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OK so I bet you are wondering what is this blog about, right. Well let me tell you its a really cool concept a friend and I came up with as I was surfing the net for Fetish and BDSM websites. This site is a collaborative effort made up of the best BD
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Zombie Blowjob
2014-03-02 02:46:00
 This has been dug out of the graveyard of lost pictures and resurrected. It’s the Zombie Blowjob. See who else is being sinful this Sunday!The post Zombie Blowjob appeared first on The Sin Doll. Related posts: Hi, I’m a Virgin Just Suck It The Lost Mark
Jazz Hands
2014-03-02 00:58:00
We are very lucky to have as part of our lives a ‘significant third’, a term we came up with and one I will write more about at some point. She is a wonderful addition to our lives for many many reasons but one of them is that together we always have fun. We are...
Proud – A Guest Post For Pussy Pride Project
2014-03-01 11:18:00
I am delighted to say that I have received yet another piece for The Pussy Pride Project. This time the person has chosen to remain completely anonymous but I have a feeling that her experiences and thoughts are, sadly, an all to common one in our world today. It would be lovely for this person,...
The True Beauty Of Submission
2014-03-01 03:25:00
So many people view BDSM and Dom/sub relationships to be these dark evil lifestyle choices, that strips one person of all their power, choice and freedoms.  This in fact could not be further from the truth. I believe the problem might be that many people view these images through their own eyes.  They assume that […]
Property’s Progress
2014-02-28 16:38:00
The majority of her wounds had healed. He tended to her very gently. She sincerely appreciated his kindness. He gave her warm baths. He examined each scratch and scrape. She had a bruised rib that he nursed back to health. He was tender with her. There weren’t many words exchanged between them. His were affectionate. ...The post Property’s Progress appeared first on The Sin Doll. Related posts: Property’s Prospective Cleaning Property Property Procured
The End of Days
2014-02-28 12:32:00
I DID IT! I wrestled February Photofest to the ground and made it my bitch. The challenge was to post a different image every day for the whole month of February and here we are on the 28th and I am declaring this task well and truly completed. To all those bloggers who played along...
Early Inspiration
2014-02-28 01:06:00
Yep, it is Thursday again and time to bring an old photograph back to life. This week though I have picked something slightly different. It is definitely an old photo but not one that has ever been published here before. This picture was my avi on the website (which no longer exists) where I first...
Red River.
2014-02-27 17:37:00
Jump in! This isn't the first time things have been difficult for us. The first time I failed Him I needed to take time out.  Within that safe space I found healing and I returned stronger than I had been before.This second time has been more dif...
Submissive Chat Night: What Is BDSM?
2014-02-27 16:00:00
It’s time again for another chat night here at Submissive Guide. I’d welcome everyone to come on in Tuesday for a bit of conversation. Anything and everything can be discussed. Please come with questions or a curiosity about Dominant/submis...
Vacation 2014! See You Guys Soon!
2014-02-27 08:01:00
Last year when I went with Master on vacation, he had the intention of having me blog everyday.  It worked for about the first week or so, but then we got caught up with going here and there and the time got away from us.  This year we’re only going to be gone for one […]
More Shibari You Can Use Fundraiser Extended – More Bondage, More Chances
2014-02-26 19:00:00
A Press Release and Plea by Lee Harrington A few years ago I started working on the sequel to my book Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé. The book is called More Shibari You Can Use: Passionate Rope Bondage a...
Red Road…
2014-02-26 17:29:00
Or Red River?Prozac or anger management?Just don't know how to diffuse an anger gone too far.Can't let it go.Have to walk the red road or dive into the river...Not easy.
Book Review – Becoming a Slave
2014-02-26 16:00:00
I had stumbled across “Becoming a Slave” by Jack Rinella while I was seeing what Amazon had in the way of non-fiction lifestyle books. With all the options that were presented to me, it was hard to pick just one. I settled on “Becomin...
Off Balance
2014-02-26 11:09:00
“There is something perfect to be found in the imperfect: the law keeps balance through the juxtaposition of beauty, which gains perfection through nurtured imperfection.” ~ Dejan Stojanovic Mollyxxx Ps… Click on the icons below to see who else is joining in with February Photofest and Wicked Wednesday Related Posts: Waiting At The Gate A...
Just a quickie
2014-02-26 08:00:00
Master’s rule is one post a day, unless he gives me distinct permission for a particular day.  I do my best but sometimes I screw up and count posts wrong.  (I usually write ‘em one day ahead).  Today is one of those days I just plain fucked up and noticed that I forgot to write […]
He’s Been Feeling Submissive Lately
2014-02-26 02:23:00
Wildcard saw me typing away on a blog post comment the other day, (this one actually), and when I turned and smiled to reach up and touch him from my nest on the couch, he leaned over and mimed typing … Continue reading →The post He’s Been Feeling Submissive Lately appeared first on O Miss Pearl.
