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AKB48 consists of 4 teams, team A, team K, team B, and team 4.
2012-04-29 21:02:00
AKB48 started 24 members at their beginning in 2005. Currently they have more than 64 schoolgirls.Girls who could pass the 2005’s member-audition were categorized in team A,Next generation of girls passed 2006’s audition was entered in team K...
AKB48 next election will be coming, the world's biggest schoolgirl pop team
2012-04-28 20:35:00
AKB48, Japanese pop schoolgirl’s idol group, will continue to achieve their unique way for deciding core members of next pop single. AKB48, based on Tokyo-Akihabara Theater, has more than 48 members in its unit. Latest units of Japanese pop team to..
AKB48, World's biggest teen schoolgirl pop group appeared in Washington blo
2012-04-27 21:45:00
AKB48, known as the world's biggest teen-pop group , which has more than 48 numbers of cute schoolgirl members, had appeared in Washington in 2012 March for celebrating cherry blossom festival. This group is currently one of the top idol and popular ..
schoolgirl webcam: make me feel good sex from older men than me.
2012-04-14 21:04:00
"i think person who could spend her daily life comfortably  never have been saddled with something extra pressure or stuff...""... i want to become such a person,  who does Not feel constrained to lead her life..."my ideal pl..
Schoolgirl tried to best-perform in cafe-maid part-time job.
2012-04-13 20:39:00
schoolgirl Yuu Asakura: (Yuu Asakura tried to do her part-time job in a cafee-maid.) Her name is Yuu Asakura, got the first prize of Sky Perfect TV adlult 2011 awards.As men knows, her looks is just best lolita, having cute face & sexy slender li..
Real schoolgirl become your babe.
2012-04-08 21:09:00
Real schoolgirl become your babe. Introducing interactive WebCam, peeping or chat easily. There is an option of remote toys usage for girls. To friendly reader From "Only school girl" We have reviewed the accompanying webcam sites of (1)DXLIVE.C..
some schoolgirls in maid should say anywords in "lolita-Tone& teen
2012-04-07 21:08:00
Did you know Maid cafe was born in Tokyo?Akihabara is center of Maid-cafe's trend, there are many many streets of such a unique shop in which you can meet cute schoolgirl with those costume in Japan. Each cafe has policy of how cute-maid behave to cus..
Chat with schoolgirl: i have a lot of super sexy lingerie (laughs), if it i
2012-03-31 20:04:00
Message from this performer:"i have Various costumes, but not wearing a costume or waiting because waiting for you....i have a lot of super sexy lingerie (laughs), if it is possible to request, want to give a pleasing presents for you, Su ~ (* ^. ^ ..
cute college school girl, yuu asakura, is busy for recruting activities.
2012-03-17 20:34:00
schoolgirl rating: A Highest ranked Lolita girl, Yuu Asakura, is pretty schoolgirl. Now she begins her recruitment activities. Yuu Asakura wears recruiting suit. Job meeting or recruting activities of college girl is one of the best situation in which you..
Innocent Yukie Kawamura, real under 18 school girl's bikini and bunney girl
2012-03-16 20:12:00
This movie is one of  high school sexy idole bikini series, her name is Yukina Kawamura. She is a top gravure with too sexy bust-line and juicy bottom shape. Her three size is B87 W59 H87 and 158cm tall, can you believe her busty big melons? Her sle..
half busty high school girl Sarah was born in Brazil. Her cute knit top and
2012-03-11 20:02:00
schoolgirl rating: A Highest ranked Busty girl, Sarah, visited her friend with high school uniform. This girl spoke Japanese, but was born in Brasil. Definitely she was too beautiful half school girl.   " she dreesed for new spring school ..
cute college school girl, Haruki Sato, used to go out with men and got drun
2012-03-10 19:52:00
schoolgirl rating: A Highest ranked Busty girl, Haruki Sato, visited convenience store at deep night. She was known as "college girl with sexy bust-line," so this man tried to invite his short-party where he just wanted her to get drunk at his b..
Super Sensibility Girl being Orgasm : college girl, Marin Oumi's secret.
2012-03-04 19:35:00
schoolgirl rating: A Highest ranked Lolita girl, Marin Oumi, started to take a bath among staff.This college cute girl did Not know what was remote toy, but soon she noticed how to use. "...her sex appeal is too good in spite of her lolita face...&qu..
Yuu Asakura was dating near Tokyo Skytree as a naked slender Venus.
