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Hot and Horny
2012-08-24 06:01:00
19 year old Denis Haron comes to us from Prague and is a student at the local University.  Ricardo Tracy is 22 years old and is from Ostrava, also in the Czech Republic.  This couple is Hot and Horny after their walk in the park and head straight up to Ricardo's apartment, where they get right down to business. Ricardo drops to his knees and begins licking and sucking Denis's uncut cock. They move to the couch, where Denis reciprocates with returning some stroking and oral action. Ricardo slips on his condom and with Denis bent over the couch, he inserts his hard uncut cock into Denis, pumping his tool in and out, deeper and deeper, as he gently rubs his back! Ricardo pulls out and Denis on his back squirts his load with some stroking action, as Ricardo stands over Denis and let?s go of his load across Denis?s abs!Get Access To Over 14 More Sites Today! Ricky Miller works out every day. And when you get a look at his amazingly sculpted physique you will agree that not a ...
Fa-sho Flava
2012-08-23 06:43:00
Dejuan and Chase got Shawn all tied up holding' him ransom but Shawn?s boy won't even pay up what they're asking for. Well they gonna get something for their trouble so they get Shawn down on his knees and open his mouth up for some dick. Chase and Dejuan stuff his mouth with their big pipes getting them all wet and hard. Then you know Chase has gotta get some ass too! He opens up Shawn first, drilling that huge dick deep and hard and taken that ass real hard. Dejuan is up next and bends over for Chase to stuff him too. They finish up by busting their nut all over Shawn's face, not getting their money but definitely getting their nut!Sebastian is just in town for one mo day and DeAngelo can?t let him leave without having some fun first. Sebastian finds out just what kind of fun DeAngelo has in mind when he whips out his dick and gets Sebastian slurping all over it. Sebastian is happy to get on all fours after DeAngelo gets his tight ass real wet with his hungry tongue. He?s scre...
Str8 Dicks 4 Gay Eyes
2012-08-22 06:01:00
Check this crazy solo video featuring the horny electrician Black Russian who visited our office regarding an air-conditioning issue. We caught him on video masturbating on the roof, but because of the heat he moved inside pretending of checking the electrical system. The muscular guy found a comfortable vintage couch, erupts a huge cum-shot all over his face and body while watching porno videos on his.If you were thinking what I was thinking and thought, ?I want to see more of this brotha?.  Well you can catch him in a phone sex scene right here on your favorite stimulating blog Gay Porn Zone Blog!Big Dice is getting his go-go dancing on.  He loves to flex his big muscles and shake his big sexy body in front of crowds at hot local night spots and watching them salivate at the site of his big black hard dick swinging in their faces. Watch him as he shows you how to a go-go dancer masturbat...
Pornstar Director's Series - ACE ROCKWOOD
2012-08-21 06:01:00
PAPITHUGZ premieres its PORNSTAR DIRECTOR'S SERIES in high-style! We got superstar ACE ROCKWOOD, that tight-bodied, tatted-up, delicious, thick-dick packing brutha as our first GUEST DIRECTOR. Yeah, Ace is on TOP of his game in front and behind the camera. He got his co-star, LIL PAPI, that dick-loving, sex-machine all hot and bothered from the jump. No games here. Lil Papi was meant to worship dick, deep-throating it or beating up that well-fucked booty-hole, it don't matter. Lil Papi craves dick! With Ace as the DIRECTOR, making his fuck-fantasies real, he made sure Papi got it. Sweet, juicy Latin, boy-pussy, banged out with a fat, Black, dick. Damn, that shit looks good. See for yourself. The premiere of the PAPITHUGZ PORNSTAR DIRECTOR'S SERIES. ACE ROCKWOOD, LIL PAPI, these bruthaz know what they want and give it to you. "Yo, Lil Papi, did Ace taste good?" And, if that wasn't enough, meet Chris Rozay. Luscious Latin Chris makes his PAPITHUGZ debut, afte...
Bottoms UP
2012-08-20 06:59:00
HandyMEN are back in business with a whole new crew for the sequel to our urban classic, Beat It Up! To catch you up, Remy feels the work crew has not done an adequate job and decides that should not get paid. Well, the crew decides they are gonna get paid one way or the others so they decide to take it out in trade!After discovering the more than well-endowed Kris, it was all too tempting not to bring him and his beer-can-thick black cock back for another go. This time it's Darius who's eager to take a seat on his fat cock - barely able to contain the agony he's facing. With Darius only able to take it halfway, Kris bends him over and slams his dick into Darius' hole even farther, as the bottom cries out in pain. Kris unloads cum all over Darius' stomach. Darius takes his turn next, jacking his black rod until dumping creamy warm cum all over himself.5 Porn Sites For The Price Of 1! When this Blatino super star gets his dick hard, no bottom is safe! Phat Daddy's in the house ...
