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Gyno exams porn blog

Gyno exams porn blog
Gyno fetish porn blog regularly updated with free gyno exam videos and medical exam bizarre fetish pictures featuring doctors performing gyno exams and having sex with their patients


2010-02-06 07:45:00
Cecilia has "tickle-itis", and if you touch her breasts, she can't stop laughing. The ol' doc had seen this before; but the only cure was to massage her tits while keeping his cock down her throat to stop the laughing!
2010-02-02 10:45:00
This hot blonde had an enormous rack! She wanted a checkup but we couldn't understand a fucking word she said, nor did we care. Instead we just fucked this dumb bitch's tight pussy and showered her beautiful tits in hot cum!!
2010-01-29 08:06:00
Ellen's hot melons needed emergency treatment right away, but never fear, the dick-doctors are here! We fucked her pussy raw and then cured her nipples with a couple loads of hot jism!! Another satisfied patient!!
2010-01-24 14:10:00
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Boob Year! Last minute shopping can wear a woman down. Angelina's feeling the burn, and needs a doctor's advice. Hmmm...I say take 2 cocks, one in the poop and one in the shoot, then call us in the morning!
2010-01-21 13:40:00
Misty complained, "My breasts make hurting!". I'm sure we can help keep her mind off her breasts and focus on our cocks! This happy little patient left our office with a greasy white grin!
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