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Anna Deville – Restrained & Milked
2018-03-19 12:06:00
The slave is restrained in a skin-tight shiny black bodybag. His cock is out of the the hole for Mistress Anna’s amusement. She teases his cock with the vibrator then uses it on herself. She lets his hard cock rest against her pussy while she cums over and over.
Space Clits The Ballbusting – Riley Jenner & Yasmin Scott
2018-03-19 11:46:00
Femdom Aliens run the galaxy and harbor the last artifacts of human existence. A micronian has snuck into their girl to steal the artifact. The Amazons catch the micronian and decide to give him a proper ball punishment before enslaving him further.
Blow Up Party By Mistress Chelsea Part 2
2018-03-19 08:34:00
Doma Internet never fails to bring you visually stunning and tactilely stimulating footage from their dungeons, and Blow Up Party Part 2 is no exception. Completely wrapped up in the latex/rubber world, Mistress Chelsea, Mistress Falina Fatale and other well known Doms have gathered some of their favorite slaves together to have some fun.
Blow Up Party By Mistress Chelsea Part 1
2018-03-19 08:32:00
Come and treat yourself to the unique situation of tight rubber pressing against your skin! Twelve Guests and five Mistresses indulge themselves in a world of extremities, great rubber and latex outfits and suffocation experiments.
Obey Melanie – Walk On Balls
2018-03-18 21:41:00
The ultimate insult. Having to grovel and kiss the feet of a Woman who kicked you in the balls. She tramples your nuts and makes you thank Her for doing it! Getting your dick teased by a hot Woman’s feet is humiliating but when She walks on your balls you might just enjoy it!
Pegging Glory Hole – Mistress Ivy Lebelle
2018-03-18 19:47:00
Mistress Ivy visits the strap on glory hole to have her cock serviced. She fucks his slutty ass with her giant dong making him take all 10 inches.
Ass Splitter – Asia Perez
2018-03-18 19:05:00
Goddess Asia Perez takes strapon training to a new level with her gimp bitch. The more she stretches his ass out with her big dick the happier becomes. Goddess Asia gives him a new purpose in life by transforming him into a gaping slut-hole to be used as she desires.
Nikki Whiplash – One Fight Only!
2018-03-18 19:02:00
Nikki couldn’t resist coming out of retirement to give Ryan the oil wrestling thrashing of his career. It’s obvious that he just wasn’t expecting her to be so quick or powerful and he is soon submitting over and over to her wrestling holds – and clearly finding losing to such a skilled opponent rather a horny experience!
Mistress Ezada – Hard Whipping The Slave On The Cross
2018-01-10 11:45:00
Today I’m in a whipping mood, so My slave spends his whole day on the St. Andrew’s cross. His back is already red, full of deep marks, but his ass is still clean, waiting for its turn. Which has just come. A cat-o-nine quickly turns it red, leaving nice long stripes on the slave’s white skin!
Kenya Sweetz And Stacey Short – XxX Cock Ring Tease
2018-01-10 09:59:00
Both Kenya Sweetz and Stacey Short start by taking turns. After they decide that Charlie has had enough of a break they double team him. One playing with his cock while the other sits on his face. How much can Charlie take?
Mistress Ezada – Next Is A Real Cock
2018-01-10 09:59:00
It was the last day of yet another weekend brake with My traveling slave. One can easily realize it’s not the first day by the color of his cock and balls. Whipping and kicking them for the whole weekend is just a part of his journey to becoming a good sissy slave.
Mistress Ezada – Teasing After Erection Pill
2018-01-10 09:56:00
My collared slaves are locked in chastity almost always when they are with Me (and often when they are away too). I like controlling their cocks and orgasms, and thus controlling them. After a while, they learn that having an erection in the chastity device is painful!
Mistress Ezada – Abusing Her Sissy Slut’s Pussy
2018-01-10 09:44:00
I suspended My sissy slut, with his legs spread apart and ass open wide and, without further ado, I stuck My big black dick in him and started to brutally pump his ass.
Electric Torture Caning Strap On
2018-01-10 07:15:00
Dominant lady in fancy latex outfit loves to brutally torment her slave.
Mistress Sidonia – Prostate Milking Experiment
2018-01-10 06:26:00
Down at the English Mansion HQ Mistress Sidonia has her victim locked down on hands and knees, ass up in the air. After a few minutes of careful and gentle massage of his balls and cock she gets the small tube of a Venus 2000 to massage the head of his cock for alittle while.
Mistress Black Diamoond – Military Ass Fuck
2018-01-10 04:41:00
This loser will receive proper punishment from me as a General now! First off all I put rubber over his head so his breathing is controlled by me, then he gets his hands bound behind his back. Now this pig is ready to be fucked in the ass – which I’ll definitely enjoy!
Nataly – Slap Feast In The Couch
2018-01-10 02:31:00
Wearing her knee-high black boots with high heels makes Miss Nataly much bigger than her midgety slave, so she has to sit down on the couch to slap his face bad.
Mistress Sidonia – Mechanical Milking Overload
2018-01-10 01:39:00
Now she puts on her strapon harness and have the slut sucking it for a short while before she gets bored and move behind him instead. She starts the fucking machine and raise and lowers the speed, teasing the slaves ass as we see the Venus 2000 work his cock with a mechanic pace!
Mistress Sidonia – Fucked by Machines
2018-01-10 01:36:00
Mistress Sidonia has, yet again, a slave cuffed down on the top of a cage. He is on his back with his legs raised, as already penetraded with a dildo attached to the Fucking Machine Pro as she begins with putting clamps on his nipple and pulling them up with chains attached to a wheel.
Club Stiletto – Eat It Bitch
2018-01-09 10:02:00
Sexy blond BBW Skylar comes home and approaches her slave who is locked under her toilet chair and in chastity. She tells him she has been holding in the biggest ever and she is going to use his mouth and tongue to prepare her for her dump.
Obey Melanie – Cum For Your Balls
2018-01-09 09:53:00
A slave must ejaculate to save his balls. Problem is, his nuts are being flattened every time he tries to cum. Good thing Im here to help! I offer just the right amount of encouragement to pump his cock to a busting orgasm!
Strict Schoolmarm – Miss Jessica
2018-01-09 09:37:00
My name is Miss Jessica and I would like to invite you into my world. I am a very strict and frequently cruel woman who enjoys punishing her subs with corporal punishment.
Mistress Susi – Latex Worship In The Shower
2018-01-09 07:56:00
This is the luckiest slave on earth. He is allowed to worship the ravishing Miss Susi’s latex clad ass. Many slaves would gladly give their lives to be in the same bathroom with this beauty!
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