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Cuckold Fetish Humiliation Adventures

Cuckold Fetish Humiliation Adventures
Lifestyle cuckold Mistress blog with assignments, prize giveaways, and details on Her adventures with big black cock and punishing pathetic tiny cock cucks and losers like you wankstain!


News Flash!!!!!!!
2011-05-30 16:37:00
My Soul Sista Kacy will be coming for a visit in a few weeks She is the only one I know that loves BBC as much as I do and you can bet your little dickletts that we will be having some BBC fun…….We will be doing two girl calls while she is here between partying…..I will be doing calls this month at these specials….. 15 minute-19.99 30 minutes-49.99 1 hr(+20 FREE MIN) 99.99 Texting Specials -5 text per day for 50.00 a month Texting is a great way to tease and play before a call……Once you prepay for your first month you will get the number and I will text personal little notes just for you each day to keep your juices flowing….. I do not submit to those with inadequate dicks no exceptions !!!!! I only talk about cuckolding and the lifestyle I have lived in for most of my life NO Exceptions!!!! I do offer cuck training so you can start to learn all the ways you can be of use when your appendage is less than adequate for vaginal pleasur...
Lusty Weekend …..Big Dose of BBC
2011-03-07 13:59:00
I had a wonderful weekend in Indias Land Of Lust LOL….My side kick and I found out that the Military base close to me had a 4 to 1 male to female ratio so we decided to hit the bars near the base and see what kind of trouble we could come up with LOL It was a BBC meat market to say the least LOL it was so much fun watching those little white boys faces after we rejected them when they asked us to dance LOL It was even more fun to peek at their faces when we was dancing and playing with big black studs after telling them no LOL We met three big black Marines that had an apartment off base….needless to say we got all the dick we could handle all weekend LOL One is my new official booty….Ken has an 11 inch big thick cock…..OMG it does a pussy good LOL…. This morning I am still a bit sore and needless to say I saved my panties I wore home to sell today to the highest bidder LOL India
Hot Two Girl Cuckold Call!!!!!
2010-12-15 16:28:00
Kaci and I had a hot two girl call last night….I thought I was going to cream myself just listening to lust taking over her voice as she told us about her very first BBC experience. We are having a two girl special this week…you get us both for $2.99 a minute…. You know you would love to rub that little cuckie dick while we tell you about our love for the bigger things in life….. India
Love this story!!!!!!
2010-10-11 03:32:00
this one really gets the kitty wet…. ohhhhhhhhh my if this turns you on we for sure need to set up some play time India
Literotica is my favorite place to go read…..
2010-10-11 02:42:00
I know many of you out in “naughty land” like to surf for erotic stories and movie clips…..well if I find one particularly pussy tinging I will link it here If you find a story or a clip you find naughty as hell please put link in comment section… This is one I really like…. I love porn.I am also a huge fan of erotic stories fiction or non fiction…It gets my naughty juices flowing and then I get these calls from you naughty sluts from all over that appreciate a good slut….you like that I am one of those rare women that are blessed being multiple orgasmic and the fact that I am sure I am a text book sex addict…..the only thing is I love my sexuality so as far as sex is concerned I need not a 12 step program but give me 12 inches and I am a goner LOL I keep much of my life a secret…..I must get creative at times to be a hootch on the down low…..But I have my ...
BBC In the House All Week!!!!!
2010-10-07 21:39:00
I find it so funny that my BFF Kaci and I often travel the same path in life.We both adore BBC and love the cuckoldress life style.We both grew up about 30 miles from each other and we often laugh at how dangerous of a duo we would have been if we would have met each other as teenagers. This week she had to have workers in her house replacing pipes.Divas like us do not enjoy strangers in our house and especially when it takes away from our phone naughty time. I get a note on my door Monday that they need to replace some fittings on the pipes in my apartment butttttttttttttt I have big black studs working in my apartment.I could not wait to call and tease Kaci about my fortune She loves BBC as much as I do…. I fucked that little young stud yesterday over my dining room table.I was watching this movie clip today ( free).I know many of you like to find hot vedio clips that they like to watching,…..This one gets my pussy soaked award for be the hottist today and if you e...
