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NEW SEX TOY PRODUCT: RO-VAL Gold Necklace Pendant Vibrator
2012-05-24 04:48:00
Introducing an exciting NEW Sex Toy, The RO-VAL Gold Necklace Pendant VibratorRO-VAL Gold Necklace PendantIf you're looking for a new vibe that offers unique luxury and a semi-discreet style, the RO-VAL gold necklace pendant vibrator is sure to please your desires. The Best of Adult Toys online store now offers the RO-VAL gold necklace pendant vibrator --  a powerful, silent and discreet vibe with variable speed and a luxurious faux-gold finish. It will make the perfect addition to your jewellery box or bedside drawer. It's discreet mini size allows you to take your powerful RO-VAL vibe everywhere with you. And yes, it's even waterproof and can be safely used in the shower or bubble bath. Packaged in the luxurious new Rocks-Off hard box packaging, the RO-VAL makes an ideal sexy gift for men and women. Necklace Vibrator Features:Pendant Size: 2" length x 1 1/4" width (55mm length x 16mm width) Battery Type: Requires (2) x LR44 batt...
Introducing the Latest & Greatest; New Sex Toys at Best of Adult Toys.
2011-10-28 08:59:00
Best of Adult Toys is always expanding it's sex toy inventory to offers customers the latest and greatest new sex toys available in US and Canada. We've added some great new products in the past couple of months and we wanted to introduce them to you here first. Over the next week, we will be featuring each one of the products and will include interesting information and juicy details on the best ways to use each of them. All the following sex toys are also currently on sale with limited-time introductory special prices. You'll also receive free bonus gifts with your purchase, and if your order total is $99+ you'll also receive free shipping in the US and Canada. This offer is exclusive to Best of Adult Toys website only!TODAY'S FEATURE NEW SEX TOY: Vibrating Nipple Super Suckers If you're like me, you'd agree there's nothing better than some good nipple action! Nipples of both males and females are one of the human body's most sensitive erogenous zones, and most ...
Canada Post Strike Update
2011-06-28 04:07:00
Canada Post has announced they've initiated the process to resume operations following the passage of back to work legislation (Bill C-6, An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services). In accordance with the Act, employees will begin to report to work for their regularly scheduled shifts on Monday June 27 and on Tuesday June 28.  Read the full update from Canada Post online here:  this recent announcement, Best of Adult Toys is pleased to resume offering Canada Post and USPS as an affordable shipping method for it's customers.  Please visit our website to view our great selection of adult sex toys and vibrators available to order online. We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States and offer FREE SHIPPING for orders $99+
You asked. We answered. "What sex toys for seniors would you recommend?"
2011-01-31 06:19:00
It's a great question... What adult sex toys are most suitable for seniors?  As our bodies age, we naturally have different needs and preferences for sex toys. Factors such as the materials the sex toys are made of that effect comfort, health and safety can be more of a concern; as well as ease of operation and function can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the toys. For example, you may not want the hassle of a sex toy with too many functions, buttons and gadgets or that requires reading an instruction manual to figure out how to turn it on. And, we all know how irritating it can be trying to read the small print in most instructions. You might also not want a toy that requires a lot of maintenance or changing of batteries, in which a rechargeable vibrator or sex toy would be an optimum choice for seniors.The Best of Adult online store has some great recommendations for specific sex toys for seniors that address these conce...
Make Her Heart Thump This Valentine's With A New Jack Rabbit Vibrator!
2011-01-29 01:48:00
Wet Wabbit Rabbit Vibrator $59.95You may be wondering... what's the deal with the Jack Rabbit vibrator? Why so popular? Why best-selling? What's so special about Jack and how did this bunny get such a rampant reputation? Well, ladies and gents, let me explain. Looking back at history, the Jack Rabbit vibrator appeared on the scene relatively recently (a decade or so ago) in response to the growing female demand for more pleasurable, "un-intimidating looking" sex toys. And what could be less intimidating than a cute little bunny! You may have also heard the saying "Making love like bunnies...", perhaps there's a tie in there somewhere too.  The Jack Rabbit vibe also gained additional notoriety after it was the star guest in an episode of HBO's TV series Sex and the City (season 1, episode 9[1]) featuring the Vibratex Rabbit Habit Vibrator (Side Note: The Vibratex Rabbit Habbit has a sleek, new modern look revamped by JimmyJane and...
