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Justin at
2011-12-11 07:17:00
Lost in thought after a long day at his new job, kicks back on the couch and . His sore feet in sure could use a good rubbing. Maybe he'll make himself a little more comfortable by getting out of that stuffy shirt and ?
Cum Guzzlers at
2011-12-04 18:21:00
Take a load off and get ready for o packed into in gay porn! Sperm-cravers get their hungry mouths filled with warm, thick cum and eager bottoms get fucked to creamy explosions. Open up and get ready for massive eruptions and cum guzzling! Get ready for the next wave of the best cum shots Lucas ...
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Lance Bennett and Luke Riley at
2011-12-04 16:26:00
and come together in this fun scene for a hot and lazy summer afternoon. A couple of buddies , playing with each other's dicks and a . Luke's chin stubble drives Lance's WILD as he munches away and after a bit of playful sucking and fucking, the two guys finish back up playing with . ...
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[COAT] Male Body Undress - Extra Legend [CTO374]
2011-12-02 17:50:00
?????????????????????male body undress.???????? 18?32???????? ????????????MANATO?SORA??????????????????18???????? ????????????????????????? ??????4??????????????????5P? ????????????????????????????????2???? ???2??????????????&?????? ??????????????????????????????&???????????????3??????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????SM????????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????3???? ??????????????????????
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Tatum & Dustin at
2011-12-01 17:17:00
offered another great and I am really excited about the new recruit they featured. is a really hot dude and said that as soon as he met Tatum he knew Tatum would most likely be down to play. Dink decided that Tatumís first was as good a time as any to see how far he ...
Carson, Dustin & Zander: Scorching Shower Threeway at
2011-12-01 15:08:00
offered a scorching in the shower featuring Zander, Carson and Dustin. Seems Dustin and Carson always meet up in the shower for fun and this time they've got another hot recruit in tow. Zander has been away for a bit but he's back and . In fact he's so delicious to Carson and Dustin that ...
Micah & Solomon at
2011-11-29 16:10:00
As aggressive/passive as can be, it was tough trying to figure out what his first with a dude would be. I know I didn't have any guys on my team that wanted to get in a smack down in the middle of a sex shoot. thought he could be domineering, and Solomon wasn't too sure ...
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Chris King Thick Fat Cock Twink Smooth Red Head Ginger Finger Fuck Asshole
2011-11-28 18:19:00
has . At and 6.5 inches around his thick pole is big enough for two! He peels off his skinny jeans and shows off his meaty member before pulling up his legs and exposing his . He stretches his ass wide open with two fingers then slowly works himself to the edge of ? holding ...
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Mickey & Ali Returning the Favor at
2011-11-28 17:54:00
This week, we continue the saga of and . This time it was Mikey's turn to '' and show Ali how to suck the cock like a '.' Ali is simply amazed by his , which he admits is 'much better' then his girlfriend. Mikey continues to blow this , and doesn't seem to mind ...
More About: Straight , Boys
Dustin and Kale at
2011-11-27 18:29:00
and are two new recruits whose streaming scene heated up this weekend's update. Things kick off with these two hotties on the bed and Dink gives them his usual round of bullshit, trying to loosen them up and get them at ease. It doesn't take much of that before you realize that these two were ...
Topher DiMaggio and Christopher Daniels Hotel Room Hook Up at TheGayOffice.
2011-11-26 19:16:00
is high powered executive constantly traveling on business trips leaving little time for relationships and even less for . On his way to a meeting Christopher sees walking down the hotel hallway, Topher stunning - perfectly manicured, . A well-dressed man is hard not to notice, seeing Topher DiMaggio armoured up in a business suit ...
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Tyler St. James and Johnny Rapid at
2011-11-26 19:10:00
Newcomers and are sitting on the casting couch waiting for girl to show up so they can double team her on camera. The director eventually tells them both that the girl is a no-show and that they don't have a . The director also tells Johnny and Tyler that if they'd be willing to the ...
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[G@MES] YEAAH ! EARY SPRING (???????????????????????) [GMS304]
2011-11-26 16:31:00
TAIIKUKAI YEAAH! AKISAMU GOU NEW YEAR'S VISIT TO MUSCULAR BODY IN THE EARY SPRING 5 parts of well-built atheletes' honey shootings including with bareback!! ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????
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Max and Bastian at
2011-11-25 18:18:00
In this streaming video duo from , takes MMA 's huge dick in the ass like a champ. The chemistry between these two guys is just unreal. Max looks like he is making out with Bastian's ! He kisses it and caresses it, like a getting taste of a dick for the very first time. ...
Ben Brown & Neil Stevens get messy in 'Paint!' at
2011-11-25 17:33:00
pays a visit to his office to oversee the renovation work only to find the place a complete all over the place. And when he accidentally ends up staining his with paint he is not at all happy and shouts at the , telling him how everything is covered in paint. However clearly has no ...
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Bare Cali Boys - Peter Park & Johnny Carver at
2011-11-24 18:32:00
After watching this scene, you'll ask " met one day on campus and have been fuck buddies ever since and boy do they love to fuck. Bottom boy is in ecstasy when 's cock is running in and out of his hole. These two studs fuck like dogs in heat ? they love it rough. ...
Owen In Kitchen Comes On Sock at
2011-11-24 18:29:00
takes us on a tour of his favorite place to fuck - the kitchen! It's were he gets 'cooking, saucy and hot'! He likes to on the counter! And that is exactly what he does, , rubing out a nice of !
More About: Video
2011-11-24 17:07:00
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