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Crazy phucked up blog and articles about anything and everything. Articles include Vagina a how to guide, Why do we love the drunken girl, Prostitutes and bullets, Scrotum Self Repair and much more.
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Guy Got Some Serious Head!
2015-01-11 03:24:00
To say this guy got some head would be an understatement!
Look Into My Eyes
2015-01-07 19:12:00
Look into my eyes or my open neck. Either way is good...
Fan is turned on, is the penis?
2015-01-06 09:26:00
Scenario. Man, with a penis and a fan. Fan is turned on, is the penis? Watch and see...
Headache Is Worse Today
2014-12-29 07:05:00
Patient to Dr. "My headache is much worse than normal, what could it be?"Dr. to Patient "Take an Advil, you'll be fine"
Car Accident Hell
2014-12-27 04:30:00
No car accident is any fun. But look at the way her head is just ripped off. Ouch!
Dead On The Beach Pointing North
2014-12-24 10:07:00
Dead On The Beach Pointing North, with his penis, not a compass!
Naked & Hot - But No Head
2014-12-23 09:30:00
Naked, Hot, No Head what a bummer and a waste. 
Dec 22 Skank Of The Week #5
2014-12-22 09:30:00
Dec 22 Skank Of The Week. Phucked up hair from the top of her head to her feet.Damn!
Truck Fails to Stop and Causes a Massacre
2014-12-21 10:36:00
Truck just destroys other trucks and various construction equipment as it plows through a construction site in Mexico.Thanks to intelecto for uploading the video.
Everyone Loves a Good Girl Fight
2014-12-19 07:12:00
Everyone Loves a Good Girl Fight right? Especially when they're wearing shorts and a tit comes out.Plus, these girls are pretty brutal. Phucked Up 
Playing the Rock Paper Car Game
2014-12-16 02:00:00
If you're going to throw a rock at a moving car. Don't assume they will be OK with it and drive slow for you.Thanks to intelecto for uploading the video.
Are you pro choice?
2014-12-15 05:38:00
Are you pro choice or pro life?(Uploaded by VanceMison)
Bus Falls Off Cliff - Mass Death
2014-12-11 08:00:00
Thanks to intelecto for uploading the video to ThatsPhucked. Bummer the video ends too soon!
Tip Of The Day - Do Not Stick Head Under Wheel
2014-12-09 17:00:00
This is a good tip. If only this guy had listened...
Crispy Wonton
2014-12-08 09:30:00
Yesterday we served some Crispy Fried RiceToday, enjoy a Crispy Wonton
Ass On A Platter
2014-12-04 07:07:00
Apparently this happened to the brother from yesterday. OK, kidding about that part.What did this poor bastard do to deserve this?
Burn Baby Burn
2014-12-03 02:00:00
Now I am pretty sure they are not helping him. How do I know this?There is a rock in one ladies hand presumably about to be thrown at him. There is a stick in the guys head and wood to keep the fire going.Yeah, that is no accident.
Which End Is Which?
2014-12-01 09:30:00
I at least had to look pretty carefully to determine which end was which.Hint, look for the guts...
Baby Dumped In Trash To Die
2014-11-30 02:21:00
Fuck, get pregnant, dump your baby in the trash.Certainly hope someone fucks up the mother!
Black Friday
2014-11-28 19:18:00
How much would this need to be discounted before you'd buy it?(Click to Zoom, if you dare...)
Attacked By a Tree
2014-11-26 09:30:00
This poor phucker was attacked by a tree.Next time you're roaming the forest for a quickie with your girl, watch out...
Syria ISIS Execution In The Street
2014-11-25 04:00:00
At least he is not a hack job like many of the South American executions. Clean off!
Tried To Run, But Failed
2014-11-24 04:17:00
This poor phucker tried to run from someone with a saw.They lost the race. Remember if you're being chased you only need to run faster than your buddy...
Mr. Phucked Has Been Sick. However I AM BACK!
2014-11-24 04:00:00
Apologies all. I've been rather sick for the last month or so.Thankfully, it was not Ebola!!Anyway, I AM BACK TO GOOD HEALTH and back to posting daily 
Stolen Car Skittle Ride
2014-11-19 07:30:00
If anyone can say WTH so many people are doing on the hood? please tell me!Several of them seem like they attempted to escape but then their injuries got the better of them.Uploaded by intelecto
Selfie Fail
2014-11-14 05:30:00
If you're going to take a sexy selfie with your pants off AND your kid is around. Close the door first!Little less extreme than our previous selfie pic
You Would Not Know Till It Was Too Late
2014-11-12 04:00:00
You Would Not Know Till It Was Too Late? Don't anyone say you'd not hit that if you didn't know.Penis anyone?
Cute Kurdish Fighter Rehana Beheaded By ISIS
2014-11-03 17:00:00
The ISIS claim to have beheaded the sexy Kurdish fighter Rehana. However there are reports that she may have escaped.Certainly my penis hopes this is true. It would be a waste...Of course that does not help whomever that head belonged to!
The Enema Rapist
2014-10-27 07:01:00
Sometimes porn can be more PhuckedUp than you can imagine.I also wonder how these porn producers think up this crap?"Hummm. Lets have a Tranny jerking off in the forest. Then some guy surprise her/him with an Enema.Yeah, that is a great idea, let's do it!"
Head Plant
2014-10-21 19:30:00
The head plant is the classic ThatsPhucked move. This person performs it perfectly....
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