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Vintage Falcon
FREE pre-condom hardcore movie clips from the premier gay porn studio for over 35 years, Falcon, Mustang and Jocks.
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Danish Modern
2013-12-03 21:22:00
If Falcon Studios had started in the mid-60s instead of the mid-70s, I think their shoots would have looked like this.
The Chosen
2013-01-19 06:49:00
Christopher Scott brings unsuspecting buds Derek Cameron, Paul Morgan and Damon Wolf to the club, where they quickly find themselves the slaves of leather-clad dominators Mike Branson, Jeff Palmer, Travis Wade, Buck Meadows, Brian Cruise and star in the making Michel Lucas. The action is fast and furious, one of the best orgies ever filmed. ...
2012-12-29 06:47:00
Javier Duran is busy sucking Clint Cooper’s thick cock. Clint in turn is busy fellating Scott Davis’ hard dick. Stripped down to a jockstrap, Jeremy Jordan gets down on his hands and knees and dives into a smorgasbord of big juicy manmeat, namely Scott’s, Javier’s and Clint’s huge and tasty pricks. Clint plays with Jeremy ...
Coming Together
2012-12-22 06:46:00
Jack Dillon, Shawn Justin, Sal Antonio and Dillon Reid celebrate their Kumbaya moment locked in each other’s warm embrace. Their circle of intimacy becomes a four-man buffet of non-stop sucking and fucking that has them all feeling the love.
Desert Hart
2012-12-15 06:46:00
Colby Taylor likes it early in the day and he welcomes Shane Lancourt for a morning workout. The two men feed on each other, running their hands and mouths over each other’s bodies. They take turns sucking cocks and nipples, jamming their tongues inside each other’s cracks…working themselves into a frenzy. Shane rides Colby’s stiff ...
Up For Grabs
2012-12-08 06:45:00
Colby Taylor and Nicholas Clay both stick their big dicks down Rick Matthews’s throat while they kiss and lick each other. Then Colby and Rick lick and suck on Nicholas’s tool, until Colby and Nicholas pin Rick to the futon. Colby fucks him deep in his ass, while Nicholas ferociously fucks Rick’s face. Nicholas then ...
Down On Me
2012-12-01 06:44:00
Ricky Price runs back to his room to tell Tommy Hart that Matt Bradshaw’s staying in the same resort. Seeing how turned on Ricky is, Tommy whips out his prick and starts fucking Ricky’s throat. Ricky lays back on the hearth, ankles in the air, as Tommy fingers and tongues his hungry fuck hole. They ...
The Chosen
2012-11-24 06:44:00
Jeff Palmer exerts his dominance over cock pig Christopher Scott, one of the most talented bottoms in the business. After face fucking Scott, Palmer plugs his ass with butt plugs and his cock, with a dildo/cock double penetration spreading Scott’s hole even wider.
2012-11-17 06:42:00
Proving he can deliver the goods, paperboy Zach Richards humps Colby Taylor while getting his asshole fingered. Zack peels Colby’s jeans off, pulls the massive cock out and sucks it down his throat. He then pays homage to Colby’s ass, eating it out. Zach then climbs aboard Colby’s face and gets reamed, his hole twitching ...
The Other Side Of Aspen III: Snowbound
2012-06-09 06:26:00
Andrew Cole and Ray Butler decide to snoop through buddy Cliff Parker’s bag, and find a surprise: sex toys. Parker walks in on them, then manhandles Butler with his cock and toys–including an electric butt plug which makes Ray fuck himself.
High Tide
2012-06-02 06:14:00
Hiking through a tropical forest, Matthew Anders happens upon two other travelers-Michel Lucas and Colby Taylor. The two stunning young men are out enjoying the sights and each other…asking Matthew to snap their photograph amidst the natural splendor of a tropical forest. As soon as Matthew leaves, the couple decides to enjoy their own respective ...
Flashpoint: Hot As Hell
2012-05-26 06:23:00
Inside a truckstop restroom truckers Luc Russell, Kurt Thompson & Bruce Mathews are hanging out. Hal Rockland walks to a urinal and pulls out his mammoth cock. Another trucker watches him, stroking his own dick. He gets down and takes Hal’s cock in his mouth and sucks it long and hard. Another couple truckers come ...
High Tide
2012-05-19 06:13:00
Hiking through a tropical forest, Matthew Anders happens upon two other travelers-Michel Lucas and Colby Taylor. The two stunning young men are out enjoying the sights and each other…asking Matthew to snap their photograph amidst the natural splendor of a tropical forest. As soon as Matthew leaves, the couple decides to enjoy their own respective ...
Flashpoint: Hot As Hell
2012-05-12 06:21:00
Scott Baldwin and Hal Rockland get into a scuffle with some local rednecks. Rob Costa thrusts Hal down on his knees and makes Hal suck his cock. Meanwhile, Joe Spears drags Scott out back and has his way with him. First Joe makes Scott suck his cock, then he plays with Scott’s ass before forcing ...
California Kings
2012-05-05 06:19:00
Buds Jeremy Penn, Dale Rhodes and Dean Edwards pick up the mattress and head outdoors for some fun out in the open-and in the back of their pick-up truck. Penn gets inside both holes as all three bodies soak up the sun.