Best of Adult Toys Store Gives Away $2800.00 to It's Customers!
2011-01-27 04:20:00
Talk about getting more bang for your buck! As an early Valentine's Day gift, our top-rated sex toy store recently gave away over $2800.00 in store credits to it's existing customers.  "At, we like to do more for our customers and provide them with the best service possible.  When shoppers choose to buy sex toys  from our store, it means a lot. We know they have choices out there as there's certainly no lack of adult toy stores and sex toy shops online in Canada and the United States.  We want to creative a positive experience for our customers the first time they shop with us, so they know they can trust shopping with us again in future. We make sure to deliver more than just the product, and aim to give them the best price, service and discreet & fast shipping." says Missy K, store owner."Giving away cash store credits, is just one way we give back and show appreciation to our cus...
January Feature: Sweetheart Wand Glass Sex Toy
2011-01-08 07:57:00
Stop searching for the perfect gift... I've already found it for you.When I first saw it, I knew I wanted it, and it was instantly added to my Valentine's Day wish list. It was erotic, yet romantic and sweet (just like me!) It's the Don Wand Red Sweetheart Glass sex toy. Being in the business of sex toys, I've seen my fair share of glass toys. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, but what makes the Sweetheart wand unique is that it also features a textured design to give additional pleasure. This ultra sweet 'n sexy, glass dildo wand features colorful red hearts and a stand up base for added sexual positions and pleasure!The Red Sweetheart Don Wand Glass sex toy measures approximately 7 “ in length and 1.5” in diameter. Glass sex toys are in their own right, functional works of original art. Each piece is hand blown and heat-pressured shaped glass. Glass adult toys are safer for women as they are made of non toxic glass material and are also phthalate free, (...
We-Vibe II Now Available in New Colours!
2010-12-03 02:33:00
As if the We-Vibe II couldn't get any better... It just did! The We-Vibe vibrator is now available in two funky new colours; teal and ruby pink. Obviously, the ruby colour is going to be a massive hit for Valentines Day, but who wants to wait for Valentines? The We-Vibe makes an excellent suggestive Christmas gift (make that XXXmas gift) for your special someone and comes in packaging that's sized perfectly to be a luxurious stocking stuffer The We-Vibe (if you don't already know) is a top-selling vibrator designed for couples in mind, but is also fantastic for solo play for women and men. Yes, I said men too!If your considering spicing up your holiday season with some sexy adult gifts or sex toys, check out for the ultimate selection of best-selling adult toys and popular gift ideas like the We-Vibe II, Kama Sutra massage products, jack rabbit vibrators, lovers kits, adult board games , glass sex toys and much much more!
NEW Cyberskin Rabbit Vibrator
2010-06-03 07:06:00
To say I'm extremely excited about the new Cyberskin Rabbit Vibrator - The Rabbit Rider, would be the understatement of the year! I thought I'd never find another vibrator that matched my rabbit vibrator. I was even worried about the day it would give it's last thump -- god-forbid that ever happened -- the model was so old they likely had already stopped making the model! Would I ever be able to find another bedside nightstand superstar like Jack again? I decided I would be proactive and take the precautionary measure to see if he was still available to buy online. But, unfortuniately, no... he wasn't. I did however, in my search come across a fabulous new rabbit vibe that, um, well... made me decide to finally ditch my darling Jack (Sorry Jack...) Hello "Rabbit Rider!" The Rabbit Rider Cyberskin Rabbit Vibrator may look like your everyday rabbit vibrator, but it's so much more. Like me and millions of other bunny-luvin' women around the globe, you probably love your rabbit...
NEW Sex Toy That'll Give Him a Screaming O!
