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Sakuragi Rin retired from JAV, and launched a real silicone doll
2017-08-23 13:25:00
So Sakuragi Rin retired this year. Due to personal reasons, getting married and all… Yes!, (her husband doesn’t mind Rin’s pornographic past). At just 28 years of age. IPZ-929, was her retirement video. She has some other good titles, like SHKD-724, IPZ-911, etc. What truly caught my attention is that they launched in Japan a […]
Muscat Night Fever 17th – Idiot until Morning TV 2
2017-08-23 10:50:00
If i did praise Muscats episode 16 was one of the best. I have to admit that episode 17 was one of the worst and most boring episodes. There’s nothing going on. We can’t see the girls looking good, neither being funny. Just boring. Originally aired on 2017.08.02 Fully English subtitled. Original title: Muscat Night […]
[XRW-353] Completely Constrained · Complete Control Forced Enforcement Aso
2017-08-23 10:27:00
The male actor is kind of a bast*rd… This JAV pissed me off on a few levels. And Aso Nozomi was charming until she got rekt…
Muscat Night Fever 16th – Baseball confrontation
2017-08-23 09:07:00
Muscat Night Fever episode 16 was hilarious. Even perhaps one of the best i have seen. There was so many funny moments and trash-talking. Like Asuka Kirara’s 3.6 million yen dog. Or Momonogi Kicking Ass, I enjoyed this episode a lot. Yua Mikami was laughing her ass off all episode. And Mirei Kurosawa got bullied […]
XRW-354 My Favorite Younger Sister … I Was Taken Down By A Kimo Man, A Fe
2017-08-23 01:44:00
I don’t know what Abe Mikako is doing in such a crappy studio like this. I really hope she joins Kawaii or Moodyz…
[MIMK-025] Back Door Sex – No Pussy Play At All Ai Uehara
2017-08-16 02:00:00
MIMK-025 Anal madness Ai Uehara retired last year and it was a big thing, leaving many fans sad. She had plenty of retirement specials released: HNDS-045, HNDS-048, HNDS-47, HNDS-46. And she has appeared in more than 40 compilations and “best compilations” since retirement, that should give an idea. Got to admit that her retirement was […]
[MIMK-015] Private Tutor Degraded – Julia
2017-08-16 01:41:00
Yes!. Julia is still my queen. Despite everything, this is blog is deep Julia territory and i love her. She could have retired a very long time ago very wealthy, yet she sticks around, remaining our queen diva. MIMK-015 is a manga adaptation by Ryuichi Hoshino in which Julia becomes a private tutor, but ends […]
[MIMK-047] Human Puppet Item Anywhere Customs Seal-affixed The Moment, Beco
2017-08-16 01:28:00
Even if it’s only to watch Mukai Ai and Shiina Sora together this gets me interested. The JK fetish is wonderful and gets me every-time. In here is done very well. And also the digital mosaic and censorship is very slim, which is good.
[TAAK-013] Chaoyang Who Is Preeminent In Style Is Sexually Harassed In The
2017-08-16 01:23:00
Mizuno Asahi is like the coolest girl ever. High charisma high energy, and loves to joke around. Is a girl that wins you slowly over time. In TAAK-013 the swimsuit and leotard fetish does very well for her. It highlights her height and nice traits. Good work.
[SDDE-476] Large Milk And A Small Body Kaho Shibuya By West-kun
2017-08-16 01:15:00
The little dude name is Kohey Nishi. Gained some notoriety lately.
[KV-098] Cleaning Fellatio Vaginal Cum Shot Was Taken A Long Time To Volley
2017-08-16 01:13:00
Nice one, KV studio rarely uses lolicon type of girls. But it works great.
[HONB-006] During Boyfriend Recruitment, Best Friend And Two People
2017-08-15 04:35:00
What a crazily good lolicon JAV. The JAV cover already gave a raging boner, and the video didn’t disappoint at all. The last scene with red and white-dotted high stockings was pretty dope. How cute and how slim these two actresses are… and they tandem together very well. This studio (Mercury studio), is pretty new […]
[AVOD-301] AV Open 2017: The Digest. Complete 90 Pieces Highly Concentrated
2017-08-15 04:22:00
I think Takasho and Hashimoto Arina are perfect 10 girls, and a dream combo, tbh. But to see the quirky Shiraishi Marina in the same picture is almost laughable. And some sort of pun joke maybe, Japanese humor often has this. Altough i will admit that Marina is as much relevant as a JAV actress […]
[TENG-002] This Girl, Completely Insulted For Insult …
2017-08-15 01:58:00
This girl!. What a body. Fell in love with her facial features instantly. The ropes scene is pretty good. Ropes are usually good for slim girls.
