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The Unconscious Adventures of Atypical Tom

The Unconscious Adventures of Atypical Tom
This blog follows the conscious and unconscious adventures of one atypical teen named Tom, who struggles with the real and unreal, primarily when it comes to sex.


Chapter 1: Mrs. Meacham
2010-12-30 00:52:00
One night, I was walking along the sidewalk, practically in a trance, as I submerged myself in the dreamy sounds of PM Dawn playing on my sister’s new Walkman. Amidst this dream state, I suddenly noticed a flickering orange-ish glow in the corner of my eye. Not sure of the time exactly, I peered over, expecting to find, I don’t know, maybe a late night cookout or bonfire. Instead, I saw a familiar light blue colored, two-story house with flames flowing out one of the upstairs windows. It was my English teacher, Mrs. Meacham’s house, where she lived with her husband and two children. I didn’t know Mrs. Meacham outside of school, but yet I felt like I knew her and her family, given that she talked about them incessantly in class. Us kids didn’t mind when she talked about her family, ‘cause that meant no work for the next twenty minutes. Or how ever long her latest benign tale about going to the Shop N Go or McKinley Park was gonna last. Anyway, when I saw Mrs. Meacham’s ...
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