2010-03-15 02:02:00
It's not hard to notice when shopping sex toys online that there's noticeably more of a selection available for women than there is for men. Which is why we're extremely pleased to see Screaming O's latest mens sex toy product developed especially for the guys.The "O Man" Screaming O Vibrating Pleasure Ring is designed to provide sensation to all his sensitive pleasure spots. A super stretchy (one size fits all) pleasure ring fits snug yet comfortably around his shaft. A super-powered vibrating stimulator and a testical stimulation "baller" attachment provides undivided attention and sensation to "the boys". A couple of other nice bonus features we all can love... it's Waterproof and includes the batteries! (which are also replaceable.)The Screaming O Man's pleasure ring is sure to keep him screaming all night long ;)Price $25.95 CAD (Aprox. $25.15 USD)Buy Online, click here: O Man Screaming O Vibrating Pleasure Ring
We-Vibe II is Back In Stock!
2010-02-17 10:09:00
If you've been searching everywhere on the internet for an "In Stock" We-Vibe II... look no further! is happy to announce that the New We-Vibe II is available and in stock awaiting your order.Best of Adult Toys is also please to announce we have also introduced a We-Vibe II gift package special, which includes:We-Vibe IIWe-Vibe II AdapterSatin Storage PouchWe-Vibe II Instructions6 Month WarrantySilver Bullet VibratorAnti-bacterial Toy Cleanser Lube SampleFREE Expedited ShippingAll applicable taxes are included in their low limited-time introductory price:Buy the We-Vibe II Gift Package Special $149.95 CAD ($142 USD)orBuy the We-Vibe II online now $129.95 CAD ($124 USD)
Ready for Valentine's Day?
2010-02-12 08:41:00
It's that special time of year again... Valentine's Day! Are you ready for it? Like most holidays, often times Valentine's Day shopping is left to the last minute. A mad dash to your local adult store to pick up some naughty toys and treats, and then to the general store to pick out a card that says just the right thing and a grab for that last box of chocolates right? Or perhaps, this year was different? With the internet only a push button and click away, many love birds are staying home to shop for their Valentine's Day gifts, cards and romantic sex toys online. With a larger selection than any store you could drive to can offer, the internet also provides the convenience of shopping from the comfort and privacy of your own home. No line-ups, no venturing into the mall crowds to unecessarily expose yourself to the H1N1, no parking wars or road rage woes, and best of all, no bumping into your neighbor or co-workers in the local love shop. It seems almost crazy we'd even d...
Top New Sex Toys to Try in 2010
2010-01-03 05:41:00
Every year, the girls and I get together to review & discuss our favorites out of 100's of sex toys to compile our list of "Top New Sex Toys to Try" for the new year. So, without further a due, we bring to you our Top New Sex toys to Try for 2010:1. Venus Butterfly Vibrator - This hands-free, wireless and ultra powerful wonder will have you wishing you hadn't of waited for so long before getting it. You'll enjoy getting the direct clitoral stimulation you need to orgasm with the freedom of being hands-free to enjoy other pleasure zones (yours or his), while he'll also have more of you to enjoy. Our favourite position to use this sex toy: Good ole' Doggie-style. 2. Platinum Collection Rabbit Vibrator - (Silver or Gold Rabbit Vibrator) This wonderfully wascally rabbit makes our top sex toy list for 2010, not only because it's probably the luxuriest and prettiest rabbit vibrator you've ever seen, but also because it's one of the best pleasers on the market. You can't go wr...
Happy New Years from Best of Adult Toys!
2010-01-01 11:04:00
Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best of love, happiness and success in 2010.Warmest regards,Staff & Management at The Best of Adult Toys
Sex Toy Review: SnugglePuss Vibrator
2009-10-24 20:10:00
To be honest, I was really excited to try the Snugglepuss. It looks like no other vibe I've seen... somewhat alien-like yet oddly cute with its ergonomicly-curled shape, nobby and pretty pink exterior. It's so different than any other vibe, it barely looks like a vibrator at all -- Bonus points for this one for the 'Discreet Factor'.The Snugglepuss operates by pulling apart the two sides to start the motor vibrations. I added a little waterbased lubricant (Note: never use a silicone lube on a silicone sex toy) and gently inserted the larger end of the Snugglepuss. Trying to insert a sex toy with the sensations and vibrations already on is a whole new experience for me... it felt great and yes, even a little bit naughty;)Once inside, the Snugglepuss was perfectly resting and sending sensations to my G-spot. The positioning couldn't be any better, fitting in all the right places. The size of sex toy was also perfect, not too big and not too small. The Snugglepuss clitoral stimula...