Last Call At The Pound Club
2012-08-19 06:16:00
Where my equal opportunity bruthaz at? I mean the ones who love dick and ass. Brutha Blaque is back slinging that long piece in the DAWGPOUND and he's hooked up with Rio, one of the most sensuous men I've seen in a long time. Rio and Blaque do the Dawgpound Gym Boys proud and lay it down right. From that first kiss (LOVE a brutha who can work some tongue) it was on, and they got the tight bodies and big hard tools to get the job done. Rio is making his verse debut! Partner don't just suck a dick, his full lips worship the muthafucka. Damn, it looked good. But so did Blaque long-stroking all up in that tight booty-hole. He fucked Rio like he needed to be fucked, like he wanted to be fucked. Then the brothaz flipped the script and Rio's thick hard bone was banging out Blaque. Yo, this is the perfect versatile fantasy made real: two muscular, masculine bruthaz who know dick is good and that taking a big dick is always better. It's the DAWGPOUND.See More After The Ju...
Raw Hard and Deep
2012-08-18 06:01:00
Handy MAN is back in business with a whole new crew for the sequel to our urban classic, Beat It Up! The day starts with Remy dreaming about taking his boss Tony Rock?s 13 inches of fat black dick up his ass in every position possible. Meanwhile, Tony is showing the new guy Hotrod the ropes... and the pipe!When Nick Moretti cruises into our sex club he gets more than a mouth and ass-full. After working hot top Derek Hanson's throbbing cock through the glory hole, Nick gets fucked hard and deep. The action is so intense one of our cameramen sneaks into the scene and gets his big cock sucked to completion cream-filling Nick from the front while Derek takes care of the back. Chris Kohl is a lucky bottom pig. He gets to take two of the biggest dicks he has ever seen in one room. First up is Matthew Singer, a cute boy-faced stud with a 10 inch cock. Matthew stretches out Chris' pig hole with deep penetrating thrusts. The cameras are up close, to catch all of the juicy action as Ma...
Shane Diesel Is Working Out
2012-08-17 07:38:00
2012-08-16 07:21:00
Bahiano's face says it all in this new one-on-one video team-up with Antonio Biaggi. We give kudos to any man willing to try and tackle Antonio's mammoth beast, and when it's deep inside his hole, you can tell Bahiano is struggling to contain himself at the feeling of something that huge penetrating his ass. Three guys, three throbbing hard cocks and hungry holes with needy libidos. No other scenario is needed. But why leave it at that when we can give you Jayden Tyler getting double penetrated by Caleb Strong and Sean Zevran. These guys were all ready to go from the moment we started. You can tell by the way they are jerking each other off that they cannot wait to get to the hardcore. Sean and Caleb have a little swordfight, giving Jayden a mouthful but Caleb thought it looked like too much fun so he had to join in. Pretty soon Caleb and Jayden are fighting over who gets to suck the magnificent cock in front of them and Sean was not about to tell either of them to stop. But...
Feel It Deep
2012-08-15 10:04:00
There are times, when learning a new language, it is best to immerse all of yourself completely in the culture. Taste the rhythm of the words, feel the passion behind them, and experience the flow. Especially if there?s a hot guy involved! Tyson Tyler and Enzo Marino are soon distracted from teaching and learning only to discover that they already speak the one language that is most important. The language of hot, man-to-man sex!Rowdy McBeal is finally gonna get to be the top on camera and he wanted desperately to pay back Kamrun and show him how a boy bareback a black ass. But not before he showed Kamrun how to suck cock by ramming it down his throat a few times. He then bent Kamrun over and ripped his underwear so he can see that tight black hole begging to be used. Teasing it with his tongue he then slide his boy cock bareback into that waiting hole and starting using it for his pleasure. Kamrun let him do what he wanted because he knew it was his turn to take it like a man!