The Colour Purple
2014-02-25 18:53:00
“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.” ~ Frank Sinatra Mollyxxx Ps… Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with the February Photofest Related Posts: The First Waiting At The Gate The Thinker Just The Tip Stronger
Is it Really a Bad Thing to be a Selfish Submissive?
2014-02-25 16:00:00
The other day, and I can’t recall the reason, but I was thinking about something that happened during a play party I had once attended. I had just gotten my butt whacked and in my happy space. I had my blanket and plate full of snacks(after scene...
3:30 am.
2014-02-25 14:49:00
From going to bed untilI've felt unsettled.Uncomfortableall day.When he returns from workI feel as if I'm bare footOn breaking glass.In the dark my edges merge with the nightThe lines of the walls distortThe wind in the trees make the light from the st...
2014-02-25 09:44:00
Well, vacation starts tomorrow night, which is super exciting to Master and me.  I mean, we don’t go away often, and Sin in the City is as good an excuse as any to do so.  Besides, going to Las Vegas is always exciting, and this gives us an excuse to stay for the con and […]
10 Smart Blogs You Shouldn’t Forget (And Why!)
2014-02-24 16:28:00
Lists are trendy right now, and in honour of that (and for those people who go under appreciated on lists and break crockery so they can feel better), here’s a peer nominated list of 10 smart blogs that have made … Continue reading →The post 10 Smart Blogs You Shouldn’t Forget (And Why!) appeared first on O Miss Pearl.
The Watchman
2014-02-24 16:11:00
“Charlie?” “Yeah, what?” “Clara is coming round for dinner, you going to come out from behind that boring computer and join us?” Leaning back in his office chair and looking at the great hulk of a man standing in the doorway Charlie felt a glimmer of irritation buzz through him. Boring computer eh? Or maybe...
At sea…
2014-02-24 16:03:00
She falls for the man's charm, his neediness or sense of poise and togetherness and ignores his real lack of connection with others. If the man's hostility and withdrawal is left unchallenged, the woman's doubt in herself grows. .It was the perfect engine.Each time He dared make me please Him, He conquered the internal dialogues that were constantly telling Him that He could not have, did not deserve any of it.I think now that He had expected me to resent Him. When He tells me that no one had ever liked what He did I think that, perverse as it sounds, their dislike validated His self image.It felt like home.And when I did not do this, when I told the truth, that no one had ever reached to the very core of me before, made me feel so loved and accepted.It never happened again.Sure there were plenty other good things, but I was never allowed to feel that deep, intimacy with Him ever. If I showed any sign of going there, I was dropped.He denies evidence, distorts minimalises or lies ...
How To Ask for More Without Being a Pushy Submissive
2014-02-24 16:00:00
“I want my Dominant to spank me more.” “How can I tell him I need more praise and approval without topping from the bottom?” “I need more attention, how can I tell him without being pushy?” “Can I tell him I lo...
Looks Can Be Deceiving
2014-02-24 08:01:00
Master and me decided to go out for dinner the other day.  Nowhere fancy, just a little place we discovered while we were driving around.  We went inside and waited to be seated.  Before we were seated, the manager asked us if we were a part of their discount club.  We’d only been there once […]
I’m Not A Zebra
2014-02-23 08:01:00
This is a particularly difficult post to write, and I actually just sat here staring at the screen for a long while not typing anything at all.  I was talking to Master about how this blog post had been forming in my head for quite some time, and he told me that “those are the […]
Blowin’ in the Wind
2014-02-23 01:17:00
Sometimes the erotic all about what you don’t show Mollyxxx Ps… Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with Sinful Sunday and February Photofest Related Posts: The First Animal Farm Waiting At The Gate A Madness Intoxication
Crop Circles
2014-02-23 00:45:00
Sometimes Kink of the Week has me saying things that make me wonder if Jade is all part of a great big set up. This week her chosen topic is crops. For no reason in particular the crop has been lingering at the bottom of the play bag and has not seen the light of...
Just A Bit Of Silliness
2014-02-22 08:01:00
Of course, as I was logging into my Twitter account via my phone, I got hit with a Captcha, because typing on a phone sucks.  I pretty much had to screenshot this, because oh my gosh that’s never going to happen again, now is it?
The (not so) Ultimate G
2014-02-22 00:15:00
This is a new experiment which very nearly had me throwing my computer out of the window in a complete rage. I had the idea of recording my reviews so I don’t have to write reams and you don’t have to read reams. Sounds simple right? WRONG! I can’t tell you how many times I...
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