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Active community with a healthy dose of trolls. 1000s of nonude preteen model sets, jb candids, and 18+ grannies all on
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2018-03-19 06:10:00
>>27832 It's indeed having problems. xeupload is with server problems
2018-03-19 03:44:00
>>28519 'I can't be the only one here who notices EVERY model has a scar on their shoulder......what looks like someone 'branded' them with the end of a lit cigarette'. Are you fucking serious? Ever hear of vaccination? Fuck, I have one on my butt that looks like someone put a cigar out there. I am 58 and have older siblings that have the same scar on their upper arm. You're a dotty MF.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
>>28500 I had the same gauntlet of bullshit Sheckel-cliks to run thru just to get to an image to decide if I want the set which will net the OP yet another Sheckel . So as I see it I paid for the image for >>27890 n029 Marina sets 13-16 Here it is . Far as I see anyone can do the same thing
2018-03-19 03:10:00
You mean the round smallpox vaccination scar on left shoulder?
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Here are the last 3 MarvelCharm Rikki sets MarvelCharm - Rikki - Marvel Girl DL: MarvelCharm - Rikki - Rainbow DL: MarvelCharm - Rikki - White Lace DL: Password for all files: VKv77
2018-03-19 03:10:00
>>26732 Tell me, how exactly do you know that any of these models are getting much if any money? How do you know about the environment/conditions they are in? If some of them are legitimately going away from home to get some photos snapped and a paycheck given to their parents, how do you know the parents aren't drug addicts or alcoholics? How do you know most of these models aren't 'owned' by a bunch of men who do god only knows when the cameras aren't out, and just live off a small allowance? I can't be the only one here who notices EVERY model has a scar on their shoulder......what looks like someone 'branded' them with the end of a lit cigarette. Most healthy kids are taken care of by their parents...they don't need jobs. And if parents are relying on their child to bring home the money, shame on them.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
>>26999 Take a look here:
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Here are the last 14 sets that I found for last year screenshot Pass for all = VKv77 Silver-Starlets_Bella - blackdress-1 Silver-Stars Bella-blackshorts-1 Silver-Stars Bella-blackstockings-1 Silver-Stars Bella-blackstockings-2 Silver-Stars Bella-casual-1 Silver-Stars Bella-casual-2 Silver-Stars Bella-CasualFashion-1 Silver-Stars Bella-Cosplay-3 Silver-Stars Bella-denimjeans-1 Silver-Stars Bella-Denimshorts-2 Silver-Stars Bella-fashion-2 Silver-Stars Bella-fashion-3 Silver-Stars Bella-whiteshoe...
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Daaaamn. feeling that warm tingly sensation again.. Adorable level 9000 Thanks so much.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
>>26739 3 and 4 part's site xeupload server is down
2018-03-19 03:10:00
The whole crypto thing os super sketch anyway. Teenmodels does straight CC payments.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Wild-Kitty video 041 Previews: Download: or or Password: VKv77
2018-03-19 03:10:00
nice of you to try to share and all, but the image previews are non functional for me. "One more step!!" captcha systyem times out over and over and before you know it...10 bloody minutes gone by trying to look at a preview (and still failed). Depressing to say the least. Oh well, it's important to make a few cents a day from this stuff no doubt. Hopefully you can afford to move out of your cardboard box soon!
2018-03-19 03:10:00
1-7 Sets or 1-7 Sets Password: Ekaterina Prewiew
2018-03-19 03:10:00
>>28457 >>28458 excellent video! please NINA VIDEO/SETS!!! THANK MEN!!!
2018-03-19 03:10:00
>>28396 coinbase is still accepting credit/debit cards where they can. The most likely reason why they dont accept yours is because your bank stopped supporting coinbase. Especially in the US a lot of banks have stopped supporting transaction to crypto brokers because of chargebacks and morons "investing" until they get broke and dont pay their cc bills.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Even when there is a decent update you have to go through the rigmarole of the crypto hassle.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Furthermore, he needs to quit wasting money on the models who shouldnt really be models. Its obvious which ones are making the cut. Get them in studio and the rest out.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Newstar had it figured out just right. One update per week. It was reliable at least. I'm totally for supporting the site but they have to give you something to support.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Will jumping fucking Jesus. When they wait a month to update a single model it gets a bit boring. Supply vs. demand.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
some sharing actually helps the website. But the mods here need to be smart. Keep it to 2-3 per model. STOP BEING ARBITRARY. IF YOU WANNA HELP FIND US SS'S DAMN EMAIL
2018-03-19 03:10:00
dont post SS sets please, we want them to continue and make new sets
2018-03-19 03:10:00
thankssss please share more Rikki any vids pleassee
2018-03-19 03:10:00
>>28341 is related to the proxy or vpn you are using to access them, skip proxy
2018-03-19 03:10:00
I like sharing as much as the next person, but SS is a young and fledgling model site and their rates are really great. Can we slow down on their material so they will remain reasonable? I don't want to see them go away when they are just starting out. Let's be more supportive of the agecies, thank you.
2018-03-19 03:10:00
Yeah, they only accept Crypto-Currency and only through a ticket by registering with them. I use Coinbase but as of late, Coinbase is no longer accepting credit/debit cards, only my bank account. To my understanding, I assume it's the norm with most coin exchangers and with crypto-currencies being taxed, I assume that's the reason. I could be wrong.
2018-03-11 22:30:00
Wild-Kitty video 038 Previews: Download: or or Password: VKv77
2018-03-11 22:16:00
Two Elfs video - 029 Previews: Download: or or Password: VKv77
2018-03-11 19:52:00
Click on this till Doomsday - Nothing - Nada - Zilch - Zero
2018-03-11 19:52:00
Files from mountfile on better hosts? No way! Would be against the flow... If this place goes the ichan way: Good & easy links will be killed, and the stuff reposted at mount(-of-shit-)file, which really sucks, esp for file >100MB. Mafia-style. On for ichan like that for years. Been not too bad here - while it latested.
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