[MUDR-019] Masturbation No Good.Complete Version Bud
2017-08-15 01:54:00
Tsubomi has been shooting JAV porn longer than any of us have been fapping to JAV. She’s truly the girl that never turns old. Whats her secret?…
[DV-1649] Female Doctor Gangbang Rape Aoi Tsukasa
2017-08-15 01:51:00
Very bad times lately in 2017 for Aoi Tsukasa. She has been involved in some scandals. And she is taking time off from shooting JAV, and from public appearances, and even from Ebiso Muscats. So bad. I’m scared shit*less she might even opt to call it a day, and retire… :[
Tsujimoto An and hasegawa rui retire from Ebisu Muscats
2017-08-14 15:03:00
Not good times for the girl group muscats. Tsujimoto An and Hasegawa Rui graduated recently from the girl group formed by JAV and Gravure idols Ebisu Muscats. What’s even more worrying some girls have been missing for a long time now. And there are rumors that there will be a revamp of the group, and […]
Sakura Yura to retire from JAV at 22 :[
2017-08-14 14:31:00
Sakura Yura announced some months ago she will retire this year due to medical condition, at just 22 years of age and after releasing some of the best JAV titles of her career. Her retirement video KWBD-223, was announced, so very sadly it seems her retirement will be fullfilled. Sakura Yura is a girl from Tokyo, 156cm […]
[HND-424] Her Younger Sister Loved Me Too And Made A Child Secretly Active
2017-08-07 14:42:00
I been posting so much Himekawa Yuuna lately. In part because she is releasing new titles like there’s no tomorrow. In part because she is cute and nice. In any case she is good actress and have good stuff. I like when she jokes around and acts quirky.
[KPD-004] Kiss, Impregnate. A Trace Movie
2017-08-07 14:39:00
Is Atomi Shuri even a lolicon anymore?. Dmm thinks so. But shes over 20 already…
[KV-191] 110-minute Non-stop Shooting, Uncut Editing Cum Shot Pissing Out I
2017-08-07 14:32:00
KV videos are always very different and kind of nuts. To think all the actors are non-professional regular guys it really adds another flavor to this series. The standing up positions at the beginning are usually my favorite. So nice.
[HUSR-106] Active Duty! Eastern Europe Beauty Sprinter.Nothing Useless Fat!
2017-08-07 14:25:00
The cover with the abs got me really hyped up. However i was a bit disappointed that she didn’t show abs in the video. Oh well, for those who like blondes it must be good.
[IPZ-476] Indecent Temptation Of Miyuki Alice Tight Skirt Slut Physician
2017-08-07 03:08:00
Watch English subbed JAV is definitely a different flavor. It really adds a lot to understand the story.
[MIMK-026] Transformation Married Liberated Areas Ayano S Hatehana
2017-08-07 03:02:00
I absolutely love the MIMK series. Sad thing is i feel in the latest releases the general quality diluted a bit. Well. Still plenty of releases to enjoy.
[MIDE-443] Practicing Penis Provocation!! The New Female Teacher Temptation
2017-08-07 02:58:00
What a bombshell Itou Chinami. Great thing to watch this MIDE-443 in full HD :).
[LOVE-131] FS Catastrophic JC, JK Rape 8 Volley! ! Not A Dream, It’s Nonf
2017-08-06 08:28:00
Geez, this JK Aoi Ichigo is really too much. Awesome.
[MIMK-031] Human Puppet Item If Deriheru ~ That Child I Only From Today Der
2017-07-30 14:32:00
Nice Uehara Ai movie, fully subtitled in English. So sad she retired already.
[DROP-003] Blowjob Amateur Daughter Is Too Good! !
2017-07-22 04:15:00
Im liking more and more this non-stop blowjobs. Although the digital-mosaic does not help at all.
[LOVE-375] Saotome Natsukira Chan ふ ー ス ト す た ー ー Premium V
2017-07-22 04:03:00
Love the LOVE series. So much lovely teen girls. I’m even considering uploading the whole series in a batch.
[SDDE-500] It Became Small, I Got Toys Of Gals.
2017-07-22 03:45:00
So AIKA got cosmetic surgery operation. Everyone noticed. Lets say something good about the new AIKA cosmetic: At least she survived!. What a ugly improvement. Now for the freak show that is SDDE-500 with the midget and all…speechless. At least Mirano looks attractive.
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