Booty is coming to visit this weekend!!!
2010-08-06 09:16:00
All of my callers know who Booty is…..for those of you that do not know who booty is….well he is the dick god….I swear the man was built for fucking.His cock is as big as a coke can and whew does he know how to work it….I can not stand his ass outside of bed so he will have to leave right after I decide I am done with him….I am sitting here wet just thinking about the fucking I am going to get this weekend…. Booty and I met about 10 years ago and he is just a booty call…I tend to have relationships with cucks…but they just do not do it for me in bed….I like an agressive man in bed and those little dicks just can not do it for me…I am a size queen…. I will be taking calls this weekend except whenbooty is here…I will be running a special this weekend…if you buy an hour block….for 109.99 you get 5 free pictures of my sexy naked ass I will also be selling the panties I wear after booty go...
I know you have been missing my fine ass :)
2010-08-06 08:47:00
I decided to fly down to Miami for a little BBC action and ended up staying a little longer than expected…..all is well  stopped off to check on Baby Ryans progress at camp….I was laughing my ass off when this little bitch met me at the door in this ridiculous maid outfit and you could tell he was a little sore in the tail if you know what I mean. The counselors have really had went above and beyond getting this little bitch in line.I just got “her” back this week.This slut knows her place and she is loving her some BBC as much as I do….and now that is saying a lot….everyone of you knows I am down with big black cock You will be seeing more captions coming soon.I have the little bitch working night and day on them because I know how much people love to see what comes out of that nasty little mind… The slut thought he was going to get away with calling me on this naughty line for a casual conversation….I made him go to the gym in...
Baby Ryans weekend adventures….ha ha ha!!!!!
2010-06-13 14:52:00
Ms India, Today was full of new humiliations for me . I have been on a very strict diet and workout program back home…. but they have stepped it up here at sissy camp. I was forced to dress in a pink leotard with a purple outer thong. I had purple knee high workout socks and new pink running shoes. My hair was put back in a ponytail and I was sprayed with my cotton candy perfume. I was put through my workout with my new personal trainer. Her name is Amy… she is a big blond bodybuilder. Not to big…. but much bigger than me. Still very pretty though. I wouldn’t mind so much having her put me through the workout if she wasn’t wearing her black strap-on cock.  No matter what exercise  I was doing she found a way to make sure it was either right in my face….. or pushing into my butt over my leotard. All the other sissies were laughing at me…. and the big black guys kept grabbing their cocks when I went near them. I was afrai...
Letter from Ms Kaci
2010-06-09 00:26:00
Hello my darling India! I am writing to give you the weekend update on your little pet, Baby Ryan. Since the last time you checked in, we have been continuing with his training using the following methods of preparation: 1) Extreme humiliation and degradation 2) Stretching 3) Desensitization When you told me the puny little fairy was also a big baby, I had no idea how prone to tears he was.  I can’t recall the last time I was so amused by a slut India!  His weakness is on a par with an actual baby for chrissake!  So with the level of humiliation he’s experiencing, you can imagine how much he’s crying, lol.  We are continuing the cold showers and pre-stretching enemas in the public shower area.  The other “girls” twitter and giggle when he tries to back away from the hose…”oh no not another enema Ms. Kaci”, “b-b-but the water is so cold”…all the time whimpering and crying with his wimpy ass. This is th...
Baby Ryan’s Weekend Adventure…..
2010-06-07 17:46:00
OMG I just got a call from Ms Kaci about Baby Ryan’s weekend at camp….I was so laughing my ass off when they told me about how hard he cried when she was getting…..well I think I will let Ms Kaci have the honor of telling you about how big of a bitch this little slut is……I think she is about to understand her place in the world now….Sending this slut to camp to be trained was like sending my car in for a tune up….When I get her back she will be fucking a sucking like a pro and know she is never to be anything but a little bitch ass slave to the Almighty Black Cock….. India….
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