How To Make Her Orgasm Fast
2009-06-05 08:25:00
Do You Care About Her Pleasure and Want To Make Her Orgasm Fast?Learn EXACTLY how to make a woman orgasm fast. Better than that, tells you how to make her orgasm so intense and pleasurable, that:She'll want to have more sex with you (and only you.) She'll feel more secure, open up and be willing to experiment with you more. She'll eventually be able to have multiple orgasms with you.Discover the orgasm toy that will make her orgasm faster than anything possibly can, or ever possibly could. What is this magical little secret weapon that can give you the extra edge you need to make her come faster and orgasm better than ever before? Read the full article to learn more about it here: How To Make Her Orgasm Fast
Sex Toy Review: Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps
2009-05-26 06:06:00
I wanted to try something new and different; so naturally, I went to my favorite sex toy store I checked out the vibrators section but decided I already had a drawer full of those (yawn)... I wanted something more. Soon enough I spotted something that definitely peeked my interest! "Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps" The first thing I noticed, I have to admit was the color -- a soft sensual lavendar purple (my favorite.) There's something about that color that is just relaxing, which of course we all know in order to have a great orgasm you must first be "relaxed" (perhaps that's why.)It seemed to have everything I was looking for (that I didn't know at first that I was looking for)... Power, self-contained, waterproof, smooth and seamless Rubber-Cote™ for maximum comfort, vibrating, adjustable, multi-purpose (use it on your nipples or your clit), push-button activation... and yes, even the batteries were included! Sold.I ordered my Nipplettes Nipple Clamp...
Best Bullet Vibrator: The Ecstasy Bullet Vibe
2009-04-26 21:43:00
The Ecstasy Bullet Vibrator is now available to buy online at The Best of Adult Toys store. If you're looking for the "best bullet vibrator" or pocket rocket-type vibrator that packs the most power and value for money, look no further! The Ecstasy Bullet Vibrator made by Hott Products is a ultra high quality, ultra powered vibrating bullet that guarantees a good time and multiple orgasms over and over again! Discover for yourself why the best-selling Bullet Vibrator has been an all-time favorite clitoral stimulator for women and couples for years. Great for having fun and foreplay with your lover; or always enjoyed for intense solo play action. Orgasms Galore!Mega-Powered Vibrations Includes Batteries Size: 2" x 3/4" Chome Colours: Silver Bullet Vibrator, Red Bullet Vibrator, Blue Bullet Vibrator, Purple Bullet Vibrator, Pink Bullet Vibrator"If I could only have one sex toy to enjoy for the rest of my life... it would be the Ecstacy Bullet Vibrator." ~ Owner of BestofAdultToys.comC...
"Best Buy Rabbit Vibrator"
2009-04-24 10:33:00
Looking to buy a rabbit vibrator, but not sure which offers the best value for money?Rabbit vibrators have long been famous for being "the best" of all vibrators, offering outstanding functionality, versatility and reliability (in achieveing that infamous "O" for women). With such a massive popularity and loyal following, it's no wonder sex toy manufacturers from around the world have cashed in on the mass breeding of bunny vibrators. There's really only one problem now when it comes to Rabbit Vibrators, and that is, which is the best rabbit vibrator to buy?When buying any type of vibrator, there are many considerations that will affect your buying decision. Some of these considerations to factor are as follows:What type of stimulation are you looking for? Clitoral, G Spot, Anal, Double Penetration, or perhaps even an almighty Triple Fling! (clitoral, vaginal / g spot, & anal)What size turns you on? Small, Average, Large, Extra Large, Monsterous & Alien-like?Do you need so...
