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Mistress Eden
african american ebony black worldwide dominatrix into financial domination,abduction,kidnapping, chastity key holding holder, human atm,fetish, etc
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christmas wishlist
2013-10-29 09:49:00
for all those who want a little extra credit, you can start buying from my new xmas wishlist now
i will pimp your worthless ass to lonely women
2013-10-19 01:02:00
bdsm fetish submissive slave instructions assignment homework chore task of course, I have been VERY busy kicking asses & spending other people's money but I will try to post ...
Mistress Eden Playboy Mansion Halloween Party
2013-09-08 02:48:00
 for human atms only! Mistress Eden is going to the Playboy Mansion for Halloween & guess who is paying for her costume? Do you want to be the slave on her arm?
Mistress Eden nude pix
2013-08-16 03:07:00
finally posting the naked pictures you pathetic slaves have been begging for years to worship.enjoy! 
$1 once a day slave assignment
2013-08-10 11:26:00
fetish instructions bdsm submissive slave chore task homework
thigh high boot slave assignment plus updates
2013-07-05 03:25:00
so i see that the majority of slaves have found my website by searching "femdom how to such your own dick". #1 lololololololol#2 here you go  now i will be posting nude pict ...
ways to make me more $$$ plus my secret blog
2013-06-28 10:26:00
assignment findom instructions chore homework task   i have been posting a more personal blog somewhere else & i am debating whether or not my slaves should be allowed to know a diff ...
slave assignment,blackmail,kidnap/abduction fetish,chastity key holder cont
2012-05-25 11:25:00
chastity slave instructionsblackmail contract kidnap fetish instructionsslave chore #12
slave chore #11
2012-05-12 11:41:00
homework assignment task
slave chore #10
2012-05-04 09:23:00
blackmail contract slave assignment #10 make a real time kidnap appoinment slave contract
domconla 2012
2012-04-29 04:27:00
i wa thinking that i MIGHT go to domcon this year. it's definitely not my scene, but i need a change of pace(plus somewhere to wear my new latex dress). i will need a driver to chauffeur me a ...
no rest for the wicked
2012-04-28 07:06:00
i am exhausted from beating assalldaylong! yesterday, went on a 3 hour long shopping spree with a devoted financial domination slave. i left with a car packed full of presents & he le ...
slave chore #9
2012-04-27 11:21:00
slave chore #9 you are a loser
slave chore #8
2012-04-24 11:13:00
homework assignment task dominatrix mistress bdsm fetish
my kinky auctions
2012-04-24 07:02:00
worn pvc jumpsuit & used leather corset for sale (you have to be logged in to ebanned before clicking the link) plus i finally finished my auctions on the store page
hahaha, your cock is SOOOO small
2012-04-07 09:40:00
look what a slave has posted on craigslist for all the world to see? lol
pink leather 18 inch waist corset for sale
2012-04-07 07:14:00
you must be logged on to ebanned before clicking the link
you are a total loser humiliation assignment
2012-04-07 03:33:00
slave task homework instructions
Mistress Eden the pimp: iso slaves to be my craigslist whore
2012-03-14 09:16:00
forced bi assignment
this week
2012-03-14 09:15:00
a slave is flying me out to texas for a week long torture/kidnap session. i will be back in los angeles around march 23 if you want to make an appointment.
slave chore #7
2012-03-09 12:57:00
dominatrix mistress homework assignment instruction task
extreme findom: my week in paradise
2012-03-07 09:52:00
i had the most amazing week being flown out to exotic locales, sleeping in the most expensive hotels, eating at the best restaurants in town. i won't go into details due to the fact that none ...
slave chore #6
2012-02-28 09:49:00
assignment homework task
slave chore #5
2012-02-17 07:53:00
homework submissive assignment
extreme Dominatrix worship items for sale
2012-02-08 07:08:00
 1 month of bathroom trash plus my well worn black high heel shoes in new auctions.  you have to be logged in to ebanned before you click the link. my username is Dominatrix ...
slave chore #4
2012-02-03 07:21:00
submissive homework assignment
for devoted foot fetish slaves only!
2012-01-27 09:46:00
my new findom shoes wishlist
slave chore #3
2012-01-26 08:44:00
submissive task assignment homework
gambler slave assignment
2012-01-23 12:50:00
task chore
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