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Wanton Lotus Reviews

Wanton Lotus Reviews
Analyzing the best and worst body-friendly products to get off with. Adult product and sex toy reviews by Scarlet Lotus.


Review: Liberator BonBon
2011-05-05 08:57:00
After trying the Liberator Pulse I knew I had to get my hands on more of the toy compatible Liberator Shapes, so the next on my list was BonBon. My biggest hope for BonBon was that I could use it in partner sex. Although the images on the Liberator site don’t show this, it is ...
Porn Review: Tristan Taormino?s Rough Sex 2
2011-04-28 14:53:00
I absolutely loved the first Rough Sex so I had high expectations when I heard the second video in the series was coming out. Luckily Rough Sex 2 did not disappoint in the least. In fact, it was kinkier and sexier than the first one! Just like the original, Rough Sex 2 features performers that ...
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BDSM Review: Kinklab Jawbreaker Gag
2011-04-18 08:07:00
I used to covet jawbreakers when I was a kid. Like a lot of children I was a sugar fiend so I had as much as I could whenever I could. I remember going to a candy shop in Skagway and getting Alaska Jawbreakers (which were larger than the Texas ones, of course) and I ...
Review: LELO Massage Candle ? Black Pepper & Pomegranate
2011-03-28 07:14:00
The last time I reviewed a pomegranate item it was lube and with it I included a picture of a multitude of pomegranate items. Point being: I have a fetish for all things pomegranate. I also have a vast collection of LELO products and have the personal goal of owning one of everything. Naturally when ...
More About: Body
Review: Liberator Pulse
2011-03-23 02:18:00
  When I requested the Pulse I wasn’t sure how it would work for me, and that was part of the fun. Liberator has so many awesome shapes that are easy to tell if they will work for me or not so the prospect of a shape that might not work was highly intriguing. The ...
Vibrator Review: LELO Mia v2.0
2011-03-21 12:37:00
I wrote my original Mia review over two years ago01 and although I have used it many times since then I haven’t picked it up in over a year, probably. It really hasn’t stayed one of my favorite toys and is no longer the only USB-powered vibrator around. I had a serious geekgasm the first ...
Dildo Review: Fun Factory Share XL
2011-02-23 08:49:00
It was not long after I reviewed the Fun Factory Share that Fun Factory released the next in the Share line: the Fun Factory Share XL. When I first laid eyes on it I knew I would have to have it. Now, nearly two years later, I finally get to share01 with you the excellence ...
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Review: Sh! Leather Corset Harness
2011-02-10 19:32:00
There are many types of strap-on harnesses on the market which mostly vary on strap style, material, and cock attachment. The corset-style harness is distinct and characterized by having a wide piece that connects around the waist which laces up the middle and rests right above the ass. Corset harnesses are feminine and the wide ...
Review: Liberator Heart Wedge
2011-01-31 07:07:00
Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a sap and have a serious soft-spot for heart-shaped things. Even three of my eight tattoos are hearts or heart-shaped. So understandably when Liberator first released their Heart Wedge as a limited edition item I fell in love, which is also why I gave one away not too ...
BDSM Review: Sh! Red Rose Flogger
2011-01-21 15:00:00
The Red Rose Cat O Nine Tails Whip is pretty. Unbelievably pretty. And it inspires great jokes. And by “great” I mean terrible. I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about, alluding to roses being a gesture of love and all that. These roses are a gesture of pain. Lovely lovely pain. I already ...
Anal Toy Review: Ophoria Rapture No. 5
2011-01-12 01:29:00
I’ve had the Ophoria Rapture No. 5 for a while now and, honestly, I don’t have a lot to say about it. It’s really a case of form follows function, in a good way. It didn’t “wow” me. It doesn’t have any fancy features that have never been seen before, it doesn’t go above and ...
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Porn Review: Sugar High Glitter City
2011-01-05 06:12:00
“Based on a true fantasy” Sugar High Glitter City is a futuristic land where sugar is outlawed. The film follows “sugar hos” as they go out and fuck for a fix while running into corrupt cops (who they happily fuck) and the Reverend Honey Dew, a reformed sugar ho who is trying to save the ...
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Vibrator Review: LELO Isla
2010-12-29 11:06:00
Oh, LELO, how I love you. I have mooned over every product since I was sent my very first LELO pleasure object. I’ve made it my mission to own every LELO product. I drool every time a new product of theirs comes out, every time I have the pleasure of exploring a new creation of ...
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