustyI always pass by a thrift store after that break up with Kevin. I felt that I need to do something productive with my time to let the day pass until I grew older. My sexy and cute clothes that Kevin gave were left in the closet to gather dust. I avoided make up and flashy jewelry. Friends noticed but I turned to be aloof. Sometimes they invite me to parties to help me forget, but most of the times it made it even harder. This was a turning point in my life I thought, and I need to be serious with myself. Playing around and having fun was not on my focus anymore as I drove my attention to books, learning and the music that Kevin introduced to me. I suddenly felt attracted to the un-normal. I felt dark clouds hovering over me and anyone with dark clouds over them are the only ones who will understand the level of loneliness that I felt. And the thrift store clerk was one of those.I noticed how he hardly said a word to anyone. I never opened up a conversation with him and ...
Goodbye Kevin
2007-04-02 11:13:00
Victim: Daisy, the first instanceThe few months I spent with Kevin were pure ecstasy. But I soon learned that I was not his only girl. I got a call from another girl who claimed to be his wife. She wanted to meet me and she said he was not only fooling the two of us but a new girl every month. She said Kevin play with girls as a flavor of the month and it will only ruin me if I stayed with him. I wasn’t surprised that he had other girls. He was so handsome, he had a huge tool and could I control someone who was that older than me? I only enjoyed being his princess and making me satisfied with my body that his being exclusively mine was far from my mind. But I didn’t expect that he was married. The so-called wife arranged a meeting with me. And I showed up in my daisy skirt that Kevin gave me. She showed me photos of them and their son proving she was really who she claimed to be. She confronted me but was surprised at how young I was that she didn’t get mad. And I was surprise...
You will never forget your first
2007-03-22 10:10:00
After that night on the parking lot, Kevin and I saw each other more often. We watched movies over and over even if we have seen it before just to have time for each other. We kissed for minutes after minutes. He touched me in a more hot way. He easily makes me weak and I would always anticipate his fingers in me the moment we sit down in a movie house. I even remove my bra and undies in the ladies room before we settle in our chairs. I let him play with my body in the dark. Until one day as I was quietly enjoying his fingers sliding in me slowly, he introduced me to a new sensation. He said its time for me to feel more but he wants me to tell him if it’s painful. I thought the more pain the more pleasure so I opened my legs wider as he slowly moved in his finger. Then in a moment he slid inside me in a way he never did. It was tighter now and I felt more gratified. It made me a bit dizzy as I asked in a wanting whisper what he was doing and to not stop. He said he’s using two f...
Kevin, my first cum
2007-03-02 11:06:00
The first time he brought me to a rock concert to meet his friends I wore the pink mini skirt that he bought. It has daisies on it and he loved that and called me his Daisygirl. It made me shy to bend though. I knew that if I do, my pink panties will be seen as well. So in high heeled shoes and low neckline he introduced me to his friends, one hand on my ass, who wooed soon as he said I was his girl. I knew the boys were always staring at my boobs especially when I’m not facing their way. I always catch them trying to pretend they are not looking. And I loved the flattery. I really had big boobs for my age and Kevin was fond of taking pictures of me showing off my boobs in a teasing way.He was so fond of taking pictures that we sometimes play dress up and he takes photos of me while I dress in front of him. First time I was shy to show him but he promised that nobody will see but the both of us and only when we were together. And he only takes shots that I am comfortable in. He ev...
2007-02-26 10:53:00
That last subway ride reminded me of my first boyfriend, Kevin. He was 11 years older than me and I was barely starting my teenage years then. I was quite popular for having a college boyfriend. But whatever we did was only between us. Or so I thought.He loves to fondle me in the dark. He loved it when I suck his finger after he kisses me. It made him kiss me more torridly. We were fond of watching movies and he was always bringing me to the movie house. And it was always dark, and his hands were always never settled. But because I was a minor, we can’t easily go and watch the rated ones. So he bought me clothes and gave me jewelry. I learned to wear make up in an early age and I thought my friends how to. Kevin treated me like a princess, and gave me whatever I want. Even things that I thought I don’t want until I actually had them. All those gifts of course should always have something in return. So I do whatever he tells me to. One time as we were watching a movie he slid his...
I will not come with you but let me just cum
2007-02-20 10:32:00
Victim: Stranger2She took the longer way home, the subway. This time she was alone. And it was raining. Wilbert didn’t offer to bring her home anymore. The train was almost empty and she sat on a seat far at the back with nobody near her. She was looking outside the window during the trip. As the train reached the next station, she saw a slender handsome man outside. Their eyes met and she felt a small electric wave pass through them. He stared at her and she got uncomfortable that she looked away. When she looked back, he evaporated with the crowd. Suddenly, as the train started moving again, a man sat right next to her. She was annoyed at first and attempted to tell him that there are a lot of vacant seats. But as she looked at him, he was the boy outside who was staring at her a moment ago. So she just smiled.It was another long trip home and the silence and passing lights made her a bit sleepy. She closed her eyes but fully aware of the cute guy beside her. Suddenly she felt h...
