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This blog is written by an insider in the adult industry. Me. It's filled with some of the funniest sex related stuff you'll ever read.
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Tantric Pleasure with Rebecca Lowrie
2012-05-19 00:03:00
Please note: this post contains some spirituality and gets unexpectedly deep in places. I?m still me, I promise. I?m still a drunk, bad taste reprobate. I?m still me: I?m just a better version of me than I was before. In my line of work, I?m frequently offered opportunities to which I have to say ?no? ...
Oh my?
2012-05-12 18:49:00
I am predicting a really very #SinfulSunday this week…  
World Burlesque Games Teaser Pic
2012-05-09 01:31:00
During a quick break from my UK I Scream Van tour, I hooked up with the delectable Annie Player and headed off to the World Burlesque Games. My full write up will follow at some point soon (I have a huge amount of other exciting things to chew through first, so here’s a quick glimpse ...
I Screamed In Newcastle
2012-05-08 16:34:00
Please note, this was written on Saturday in Newcastle, edited on Sunday in Manchester, posted briefly yesterday in Liverpool, then taken down and re-edited today in Warlingham – back home – so apologies for chronological confusion. So a sunny, amazing, hilarious and busy day draws to an end, as I sit here in a hotel ...
I Scream, You Scream
2012-05-05 11:40:00
Summer won?t come easy, so I?m off to grab it firmly by the arse and bring it, kicking, screaming and giggling into the UK. You?re welcome. Today is the first day off the Ann Summers I Scream van tour, in which I will be popping up in towns all over the UK bringing a ray ...
Bathtime ? Sinful Sunday
2012-04-29 22:24:00
After a ridiculously filthy weekend, here’s me trying to wash my sins away and failing. This is a rare candid photo of me.
DARKROOM, In which I get Naked on Camera
2012-04-18 01:44:00
It?s rare that I get to be in front of someone else?s camera, so when I saw the opportunity advertised on Erotic Meet, and Annie Player asked me if I was interested in participating on Holly Revell?s DARKROOM photo shoot, my answer was an unconditional ?yes please?. It proved to be an unforgettable experience. Holly ...
Neon Kiss
2012-04-16 03:12:00
One of my favourite images of recent months, this captures a moment that’s more sinful than it first appears. This is me and the gorgeous Annie Player, sharing a moment before Holly Revell’s DARKROOM photo shoot. My full write up of the shoot is pending but, if you really want,you can see the two finished ...
Write At Home ? The Erotic Writer?s Meet
2012-04-13 19:00:00
The next Writers Meet:   I?m rarely late to a party but I?m often late to talk about, and the Erotic Meet Writer?s Meet is no exception. But, it?s better to review something late than never at all, and the events of last Saturday are still vivid in my mind, so without further delay ...
Naked and Collared
2012-04-09 23:46:00
While I busy myself writing up the events, here’s a shot of me drinking wine, in mid-conversation, just before taking my final shot. More photos and a full write up will follow, but in the meantime, here’s me – naked, collared and having a great time. This was taken by @Capt_Teflon, who I can’t thank ...
Sex Jelly & Vat 69
2011-10-22 18:19:00
Hello Saturday.  
I shrank my top.
2011-10-20 19:09:00
Me and cashmere just don’t get on. Here’s me posing near some promotional material after having shrunk my top.
Topspace 1 ? Only When It?s Dark Enough?
2011-10-10 21:13:00
They say it?s lonely at the top. I?m sure it is, but when it comes to sex I?d disagree; it?s not lonely at the top, but it can be dark. It can be complex, challenging and conflicted.There?s a lot of literature out there about the phenomenon known in BDSM circles as ?subspace?, which is the ...
2011-10-09 04:06:00
Hey look! It’s me! Hello!  
Milk and Blood and Clingfilm
2011-09-27 23:56:00
It?s Friday night, and I?m the official photographer for the latest Erotic Meet, an eclectic collection of erotic creatives that meet in Soho once every few weeks to talk about new projects, current projects, future projects, but mostly sex. This time, I knew something special had been organised, a show, and in my capacity is ...
The Cock-Punch
2011-09-25 22:58:00
There just aren’t enough statues of men in pantaloons punching themselves in the cock.  
Durex? Yahoo!
