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Old cover sketch
2011-06-30 17:46:00
For a spy story I had in mind...
Whipping a slave
2011-06-26 20:49:00
Sorry, it's still in french. I should translate it someday.
2011-06-26 19:13:00
 The countess is shocked to discover that an asian spy has managed to outsmart her. Now, she's weaponless, at the mercy of her ennemy... 
Eternal youth 02
2011-06-25 23:34:00
 More page from that comic book story :
Eternal youth
2011-06-25 22:57:00
The countess is after a serum who could grant her eternal youth...These pages are a little old, but still showable. More to come.
The girls from G.A.G. the countess strikes back
2011-06-25 22:31:00
 . The countess orders the execution of several prisoners. A page from a comix story done for adventure bound comics
Countess Tarantula comix
2011-06-25 21:56:00
Ajouter une légendeThis is the cover of a comic book done for Dofantasy. You can have a look at that album thereHere are some samples :
Countess's wardrobe
2011-06-25 20:13:00
1. Furs domina : with this red outfit, she's ready to whip some ass !2. Classic countess : She loves to wear her black catsuit with her fur-lined cape over it .It's the signature costume she wears most of the time.3. Dark cloak : one of her most imperial looks !4. Leopard suit : As deadly as the cat.5. Pilot : ready for adventures in the jungle6. Purple pleasure : the good way to seduce her lovers, with black vinyl thighboots.7. Furs catsuit : comfortable and great cleavage8. Leather jacket : sometimes, the lady decides to wear something less formal, and goes for the jeans.9. Capeless catsuit : Sometimes, the countess decides to remove her cape, to ease her moves.10. Long cape : this long satin cape goes well with her catsuit, and is less heavy than the others.11. Furs catsuit with cape : with a golden cloak attached, the mistress looks even more stern.12 : Vinyl dress : with feathers attached on the neck. It's the best to spend a sensual evening.13. Cleavage catsuit : Soemeti...
Fetish shopping
2011-06-25 18:50:00
The countess is a married woman. They went last winter on ski holiday in Switzerland, where her rich husband offered her many new boots. She also made a strong impression to all who dared look at her, with her elegant clothing
sweet memories
2011-06-25 18:47:00
This young boy will learn that the countess does only mate with alpha males : all low males are only allowed to venerate her and to serve her.
Bow before me.
2011-06-25 18:44:00
This low life has found a new meaning for existence : at the mistress's feet.
black leather général
2011-06-25 18:40:00
 The countess reviews her troops. She hates democracy and equality. As a noble, she believes that she's part of an elite who has to rule.
Mature mistress
2011-06-25 18:37:00
 The countess is a mature, elegant, sensual and deadly woman. She loves to seduce younger men and trap them in her dungeon.
Enemy spy
2011-06-25 18:33:00
Countess Tarantula has easily seduced and overpowered a rival spy. Now, she's waiting in the dark for his contact to come.
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