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Sassys' Sex Toy Reviews
Review of various sex toys and aides including massagers, rabbits and bullets.
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Blog Tour with Violet Blue - The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys
2013-10-01 11:54:00
I was absolutely thrilled when I was approached by Cleis Press and asked if i'd like to be part of Violet Blue's blog tour. It also gave me the opportunity to review her latest book, The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys.Violet Blue is an award winning sex author and educator who tells it like it is and pulls no punches. Her frank and honest outlook on sex have made her highly respected by men and women alike. She has an unbelievable knowledge about the sex industry and all that goes with it.If you're considering introducing sex toys into your relationship, then this is the book for you! Violet has covered absolutely everything from the basics to the downright extreme and everything inbetween in this book. Just check out these chapter titles .....Chapter 1: Basic Models, and Care and Feeding of your ToysChapter 2: First-Time toys and giftsChapter 3: Come TogetherChapter 4: Kinky Toys for TwoChapter 5: Strap-Ons and Bend Over BoyfriendChapter 6: Teledildonic Toys: Online Sex...
The 100th Sunday Snog!
2013-09-02 13:42:00
On 22nd September Victoria Blisse is celebrating the 100th Sunday Snog at and she's looking for 100 authors to join in with 100 kissing excerpts and a prize giveaway on their blog. It's a huge event hoping to raise some money for Médecins Sans Frontières (doctors without borders) and the brilliant work they do. Lets kiss it better for those in need. Please note a kiss from any book of any heat level of any pairing is welcome at the Sunday Snog. It doesn't even have to be a kiss on the lips, feel free to use your imagination!For more info check here: if you need more details or help getting set up for the snog then please email Victoria at (no spaces) victoria @ .uk and she'll do all she can to answer your questions.
The Cocksheath from Bad Dragon
2013-08-28 11:37:00
Bad Dragon area company who produce the most amazing fantasy sex toys for those who are looking for that 'little bit of something different'. I'm sure you'll agree that they've certainly achieved that ....and very successfully too!Each product is hand made using a high quality silicone and all are latex free, phthalates free and are completely body safe. You can also customise size, colour and even firmness on most products.I was lucky enough to receive The Cocksheath in return for an honest review.All Bad Dragon products arrive in a plain cardboard box and are wrapped in tissue paper to keep everything together and help prevent damage.Here's what I received ......Click to enlargeAs you can see, I received a Bad Dragon pen, pin badge, sample disc, The Cocksheath and a miniature of The Breeder. (Please note that miniatures are not available to buy)For hygiene reasons, each 'toy' comes in a sealed plastic bag.There are 7 colour choices available for The Cocksheath - 5 standard...
Surrogates by KD Grace
2013-08-14 21:41:00
I received this review copy free of charge, in return for an honest review.Daniel Alexander III meant every word of his wedding vows to Bel with the utmost sincerity, so he's at a complete loss as to what to do when he begins to develop feelings for his attractive female gardener Francie. Careful not to break his wedding vows, Dan believes that 'watching' Francie masturbate in front of him will suffice his cravings and without having any physical contact, he can't possibly be accused of cheating on Bel. Things continue like this for a while as Francie is anything but shy and plays up to Dans wanton needs, living in the hope that one day she can have Dan mentally and physically ....just as soon as he plucks up the courage to ask Bel for a divorce.Things take a slightly different turn when Simon, an old friend of Dans turns up and Dan approaches him with a proposal. What if Simon was to get physical with Francie whilst Dan watched and ordered instructions? A notion almost too biza...
Scored by Lily Harlem
2013-08-14 21:03:00
I received this review copy free of charge in return for an honest review.When Nicky was given the opportunity to follow the England squad abroad and get the insider scoop, it didn't take her long to grab it with both hands.She was passionate about the game of football and privately held a bit of a fancy for the England captain Lewis Tate, so this was a dream come true for her. Not only would she get to witness some great matches, but she also had the chance to question a few of the players ....especially Lewis Tate.Despite her best efforts, things never seem to run smooth for Nicky and she certainly encounters her fair share of mishaps ranging from dealing with her unruly hair to the inconsiderate (yet hilariously funny) timing of 'Big Ben'.Nicky manages to attract the attention of several of the England squad, not least by their manager who takes an instant disliking to her, but her mind is full of one man and one man only ...Lewis Tate.Will she manage to snare her prey or will...