Getting Flava Fuck
2012-08-14 07:30:00
Just another day in the hood with Day Day and Dejuan Diamond getting right down to what matters the most, some sucking that mothafuckin dick and fuckin asses till the sun implodes. Dejuan is all over that dick sucking it till it's almost ready to blow, but Day Day wants to eat that ass first, get those cakes ready for some mega slaying. Day Day fucks that fool hard as fuck, getting in that ass all the way and Dejuan loves that dick. Surely better than that other ole dick he used to flirt with! When it's time to nut Day Day cums all over his lips and Dejuan loves that shit licking up all that cum!Kayden and Vito are caught in one passionate make out session, but that isn?t the only thing these two have in mind. They hit the bed in no time and strip off all their clothes, Kayden just can't wait to get his lips on that dick. He sucks that piece till it's hard and ready to fuck his mouth for a minute. Vito then goes right for Kayden's ass slamming his mega fuck pipe right into him ...
Butt Banging
2012-08-13 06:17:00
These Couples know how to keep their sex lives interesting. They have the hottest, spontaneous sex at home, and you get a chance to watch their passionate love-making unfold. Landon Conrad and Trey Turner know the importance of dealing with morning wood in the bedroom. Angelo Marconi and Topher DiMaggio keep it spicy by turning up the heat in the kitchen. Before an evening out on the town, Bryce Star and Boston Miles like steaming up the bathroom with a heated exchange. Micah Brandt and Dylan Roberts take a moment out of their relaxing afternoon to have an energized, hard core session in the living room. Whatever the situation, the connection they share and the attraction they have for each other shows when these Couples let their impulses take over and fuck like they just hooked up for the first time.After teasing you with their smokin' hot action set earlier this month, it's time to see Andre slamming Kaio's ass on video. The boys partake in some awesome foreplay before even ge...
Raw Cock Deep
2012-08-12 06:01:00
Jake Norris, our Hot and Newest Bareback discovery takes on Antonio Biaggi?s Monster 10 x 7 inch uncut tool in what is being described as one of our 10 Best Scenes of the Year!!! The scene opens with Jake sniffing and licking Antonio?s ripe arm pits as he quickly kneels in front of Antonio?s mammoth 10 x 7 uncut cock. Jake licks and sucks his low hanging cum filled knockers as services his fat cock head. The sex steps into high gear when Antonio buries his face deep into Jake?s firm muscle butt. He sniffs and licks his puckering hole all in preparation of raw fucking that he will be giving him. Antonio teases his ass as he slowly inserts his monster cock head into his raw hole with nothing more than his own spit. The action intensifies when Jake opens his hole and let?s Antonio slides his massive uncut tool deep into his bareback hole. Antonio pummels his ass in a variety of positions as his huge low hanging bull balls sway and slap up against his ass. The scene reaches its climax w...
Big Daddy
2012-08-11 11:51:00
12 Inch ThugHanging out in the streets of Miami and found us a thuggish guy. He swore he was packing 12 inches and of course we just had to find out. So my boy proposed to suck his dick. At first this dude was hesitant but then after some persuasion we managed to get him to agree to get his dick sucked. After we took him back to my place where we put that 12 inch Mandingo to work and pound my boys ass till he nutted all over himself.Jocks Bang Each Other OutIn this clip we have two total strangers fucking. They met on the internet and have been chatting for a while but they never took the big leap until today. Of course they were a little apprehensive about the camera being there but their raging testosterone outweighed their fear. So after a little conversation it was back to the hotel for some anal poundage. Did I mention they were both studs? One's built like a linebacker and the other has a body the of an Abercrombie model.Meet Tony and TicoOur first night back to re-connect wi...
Let's Fuck The New Guy
2012-08-10 07:20:00
What happens when PAPITHUGZ puts Arquez, Rico and Nemian (AKA the new guy, making his porn debut) together? Everyone gets fucked, that's what! Starting with Nemian, though new to the game, papa let his dick-loving, freak flag fly. Horny, tight-bodied, handsome with a very fuckable ass, Nemian made sure both his willing holes got plunged. Slinging those thick, hard pieces, Arquez and Rico took turns working that sweet booty-hole. New or not, they fucked that boy good. Too hungry to quit, these bruthaz then got to fucking each other. LOVE THAT. Sucking toes, chewing on dick, eating ass, it's all good at PAPITHUGZ. I know you want a taste.See More Photos After The Jump!Whoa--be careful what you wish for: New star Papo wanted Phat Daddy to fuck him so bad but got more than he bargained for. But Papo soon found out that it hurts so well in this Phat Daddy Double-Header.See More Photos After The Jump!AFTER THE JUMP
Pumping Ass
2012-08-09 10:32:00
Romeo Courtois is a cock and cum hungry whore boy, with a thick uncut dick and an arse that can really take a pounding. Diego?s a horny young middle eastern lad with a sexy body and very thick load to offer.Van Wilder is back on Extra Big Dicks and we have our favorite Puerto Rican Ginger, Steven Ponce, in the house to help handle all things Wilder. Van is lying back on the couch flipping through a porn magazine when Steven comes in and decides to take matters into his own hands. "You won't need this anymore" he says as he takes the magazine out of Van's hands and grabs Van's boner with the other. The rain outside starts to come down just as Steven follows suit opening wide and going down on Van's huge cock. Van grabs Steven's head as he forcefully fucks his throat. He lies back and just watches as his pussy loving pole gets worshipped by Steven who is ablaze slobbering all over that dick unable to get enough of it. Van then gets Steven in the chair before climbing on top of hi...
