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Family and Taboo pics and stories

Family and Taboo pics and stories
Incest sex and porn stories for free. Taboo,xxx and other kinky stuff


Submission by The Crossdressers
2017-07-23 15:31:00
Thanks to the internet, I've had access to more porn than one person could ever need in a lifetime. It's good and bad because after awhile you become desensitized. Seeing typical porn already became dull, and I'm only 23! I started searching for new genres of adult entertainment. For once, I actually decided to look at some of the other categories on the streaming sites I'd visit. So many things came up under fetish. Some of it I don't get but to each their own. A BBW was mixed in with the fetish and as I had expected before hand, it wasn't my cup of tea. Several videos had girls dominating guys in leather or latex outfits. I liked how tight they were, showing off every curve of their body, leaving little to the imagination. Upon thought, I had never been dominated, it was always me taking control. The female domination videos were getting me hard for the most part, but at times they were a little extreme. Nobody was shocking my balls! 'What the hell,' I said aloud. 'Is ...
Chubby Lesbians
2017-07-23 15:29:00
Erin is amazingly sexy. And too much for this man to handle! After Erin catches him jerking, she sends him on a wild ride for three weeks of pure pleasure! In 2006 I lived with this girl named Erin. She was a cute, chubby girl who died her hair red and black and wore it in a bell cut. She had a smile that could make you cum right in your pants. In summer, she'd go to bed early because of work, and I would stand at her door. You could see her curves through the small teddy she'd wear, and I would stand at the door, tugging at my hard cock. It was too much to handle, and eventually I'd go to my computer and load up some videos of bouncing tits to cum on. One night I was doing exactly this, and that's when I heard her: You're a very naughty boy.' She said. 'Standing at my door, and then going to your PC. I can hear you cumming you know.' I was often very load when I blew my load, letting out moans of ecstasy. 'For this you must be punished. Keep wanking your dick, and I am...
Aunty became my bitch
2017-07-20 23:18:00
Made my aunt who was alone and hungry for making her feel like a bitch who wants to be fucked but will beg for it. It was..afternoon...and...raining...i was..wet and..i went aunts i was..alone...doing Well to clearly aunt is a tall lady 5.5..inch ...fair skin like milk.. sexy waist a bit extra curve big boobs and wet and juicy lips . She flaunt her figure..though not by exposing it but while she..walked it sexy ass..was..swinging from..left to right ...her ass...was..mature and..raw...ready to be explored..she her late 30s.. So i just went work..which i which i agreed.... Den..we..sat had..a..cup of cofee and..juss startd...praising..d weathr...she stood up to get some..sugar wen..her leg slipped..and..she fell..i got near her well she was...too sexy to ...
A tingle for thirst
2017-07-20 23:17:00
A woman walks into the forest during the night. She loves the feeling of the night time, it brings her a sort of arousal. This night she finds herself in the company of some-thing much more than what she anticipated. Her arousal it met with a horny monstrous terror. I walked down the path lit only by the full moonlight on a very clear night. I could see billions of stars in the night sky maybe even trillions. They filled up the sky and filled me with comfort in a way that could only be described as secure and accompanied. The wind was subtle and gentle as if swayed the trees and brushed through my long black hair. In some way I felt alive during the night, perhaps bit horny too. Not the kind of horny that made you want to fuck the shit out of the next good looking guy you pass by but the kind that makes you tingle. I loved this time of night; the witching hour is what the legends call it. When all the creatures of the night come out of hiding and the demons come out to play. I fin...
I love my History Teacher
2017-07-20 23:17:00
Her tight wet pussy grabs and gropes my cock with every thrust it tries hopelessly to keep me inside , and with every failure it squirts more cum until it's dripping from her ass cheeks and onto my cock.... I continue to slam my dick into her tight pussy she moans 'you've been a naughty student!!! GIVE ME MORE !' I had a History teacher She was 'Mrs. Mickie Siek', my last year of middle school as an 8th Grader ... 14yr old..... I had just heard about her from some friends of my that she was totally hot and a milf. However I've heard that before and wasn't too impressed because of previous exaggerated teacher stories. As I walked in the first day I immediately noticed the cute, blonde woman with a youthful smile, big breasts, and tight round ass squeezed into a very short mini skirt.... Fuck.... I had an immediate boner.... I think I was even crushing.... Mrs. Siek noticed my cheesy smile and said hello to me, asking my name and telling me I have a cute smile . I tell her, ...
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