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A blog for those who love vore art. Basically monsters eating sexy babes!
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2014 Update
2014-02-09 21:43:00
2014 UPDATE: PLEASE READ!!! As most of you know we have been on hold after the recent break-in. Our content is still available for fans, but no new updates are slated at this point. If you join now you are paying for ALL the content that has been created since we started in 2005. Please ...
Zous & Voreville
2013-11-24 20:02:00
We want to thank Zous for helping us create amazing, exclusive vore content for our members. So far we have done a few great projects together and the end results have been nothing more than spectacular! With his manipulation skills and Stacey’s sexy models, we can keep producing still series while animation is on hold ...
2013-10-07 16:20:00
In light of recent unfortunate events, we are unable to continue production at this point in time. Without member support there is just no way we can afford the price of the new animators and artists so Voreville / will go into hibernation mode once again until we can raise enough funding from just ...
2013-09-29 06:56:00
Maybe it was a good thing we got all our old equipment stolen. We have had a turn of fortunate events after the incident that has gifted us with two new power house computers. We have acquired a lot of new parts from connections enough to build two new systems. We should be back up ...
2013-09-20 01:50:00
It looks like anything related to Voreville is cursed these days. Last night our facility was broken into and everything was stolen. Production is now on hold once again due to these unfortunate circumstances. We lost a lot of work so it may take a few months to get back up to speed again. If ...
Up Next…
2013-08-29 09:31:00
We have yet another amazing snake vore set from Zous, created exclusively for our members and now available. Stacey sexy nude model gets attacked, constricted and eaten alive by a monstrous snake in a 23 photo series! Very hot! Our lover’s ultimate sacrifice animation is finally complete and available in the member gallery. We start ...
3D Vore Realism Level
2013-07-06 02:41:00
Realism fans don’t fret! We are trying other vore styles, but realism is still at the top of the list. We definitely want anyone to look at the animation in the end and wonder if it was real or not! The model in question will definitely make animations look pretty real, but should we bite ...
What We Are Now
2013-07-02 18:38:00
We wanted to address what Voreville is now and what we want to be in the future. We know this has been emphasized by the old team, yet we still get users joining and being unhappy about the OLD vore animations. It is becoming apparent to us that fans who are looking just for “longer” ...
The Plan… Again…
2013-06-29 10:46:00
I originally wrote this in response to a posting about our website on DeviantArt and wanted to clarify a few things. I am not the original John that started this site with Stacey and RaYzoR, but I do have access to everything now, so you can consider me the second John to run the Voreville ...
Full Steam Ahead!
2013-06-27 07:49:00
It looks like we are doing okay with the new releases and memberships have slightly gone up which DID help us fund some new 3D animation projects. Stacey is helping us find good animators who can animate just as good as the shark in this clip. Anything less is unacceptable now. Now imagine that shark ...
Voreville Reborn
2013-06-19 19:00:00
After many months of hibernation, we are pleased to announce that Voreville has been working with Zous to create exclusive content for Voreville. For those of you who do not know of his amazing work, just check out his work on He creates the most amazing snake vore manipulation series and stories. It’s extremely ...
Operations Finally Moved
2013-06-04 08:26:00
We have completely ported over ALL of Voreville content to the new and improved website and gallery. Operations will continue at the new site while this site will remain for nostalgic reasons. Since this blog has so much history, we will continue to update it as well. Keep in mind full production has not started ...
Friends in need?
2012-04-28 20:17:00
I’m probably stepping out of line here, but I feel compelled to say this because it really effects all of us in the Vore community. I hear it over and over again how people LOVE vore so much yet they still do not want to help donate or offer any kind of monetary support for ...
Voreville 2012 Roadmap
2012-04-25 06:54:00
Many have you really opened my eyes to this entire process and I thank you for your patience. I can’t believe I let a few individuals ruin it for our dedicated users who have supported us throughout the years. I trust that no matter what trolls out there post our videos, you will still support ...
Voreville?s Future is in Your Hands?