Jason Brown
2012-08-08 11:49:00
Check out what we have in store for you today...none other than straight, heterosexual male porn star Jason Brown! Jason's been featured on lots of straight sites - Blacks On Blondes, Spring Thomas, The Dick Suckers, Gang Bang Squad - the list goes on and on. And for good reason: Jason's packing almost 11 inches of black heat. When it's fully hard, it's fat, too, and squirts a big load. Jason came by our studios for one of his straight shoots, but it cancelled, and he needed some bread, so he gave us a nice solo stroke session - and nope, he's not gay. NO WAY!And for you bi-sexual lovers or simply just fans of straight porn too, feast your eyes on Jason with some of the industries leading Ladies. This tall slim mocha chocolate of a man, with a nice tight body and ass that sits high on his lower back, watch some of Jason's scene here from Playgirl in a hot sensual solo jacking till he burst a creamy load out of his big dick. Follow by some more hot shoots of him showing off his...
Manny's Flava
2012-08-07 07:58:00
Manny Baby chilling outside the liquor store when Micah is bitching about doing laundry or whatever and how hot it is down here in Miami. So they head back to the air conditioned crib, but Manny Baby wants to keep the hotness going so he pulls down Micah's pants and gets to suck that dick. Soon after he sticks his tongue deep into Micah's fuck hole. Then for good measures he pounds that face before impaling Micah with his big chocolate dick. He fucks that ass good until its Micah's turn to do some of that too and then they flip again till Micah busts all over himself!Meko is trying to hit up Domino for a ride to the club but Domino is already in bed. There's only one way to wake Domino up and that?s by getting his dick hard and having him bust a nut. By the time Domino eats Meko?s ass and gets his legs up in the air he's saying shit like he isn't sure if he can take that entire pipe but he knows if he wants that ride he better. Domino is straight up loving that tight ass and t...
Blazing August Fun
2012-08-06 06:54:00
New cummer Troy came to us just days after turning 18, dying to have his ass fucked hard by monster black cock on camera. Not wanting to disappoint the birthday boy, we set him up with the hot and hung Buster Sly and watched the magic unfold.Ripped Brazilian beauty Alleson gets his thick dick sucked by Ralph Jacson - readying it for the raw pounding it's about to inflict. When he's rock solid, he slides that condom-less cock into Ralph for some side-saddle fucking.Get A 1 Day Trial For $4.95 Today!These two stunning specimens kiss passionately to begin their encounter, their smooth bodies wrapped around each other. After trading blow jobs they partake in some stunning rimming action that'll have you dying to shove your own head in there. They then finish up by blowing their loads over each other.Awesome and Brooklyn head outdoors for a massive, uninhibited suck and fuck fest. They travel through various locales, their only interest being in each other's hot bodies.
Raw and Juicy
2012-08-05 07:30:00
Like the old folks say, ?Don?t let your mouth write a check that your dick can?t cash?or your ass will have to pay up!?  After filming BEAT IT RAW! Phoenix was going in on Remy about taking so many dicks and how he was ready for some of that hole.  Well, he didn?t hit it quickly enough so Remy flipped the switched and mercilessly attacked Phoenix?s hole!  Remy may like a lot of dick?but he still loves him some ass!  (Taken from BEAT IT RAW!)Phoenix ?I sure didn?t expect that.?Remy ?He won?t have shit else to say!?Hung, white stallion Matt Sizemore makes his club debut and does not disappoint! Jay Hernandez initiates him, offering up his juicy Latin ass and gets fucked senseless by Matt's rock hard cock before getting his hole creamed with a thick load.Slutty pig bottom Jayson Park sneaks off into the members only sex room to jerk his cock and play with his hairy hole. Clark Longhammer and his Muscle Daddy Dikk Clark walk in and catch Jayson jacking off...
