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Czech Hunter 301
2017-05-17 16:04:00
I was chilling out and looking for a nice Czech Hunter 301 catch when I saw this guy. He was easy to spot. A tall and huge boy. And I mean huge! I used my blog about athletes excuse on him and he swallowed the bait easily. He definitely wanted to show off. So I took him to a nearby work out place and paid him to exercise for my amusement. Half-naked, of course. The boy was a bodybuilder hence the view was simply gorgeous. All those pull-ups made me terribly horny. I just didn’t want to make him angry... The post Czech Hunter 301 appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Debt Dandy 191
2017-05-15 23:14:00
When I have meetings with my clients Debt Dandy 191, I usually try to leave their girlfriends out of it. This episode is a prime example why. The young couple called me to solve their financial problem. They were supposed to go on holidays very soon but the boy spent most of their money. They needed 25 000 very quickly. The girl was extremely upset about the whole situation while he was trying to look cool and relaxed. They argued a lot, not making my work any easier. I had to get rid off her so I simply told them... The post Debt Dandy 191 appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Dirty Scout 82
2017-05-15 22:47:00
I had two visitors today Dirty Scout 82. They both came to Prague from a small town in the east. It seems that all boys with huge cocks come from the east. The first one was a mobile phone repairman. I couldn’t understand why he was unemployed. I was flooded with job offers like that. So I offered him one. A nicely paid one. He didn’t think twice and undressed to get the contract. He even jerked his cock off for my amusement and he did it for free. What a fool! The second boy came in later today and... The post Dirty Scout 82 appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Gay Teen Dream – Alan Davis & Hunter Graham
2017-05-15 22:32:00
Gay Teen Dream, unassuming and absolutely adorable, Hunter Graham and Alan Davis are in their teen-dream bedroom making out like high schoolers at Lovers Lane! Fresh and new at this, they find their way together with their harder than hard dicks that their boy bodies haven’t even grown into yet! In a hypnotic state of youthful excitement having some fresh cock all to themselves with no parents home, the boys dive in! Naturally curiosity and the need for anal pleasure gets the best of them and when cheeks are spread, an angelic look comes over Hunter’s face and it’s definitely... The post Gay Teen Dream – Alan Davis & Hunter Graham appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Bareback Boys – Alan Davis & Gabe Isaac
2017-05-15 22:23:00
It’s a cool Bareback Boys crisp chilly day in San Diego as Alan Davis happens upon young hottie, Gabe Isaac, in the park. Ever the flirt, Davis invites the kid back to his place where they can warm up…. Which is the understatement of the YEAR, ‘cause boy is packin’ some HEAT! Underneath all those clothes lies a scorchingly HOT, mammoth meat monster! His schlong hangs heavy with engorged thickness and Davis devours every last inch, bracing the base with his hand so nobody gets injured because this thing is a weapon! Davis’s dong gets the star treatment it deserves... The post Bareback Boys – Alan Davis & Gabe Isaac appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Lights! Camera! Cumshot! – Landon Vega & Trevor Harris
2017-05-15 22:14:00
Lovely latin lad Landon Vega and new, hung hottie Trevor Harris get cozy at a Helix photo shoot. The boys make sure the photos are scorching hot, and as they take their time slowly undressing and making out for the camera their big boners start bulging! This is Helix after all so the photos are XXX and hot as fuck; however, the boys are so hypnotized by one another’s dicks they don’t even notice when the photographer slips out of the room! Lucky for us we kept the camera rolling! After some severe schlong sucking the boys spice it up... The post Lights! Camera! Cumshot! – Landon Vega & Trevor Harris appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Introducing pretty blonde boy Robin Moore & Wes Campbell
2017-05-15 22:04:00
Brace yourself for pretty blonde boy overload in this scaldingly hot “get to know you” scene! Wes Campbell probes deep into one of our newest models Robin Moore. They chat about his cumming out experience, his home town and of course, what kind of porn boys he likes! Lucky for us, he likes TWINKS therefore he DEFINITELY came to the right studio! After Robin reveals his ultimate fantasy is to do it outside in public, Wes takes the hint and whisks our boy towards a public outdoor stairwell! Wes waxes Moore’s member right there in public and the excitement factor... The post Introducing pretty blonde boy Robin Moore & Wes Campbell appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Dirty Scout 81
2017-05-11 00:38:00
Since the moment this handsome guy entered the room, my cock Dirty Scout 81 started getting harder and harder. He came to Prague to follow his dream of becoming a branch manager. He was smart enough and had adequate education, he just lacked experience. At that time he worked as a fitness instructor, fitness was his greatest hobby. Judging by his incredible body, he knew what he was doing. That’s why I offered him a fitness coach job at a very prestigious hotel in Prague. He was thrilled. Making huge money out of his hobby? Who wouldn’t be thrilled? The boy... The post Dirty Scout 81 appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
Czech Hunter 300
2017-05-10 15:54:00
This was a very expensive evening but it was well worth it. I met two siblings, boy and girl Czech Hunter 300 arguing where to go out. I invited them for a play and they took me along. How nice. The girl was older than her brother so she was the boss. Actually, I think she fancied me a lot. She kinda tried to flirt with me during the evening, while bringing in more and more booze. She was probably thinking that I would be easier catch then. If only she had known that I was after her little brother all... The post Czech Hunter 300 appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
BlacksOnBoys – Alexander James and Kaiden Moss
2017-05-07 20:41:00
Kaiden Moss is here to make his porn debut. Oh, did we mention that it’s his first time ever with a black guy? Well, here it goes: Kaiden’s extremely nervous in his first ever scene. Can you blame him? It’s his first time fucking under hot lights with a camera pointed right at him. And it’s his first time feeling the power of the black man. Anyways, Alexander James has the enviable task of breaking in the new white guy to the porn game. Kaiden’s lips have a secured seal around Alexander’s massive black dick; so far, so good. Alexander... The post BlacksOnBoys – Alexander James and Kaiden Moss appeared first on Gay Porn Video.
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