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Lucy Pinder?s Sexy Magazine Pictures
2010-05-12 04:21:00
Earlier today I said that Tila Tequila?s boobs were badass, I must have still been drunk because Lucy Pinder?s boobs are bad frikin? ass. Look at these insane things, it looks like she trying to smuggle a couple of babies across the border. That joke makes sense right? Her boobs look like two bald baby heads. Anyway, I feel like I?ve been neglecting Lucy and want to make it up to her somehow. Maybe with a box of wine, some baby oil and a trampoline? Let?s say eight-ish.
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Marisa Miller in a Tiny Pair of Denim Short Shorts
2010-05-12 04:13:00
Yesterday I talked about supermodel Marisa Miller showing off her supermodel cleavage, well now I?ve got her showing off her supermodel booty in a tiny pair of denim short shorts. Awesome. This is obviously a photoshoot for Harley Davidson, which explains why she getting freaky with a few hogs. I?ve never been more jealous of a motorcycle in my life than I am right now. Lucky son of a bitch. Enjoy.
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Kim Kardashian in a Tight Little Dress in Australia
2010-04-23 05:20:00
Kim Kardashian?s big ass is in Australia promoting heavy duty industrial strength Spanx or something, nobody really knows or gives a crap. Here she is walking around giving the Aussies a taste of good old American excess stuffed into a tight little dress. I like it. She looks like she?s drinking Champagne on a yacht in a couple of these pictures so it?s possible she?s shooting a rap video. Although she?d probably be oiled up in a bikini. Now I?ve got a great mental image. Enjoy.
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Demi Moore?s Tight Mom Body Outside The Letterman Studios
2010-04-23 05:08:00
I thought I?d throw in a sexy MILF for you guys today, just to mix things up a little. Here?s Demi Moore and her tight mom body outside the Letterman studios the other day. She still looks pretty good, but I still can?t believe she?s married to that guy from the Nikon COOLPIX commercials instead of a washed up action star like Bruce Willis. What?s next? She?ll be moving into a celebrity blogger?s mother?s basement. Just a heads up, there?s no door on the bathroom. Wink.
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Katy Perry in Her Tight Acid Washed Dress
2010-04-23 04:44:00
These pictures of hipster dufus Katy Perry in her tight acid washed dress bring back some fond memories, I?m pretty sure I used to have a babysitter in the 80?s who wore outfits almost exactly like this, heels and everything. At least I think she was a babysitter, she used to come over when Mom was away and she?d always tuck us in pretty early. I remember wanting to be a babysitter when I grew up because Dad always paid her a few hundred dollars a night.
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Alyssa Milano Giving Me Sexy Eyes at The NFL Draft
2010-04-23 04:36:00
I miss the good old days when Alyssa Milano wore clothing that didn?t have some sort of professional sports logo all over it. Call me crazy, but I like my women to dress like women, not fourteen year old boys. Here she is at the NFL draft giving me sexy eyes and teasing me with her fake see through top. I?d like to draft Alyssa, I think she?d be a great asset to my team, we need a tight end. Get it? because she?s got a tight ass. Ugh, I?m still hungover.
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Carrie Underwood Showing us Her Sexy Back
2010-04-23 04:15:00
I really don?t have much to say about these pictures of Carrie Underwood, I?m pretty damn hungover and can?t be bothered to think of anything funny or even slightly amusing so you?re going to have to make do on your own. I will point out that she?s dropping, dropping is not the right word, she?s presenting some cleavage for us to enjoy. At least for us to try to enjoy, there?s not much there. The fat kid on my street who rides a unicycle in a tank top has more cleavage than this and he?s a dude.
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Tila Tequila?s Blond Asian Train-wreck Show Continues At Some Nightclub
2010-04-20 04:49:00
Tila Tequila?s weird blond Asian train-wreck show continues with a stop at some nightclub the other night where she performed what had to have been one of the worst versions of whatever song she sang. I don?t need to hear it, I just have a hunch it was rotten. Anyhow, at the very least the crowd was treated to a couple of ass flashes, some upskirts and probably about half a dozen nip slips, so all in all the evening was a success. On a positive note, I love her fake boobies. Enjoy.