2012-04-24 06:42:00
The battles of fee’s and costs keep going up. Now Verotel wants to charge their members $600+ a year just to be able to process payments. Before June 1st, 2012 it was free for us. If things keeps going the way they are, small shops like ours just won’t survive. With that said, this will ...
Where the Membership Fees Go?
2012-04-06 19:13:00
For our supporters I wanted to break down where your membership fees fall into and how it helps us push the limits in everything we do. I want you to know that it’s seriously being put to really good use. Look at the progression of our works from when we started 7 years ago! Summary: ...
Reconstruction Time?
2012-04-05 18:48:00
Wow my brain hurts. There’s so much technology out there, yet nothing is secure. I know. I am realizing that now. Secured streaming is all hype. With video capture software out there it negates all the efforts that website owners put into trying to prevent their videos from being downloaded. I really did not think ...
2012-04-05 04:31:00
Wow I am really shocked by the outpouring of all the emails after I shut Voreville to the public and created all those stipulations to join again. From what I perceived from all of this was that no one really cared enough about our efforts. For years we try to get anyone in the community ...
Why So Drastic?
2012-04-02 02:55:00
I have been asked numerous times, why I had to resort to such extremes. Most people say it happens to all other sites like ours and they have survived. I’m sure they ALL do have the same problem of users re-posting their videos to the public without permission. What they don’t realize is they are ...
A Good 7 Year Run
2012-03-28 07:10:00
So we reach another turning point after going through so much already. My friends and I devoted 7 years of our lives to this community. We didn’t have to try pushing the limits, but that’s what we wanted to do for US and the community. I guess trying to push the limits did not pay ...
Other Sites Beware!
2012-03-27 09:39:00
We know who you are and we’re watching YOU on both our sites. Other artists should also keep watch for this user who is located in Austria, Vienna. We know for SURE these are some details of this user. We’ll post more as we continue to sift through our data from months past. The user ...
Officially Closed to the Public
2012-03-27 05:42:00
Voreville is now closed to the public. We are NOT accepting new members. Due to abuse of our member gallery, only a select few will have access to our gallery and be able to see our latest works when we DO finish them. We warned this would happen, but those select “special people” had to ...
2012-03-27 02:34:00
Whomever is releasing our videos, I seriously hope karma gets you and everyone you love. You win. I am not fighting this anymore. If memberships drop, and funding runs out, you can pat yourself on the back for destroying Voreville. No money to pay artists so what’s left. It’s really a shame because I had ...
Re-Evaluating Things Once Again
2012-03-24 23:31:00
After all the posts, and the complaints and bitching and trying to get my team back, people are still doing what originally split up Voreville in the beginning. Wow, seriously? I’m at my wits end at this point. I am beginning to feel that there IS NO real vore community, only a few, select, wonderful, ...
Ungrateful Assholes
2012-03-22 21:53:00
This takes the cake. This is exactly why most of the original Voreville team left. This is the user or type of user that can turn what should be fun, into something not fun. When you spread lies about videos, WE have to do damage control and tell those who were mislead, that there is ...
Voreville Full 3D New Renderer (Work in progress)
2012-03-16 07:26:00
Still work in progress, render times are taking way too long!
Voreville New Spider Monster (Work in progress)
2012-03-16 07:15:00
Still work in progress, render times are taking way too long!
On the Android Front
2012-03-02 20:53:00
Vore fans! I need your help, especially if you own an Android smartphone! In order to maintain and fund Voreville / TheVoreTube, I have been using my other website funds and distributing them to the sites that need the most funding. With that said, I am currently running a heavy campaign to pitch our ...
Bizarre Magazine Vore Feature Now Online!
2012-03-02 01:15:00
The special vore feature that Bizarre Magazine interviewed us for is now online!!! Check it out! They even posted some nice large vore pictures that we sent them! Bizarre Magazine Vore Feature
Google+ Vore Network!
2012-02-26 20:00:00
Vore fans! Lets build a huge vore network community on Google+
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