Free from the clutches of men.
2007-01-11 10:28:00
When I was going back to the place where Wilbert was supposed to meet me with his two ice creams, I saw him sitting there alone. With empty hands. I was ready to tell him that it was finally officially off with Lloyd. But he looked at me with teary eyes and bleeding hands. Apparently he punched a wall too hard it made his knuckles bleed. Where is the innocent fun loving Wilbert that I knew? I was ready to give my self to him but he stood up, said nothing and walked away.I saw the ice cream thrown by the bushes.Poor guy. And what a waste of vanilla. It made me wonder if I would ever taste his vanilla though.
2007-01-08 10:14:00
An innocent look at thingsWilbert is a jolly, noisy and funny person. The girls say he is a pervert because he talks all day of green jokes and sexual fantasies. I refused to believe he was a pervert. You don’t know perversion like I do.Wilbert was sweet. He sits beside me in class even in other classes where he is not supposed to be. He always offers to take me home and accompanies me during lunch. He always follows me around even when I go to the girl’s room or gym class. He calls me at home just to ask silly questions like homework and tv shows. Sometimes during weekends he visits me and offers to watch a movie or a musical at school. I often refuse though. I called him my little stalker who never gives up.I always gave him the signal that I was not interested but never had I felt to be mean enough to directly tell that to him. Until people around us noticed our closeness. The girls told me to be warned of his intentions because he was a “pervert” but I never saw that in ...
The satisfying Lloyd break-up
2006-12-05 10:07:00
I was a loyal girlfriend. Men ask me out, especially guys from school but I always give a snout back or a raised eyebrow at them. Snobbish and hard to reach was the image I had. But soon as I am with Lloyd, the whole world evaporates and I fall on my knees and worship him and his huge cock. I was willing to do anything and sacrifice everything for him. But he refuses. He just likes to fuck. He just likes to ram me and make my big boobs shake on his command. He holds on to them and clings to them while thrusting me deep until he reached the deepest walls of my cunt to make me moan hard and scream. One time he fucked me so hard and so long I got sick the next day.And two days after that, my fever worsened and I had coughs and a running nose. He never visited me at home and he only called twice. A week passed and I got better. I was so angry at the thought of not hearing from him I declared we were off the day I went back to school. I told the guys I broke up with him but he didn’t k...
2006-12-03 10:02:00
Victim: Daisy, for the second time.An affair that lasted a year. A love that lasted a month. And a lust that kept on holding on.I can’t even remember if I ever did love him. I was a slave to him, to his desires and fantasies. I was just starting my freshman year when we first did it. And there were times he didn’t pay his school fees just so we can check in a hotel.He was a year older than me but boy does he know a lot! Let’s just say he is the most pervert boyfriend I had. Scratch that. He is the most perverted person I knew.Whenever we check in, he has no time for a shower. He goes straight to the bed and drags me, almost ripping my clothes off on the way and rams me as soon as we reach the bed. No time for foreplay. The whole day spent with him is the foreplay. He would fondle my boobs in a public bus. He would finger me in a cab. He would slip his hand in my blouse behind the school walls or while waiting for the subway train. He would let me feel his hard cock while in a...
The Yearning
2006-11-02 23:05:00
Victim: Stranger1She rode the bus. A long trip to school that she takes everyday. She was wearing a platted skirt, books to her chest. The bus was full and she walked up to the back to find a seat. There he was. A handsome stranger, twice older than her, wearing a neat tie and shirt. She stood beside him as he looked at her from her shoes to her legs then skirt, to her books then face. He must have wondered how big those mountains were, hiding behind those books. They both smiled, and he offered the seat beside him. She sat next to him and placed her books to her lap. They were both silent. The bus radio was the only sound they can hear.Suddenly, she felt his knees rubbing to hers every time the bus shifted gears. She moved closer to him as she felt his breath grew deeper. She sat straight up as she felt his elbow now moving in under her arm trying to touch the side of her boobs. She hugged her books as she let the stranger press her sides letting him feel her big breasts. He couldn...
2006-11-01 22:44:00
Sexcapades. Escpades. One night stands. Several nights. Making men cum or almost cum. Letting them yearn for more. And then leaving them at the climax of it all. This is how women should have sex, like men.This is how Daisy’s little cunt splurge wet by just the thought of men begging for her, with or without them satisfied, not caring. As long as you make her cum and all else will be a façade. Let her or make you masturbate, while she writes down every detail down to the last drop of cum. From her innocence broken down and gradually making her your whore that you would adore. You are the audience. Play with yourself, your partner or a stranger. Though, be careful. It might be you that she’ll write about next. Or would you like that too? Email her at
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