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The Erotic Blog of N'jaila Rhee, Blasian exotic entertainer. Reviews of the hottest adult toys, Original Erotica , Humor as well as interviews with the industries hottest adult stars. All from the mind of adult entertainer N'jaila Rhee.
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N’jaila’s Mailbag: Do Women Matter in Porn?
2014-01-07 17:59:00
Many moons ago I got an interesting Ask in my tumblr. While this submission wasn’t actually a question so much as a person trying to BLOW MY MIND with their amazing logic. I thought I should share it. “The porn … Continue reading →
Beyoncé Cums Fancy, as Expected.
2013-12-31 09:43:00
Folks are clutching their pearls after married adult Beyoncé allegedly spent over $6,000 USD on Boxing Day at sex shop Babeland New York.  Let me tell you, its REALLY easy to drop term bill or two there. Personally I love Babeland, they’re … Continue reading →
Go Fuck Yourself 2013.
2013-12-29 21:46:00
2013 was a bag dicks. If 2013 was a frail old man I would gently push him so he would fall down, while he was on the ground I would glare at him as a poked him with a blunt … Continue reading →
TWIB After Dark returns!
2013-10-10 22:54:00
We are back!! We come with a special gift. We are giving away a WeVibe Thrill!! Tweet about follow and most importantly listen to enter and win! You can enter everyday until the giveaway ends. The more entries the better your … Continue reading →
N’jaila on TBGWT Podcasts
2013-08-21 23:34:00
I was a guest on the always hilarious The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast, hosted by Rod and Karen.  I had such a fun time talking about dongs, packing cocks and sitting at the dojo of the net troll master. … Continue reading →
A Sad Day for My Vagina
2013-08-14 19:33:00
Twitter is where your childhood and celebrity crushes go to die, resurrect like Romero zombie and bite you right in the feels.  When Kal Penn came out as a supporter of NYC’s Stop and Frisk and the racist ideology behind … Continue reading →
Toy Review: Rock Chick
2013-07-27 00:03:00
I’ve tried a lot of different pleasure objects and I always wanted  to try hands-free vibrators.  There’s a certain appeal to being able to orgasm without all that carpal tunnel fears f’n up your steeze. So the Rock Chick by Rocks-off seems to be … Continue reading →
I’m Speaking at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit!
2013-07-24 21:09:00
I should have posted about this a million years ago but yes, I’m speaking at the Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC.  I will be on the Where Sex Meets “Isms”: From Shame to Self-Expression panel with some very … Continue reading →
Blogger Came for our Wallets, Tumblr Comes for Our Voices
2013-07-19 18:39:00
Go to the search/ track bar, type in “Sex Positive”, recoil in horror as you realize that Tumblr has decided that Sex Positivity needs to be censored.  A system that hides discussions about sex being innately neither good or bad … Continue reading →
Attention Adult Bloggers On Blogger You Must Take Down Ads
2013-06-27 05:12:00
Earlier this afternoon I received a message from google like many adult bloggers that use and once used the platform. Good is updating it TOS and has decided that is will not host blogs with adult ads.  I can’t say that I’m too … Continue reading →
NSA Whistleblower’s Girlfriend NOT Stripping is News?
2013-06-12 23:40:00
  This is a serious article of journalism from  This is the world we live in. There’s a bit to unpack in this tuft of fluff. Written by Susan Elizabeth Shephard  who is described as a “writer in Austin, TX, … Continue reading →
Yellowface and Asian America’s Porn Problem
2013-02-05 21:57:00
Yellow Face isn’t okay, not on stage, not on Halloween and not in film – and yes that includes porn.  So if you are going to have any hand in creating  a porn “parody” of smash hit show that has a fan … Continue reading →
Announcing the 40 Pounds of Sex GiveAway!
2012-06-21 17:59:00
Because everyone has been so amazing with my recovery I wanted to give something back. I’m happy to annouce that is teaming up with UK’s premier erotic online retailer to give my readers a lovely treat. 40 pounds … Continue reading →
I?m still here
2012-06-15 05:56:00
As some of you noticed posts were slow the last two months. I doapologize, I fell ill and then got a little more, and a more still. Things were looking a bit bleak,luckilyfor me I’m no longer a freelancer with … Continue reading →
Toy Review: Wild Orgasm Pierced Flicker 2
2012-05-25 21:11:00
This month’s toy is the Wild Orgasm Pierced Flicker 2, its an update of the more basic Wild Orgams Wild Orchid Vibe. This is notCharlotte’srabbit, this is the rabbit that bend you over the sink in the dingy bathroom in … Continue reading →
Toy Review: Flexi Risque Ripple
2012-04-25 17:03:00
It felt like it was fated to be when I got my test toy this month. You might remember that I gave up anal for Lent, while it was half in jest I kept my promise. It was a bit … Continue reading →
Sybarite Awards Takes Webster Hall By the Balls, and it likes it!