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Christina Hendricks on The Cover of Esquire Magazine
2010-04-20 04:30:00
Ever since I first laid eyes on Mad Men?s Christina Hendricks? absolutely massive skin pillows, I haven?t been able to look away. Here she is looking possibly the best I?ve ever seen her on the cover of Esquire magazine. So hot! Those things just seem to belong pressed up against my head until I can barely gather enough breath to mutter our predetermined safe-word ?Aardvark?. Good times.
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Ashley Tisdale Bustin? a Move in Her Little Short Shorts And Sports Bra
2010-04-20 04:21:00
Here?s Ashley Tisdale bustin? a move in her little short shorts and sports bra on the set of something called Hellcats. I don?t know what that is, but I get the feeling that the words straight to DVD will be involved. Anyhow, I?m actually a little surprised that Ashley looks this good. I can?t believe I just said that, she?s normally down right ugly, but this time is different for some reason. I must be distracted by the outfit or all the ?White Russians? I?ve been drinking.
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Lindsay Lohan in a Nice Pair of Short Shorts And a Little Top
2010-04-20 04:17:00
All sorts of burnt out skanky celebrities seemed to be at the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend, so you know Lindsay Lohan is going to make an appearance. Here she is looking dazed and confused in a nice pair of short shorts and a little top. Normally with chicks like this at concerts you?d see grass stains on their knees, that?s how they get back stage after all, but Lindsay is a VIP so she doesn?t have to do that kind of thing anymore. Right? Seriously, does she and are their pictures? Anyone?
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Victoria?s Secret Sexy Pool Party
2010-03-27 04:47:00
Alright, the weekend is here and I?m already half in the bag, blogging about celebrities can be very stressful so a few wobbly pops before three are allowed at my office. Here are Victoria?s Secret hotties Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio standing boob to boob in bikinis in a pool somewhere?. I?m guessing it?s heaven because this is where I want to go when I die. Wait, are boners allowed in heaven?
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Jordan Carver in Sexy Lingerie in the Library
2010-03-27 04:31:00
Until earlier today when I found this gallery of busty Jordan Carver, I?d never heard of her before.I didn?t have time for research as I was hypnotised by those great big boobs of hers, so if you wanna know more, you?re on your own.Me personally, I?d rather look at more pics.
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Actress Francia Raisa Giving Us A Bikini Preview
2010-03-17 03:48:00
Actress Francia Raisa (Bring It On: All or Nothing, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) is having fun, working out and giving us a bikini preview (sorta), all at the same time. Looking cute and happy!We?ve seen Francia before and she was showing her curves in a little black dress.She is 21!See her better on the next page!
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Mila Kunis ? Video and Interview for Esquire
2010-03-17 03:46:00
Mila Kunis is in Esquire this month ? here are some parts from the ?12 things You didn?t Know About?? interview and later, one hot little video of Mila:Aside from those eyes, she?s actually on the wee side.Mila has got amazing eyes, caramel-colored and big. Really big. Immense. ?Yes, I look like Japanimation,? she says. ?I?m aware of that.? The rest of her, on the other hand, is small. ?My friends call me Hobbit,? Mila says. ?I come across as shorter than I am. People will say, ?You?re not five foot four. And I?ll say, ?People, I know my height.? I?m constantly winning bets. Hundreds of dollars.?She?s not buying the gossip on plastic surgery.One site alleges Kunis had a nose job, even though the before and after photos look identical. ?Where are my boobs? If I were going to get plastic surgery, I?d get some real work done.?She can legitimately claim to be the young Angelina Jolie.A fifteen-year-old Kunis starred as the younger version of Gia, the heroin-addicted bisexual model, in H...
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Gisele Is Back and Says: ?I Gained Only 30 Pounds?
2010-03-17 03:43:00
Gisele Bundchen is back? and when she?s back, she?s right on the cover of Vogue! Here?s what the 29-year-old hot mom shared:On getting her figure back: She?s regained her figure, apparently instantly and with no more exercise than some yoga on a mat in the living room. ?I think it?s muscle memory,? she says. Gisele has always been in shape: Born one of six girls in the German-speaking hamlet of Horizontina in southern Brazil, she spent her childhood outdoors, ?like a little monkey, jumping from tree to tree in bare feet.? An athlete, she was captain of her volleyball team and hasn?t stopped. ?I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week. I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds.?What do you think about her ?garbage disposal? comment?Lots more after the jump!
