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We cover a variety of fetishes in depth, one at a time! Providing information, pictures and links on how you can get involved in your favorite fetish.


Fetish two: Buying used items!
2009-05-22 21:53:00
Welcome to the next topic in this blog! I'm sure many of you have fanasized about licking, smelling, or wearing used items from your fantasy girls! Well, thanks to a few sites and a lot of entreprenuerial girls, this is now possible!There are a few places you can buy these in an auction-style format, the most popular of which is Ebanned. On Ebanned, you need to have an account to view auctions, and there are literally hundreds of auctions going on at any given time. You can find what you want for anywhere from $5 all the way up to a few hundred dollars (Any girls reading this - can make a few hundred dollars for that nasty pair of socks or panties, if you are willing to shoot a lot of pics and have the right body!). You can also find these auctions on Ebay, though the policies there restrict this. The auction may state inside that the item has "been cleaned per Ebay's standards"....but this is just for cover. If you contact the girl, or if it isnt obvious from the s...
Fetish for day 1: How to be a houseboy!
2009-05-22 00:10:00
Welcome to day 1 of the Fetish Explorer blog! In this blog, I'm going to take requests for different fetishes and post guides and links of interest about them, to help you enter this fetish for yourself or just satisfy your need for more pics, videos, and direct interaction with it!The first fetish I'm going to cover is male maids, houseboys, errand boys, etc. I personally have over three years of experience in being this, both with and without fetish connotations. I will cover a few topics here, starting with how to find a girl, what this type of relationship can involve, and how to get the most out of it.How to find a girl to serveObviously, when you are looking for something like this, it is dangerous and unacceptable to just ask pretty girls on the street if they want a slave or a free housekeeper. This type of relationship requires a building of trust, and it requires a desire from the female party to engage.1. Craigslist -- This has been my most successful source, in the tim...
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