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Prisoner 9017: Part Two
2013-03-26 23:04:00
Samantha and Ami enlisted the help of the first twenty inmates they released to clear out the bodies in the cafeteria. The frightened cooks cowered in the corner waiting to learn whether they would be killed as well. Ilya sat at a table being fed by Ami a spoonful at a time. Samantha was pleased,
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Prisoner 9017: Part One
2013-03-22 09:02:00
?Sometimes one holds on to reality by a rope, at other times by a thread, and still other times by the shadows of a memory.?   Darkness. Silence. Samantha floated, buoyed in the salt dense water in the isolation chamber. She was beyond feeling now in the heated to body temperature fluid. It was almost
Joe Black and the Seven Ho?s
2013-03-09 23:52:00
Joe ran. The sounds of the horsewomen thundered behind him as he plowed through the undergrowth. They were less than a few minutes behind him and were gaining fast. He slid down an embankment at high speed almost losing his footing multiple times on the way down. The steeper the embankment, the more difficult it
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The Cumming Man
2013-03-04 13:51:00
The year 2054. The male population of the world has been decimated by the last World War. Soldiers as young as 12 were sent into battle ill-equipped and untrained when it became clear that the enemy was winning. In a last ditch effort to defeat the enemy troops, a weapon was deployed that killed every
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Overdue Rendezvous
2013-02-25 11:49:00
1983 – Bonnie held her breath as time stopped momentarily. Chase reached his muscular arms around her and squeezed.  She wanted to be strong, for him.  But, now when the hour had drawn near for his departure, she wasn?t entirely sure if she would have what it takes. The tears came for Bonnie much sooner
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Lucy?s Lips
2013-02-18 23:44:00
I still remember the first time I saw Lucy walk into the room. It was one of those days that blur by with no particular detail that stands out, except this one. Her jet black straight hair flowed over her head perfectly, she didn?t have one hair out of place. With almost ivory white skin,
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Goldie and the Three Polar Bears
2013-02-17 15:03:00
?Its 30 seconds to go and the Hurricanes and Polar Bears are tied 3-3, Bears center Dennis Roberts has the puck and he passes to his brother Sonny, Sonny is in Hurricanes territory and in trouble, here comes Brent Peters to the rescue and he busts through the Hurricanes defense takes the puck from Sonny
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The Shit Done Hit the Fan
2013-02-14 20:57:00
?Tucker, what?s the report?? Wilson asked. Tucker flipped a couple of switches at the console and gazed at the screens glowing before him. He turned to Wilson. ?It looks like this area is clear. Viral levels are just about non-existent, and it looks like we have some signs of life at the far end of
Teacher?s Pet
2013-02-11 21:31:00
Simon slammed his book down on the desk and took his seat in the classroom. It would be his third time sitting in this twelfth grade classroom, this damned portable building that creaked with every step on the floor, he was the only 19 year old senior at Lycos High School. The damned testing got
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Bite Me
2013-02-09 17:12:00
Drake stood behind her placing two hands on her shoulder, she shrugged and tilted her head to the side, he pulled the blonde teen close and opened his mouth wide revealing two pointed fangs. He leaned slowly in, his lips curled back in an animalistic snarl as his lips grazed her tanned neck he inhaled
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Big Girls Rock
2013-02-05 11:14:00
Cassie Miller closed her eyes and raised the drumstick in the air. She shut out the noise of the day, the giggles, the pointing, the pained stares and she waited for the music to course through her. When it came she brought the stick home and pounded out her pain on the drums. Her arms
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2013-01-31 20:15:00
Cindy tore open the bright blue envelope in disgust. The second notice for her power bill had been waiting for her when she got back from the last grocery shopping trip she would be able to take for quite some time.  It had been six months since her last pay check, the day the boss
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Bound and Determined
2013-01-29 21:50:00
Jeri walked by the bright green door for the seventh or eighth time this week alone. She didn?t understand how the door came to be there as she had walked by the same spot each day every day for the last two years and had never noticed it. Then, one day, there it was. She
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The Seduction of Steven
2013-01-28 12:07:00
He stood before me, broad shouldered, clean cut and with just enough of a hint of Drakkar Noir that made the impulse to grasp his face and pull him close for a kiss surged inside me. I raised my hand to his chest and smoothed his dress shirt. His firmness beneath the expensive polyester seemed
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