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[IMPNO-008] I Want You To Watch Me Have An*l Manatsu Matsuda
2017-09-17 15:46:00
Manatsu Matsuda is seriously pretty. Check pics below :D. IMPNO-008 Manatsu Matsuda
[SHIBP-002] Shibuya Promotions Talent #01 Saki Summer Edition
2017-09-17 13:57:00
This new SHIB series is going to be godly. I will be posting the new titles as they release, when they release. In SHIB-002 we have Ichinose Momo, no less. And that’e enough to make me nosebleed. I don’t know if you guys like these type of softcore, Idol/gravure videos, without sex scenes. But if […]
[SSNI-001] Large Orgies Unleashed!! 24 Cocks Vs Aoi Nonstop Massive Lots Of
2017-09-17 04:25:00
Aoi is awesome. She has so many epic stuff. Like SNIS-815, AVOP-127, and many others. I kind of never liked Aoi artistic name, because it’s simply “Aoi”. And there are a lot of other “Aoi’s” out there, with surnames. Like Sora, or Tsukasa. So whoever came up with the idea of naming this star Aoi, […]
[SSNI-004] Extreme Excitement Piers Unlock Big Convulsions · Great Culpibl
2017-09-17 04:14:00
I have praised Tsujimoto An a lot in this blog :D. She’s such an angel and one of my favorite JAV actresses. She recently she left the Ebisu Muscats group. But still doing JAV at a good pace. SSNI-004 original title: 激イキし過ぎておしっこ解禁 大痙攣・大絶頂 失禁・お漏らしオーガズム 辻本杏
[SSNI-002] Busty Idol Who Boasts Of NTR Underground Live Performance Is Inc
2017-09-17 03:56:00
Usa Miharu. Another very special JAV actress. The 2017 overall DMM prize winner has also such a quirky character. Really need to get myself this in HD… Watch SSNI-002 Usa Miharu gallery
[SSNI-003] When Drunk And Yarimanised Minato Riku Repeats Convulsion Sudden
2017-09-17 03:47:00
Man, do i love Minato Riku. She is the 2015 DMM prize winner and nowadays still going strong. Although i think her looks declined a little bit (Just a little). But she is still a wonderful actress and always does a very solid job. And the stuff she did on the GOAT jav, SNIS-886, still […]
[KTDS-999] Big Tits Shaved Slender Girl Young Moi Ami
2017-09-17 03:36:00
I posted the last SNIS title, SNIS-999, a while ago. And now posting KTDS-999 as-well. 2 very nice series ending almost simultaneously.
[GDJU-027] “I Can Make A Baby …” The Serious Slippery Angel Of The Re
2017-09-17 03:30:00
Don’t hold your breath gurl… But yeah, she is pretty slim. And she even show abs muscle. Pretty cool. GDJU-027 was pretty good.
[SNIS-999] Super Luxurious Niki Yes Men’s Esthetician’s Puzzle Temptati
2017-09-17 03:23:00
The last SNIS release. And Amatsuka Moe is so fine as always. I love when she does POV, really awesome. SNIS-999 photo gallery
[SNIS-998] Akiho Yoshizawa, A Beauty Attorney Who Was Forced To Be Complete
2017-09-17 03:12:00
Oh Akiho. 13 years active in porn and still looking this damn good… My favorite veteran only behind the loli queen Tsubomi. She blows my mind every-time.
[SSNI-007] Exclusive NO.1 STYLE 107 Cm K Cup Electric Cheat Transfers! Fuka
2017-09-17 02:50:00
I don’t know, but Fukada Nana doesn’t inspire me much. The final two scenes were the best. The white bikini and the maid costume were nice. But Fukaka Nana cannot act much. Original title: 専属NO.1 STYLE 107センチKカップ電撃移籍!深田ナナエスワンデビュー
[PPPD-340] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempted Me With Her Big Tits And
2017-09-16 15:14:00
Thanks to my reader for this Julia vid. suggestion :D.
[SNIS-725] Amazingly Fleshy, Big Peachy Ass, The Ultimate Adult Video For A
2017-09-16 03:00:00
Who said Jap girls don’t have ass?… OK, it was me. And while generally is true, there are honorable exceptions. Like this SNIS-725 in which Hoshino Nami brings her thicc butt forward, or backwards. Still nothing compared to the thicc booty coming from murica. But i still prefer Nami anytime of the day.
[CJOD-104] The Slutty Female Detective The Teasing & Furious Ejaculatory To
2017-09-15 05:14:00
CJOD-104, Anna Morikawa best JAV OMG, Anna Morikawa. I never knew you had it in you xD. WOW!!!. So cute. I like that she looks kind of like a GAL, without excessive makeup or blonde hair. The black-leather female investigator costume fits her nicely. If i am right Anna Morikawa has joined MOODYZ studio and […]
[CJOD-103] Hard And Horny Highly Developed Muscular Sex With An Exquisite S
2017-09-15 05:03:00
I think this JAV could be better in HD. :D In any case Kashii Ria looks great. She is a ex- s1no1 studio girl, i previously liked her in SKHD-752.