2012-03-03 20:37:00
schoolgirl rating: A Highest ranked Lolita girl, Yuu Asakura, visited Asakusa, which is nearly located to "Tokyo Skytree." As you know Tokyo Sky Tree is the hottest spot in Japan because its height is 634 meter & it is World No,1 record as a..
touching college girl's sheer stockings and lingerie, but she muttered she
2012-02-25 19:42:00
schoolgirl rating: A Lolita face girl, Kimiko Tuji, visited her hometown after finishing her recruitment activity and many interview. Her college life will soon finish.To tell the truth, this college girl was captured previously by the same stuff, whose j..
cute college school girl, Yuu Asakura, with sexy order in front of her frie
2012-02-18 20:19:00
schoolgirl rating: A Highest ranked Lolita girl, Yuu Asakura, visited her college to interview with stuff, but this schoolgirl @gradually noticed why she was interviewed in a strange car.Magic mirrors were equipped with this car, and she should continued ..
cute high teen girl with sexy order in her school infirmary room
2012-02-17 19:50:00
schoolgirl rating: A Everyone has a good memory of school days in their mind deeply, but  this high school girl named Hotaru Yukino presents definitely similar inspiration--what man want to do with schoolgirl or how to play after school.  [cute ..
This beauty and Lolita-type college school girl is Megumi Shino.
2012-02-12 19:02:00
schoolgirl rating: B   This beauty and Lolita-type college  school girl is Megumi Shino. All screen was taken as the latest version of the 2D in a 3D shooting video camera. Continuous gangbang toward her lolita face is too dangerous erotic play...
beauty and obedient college school girl is Ayaka Fujikitai. Her soft and wh
2012-02-11 19:15:00
schoolgirl rating: B   This beauty and obedient college  school girl is Ayaka Fujikitai. Her soft and white bra and skin is so brilliant as if her skin color is similar to snow world. But this movie is very hot because she tried to play witiout ..
College girl Yuu Asakura has many order, both coffee drink serve and sexy o
2012-02-10 20:45:00
schoolgirl rating: A There are a lot of college girl's sexy movies, but this story is best of all. A girl named Yuu Asakura got part time job in a good-mood cafe in the city after her school attendance in the morning. This beauty girl got a million s..
High school girl with good busty line & hot bottom is so nice within cu
2012-02-05 19:36:00
This movie is one of  high school sexy DVD series , presented by famous idole with bikini, her name is Ryou Shihono. She becomes fresh high school girl in this spring, and this is the first time video-shot after school.  Real teen girl appears ..
schoolgirl's activities: due to continuous men's finger motion onto school
2012-02-04 20:00:00
schoolgirl rating: A "...This beauty mature schoolgirl named Erisu was taken into the dark room with unknown men. She expressed at the beginning disgust on her facial expression..." "...but due to continuous men's finger motion onto sch..
High school uniform ideally suits her very nice. i wonder she is best schoo
2012-01-29 20:19:00
schoolgirl rating A: " was my first time to do Fingering Masturbation in front of many staff...""but i will do my best, so please see me and watch my movies..." "...she is really 22 age schoolgirl, and high school uniform ide..
schoolgirl webcam: i am just beginner of chat performer, so i am not sure w
2012-01-29 18:55:00
Message from this performer:" name is Minami♥, i am happy when you decide to talk within my chatting room.♡♡♡♡...i am just beginner of chat performer, so i am not sure what i should do for you. ..♡♡ ..
There are only million seller schoolgirls in this movie..
2012-01-28 19:13:00
schoolgirl rating: A There are a lot of high teen movies, but this series present what is best schoolgirl. Only really high graded actresses appear in this video. These three schoolgirls are all "million seller experienced little girls," so let ..
Cute athletic-circle girl in high school has a healthy and juicy body.
2012-01-06 18:54:00
schoolgirl rating: B Was there cute but too bright character girl in your high school? This story is based on the situation, heroine is very active but too beautiful.Mizuki Iori is getting to become irresistible to accept school-in-sex on the ground or in..
cute and submissive literature-circle club girl turnes to become sexy toy i
2012-01-02 20:02:00
schoolgirl rating: A Was there cute but too quiet character girl in your high school? This story is based on the situation, heroine is very submissive but too beautiful.Yuu Asakura is getting to interested about school-in-sex in the library. As you know, ..
Sexy School teacher goes to house of her student, and she should teach ever
2012-01-01 19:59:00
schoolgirl rating: A On this blogging, I present "school girl" group, almost either high school or college school girls, I notice that there is no school girl teacher.Let me introduce newly added sub-category, "school teacher girl," or..
Miku Airi is busty lolita within high school uniform.
2011-12-31 16:59:00
schoolgirl rating: B   This busty high school girl is Miku Airi. Her soft and beauty bra is so attractive for everyone.This time she wears all the time her favorite school uniform during her sexy play. Lolita girl fun must check her. I think that Mik..
High school girl Yukina has F-cup jyuicy bra within school uniform. Her bus
2011-12-30 19:37:00
schoolgirl rating: A You can see this movie on this page, just click PLAY button.Hey douga is one of the best asian school girl site. This girl is Yukina, having too sexy F-cup bra within cute school girl uniform.Her bust is too big to fit her cute school..
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