Thank Goodness for Glass Sex Toys!
2009-04-19 23:21:00
Glass sex toys are superior in quality, unique and beautifully smooth hand made adult toys that are surprisingly safe, functional, durable, and even more enjoyable than traditional adult toys. Glass sex toys have gained in popularity over the years and are highly recommended by Doctors, proving to be clean, hypoallergenic, non toxic and phthalate free, unlike many of their sex toy counterparts made of various rubber materials which are often poreous and deteriorate over time. Glass sex toys will also not stain or ever smell, and will last virtually forever with proper care. Best of all glass sex toys are the easiest to clean of any sex toys... a little soap & water, rubbing alcohol or your favorite sex toy cleaner will do. Glass sex toys are even safe to wash in the dishwasher! Our favorite brand of glass sex toys is Don Wands. Don Wands glass sex toys are made from high-quality Borosilicate glass (more commonly known as Pyrex) which has been used in the medical and science fiel...
Daily Sex Toy Review: Tantus Silicone Vibrating Cock Rings
2009-04-15 10:44:00
Tantus Silicone Vibrating Cock RingThe Tantus Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring comes with a removable silver bullet vibe and ridged ring design for added her clitoral stimulation. This vibrating cock ring pleases with a powerful buzz and is sure to give endless hours of pleasure for both him and her. Tantus Silicone Cock Rings are known for their outstanding reputation to cause orgasms that last up to 40 seconds! Tantus is a top-quality brand and makes some of the highest quality toys in the industry. Their vibrating cock rings and other adult sex toys (silicone dildos, butt plugs, cock rings) are made of the most reliable health-smart material, and each sex toy is quality inspected. You can feel rest-assured that Tantus sex toys & products are completely non-toxic and safe for your intimate use and personal pleasure. Durable and long lasting, so much so... you'll never need to buy another one.Tantus Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring Features:2 inch (.75 x 2.65) Pleasurable for both him...
How to use the We-Vibe Vibrator
2009-04-04 09:39:00
Are you searching for We Vibe vibrator information, reviews and ideas on how to use the We Vibe? If you're considering purchasing this hot new innovative rechargeable sex toy, I'd first like to say before going into any more detail to, "Yes, do it!" In my own personal experience I can say the We Vibe is a sensational new vibrator that opens the door for you and your partner to try new positions and experience pleasurable sensations together like never before. With a mid-range price tag, the We-Vibe vibrator offers incredible value and is worth every penny!One of the most common first questions I get about the We Vibe is, "How do I use it?" The simplest explanation I can give on how to use it is:1. Charge your We Vibe for 24hrs first! (Make sure the on/off position is at center to charge properly)2. Prepare for using you We-Vibe by first washing it. A little warm soap & water will do, but if you are the sensitive type (or prone to bacterial infections) I'd recommend a good...
Sexual Love Horoscope for April 2009
2009-04-03 09:28:00
Bookmark the Free Sex Horoscope page and check back on the 1st of each month for your Free Monthly Sex Horoscope.Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)April 2009 for Aquarians will be a month of lustful thoughts, self-learning and exploration. You will be feeling a dilemma in love this month that needs to be addressed before it spirals into bigger issues. You are being required to learn a new lesson about trust and intimacy. For you Aquarius, we recommend "Embrace" an adult relationship-enhancing game for couples that can help you open the lines of communication with your partner, and bring a higher-level awareness about where your relationship stands.Pisces (February 19 - March 20)There is a famous sexual quote by Woody Allen which says "I want to tell you a terrific story about oral contraception. I asked this girl to sleep with me and she said 'no.'" This month, is your month to say exactly what's on your mind, even if it is the word "no." You may have been feeling as though you...