2012-04-16 04:51:00
April 14- New York City-Its time again to recognize the best and most erotic in the fetish and adult swing community and Ms Lola Bastinado of and mastermind of the Sybarite Awards did not disappoint. The show highlighted the … Continue reading →
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N?jaila Rhee?s Free Dirty Sex Show!
2012-04-01 17:45:00
In celebration of getting my Star Wars Kinect xbox360 bundle I’ll be doing a came marathon! To show my thanks to all those who supported me I’m going to have a special stream of the show LIVE! Right now. Just … Continue reading →
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Toy Review: 10 Function Risque ?G?
2012-03-26 02:33:00
This is a review of the 10 Function Risque ?G? by California Exotics. I?m always looking for that G spot toy that is going to buzz me to glory, I?m going to say this upfront. The Risque ?G? is not … Continue reading →
Tickle My Tush: Mild to Wild Anal Play Adventures for Everybooty
2012-03-18 23:41:00
I gave up three things for lent this year. Usually I do this so I can have one thing that actually went without for 40 days if I fail on the other two. This year I went for a challenge. … Continue reading →
Toy Review: Chic Hide-a-Vibe
2012-02-26 02:50:00
Today?s review Chic Hide-A-Vibe , it?s very basic vibrator that is designed to be able to be hidden in plain sight. This toy promises to blend into your vanity or desk or wherever you might keep your toiletries. This toy … Continue reading →
Get Your Politics off My Tits and Outta My Vag!
2012-02-03 17:45:00
Wednesday marked the start of Black History Month. This is the one month that is set aside to uplift Americans who are part of the African Diaspora. Americans that disproportionately lack comprehensive health care and as a result are more … Continue reading →
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Toy Review: Pink Inspire with attachments
2012-01-26 01:49:00
I have to admit I wasn?t expecting much from the Pink Inspire its just so dang tiny. The massager itself is only 7 inches long and a slim 1 inches wide, the double prong attachment adds 2 … Continue reading →
I?m in The Pleasurists!
2012-01-12 18:10:00
I submitted my Review of the Lia 1 and it was accepted check out this issue.   Photo courtesy of Blacksilk*Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven … Continue reading →
Letting a Whore Have Her Say
2012-01-08 21:59:00
A close friend of mine linked me to a character study that appeared on the , profiling a 52 year old sex worker in Hunts Point New York. The short profile story and video (after the jump),in myopinion, … Continue reading →
It?s My 2nd Blogaversary!
2012-01-05 05:59:00 is 2 Today!! It’s been a hell of a year. Sometimes it feels completely unreal how this year has been, it was like my life was a Korean drama, only with a lot more esteemed authors, facials and porn … Continue reading →
Sinnamon Love Celebrates Her Birthday With Happy Endings AND MY CAMERA IS R
2012-01-03 19:54:00
Porn legend Sinnamon Love celebrated her 38th birthday – yes you read that correctly 38th birthday – on Dec 30th. I was delighted to be invited to cover the event and Sinnamon Love showed up more bubbly and adorable than … Continue reading →
More About: Porn
2011-12-28 20:29:00
This is big you guys! Earlier this month John and I had a special guest on the podcast, for those of you that missed the live broadcast of The Alter Negro Sho’s interview with the very interesting Kimi Kang of … Continue reading →
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Toy Review: Lia Teaser 1
2011-12-25 19:38:00
The Lia Teaser 1 is part of a trio of vibrators each one has its one specialized function. The 1 and 2 are g-spot stimulators and the Lia Twin Teaser is a sleek sculpted take on the rabbit. The Lia … Continue reading →
Happy Birthday to ME!
2011-12-19 17:33:00
Today is my birthday. Its been quite the year for me a lot of change , adjustment , recovery , and growth. I’mtrulythankful to be here another year. What would make me happiest on my birthday is if instead … Continue reading →
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