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Being A Better Wife. Well, Kinda, Sorta
2012-05-09 17:46:00
I’m pretty sure that it’s a fact somewhere that men marry women because their penis told them to do it and women marry men because they think their hot, funny and/or good providers. If that wasn’t a fact before, it is now. The first few weeks or months we are on our best behavior while ...
Too Fat for the Horizontal Bop?
2011-07-05 22:13:00
Recent research out of London has shown that chubby ladies have more trouble finding a sexual partner than chubby men on the prowl. Of course, this same research has also shown that chubby men suffer from a higher rate of erectile dysfunction than their fit male counterparts, but maybe the skinny broad they brought home ...
TT Does Desire Resort
2011-06-16 17:19:00
A resort that welcomes ?lifestylers? and an ?au naturel-optional? atmosphere? This Titillating Thursday focuses on Desire Resort & Spa a super sexy hotel in Mexico?s Riviera Maya. Who needs the hot weather in the Riviera Maya? Desire Resort is steaming up the area big time, just by its mere presence. The ultra-exotic, all-inclusive playground is designed for ...
Animal Instinct: When comments get creepy and when we?re wrong.
2011-06-07 17:43:00
Lana Turner once said, “Gentlemen are patient wolves.” And I really don’t know what the hell she was talking about- or who. But I feel you, Miss Lana. All of us with Facebook profiles and twitter feeds- we feel that anonymous poster’s eyes. His sex-laden lingo, his photo in sunglasses on a yacht. They way ...
Traveling with Toys
2011-06-02 23:35:00
I told this story to a friend and realized, it might be a good idea to warn those who are thinking about traveling with sex toys while on vacation. Here’s my cautionary tale. Learn from my mistakes! On my first trip to one of those “wild and crazy” sexy resorts with an “anything goes” M.O.,  I ...
Locker Room Talk
2011-05-30 05:00:00
              I can remember in high school hearing the stories about how vulgar the boys were in the locker room.  They talked about getting it on with chicks, how they would get to first, second, third and even make a home run with the school bicycle, better known as ...
I sold my bra to a stranger for 20 bucks.
2011-05-26 15:57:00
I read this post this morning and experienced several emotions at once: embarrassment, dismay, shock, anger, and pity. A woman wrote: just this monday on my way home a guy i have never met said he would give me 20 bucks for the bra i had on, heck yea said i its an old bra ...
Body Image: Fighting The Demon Within
2011-05-26 14:47:00
our perception of ourselves is sometimes our own worst enemy
Will Curiousity Kill the Cat?
2011-05-25 23:08:00
After almost two decades of marriage–I finally revealed the truth to my hubby–I’ve always had a thing for girls. Mind you, I’ve spent our relationship being the “Do Right” woman, bringing just enough spice to keep him interested and yet still feeling like something was missing.  But a year ago, I went a little wild.  Memories ...
How to Get a Date on Facebook
2011-05-25 18:12:00
Have you ever heard of someone who just manages to get dates all the time?  I’m not talking about the people who get numerous first dates and no second dates…I am talking about the people who just seem to get dates ALL THE TIME!  In this day and age, it seems harder and harder to ...
3 Things You Do That Drive Him Wild
2011-05-24 02:34:00
  We all wonder what men are thinking?what is going through their minds and what occupies their thoughts.  SEX.  Mostly.  It?s also food.  Mostly, it?s sex.  Men have two moods, hungry or horny my grandmother once told me.  If he isn’t thinking about the actual act of sex, he is thinking about how he?s going ...
MMMMMM?.you smell so good!
2011-05-20 18:42:00
My nose is my strongest erogenous zone!  It turns me on more than anything else.  Scents, smells?they all bring me back to times in my life where things were carefree and so much more relaxed.  Before kids, before full time work, before the stress and worry of being a responsible grown up.  The sense of ...
Date Night
2011-05-19 16:40:00
It's so important to make time for each other...
The Best Places for a Quickie!
2011-05-17 06:17:00
Everyone needs a quickie every once in awhile!
Spring Fever
2011-05-01 05:57:00
The sun is shining.  The birds are chirping.  The weather is getting warmer.  Now is the time to dust off your naughty side and jump into your very own version of Spring Fever.  Winter is a time where we tend to bundle up, eat sinful things and generally hibernate.  Now that it’s spring time again, ...
How to Seduce a Virgo Woman
2011-04-20 22:10:00
&h=200&w=300&zc=1"/>How to woo a Virgo woman
Online Dating
2011-04-20 19:42:00
online dating...some rules to follow if you want to date me.
Five Offbeat Tips For Newly-Single Parents
2011-04-11 21:46:00
Single parents are a tight group. We stick together, watch each other?s backs, and grant special dispensation to each other that we wouldn?t necessarily give to anyone else. We also love to give each other advice so, to that end, I?ve put together a little list of things newly-single moms and dads might want to ...
Caught in the Act
2011-04-08 20:21:00
oops...caught in the act
Titillating Travel: Z Ocean Hotel
2011-04-08 02:13:00
Miami is without a doubt, one of the sexiest cities in the U.S., and the sultry, party -all-the-time vibe in the South Beach area is contagious. Even conservative couples find themselves letting their hair down (and their tops!) while sunning on the beach. Yes, topless bathing is a-ok here, but full-blown nudity is a no-no. ...
Why men are chasers.
2011-04-06 03:58:00
Ladies, men are pigs. True story. I can definitely vouch for us. We are incapable of falling in love “at first sight”. Hell, a lot of us are incapable of falling in love at all. It’s something that takes time. And it’s my opinion that women fall harder and faster than men. Women are attracted to ...
In Through The Out Door
2011-03-28 20:26:00
Doin' the butt...
Titillating Travel: Star Beds in Kenya
2011-03-25 02:05:00
This week we take you on a far-flung, exotic journey to Africa . If you’re thinking about the ultimate romantic getaway, the Star Beds at Kenya’s Loisaba Wilderness resort is it. You’ll travel into Samburu National Park for a fantastic safari filled with elephant, giraffe and lion sightings, and in the late afternoon head to these wooden, four-poster queen-sized platform beds ...
Titillating Travel: Hedonism II
2011-03-17 21:17:00
Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, is an over-the-top playground with a ?no-judgement? atmosphere and all-inclusive price tag. Warning: this place isn?t for the shy. The ?nude? side is about baring it all and relishing the nearly-anything-goes attitude. There is a ?prude? side with a nice beach for those uninterested in showing their bits and bobs, but ...
Frugal Freaks
2011-03-17 17:09:00
Now you can get your freak on...frugally.
Things To Know Before You Blow
2011-03-15 16:04:00
Blow jobs from a guys perspective...
This Is What Happens To Yoga Drop-Outs
2011-03-15 04:41:00
Karma Sutra the arc reviewed by Jen.
Adventures in Positioning: The Arc
2011-03-15 04:38:00
Karma Sutra The Arc, reviewed by Jill
So C?mon?Talk Dirty To Me
2011-03-14 15:17:00
Talking dirty...once you start, you may never stop.
Why we are celebrating Steak and BJ Day and why YOU should too
2011-03-14 04:28:00
yes, there really IS such a thing and YES, you should try it
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