New Waterproof Wet Dolphin Vibrator
2009-03-28 07:00:00
A Best-selling New Waterproof Dolphin VibratorThe NEW Blue Wet Dolphin Vibrator Loves to Play & Is Looking for a Friend.Who doesn't love dolphins! They're playful, powerful and incredibly intelligent animals -- All the perfect traits for a vibrator, which is why the name of this vibrator is ever so perfect. Meet the very special, New Waterproof Wet Dolphin Vibrator... You'll love the white pearl bouncy beads that powerfully rotate along with the dual rotating shaft that stimulates the interior walls of the vagina. The frisky raised vibrating dolphin powerfully vibrates, stimulates and plays with your clitoris non-stop until climax. You can count on orgasms with this delightful, reliable vibrator time and time again.The Wet Dolphin vibrator is a branch-style vibe (g spot & clitoral stimulator) and features multi-speed vibrations and convenient push button controls. It's also a Phthalate-Free vibrator (meaning safe & non-toxic) and is completely Waterproof. The dolphin...
Meet Your Tongues's New Best Friend; The Tongue Teaser Oral Sex Vibrator
2009-03-27 07:11:00
Did you know that relative to size, the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue? A true fact, however, just because it's the strongest, doesn't mean it lasts the longest! If your partner outlasts your tongues abilities during oral sex, you may want to consider one of the latest & greatest new vibrators that can help you enjoy oral sex even more, by bringing them to orgasm in the time you both want and with an intensity that's incredibly heightend.Introducing the new Tongue Teaser Oral Sex Vibrator. Learn everything you need to know about this incredible new oral sex vibrator online at the Best of Adult Toys store online. Click here: Tongue Teaser Oral Sex VibratorOther interesting facts about the human tongue:Did you know that 85% of the population can curl their tongue into a tube.Even a smaller percentage can curl their tongue from the underside.The average life of a taste bud is 10 days.
How To Use Anal Beads
2009-03-22 22:33:00
If you've ever wondered about anal beads and how to use them, you've came upon the right blog post! Although anal beads were invented centuries ago in the Orient, they are used commonly today and considered one of the "best anal sex toys" for adults. Used by both males and females, anal beads are designed to give a unique sensation of pleasure as your sphincter muscles open and close around the beads. Anal beads are used to enhance orgasmic pleasure, and when withdrawn at the peak of orgasm you may experience a climactic bliss unlike any other. If you're just discovering the joys of anal play, anal beads are a must-try.So, what exactly are anal beads anyway?Anal beads are a sexual toy (sexual aid) in the form of a string or series of round or rounded-shaped beads (pearls) graduated along a flexible nylon string (also called a “cord” or “stalk”). Some anal beads are evenly sized and spaced apart, while others feature beads that gradually increase in size or shape from one ...
Attitude, Optimism, Positive Thinking
2009-03-15 00:47:00
From time to time we come across things that are just to good not to share. This inspirational quote by Charles Swindol, is just that..."The longer I live, the more I realizethe impact of attitude on life.Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.It is more important that the past, than educationthan money, than circumstances,than failures than successes,than what other people think or say or do:It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill.It will make or break a company... a church... a home.The remarkable thing iswe have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.We cannot change our past...we cannot change the fact that peoplewill act in a certain way.We cannot change the inevitable.The only thing we can dois play on the one string we have,and that is our attitude...I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to meand 90% how I react to it.And so it is with you...we are in charge of our Attitudes."
Sex It Up with Non Piercing Body Jewelry, Nipple & Clit Rings
2009-03-14 05:25:00
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your nipples, belly button or clit pierced? Although both pretty and enticing... just the thought of the pain involved in the process is enough to dissuade many of us ladies from actually doing it.Thanks to sex toy manufacturer California Exotic Novelties, you can now have the ultra sexy look of pierced nipples and a clit adorned with jewels with their Non Piercing Nipple and Clitoral Jewelry.Here's what's available from the Best Adult Toys store ($22.58 USD):Amethyst Beaded Nipple & Clitoral Non Piercing Body JewelrySilver Chrome Beaded Nipple & Clitoral Non Piercing Body JewelryPink Pearlescent Beaded Nipple & Navel RingsIf you like body jewelry...Also take a look at the Body Jewelry Plug (Gemstone Butt Plug) also available on for $70.19 USD
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