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Crazy phucked up blog and articles about anything and everything. Articles include Vagina a how to guide, Why do we love the drunken girl, Prostitutes and bullets, Scrotum Self Repair and much more.
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Fake Boob Test
2013-12-01 05:00:00
If your girl has size D or bigger and cannot do this, they're fake!
Fake Boob Test
2013-12-01 05:00:00
If your girl has size D or bigger and cannot do this, they're fake!
Thanksgiving Turkey
2013-11-29 05:33:00
Normally this would be ranked under the Skank Of The Week. But let's be festive (BTW, same skank as last week,different angle)
Thanksgiving Turkey
2013-11-29 05:33:00
Normally this would be ranked under the Skank Of The Week. But let's be festive (BTW, same skank as last week,different angle)
Nailing It
2013-11-27 08:40:00
Brings a whole new meaning to the term - Nailing It! Click pic to zoom
Nailing It
2013-11-27 08:40:00
Brings a whole new meaning to the term - Nailing It! Click pic to zoom
Women Sleeps Next To Dead Husband for A YEAR!
2013-11-26 04:00:00
This is either a testament to undying love or just a crazy old woman. You decide... A grieving woman in Belgium was so devastated by her husband’s death that she couldn’t bear to report it to police. Instead she slept next to his corpse for almost a year! The mummified remains of Marcel H, 79, lay undiscovered in a Brussels apartment. The theory is that he died of an asthma attack in around November of last year.  But his crazy beloved 69-year-old wife, who hasn’t been named, continued to sleep next to the remains, despite the smell of rotting flesh. So how bad would this have been? Philippe Boxho, pathologist at the Forensic Center of Liege said: "A body can mummify in a dry, warm environment.  It takes at least a week to reach such a state. In this case the body had rotten in the bed and his internal organs had melted and liquefied.  This liquid would have spread and the bed would have been swarming with insects as the body rotted, this ...
Pubic Love
2013-11-25 06:45:00
Heard of Public Love or PDA?  Here is PDA That's Phucked style. Pubic, Display of Affection. Would anyone go down on these "ladies"?
5 Zetas Beheaded
2013-11-21 18:00:00
Time for more Zetas to lose their heads. First.  I need to send them a better camera. Their video quality sucks. Second. If you have 5 guys, remember 5 machetes! Guy on the far left has to wait his turn.  Now that is phucked up! Here is the translation: Executioner: What’s your name? Zeta: Luis Alberto Lunas Executioner:Luis Alberto Lunas. Who sent you? Zeta: Zeta 40 Executioner: Zeta 40. What’s your name? Zeta: Raúl Herrera Executioner: Raúl Herrera. What’s your name? Zeta: The fat guy from Zeta 40 Executioner: The fat one of Zeta 40. Who sent you? Zeta: My name is Gilberto Román. I came here to blow up pineapples and to kill the passers in Matamoros. Executioner: Kill the passers in Matamoros and blow up pineapples. Who sent you? Zeta: My name is Gregorio López. The last guy says his name even though it isn’t his turn yet, so he gets a handsmack and is told to shut the fuck up Zeta: I’m Arturo Sánchez M...
Skank Of The Week 20th 2013
2013-11-20 09:01:00
That time of the week again already? Yup, skank of the week time. This weeks skank is a free for all. Where is she?  All we know is the street number is 1109...
Should I Or Not...?
2013-11-19 03:00:00
Look at the way that guy is looking at her. What is he thinking? "If I move the bra just a little bit, I can see the whole nipple" "Her bra is almost off anyway, may as well take it off" "Can't wait till I get her back to the morgue"
Cuming Out Her Nose
2013-11-18 05:19:00
I have to say, I cracked up at this one! You've all had that moment when you're drinking coke, then you start laughing and it comes out your nose? Works for cum too...
Stay Puff Corpse With Puffy
2013-11-17 02:39:00
From now on.  Puffy is the name of a stay puff corpse with a boner. Now that is what I call dying happy! Check out other Puffs
Skank Of The Week 13th Nov 2013
2013-11-14 04:45:00
She has tits and a vagina and is ready for action. What are you waiting for? Oh yeah, the Whisky first... Check out previous Skanks Of The Week
I wish my wife would bang me this hard
2013-11-13 08:30:00
You have to wonder about the guy that wrote this.  Does he want his wife to phuck him hard in the ass? After all he was "rear" ended...