2011-09-25 17:42:00
I just spotted this on the login page for the Yahoo email account that I don’t really use but still check once in a while, because it’s the first one I used for naughtiness andoccasionally I get an email from an old contact. That’s always fun. But anyway, I wanted to share it because of ...
2011-09-24 17:30:00
I hide behind my camera.
Little Beau Lost
2011-09-23 15:05:00
Lips ajar and breathing low, She sleeps deep with skin aglow, With heaving chest, And rolling breast, The Lion regards his sleeping Beau. His teeth are sharp and eyes aflame, Watching over her tiny frame. The cats approach, And tigers broach, To bite and scratch; her body claim. Their claws are out and sharp as ...
An Open Letter To Men: Foreplay to Coreplay
2011-09-16 13:17:00
Men, We need to up our games, and we need to do it quickly. Before our women realise how crap we are when it comes to foreplay and they all turn to each other for the pleasure that we?re failing to give them. Sure, you might have a twitch in your jeans when you imagine ...
Cheap Sex Toys
2011-04-24 12:52:00
Sex toys are awesome. But awesome is expensive, and if you?re going to buy a Rampant Rabbit (the height of orgasmic awesomeness) it can cost around 35. So what if you buy a sex toys that?s pretending it?s not a sex toy?Well, then, you can save loadsa money. Check this photo. It?s a photo of … Read more
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Video Review of the Ophoria XL V-Ring
2011-04-18 11:37:00
Let?s just get a couple of things clear: although this is the second consecutive review of an Ophoria sex toy, I?m not on Ophoria?s payroll. I will happily and impartially review any toy sent to me ? as long as it?s good enough (or bad enough) to warrant a review. Email Me if you want … Read more
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Top 10 Sexual Fetishes that could KILL YOU
2011-04-12 16:54:00
It?s lunchtime, I haven?t updated my blog in ages and I?m really pressed for time. That can only mean one thing: A NEW TOP 10 LIST! That?s right; when the pressure?s on and you have no inspiration to write anything of worth to anyone, every copywriter and blogger on the planet turns to ?the List,? … Read more
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My Previous Convictions
2011-04-01 14:57:00
My blogging seems to have slowed down a little of late, not because I?ve run out of energy, but because I?ve run out of opinions. I remember having loads of opinions. I used to argue with people in pubs, sometimes with total strangers, because whatever it is they were talking about didn?t perfectly align with … Read more
A Video Review of the Ophoria A Plug
2011-03-29 17:44:00
This is my video review of the Ophoria A Plug, a little butt plug. This was filmed over the weekend and the intention was to put it live on Sunday as just a quick little review. But I got bitten by gastroenteritis, so apologies for the slight delay. == == It’s a great plug, this. … Read more
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Some Naughty Photos
2011-03-20 21:20:00
I haven’t really had time to blog this weekend. As many of you might have read on twitter, @Flirty1980 and I set out for a bike ride on Saturday to collect socks. We needed socks because, between sex sessions, I had ejaculated into so many of our socks that we didn’t know which ones were … Read more
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Black Friday ? A Guide To English For Foreigners
2011-03-18 14:52:00
Hey look, a bandwagon! ?Scuse me while I jump the fuck on it… …right, there we go, I?m on it. I feel a bit bad ripping on Rebecca Black for her silly song Friday – the worst thing to come out of Canada since, oh I dunno, swine flu – not least because she?s too … Read more
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Cross Dressing
2011-03-12 13:31:00
I used my Ann Summers staff discount to buy @Flirty1980 the Elita Bandage Corset. I ended up wearing it myself. And you know what? I love it. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like: And here’s how I looked in it:
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Classix Vibrating Power Pump ? Review
2011-03-11 22:55:00
You?re about to read a review of a penis pump. Yeah that?s right, I stepped the fuck up. There aren?t enough honest reviews of penis pumps out there, so I?ve taken it upon myself to tell you what?s what when it comes to inflating your dick. This includes photos and video. If you know me … Read more
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There?s Nothing Casual About Casual Sex ? Addendum
2011-03-09 14:48:00
There?s Nothing Casual About Sex ? Part 3 was supposed to summarise and crystallise my thoughts on casual sex. I wanted to say that casual sex was never casual; it was often nervous and awkward and uncomfortable. Sometimes it was explosively good, but it was certainly never casual. I wanted it to put the matter … Read more
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