[KAWD-835] Practically A Virgin A Beautiful Girl Athlete Age 18 Ready To Ma
2017-09-15 04:50:00
KAWAII studio, and the label KAWD is one of my favorites lately. Just recently KAWAII made 4 girls debut in a row. And they were all awesome, namely: KAWD-836. (I really recommend this one. Otoichi Masato debut really blew my mind up :] ) KAWD-839 KAWD-838 Also KAWD videos are usually really good.  Production details are well […]
[DASD-392] My Colossal Tits Light Skin Half Japanese Childhood Friend Got C
2017-09-15 04:30:00
Contrary to how this DVD was labelled. Tia is 1/4th non-Japanese only, if i’m right. Also, WTF is Das! studio doing??. This cover was terrible. And the production value, sex-scenes themselves weren’t much better either. What a way of wasting one of the best and most beautiful JAV actresses of the moment. Tia is awesome […]
[TSHT-001] A Treasure Trove Of Pranks Videos Of Closely Guarded Footage Fil
2017-09-15 04:14:00
The first girl is cute, but the second girl really got my attention. The one with the big nose. She kind reminds me of Suzu Ichinose. She’s really a bombshell with a really slim and tight body. Nice video all around.
[ATFB-411] Lusty Pussies! Perverted Pussies Are Cumming At You With Their P
2017-09-15 04:07:00
Asahi Mizuno is the kind of girl i would never put in any top 10 list, yet i always have a blast watching her videos. Shes a great actress and so funny. And what a sweet ass.
[HND-431] An Elder Sister Slut Who Will Lure You To Creampie Heaven And Squ
2017-09-15 04:00:00
I very much recommend AVOP-320. Which is the last BIBIANS release, starring Sora Shiina.
[AP-469] Public Toilet Beautiful Toilet Scavenger Vaginal Urination Pissing
2017-09-15 03:55:00
I think this various-professions amateurish series from AP studio is pretty fun to watch. Simply because they focus on creative situations and scenes. Something the big studios sometimes forget, they just feature a well-known AV actress and think the job is done…
[SSNI-009] Our National Idol First Gangbang! Three raw scenes. 23 big cocks
2017-09-14 03:53:00
SSNI-009, Our Idol Mikami Yua is the best First of all, i translated the title myself. R18 might come up with some different translation later on. I simply refuse to paste a bad translation for important titles like this one. In any case original title is: 国民的アイドル人生初大乱交!巨根23本エンドレス無制限セックス 三上悠亜 生写真3枚付き Secondly, this is the first and […]
[SSNI-008] RION Fans Thanksgiving Festival I Will Rent Jealousy Jcup For Am
2017-09-14 03:24:00
SSNI-008, Good RION JAV We say goodbye to the already legendary SNIS series. And we couldn’t kick off things off better for the new SSNI series with RION. SSNI-008 is a fan aprecciation. And RION got to wear a JK costume and do the usual thing. I can only imagine how freaked out a normal-regular […]
[AVOP-371] An Explosive Ass Exhibition Big Ass Mature Woman Babes In A Sexy
2017-09-14 03:11:00
Nice collection of chubster ass. I think this year AVOP was much better that people expected it would be. Also don’t miss AVOP-320. That i just posted and it’s also decent. And AVOP-332 which i updated to full HD. :D :D :D
[AVOP-320] Bibian Announces A Shocking Graduation!? Big Stars From The Indu
2017-09-14 02:59:00
Goodbye Bibians… Last Bibians release ever, and featured at AVOP. And deservedly so. Nice nice. :* Shiina Shora and Tsukishima Nanako together did bring the BIBIANS series to a whole new level. At some point they even pushed the story that they were even a real lesbian couple (LOL), it was just kind of staged, […]
[KAWD-836] Sound City Miyoshi’s Younger Sister Kawaii * Exclusive Debut E
2017-09-14 02:19:00
KAWD-836, omg wut? KAWD-836 is yet another debut-JAV from KAWAII studio. 3rd one that i post today. Don’t miss KAWD-838, Hoshino Ai is really cute there, awesome debut. Now this KAWD-836 is a bit of a cluster-f*ck. Because: A new girl debuting in a 3P video?. Mmmkay, we don’t see that often. Otoichi Masato is […]
[KAWD-839] Former Local Office Announcer Who Likes Sex With The Scandal And
2017-09-14 01:56:00
If KAWD-838 was an awesome debut. KAWD-839 isn’t bad either. Sakurai Mizuki is also debuting in here. She has the slim-body and cute-face type that KAWAII studio usually likes to feature. Sakurai Mizuki is cute too, but perhap’s not as the aforementioned KAWD-838 Hoshino Ai, which already got me falling in love… Damn, cute girls […]
[KAWD-838] “I Want To Be Fucked …” Super Sensitive And Repeating Conv
2017-09-14 01:47:00
Hoshina Ai (星奈あい) Debut video, and really looking good!. Really really good. I like a lot Kawaii studio so it’s exciting to see any girl debuting there. The quality of girls at Kawaii studio is always fantastic. Hoshina Ai didn’t disappoint at all. She has an amazing slim body, and a perfect 10 tummy. Is […]
[ATFB-412] It Is A Reverse Mentally Madam Yui Hatano
2017-09-14 01:41:00
Good Hatano Yui, good… Sticking to roles we can believe is the way to go. Mature lady or older sister is the roles that we can believe and do fit Hatano Yui now. Really nice stuff, Hatano Yui still has that cute baby-face and a lot of energy.
[GVG-542] I Love Busty, I’m Huge Itazura Feather Unno Mano
2017-09-14 01:38:00
Really nice chubster, and really nice Shotacon JAV. I like the last scene specially. The actors did a solid and believable job.
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