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Family and Taboo pics and stories

Family and Taboo pics and stories
Incest sex and porn stories for free. Taboo,xxx and other kinky stuff


Slut wife
2017-12-02 15:44:00
My wife Susan and I have a great relationship with five other couples. We ski, play cards, and usually vacation together at the Ocean. Recently, we planned a surprise birthday party for Tom, one of the husbands. The Thursday before the party, a group of us went over the last minute details and someone suggested that we should arrange for a Strip-O-Gram for Tom. Marcy, Tom's wife, laughed and said, 'Tom would LOVE it! Especially if the dancer has great boobs. Tom is DEFINITELY a boob man.' We called around, but with such short notice, only two agencies could even handle the request, and neither had a large-breasted dancer available for Saturday night. Resigned to the fact that we were too late to book the surprise dancer, we started discussing other items. But before long, one of the wives teased Susan about being the stripper. Susan is very beautiful and, at 26, is years younger than the rest of our 'over 35' crowd. She has a flawless peaches'n'cream complexion, is 5'5' ...
About my wife
2017-12-02 15:43:00
I love to be sexually dominated, and I am married to a very beautiful young woman who utilizes my obedience to the maximum. She knows that when I am sexually aroused there is nothing I won't do for her. She often makes me go a few days without cumming, knowing that I will be that much more aroused and submissive. The other night I arrived home and found her laying on the couch wearing a short satin robe. As soon as I saw her I developed an immediate erection, thus becoming a slave to her desires. She ordered me onto my hands and knees and commanded me to crawl to her side. She then raised her foot to my face and said 'Lick my foot slave!' I happily licked her foot as she rubbed it all over my face. She then pushed my face away with her foot and tossed a satin G-string at me saying, 'Put on your uniform, and go draw me a bath slave!' I answered, 'Yes Master.' And went to the bathroom to change into the G-string and prepare her bath. As soon as I finished readying her bath she...
Gangbang party
2017-12-02 15:43:00
The crowd gathered around my naked wife was finished. She was extremely exhausted after masturbating in front of the forty-seven men, many of which were total strangers. The huge black dildo, dripping with her aromatic white cum, attested to her many pleasurable orgasms. Lying there in the middle of the king sized bed surrounded by dozens of shriveled balls, she knew that each and every orgasm sprayed into the clear plastic enema bag was done in her honor. Forty seven cum shots would have been plenty for her carnal purpose, but because of the sheer eroticism of the situation, at least seventeen of them had lined up at the bag to dump a second load, and four actually came back for a third eruption! My wife Cyndi loves being the center of attention. She has a large circle of friends and acquaintances who worship her fleshy assets. She had long ago grown to love all of her curves as much as I do and in the process, has allowed me to videotape her having sex with an ever expanding gro...
Cheating is life
2017-11-28 15:14:00
This is a story of my hott bitchy ex. It's a story of how you love to fuck your ex. cheating Love, lust sex, it simply aren't the words but true sizzle, that excites and entices anyone. Life is all about fuck and all you give is a fuck. This is a story of my hott bitchy ex. It's a story of how you love to fuck your ex. Though you have moved on you still know the best moments are fucking your ex. Especially when you realise, your ex is a bitch And is horny as Slut. When you realise in relationship when she even hesitated to kiss your dick is now hardcore hungry for your cock. All I realised was at the end she was a good fuck toy, and she is only meant for it. She was perfect in all means, her beautiful mouth, to her sexy booty asss, to her yummy cunt, to her fucking big boobs, she was a sex bomb shell. the moments you love when you fuck her ass, as you held upon those amazing boobs and fuck her. Life made sense that sex is everything.
Sneaky Anal
2017-11-28 15:13:00
My name is Imogen, I'm a 19 year old girl, living in Western Australia. Me and my long time boyfriend (Jake) have been together for 2 years. He was the first guy I had sex with. He made is special, and romantic, with candles and rose petals. Through the first year of dating we had sex like breeding bunnies. But it's died down a bit and we have sex every 2 or so months. One night, 12th July 2015, I got lonely and wanted him to come over. I texted him and told him I wanted him, badly. He said he'd come over, but he didn't. I feel asleep after waiting 2 and a half hours for him. I was startled by movement around my body, someone was in my bed, pulling my sheets of my body, then moving to my pink silk shorts. The person, obviously it was Jake, pulled my shorts to my ankles and positioned my body in doggy style, with my head on my pillow. He reached around and slipped under my oversized t-shirt, and cupped my tits. I let out soft moans as he squeezed them and played with my nipples. ...