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Amanda Seyfried Brings the Quote of the Day
2010-03-17 03:37:00
A few days ago, big-eyed beauty Amanda Seyfried said that she?s on a raw food diet ? and today?s quote shows again that she works hard to stay thin:?If I didn?t run and work out, there?s no way I would be this thin. But I have to stay in shape because I?m an actress. It?s f**ked up and it?s twisted, but I wouldn?t get the roles otherwise. If I?d been a bit bigger, I don?t think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!?? says Amanda.One more cover after the jump!
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Amanda Seyfried Poses in Minimal Outfits? and Shares Her Diet
2010-03-17 03:32:00
?I?m on a raw-food diet,? she declares, raising her brows to make her eyes even bigger. ?It?s intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds.?? says Amanda (24) in Esquire Magazine, where she poses prettily for the camera in lingerie.I wonder why she feels the need to be on such a strict ?awful? diet?See 2 more from this shoot after the jump!
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Beauty Queen Jennifer Hawkins ? Naked and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire
2010-02-16 06:55:00
Name: Jennifer HawkinsTitle: Miss Universe 2004Age: 26Nationality: AustralianHeight: 5?11? / 1.80Beauty queen Jennifer Hawkins was brave enough to go 1. naked and 2. un-retouched in and on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine. Even more, she pointed out her ?flaws?, trying to prove that not even the most gorgeous women in the world are not tiny-creases-free, cellulite-free and picture-perfect. Also, Jennifer?s unphotoshopped cover picture will be auctioned to raise money for an eating disorders support group, since the idea behind the shoot is to promote positive body image and confidence.?I?m not a stick figure ? I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident.? ? says stunning Jennifer.The Huffington Post adds:Editor Jackie Frank told The Australian the images were inspired by a survey of 5500 readers, which showed that only 12 percent of women were truly happy with their bodies. Marie Claire put Hawkins on the cover to make a positive statement abou...
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Britney?s See-Through + Leotard Grammy Look
2010-02-10 04:06:00
So guys, these kind of let?s-call-them-dresses are officially in trend. After Blake Lively wore something similar (though prettier) a while back and Ciara was spotted at the Grammys in her own bottom half see-through dress (also prettier), here?s Britney doing the same thing and matching her own leotard with fishnets and studs.How do you like Britney?s figure in this outfit?See 2 more after the jump!
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Blake Lively?s See-Through / Half Dress
2010-02-10 04:03:00
Hmm? Black leotard + see-through lace ? does this sound like a good idea for a dress?Blake thought so, obviously. But what do you guys think?P.S.: The photo agency thinks Sherlock Holmes (the movie premiere she is at) should conduct an investigation to find Blake?s missing dress bottom See 2 more on the next page!
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Celebs in Minidresses at Grammy Awards: Heidi, Fergie & Marisa
2010-02-10 03:52:00
What a leggy bunch!Hotties Heidi Klum (36), Fergie (34) and Marisa Miller (31) all slipped into their short dresses before heading to the Grammys last night.Looking good!Who?s got your favorite look this time?
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Pick Your Favorite Rihanna Hairstyle!
2010-02-08 04:39:00
Now that?s a complete ?hairstyle collection?!Rihanna?s latest hair innovation? Going totally blonde!The very obvious question:Which one is you absolute favorite?Which ones are your least favorite?Make sure you check out Rihanna?s original dress (that she wore yesterday and made her look curvy) after the jump!
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Pick Your Favorite Kim Kardashian Hairstyle!
2010-02-08 04:39:00
Elle Magazine is doing a poll featuring Kim?s hair, so we borrowed their idea to pick our very own favorites (since you seemed to enjoy Rihanna?s hair palette).So pick Your Favorite Kim Kardashian Hairstyle! To view the wide range of Rihanna hairstyles and to select your favorite, click here!
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Rihanna?s Fashion Choice at Pre-Grammy Party ? Wow or Eww?
2010-02-08 04:34:00
Rihanna and her unconventional style hit the annual Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles.Riri, we can barely see you from this angle:What do you guys say?Rihanna?s Fashion Choice at Pre-Grammy Party ? Wow or Eww?1 more from the front!
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