Français Baise (French Fucking)
2012-08-04 09:09:00
Max the king of XXL cock comes to help trouble shoot a friend's basement storage. And stroke of luck for him, he comes across Jordan who isn?t in lack of ass ... and especially no lack of big black dick. No one has to tell Max to pull out his cock and Jordan shows off his sucking potential of the large caliber. Max?s big uncut 10 inches hits the back of his throat and gets off shooting a huge creamy load on his face. Of course Max will not stop there and he troubleshoots Jordan body, turning him against the wall to make him feel his power. The squeals of pleasure between these two black dudes, you don?t want to miss!The python dick Souann and his 10 inches are back and it's going to "explode"! It happens at abandon basement building, with two hungry mouths and ass.  It will not take too much to satisfy these two with love of big cock. Double sucking Abdel and Greg on Souann?s dick, before they get anal deep and painfully fuck. You'll remember for a long time after sitting on...
2012-08-03 06:01:00
While Sean Cody was filming him, Markus really liked looking at his dick through the camera. ?I never noticed how big my dick actually is,? he laughed. ?It?s kinda big!?I had to agree. ?How big is it???Well, I?ve never measured it myself, but I?ve been told it?s like 8 inches.? ?And what about the girth? have you ever measured that?? He looked all embarrassed. He hadn?t, but I got a feeling he would when he got home!Markus was a lot of fun to spend time with. We had taken him out and he was having a great time taking it all in. ?It?s fun being able to pose and get all this attention,? he said. ?I feel like a real model!? Markus is trying as hard as he can to get into professional baseball. He?s been playing his whole life. ?Hopefully I don?t hit anyone!? he said, right before he threw a super-fast pitch in the park. Markus stroke his thick long dick twice for Sean Cody delivering two nice creamy milky loads.  A must see treat.
Give and Receive
2012-08-02 06:01:00
The simply staggering Ramon Mendez wants to play "who is bigger" with the nipple-pierced Antonio de Capos. It isn't long before Antonio is on his knees sucking Ramon's amazing dick (after each has actually pulled out a measuring tape). Ramon gorges himself on Antonio's curver. Ramon, hair legs and ass looking so sexy, fucks lucky Antonio with the full length of his shaft. A missionary plow shows off Ramon's abs and still Antonio's ability to handle depth.Mondo returns about a month later and he's still hopin' for some "pussy?, but his quickly growing cock belies that notion. I grab onto Mondo's well-muscled thighs as I go down on him, swallowing his crank to the hilt. While I lick and chew on his balls I take out my own hard cock and stroke it (you can see Mondo take a sneak peek at my fat piece as I service him). I take him to the edge several times, then when he can't stand it any longer he blows a huge load on my cock. While I coax out the last of his cum with my mouth, ...
Beautiful Puckered Holes
2012-08-01 06:01:00
Our fiery South American spitfire Valentin Alsina had wanted to nail Marco (the body) Sessions, for a long time. So we couldn?t wait to get them together and stand back. Marco?s beautiful puckered little fuck hole takes a real ramming and Valentin has always had one of the stiffest dicks in the business. Marco pushes back as Valentin thrusts until they?re moving as one, hot sweaty fuck machine. And what better places to shoot a hot wad of cum then all over Marco, watch it as it runs all the down his incredible abs.An exotic, unforgettable mix of African-American and Irish, 19 year old Aaron Armstrong has superstar potential written all over him! Standing just 5'8", toned and tight from working out, and sporting an 8-inch cock, this hottie, who stays rock hard and can cum on command is all things delightful on the front and the back! Those hung guys with no ass, Aaron are not one of them; his golden globes are the things wet dreams are made of! Aaron was St. Louis wand wanted to mak...
Krome Boyz
2012-07-31 06:25:00
Krome Boyz of Krome Productions is one of the industry hottest new fresh black male adult entertainment group companies based out of Buffalo, New York . They are bringing you some of the hottest models nationwide. At Krome Productions they see the need to bring your most lustful fantasies to film. With that being said, their models will satisfy your sexual craving for the urban gentleman, with that matching ?street swagg?. We have allowed our creative juices to flow forcing erotic doors to open, giving you a peek into the lives of the sexiest hood boyz. The Krome Boyz is giving you the keys to come in and make their world yours... A world filled with long full dicks and a juicy fat ass. If you have been on tube sites like XTube, Pornhub and more, you may have ran across some of their video previews like these below.Did your eyes widen like mine? I know, that was a lot of dick.  Wait till you see load that comes from lil sexy SINN big dick!A nice dick and tasty cumshot, I know you sw...