High Tide
2012-04-28 06:12:00
Stumbling out of a club, Matthew is overcome by three thugs-Mike Branson, Brian Cruise, and Sebastian Cruz-determined to teach him a lesson. The brutal trio takes turns stuffing their thick cocks into Matthew’s mouth, then decides to spirit him away to a remote location. Stuffing Matthew into the trunk of their car, they speed off. ...
High Tide
2012-04-14 06:14:00
Matthew is devoting his attention to Jeremy’s firm round ass…spreading his cheeks and probing Jeremy’s hole with an insistent tongue…transporting Jeremy into a highly charged erotic state. The two relocate to an igneous outcropping and Jeremy slides his aching cock deep into Matthew’s hole. Jeremy forcefully and rhythmically fucks Matthew until the delectable ache of ...
California Kings
2012-04-07 06:25:00
When Tom Chase calls for a delivery, he gets an earful from Marc Stewart, who whips out his enormous dick and starts stroking as he teases his customer. The bulging vein on this huge shaft gets things off to a memorable start, as a massive load flies onto Stewart’s stomach.
Flashpoint: Hot As Hell
2012-03-31 06:21:00
‘Cards aren’t what I had in mind,’ says hitchhiker Brad Hunt smiling suggestively at Scott Baldwin. Brad pulls Scott’s head towards it. Horny for cock, Scott swallows all nine inches and gets face-fucked. Brad flips him over the backseat and shoves his thick cock into Scott’s ass and begins pumping without mercy. He arches his ...
California Kings
2012-03-24 00:06:00
Brian Daniels opens up his garage for a special delivery from Allen Ames and Troy Rider, who want to test out the mattress. What follows is an intense ride highlighted by Rider opening up his hole for a memorable double penetration.
High Tide
2012-03-17 05:12:00
Back at the house, Matthew Anders meets Jeremy’s buddies lounging poolside-Jake Andrews, Christopher Scott, Travis Wade, Kristian Brooks, Rod Barry, Anthony Shaw, and Kyle Becker-enjoying the sun. Christopher Scott takes on Jake Andrews and Kyle Becker; Kristian tangles with Travis, while Anthony devotes himself to servicing Rod Barry’s stiff prick. The scene becomes a frenzied ...
French Connections, Part 2: Conquest
2012-03-10 02:29:00
Stranded in the French countryside, Brennan Foster catches a ride with Drew Damon, who takes him home. Brennan finds more than comfort with his new friend and the two begin a rhapsodic episode. Brennan treats Drew to his expert cocksucking, running his tongue and mouth up and down Drew’s engorged cock, then lays back, offering ...
French Connections, Part 2: Conquest
2012-03-03 02:27:00
In the shadows of a sultry and steaming sex club, Luc Herault encounters Luc Jarrett. Soon the two eager studs are busying themselves sucking and rimming…enjoying every inch of their huge cocks. When they’re both good and ready, Luc Jarrett slides his cock into his chum’s ass and begins to pump away. The intensity increases ...
The Other Side Of Aspen IV: The Rescue
2012-02-25 02:12:00
Bryce Colby and John Ferage take dildos, fists, apples and a fire-extinguisher from Andrew Cole in this sizzling scene of jockstraps, leather, and extreme ass-play.
The Other Side Of Aspen IV: The Rescue
2012-02-18 02:10:00
Max Grand, in one of his earliest roles, shows his deep throating skills as he works on the huge slab of Kevin Dean. The two are soon spotted by Trent Reed, who joins in and takes charge. Grand gets filled from both ends, his muffled moans filling the scene.
French Connections, Part 2: Conquest
2012-02-11 02:25:00
In the darkly-lit passageways and recessed rooms of a sex club, Brennan foster spies leather-clad Jens Hammer and Guy Philippe enjoying each other’s tight forms. The two studs work their cocks, then Jens gives Guy a good sucking…getting his cock nice and hard for the ass-pounding to follow. Guy gives it to Jens good and ...
The Other Side Of Aspen IV: The Rescue
2012-02-04 02:07:00
Ski instructor Johnny Hanson heads up the slopes in a ski car lift, and soon finds his juicy cock getting slurped by handsome Jeff Michaels. A hot wad gets planted on Michaels’ face in this oral appetizer.
French Connections, Part 2: Conquest
2012-01-28 02:21:00
Addison Scott, Jared Wright, Wolff, and Ross Vincent take turns playing with sling-bound Christopher scott. They open him wide with their cocks then slide their fingers and finally their fists into his hole. As the heat intensifies, Christopher leaves the sling to a masked mystery man, who accommodates the fingers fists and arms of these ...
The Other Side Of Aspen IV: The Rescue
2012-01-21 01:56:00
It’s off to the races as 13 studs give yet another orgy for the record books. From the huge meat of Ken Ryker to the chiseled bodies of Jackson Phillips, Trent Reed, and Steve Marks to all stars like Max Grand, Carl Erik, Cliff Parker, Jake Andrews, Daryl Brock, Steve Alden and Kevin Dean, this ...
The Other Side Of Aspen IV: The Rescue
2012-01-15 01:46:00
Johnny Hanson comes home to find a resting Chad Knight and apologizes for treating him badly. The two kiss and make up, with Hanson whispering to his lover as they give one of the most memorable pairings Falcon has produced. Hanson asks Knight to look at him as he sucks, then fucks him to close ...
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