Hot blonde babe
2017-11-15 15:49:00
It was late on a Tuesday when I logged onto my Plentyoffish account for the last time. I started dating online for many reasons, but mostly because I had tired of the girls in this college town and I longed to meet a woman with whom I could really connect with. After a few unsuccessful dates over a couple months, and with my coming deployment fast approaching, I decided to delete my account and forget dating for awhile. As I looked around the site to figure out how I would remove myself, I noticed I had a new email in my inbox. Judging by her picture alone, she looked promising, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up. Truthfully, most of the women online seemed to be there because they liked attention and never actually intended to meet you, or because they couldn't get a date anywhere else. I had been on three dates with women who seemed normal while emailing but turned out to be nothing like their profiles, or their pictures, made them out to be. Maybe it was the letter she...
Aishwarya Rai sex story
2017-11-14 14:18:00
“What were you talking about with him “ , Aishwarya interrogated. “Nothing it just that he’s also a writer like me in Cairo . Discussing about that with him “ . “No , I know it had something to do with me .” “That man gave us food , drinks and money but you are still doubting his character and thinking I will be plotting something with him “ , I told Aishwarya while hiding both drugs and oil bottle behind the fallen log of wood. “Okie , I’m sorry . “ I handed over the packet of canned food and the bottle of water to Aishwarya and sat next to her . “But what about you , what are you going to eat ? “ , Aishwarya asked . “Don’t worry about me . I am used to it , I will make it through “ . “Okie , as you wish ” , as Aishwarya gulped the bread pieces through her luscious lips . I had decided in my mind that I had to persuade Aishwarya to use Hibercus drug on her so that we could have some fun . But I knew that it wasn’t going to be that ea...
Granny from the Neighborhood
2017-11-13 17:36:00
I could not believe it when I looked out my bathroom window and saw Mrs. Turner peeking in my neighbor’s window. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles and it looked as if she was masturbating. Mrs. Turner was the neighborhood gossip. She told everyone whatever she knew, heard, or made up. Most people thought of her as evil. I was only wearing my tight underwear but I grabbed my camcorder and slipped out my back door. I got down on the grass and crawled to the corner of my house and aimed the camera at her. As I recorded her I thought about what she was seeing, as far as I knew it Jill was home alone until her husband came home from work around midnight, and it was only nine o’clock. It was dark out but the street light illuminated Mrs. Turner quite well. My driveway was between the two houses and led to my garage. Jill had a bush of some sort on her side that was blocking Mrs. Turner from being seen from the street, however it did nothing to hide her from me. Her sho...
Incest is Truly Best
2017-11-13 17:34:00
Jack and Sharon were always close. When in their teen years, they explored sex, but never went all the way, but 30 some years later, fate put them back together and finally made love Incest is truly Best I’m Jack, 52, 5’ 10, 175 lbs, brown hair, in good shape. I am divorced so many years now, over 20, that I can hardly remember why I even got married to the ex. She was a control freak and very obsessive. It lasted a mere 3 years. No kids, so it was an easy split. I have a small, 3 bedroom home, nothing fancy, but I like it. I do date, but never wanted to be tied down again, so I try to pick women who also do not want any commitments, just fun and sex. This story though, is about my cousin Sharon, who is 50, and in a bad relationship. Her soon to be ex, is an asshole, who is both a verbal and physical abuser, plus a lazy drunk who couldn’t keep a job if his life depended on it. This is Sharon’s 2nd marriage. She is 5’4, 165 lbs., 38DD, blond hair and the prettiest blue e...
A mysterious phone sex lover
2017-11-13 17:33:00
I'll admit it: the first six months after my divorce I was like a blind dog on Viagra , ready, willing, and able to jump on anything female. You see, I'd been married for almost 10 years to a good-looking but very uptight and very frigid woman; at 37, I was finally free and clear and happy. I was determined to have a good time, and I did. My childhood friend Stoney was also recently divorced. Together we hit every singles bar in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and most in Manhattan. We'd arrive together but almost every night, we'd leave separately. In the heart of winter, Stoney decided to have a Valentine's Day Party at his house and invite only the best-looking women we could find. The night of the party, I put on my sharp black Armani suit, loaded up with flowers, grabbed a bottle of champagne, and drove across Brooklyn to Stoney's house. The party was in full swing and I quickly focused my attention on this tall outrageously curvy brunette. She was half-Italian and hal...
