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How I became a lesbian slut
2017-10-16 17:05:00
Before I started thinking seriously about boys, I had thoughts about other girls. This began in more or less "innocent" ways. Fooling around with girlfriends at parties, if we felt sure no one would discover us. I'm talking about innocent little lesbian kissing dares, touching tongues to see what it feels like, and a  little touching under bras, and sometimes under panties. I dreamed of sucking a woman's nipples and eating  pussy.Many of my female professors ate pussy and licked assWhen I first got to college I learned that a lot of girls, especially Juniors and Seniors, were openly bisexual or lesbian. And I guess because it's considered cool, typically the hottest and most popular girls were into girls. The guys were always way more attracted to girls who were known to be into girls. It was an open secret that many of the female professors seemed to look favorably on girls who like girls". There were always rumors about hot little newbie lesbians suddenly seeing their...
My first lesbian experience
2017-10-16 17:04:00
I am a closet lesbianI am a girl who loves girls but I am a closet lesbian, not letting my friends know what I really am. However, this weekend I was feeling especially horny and really wanted some wet pussy. My girlfriend and I always go out to the dance clubs on Thursday night and we dance and drink the night away and end up at her place. She lives in the city where the action is and I live in the suburbs so I  usually spend the night with her.´╗┐Two lesbians kissing and fondling each otherHook-up with lesbians in your area, maybe on your block for friendship, dating and sex - Click Here I knew my girlfriend was a lesbian because she had made sexual passes at me but never let her know the true me. Anyway after the party  I went back to my girlfriends house to sleep like I do after most party's we go to. We shared her double bed as usual and after a while she asked me why I couldn't sleep. I replied saying I wasn't tired and she leaned in...
Lesbian sex at the lingerie boutique
2017-10-16 17:04:00
 A little warmth welled up between my legs as I felt the wetness in my crotch I went to a lingerie boutique in town to buy some new bras when I approached the door, I noticed the "Appointment Only" sign. The woman inside came to the door and opened it slightly. She was beautiful. Her lips were full and her eyes warm. Although her smile was gentle, her dark eyes had a devious twinkle. She asked me if I'd like to make an appointment. As she spoke I watched her lips move exposing her white teeth. She had a slight accent. I believe it was Eastern European but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.I wondered if  she was lesbian as I wanted my tongue down her throatThere she was again. This time I got a better look. She was a beautiful brunette. She stood about 5'7". She wore a knee length black skirt, black nylons, high heels and a white button down blouse. It was unbuttoned just enough to catch a glimpse of a little cleavage and the black lace bra. There she stood, warm...
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