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TheBigPow is a website dedicated to everyone who is looking for sex advice or simply feeling a little curious about tantric sex techniques and different fetish information. We will teach you to reach and give multiple orgasms through our perfect orga


Story: How to cuckold your husband. pt 2 By lovecucks
2010-10-24 01:08:00
Interested in submitting a sexy story? I know it?s usually about cuckoldry but it could be about anything else as long as it?s sexy. That?s why I?d like to extend an open invitation to all of you my readers to publish your sexy stories through my website. I still lack the fancy technology (lol) which  [ Read More ]
Meet the porn version of Apple TV: The Fookoo
2010-10-21 22:04:00
You heard me, but this shouldn’t be such great news after all…it was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? After all, porn is always there, keeping track of everything that happens in the world…and releasing a porn version afterwards: Schindler’s Fist, Legally Boned, Pulp Friction and my personal favorite one…Edward Penis Hands. “Probably not  [ Read More ]
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If you?re hot, ink could make you even hotter
2010-10-20 23:37:00
Something I always envy on other women is a hot tattoo. I don’t really have any ink on me but if I just found the right image I would get it inked on me as soon as I had the time. “Now I am not particularly a fan of tattoos on your legs but DAMN!  [ Read More ]
Opportunistic mother of teenage sex addict sues Tyra Bank for 3 million dol
2010-10-19 00:30:00
Yeah, I managed to write the title in a manner that would sound aggressive enough. There’s so much of this kind of BS lately, and it’s all here in America. IT companies don’t seem to try having the best products on the market but to sink their competitors by a) suing them, or b) buying  [ Read More ]
Real sex scenes in mainstream movies pt. 1
2010-10-17 19:41:00
So…what a Sunday!!, woke up late after some fun tonight, just had a gigantic cup of coffee, politely answered to a feminist who had something to say about the “girls that swallow cum vs the facial fest” post, and began wondering what direction is my blog going to take since it seems I am not  [ Read More ]
Zoophilia and bestialism, throw ?em to a cage with PETA guys
2010-10-16 19:22:00
I am not going to say nothing nice about it so if you’re a practitioner of any of the above leave the site soon or I’ll track your ip down and smash your head with a baseball bat. Seriously, I think that if you’ve read an of my articles until know you might already have  [ Read More ]
Foot fetishism, foot worship or podophilia
2010-10-14 14:37:00
I think it’s one of the most commonly used fetishisms to describe a creepy guy. I’ve heard a million of stories about guys trying their girlfriend’s shoes, or rubbing their dicks against them, or asking for foot jobs. Some guys don’t even care for that, they just want to LICK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF  [ Read More ]
Porn Star Tests Positive for HIV, Shuts Down Production at 2 Companies
2010-10-14 00:21:00
A Los Angeles adult film star has tested positive for HIV, putting a halt on film production at two of the industry’s biggest adult entertainment companies. The actor, whose identity and gender have not been released, was a patient of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, known as AIM, a Sherman Oaks clinic that caters  [ Read More ]
I see a bisexual future ;)
2010-10-13 14:25:00
And why wouldn’t I? I’m having more and more bi friends, not only in real life but also online. And it’s not like I am looking for them! I am a Boston girl, and a very open minded one. I never had no problems with the gay community, and it’s more common to have people  [ Read More ]
Female Masturbation Techniques: Direct and indirect clitoral stimulation
2010-10-10 23:12:00
The following are methods of masturbation women reported using in the book, The Hite Report by Shere Hite. The data was collected between 1972 and 1976. While the methods of masturbation probably haven’t changed, the number of women who utilize a particular technique may have, since women’s attitudes towards themselves and their bodies have changed  [ Read More ]
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