Submission by The Crossdressers
2017-07-23 15:31:00
Thanks to the internet, I've had access to more porn than one person could ever need in a lifetime. It's good and bad because after awhile you become desensitized. Seeing typical porn already became dull, and I'm only 23! I started searching for new genres of adult entertainment. For once, I actually decided to look at some of the other categories on the streaming sites I'd visit. So many things came up under fetish. Some of it I don't get but to each their own. A BBW was mixed in with the fetish and as I had expected before hand, it wasn't my cup of tea. Several videos had girls dominating guys in leather or latex outfits. I liked how tight they were, showing off every curve of their body, leaving little to the imagination. Upon thought, I had never been dominated, it was always me taking control. The female domination videos were getting me hard for the most part, but at times they were a little extreme. Nobody was shocking my balls! 'What the hell,' I said aloud. 'Is ...
Chubby Lesbians
2017-07-23 15:29:00
Erin is amazingly sexy. And too much for this man to handle! After Erin catches him jerking, she sends him on a wild ride for three weeks of pure pleasure! In 2006 I lived with this girl named Erin. She was a cute, chubby girl who died her hair red and black and wore it in a bell cut. She had a smile that could make you cum right in your pants. In summer, she'd go to bed early because of work, and I would stand at her door. You could see her curves through the small teddy she'd wear, and I would stand at the door, tugging at my hard cock. It was too much to handle, and eventually I'd go to my computer and load up some videos of bouncing tits to cum on. One night I was doing exactly this, and that's when I heard her: You're a very naughty boy.' She said. 'Standing at my door, and then going to your PC. I can hear you cumming you know.' I was often very load when I blew my load, letting out moans of ecstasy. 'For this you must be punished. Keep wanking your dick, and I am...
Aunty became my bitch
2017-07-20 23:18:00
Made my aunt who was alone and hungry for making her feel like a bitch who wants to be fucked but will beg for it. It was..afternoon...and...raining...i was..wet and..i went aunts i was..alone...doing Well to clearly aunt is a tall lady 5.5..inch ...fair skin like milk.. sexy waist a bit extra curve big boobs and wet and juicy lips . She flaunt her figure..though not by exposing it but while she..walked it sexy ass..was..swinging from..left to right ...her ass...was..mature and..raw...ready to be explored..she her late 30s.. So i just went work..which i which i agreed.... Den..we..sat had..a..cup of cofee and..juss startd...praising..d weathr...she stood up to get some..sugar wen..her leg slipped..and..she fell..i got near her well she was...too sexy to ...
A tingle for thirst
2017-07-20 23:17:00
A woman walks into the forest during the night. She loves the feeling of the night time, it brings her a sort of arousal. This night she finds herself in the company of some-thing much more than what she anticipated. Her arousal it met with a horny monstrous terror. I walked down the path lit only by the full moonlight on a very clear night. I could see billions of stars in the night sky maybe even trillions. They filled up the sky and filled me with comfort in a way that could only be described as secure and accompanied. The wind was subtle and gentle as if swayed the trees and brushed through my long black hair. In some way I felt alive during the night, perhaps bit horny too. Not the kind of horny that made you want to fuck the shit out of the next good looking guy you pass by but the kind that makes you tingle. I loved this time of night; the witching hour is what the legends call it. When all the creatures of the night come out of hiding and the demons come out to play. I fin...
I love my History Teacher
2017-07-20 23:17:00
Her tight wet pussy grabs and gropes my cock with every thrust it tries hopelessly to keep me inside , and with every failure it squirts more cum until it's dripping from her ass cheeks and onto my cock.... I continue to slam my dick into her tight pussy she moans 'you've been a naughty student!!! GIVE ME MORE !' I had a History teacher She was 'Mrs. Mickie Siek', my last year of middle school as an 8th Grader ... 14yr old..... I had just heard about her from some friends of my that she was totally hot and a milf. However I've heard that before and wasn't too impressed because of previous exaggerated teacher stories. As I walked in the first day I immediately noticed the cute, blonde woman with a youthful smile, big breasts, and tight round ass squeezed into a very short mini skirt.... Fuck.... I had an immediate boner.... I think I was even crushing.... Mrs. Siek noticed my cheesy smile and said hello to me, asking my name and telling me I have a cute smile . I tell her, ...
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