Head Run Over Brains Exposed
2013-11-12 03:00:00
Just look at her eye.  Looks like she was taken by surprise!
Guy Nails His Scrotum Into The Ground
2013-11-11 08:19:00
Artist Peter Pavlensky nailed his Scrotum to a nail on the cobblestones of Red Square. In a statement about the artist's action, called "Freeze", it is noted that it can be regarded as a "metaphor of apathy and political indifference and fatalism of the modern Russian society." Pavlensky known for other high-profile protests. May 3rd earlier this year, he went to the building of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg naked and wrapped with barbed wire. Campaign "Carcass" symbolized "man's existence in a repressive legal system, where any movement causes severe reaction of the law, bites into the body of an individual." In July last year Pavlensky held a rally in support of prisoners participating in the Pussy Riot. He sewed his mouth and stood at the Kazan Cathedral with a placard "Free Speech Pussy Riot" Shout out to Branak for submitting to Mr. Phucked Loading the player... jwplayer("divGuyNailsScrotumIntoTh...
Testicular Cancer Mascot In Brazil
2013-11-09 05:50:00
Testicular cancer in Brazil is serious business.  He is known as Mr Balls, or “Senhor Testiculo” He is complete with balls, hair and a pedo like smile.  Posing with girls in school.  Disturbing...
Sir, Could You Please Open Your Trunk?
2013-11-08 02:30:00
Cop: What is that smell? Driver: I just farted, beans I think. Cop: No, smells like rotting flesh Driver: No, pretty sure it is the beans Cop: Sir, Could You Please Open Your Trunk? Driver: Oh Crap...
Skank Of The Week 6th Nov 2013
2013-11-07 02:30:00
This one barely can be classified as a skank, due to the penis. But he/she scares the crap out of me. So here you go! Check out previous Skanks Of The Week
Executions By FSA Rebels in Syria
2013-11-06 08:00:00
These are some videos from Syria of the alleged Syrian FSA rebels killing civilians. The first execution, two guys shoot one guy in the head. In the second execution they try to figure out how many bullets they can fire into one body (Hint, it's a lot) In the third video two guys try to shoot the guy at the same time (badly) As usual some phucked up shit to make you glad you don't live there! Loading the player... jwplayer("divExecutionsByFSARebelsinSyria").setup({ file: "", height: 355, width: 467, title:"Executions By FSA Rebels in Syria", image: "", });
Bike Accident In Asia
2013-11-04 06:10:00
If you've even been to Asia and seen the mopeds everywhere.  You can see how this can happen. Ouch! Click to zoom
Cock Rick ThatsPhucked Style
2013-11-03 06:30:00
I'm sure you'll know what a cock ring is? (Helps you keep an erection longer) This guy?  Taking that shit too far!
Got Any Tape Buddy?
2013-11-02 05:25:00
No really, got any tape? Maybe some super glue? I can fix this!
What a Waste
2013-11-01 03:45:00
Her family will miss her. Her friends will miss her. Her dog will miss her. Many potential penises will miss her. What a waste...
Pregnant Man
2013-10-31 04:15:00
You never thought it would be possible? Well, it is still not.  He is another Dead Puff
Black Girl Sucks Cock Barfs
2013-10-30 07:00:00
This girl really is a trooper.  Dude stuffs his cock in her mouth and off she goes sucking away. All goes well but then his cock hits her gag reflex and she barfs on the floor. Think she gives up now?  Nope!  She tries again, and again, and again.  You get the picture... Loading the player... jwplayer("divBlackGirlSucksCockBarfs").setup({ file: "", height: 355, width: 467, title:"Black Girl Sucks Cock Barfs", image: "", });
Skank Of The Week Oct 28
2013-10-29 01:30:00
Remember to check out our previous Skanks Of The Week.
Dead Body Buffet - To Go
2013-10-25 09:30:00
What do you do when you've eaten all you can at the Dead Body Buffet? You take the rest home of course...
Dead Body Buffet
2013-10-24 06:00:00
Looks like those Zetas are at it again. They didn't want to go for a Prime Rib buffet so they made their own.
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