Double Dicking Him
2012-06-23 05:22:00
Bottom boy Patrick O'Connor is the envy of every bottom when he gets his ass abused by four of the hottest and hung studs this club has to offer. One by one Antonio, Luca, Nick and Derrick each take Patrick's hole while he worships their cock. All hell breaks loose when they take turns double dicking him and breeding his selfish hole.While we are in Rio, we hunt down one of our favorite straight Brazilian tops Junior and pair him with another of our favorite bottom boys Riu. Junior eagerly tears Riu apart with his nice uncut cock and creams all over Riu's smooth, awaiting ass.Four black men living on a desert ranch finally have their fill of taunts by the white supremacists living across the street. They grab, tie up and beat the rednecks before locking them up in a chicken coop. The black studs don't stop there. They all piss on the rednecks, kick and punch them until they beg for mercy. They then remove Boy Fillmore from the coop and brutally use him. Boy is forced to service ...
It's All About Ross
2012-06-21 06:01:00
Ross Reed is a virgin.  Well, he was until we shot this video.  A lot of people didn't believe that he was going to give it up for the Randy Blue fans but he was all over it.  Cody Lake came to us on the edge of twinkdom but just being around the hottest gay musclemen of RB has worked it's magic and he's looking hotter than ever.  His lightly furry body is getting more toned, more buff and ready for anything.  He couldn't wait to bust Ross's cherry and give him his first hardcore video ass fucking.  Ross started sucking him off to get him ready and when Cody started sucking his dick he just spun around and started eating his ass.  There has to be a name for this position.  A 59 maybe?  At any rate, Ross started his first butt fucking eagerly and proved that he was a natural bottom.  Before long he was riding Cody like a wild buck and begging for more.  Cody dumped a nice big load all over his smooth chest and the first thin...
Double The Flava
2012-06-20 06:01:00
Meko is trying to hit up Domino for a ride to da club but Domino is already in bed. There's only one way to wake Domino up and that?s by getting his dick hard and having him bust a nut. By the time Domino eats Meko's ass and gets his legs up in the air he's saying shit like he isn't sure if he can take all that pipe but he knows if he wants that ride he better. Domino is straight up loving dat tight ass and there's no way he's letting Meko run from his big dick till he shoots. Get Your 2 Day Trial For $4.95 Today! A flavable blast from the past on Mix It Up Boy is Ken and Rock chilling at some dope ass lil resort in Palm Springs. The two spot one hella sexy guy hanging out at the pool, so they get their asses over there and jam their dicks right down his throat. Ian Cody can take it all though, no matter how ruthless the fuckin he can take it. Ian can even take 2 dicks at the same time, that's right, double penetration and Rock's piece is fat as fuck, but he's taking i...
Good Ass At Home
2012-06-19 07:13:00
In the DAWGPOUND, we know dick is good and brotha BLAQUE is slinging some good dick.  Muscular, sexy, Blaque joins the ranks of DAWGPOUND GYM BOYS who really know how to fuck some ass.  Enter LANCE, a brotha who could teach all ya?ll how to suck a dick, and got a fantastic ass, a juicy ass, a delicious and ready ass is sooo good, Blaque had to get all athletic with it.  ?Come back on that dick,? he said.  And, Lance took that long thick pipe stroke for deep stroke.  HELL YEAH, this is some serious, hot, ass munching, bone slurping, grown folks FUCKING, the way you like it.
Raw and Real
2012-06-17 23:01:00
We love it when the boy next door type comes in and wears a hole out, and so does Tyke!  And it don?t hurt that Chase is longwinded?well, maybe it did hurt Tyke?s hole but he grips the dick like it?s no fucking tomorrow!Chase ?I?m not even close to done.?Tyke ?What you tryin? to do to my hole!? Here are some of your favorite Daddies doing what they do best?bringing the nasty!  Leon Masters and Will Lapis lead the pack in this hardcore sexperience that takes you from the basement to the dungeon?with a pit-stop in the john.  MEAT is about how dudes do it, RAW AND REAL!I was doing my admin duties and approving pictures for the Water Boys site when I noticed a hot muscle fucker had submitted his pictures for approval in San Diego. I also saw the green light next to his profile, which meant he was online, so I chatted him up, learned his name is Milan, and that he was in town for a power lifting competition and some escorting. I asked him if he'd be interested in doi...
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