Breathe You In by Lily Harlem
2013-08-13 20:51:00
I received this review copy free of charge, in return for an honest review.Katie thought her world was complete when she married her soul mate, Matt. She had a job she enjoyed, a decent home and best of all, got to spend all her free time with the man she loved and adored. Without warning, all that was about to change and Katies world would come crashing down around her. Would she ever be able to leave the past behind and move on, or will it see her on the path to insanity and self destruction?I'll leave you to read it as I don't want to give too much away!!Lily has really excelled herself with this extremely moving romance novel, managing to stir up a whole range of emotions within the reader. I found myself gripped from the very beginning and eager to see what happened next.There are a few explicit sex scenes which are very poignant to the story and each written appropriately and lovingly. At points I found myself gasping in sheer disbelief as well as shedding the odd tear ........
Girls Night In
2013-06-26 08:40:00
Sex. We (almost) all do it, yet how many of us actually sit down and discuss it? Men talk about it with their mates, often in a non-constructive manly way, yet we women remain tight lipped. That is until now.The Boudoir have taken the lead and provided somewhere for us women in the UK to get together and discuss all things sex. They're travelling all over the country to help get women talking and here's what they say:Join the conversation ………The Boudoir is travelling the length & breadth of the Country speaking directly to Women about their loves & lives.Be a part of the biggest shared sexual resource in history with a Girls Night In.Get together 5 – 7 friends that form a comfortable group.We can either attend the gathering at your home or book an area at a local venue.1-2 members of our creative team arrive with wine & nibbles.We enjoy a relaxed girls night with some focussed topics of conversation, which typically lasts 90 minutesEvery participant gets a nice...
Not Her Type by Kay Jaybee
2013-06-05 11:27:00
Each Tuesday, Jenny has her dvd's delivered by her regular courier, John. It's not until John admits to Jenny that she has become the centre of his sexual dreams, that things suddenly become hot and heedy between them.Will the stolen few minutes each Tuesday be enough to satisfy both their desires? You'll have to read it to find out!!The idea behind this story is such a simple yet intriguing one. We all have parcels etc delivered, but how many of us actually fantasize about our delivery men? I can't say I wouldn't, but then i've never had the good fortune to be faced with a 'hunky' courier .....yet!!I was gripped from beginning to end and curious to learn more about the weekly romps which slowly began taking over Jennys life and filling her every waking thought. Each session is different, but all as steamy as hell and explained in great detail. Jenny is amazed at how far she's prepared to go to keep John happy and is stunned at just how brazen she can be. Her weekly meeting...
Janine the Anthro-Dragoness by Bad Dragon
2013-05-25 08:15:00
I have to say that i've never been so excited waiting for a review toy to arrive as I was waiting for Janine The Anthro-Dragoness  from Bad Dragon. Despite the fact that this is a male penetrable toy, i'd heard and read so much about the Bad Dragon range that my anticipation was reaching boiling point.For those of you who aren't familiar with the Bad Dragon brand, they were founded in June 2008 and have gone from strength to strength as one of (if not the only) company to offer all things 'fantasy'. Not only is there an extensive range of Dragon themed toys, but each one is custom made to your own personal specifications. There's a huge selection of colours available for each dildo and you even get to choose the firmness too so there's certainly something to suit every taste! There are even some models which come complete with the ability to shoot Cumlube (Bad Dragons own personal lube) amazing's that??Janine The Anthro-Dragoness  has currently been und...
Spice things up with!
2013-05-22 14:24:00
Relationships often loose their spark when we get 'comfortable' with each other and sex can often become mundane and routine. Have no fear though as there are plenty of sexual aides out there to help reignite the old spark and lead you back on the road to sexual  have a fantastic range of products at affordable prices to help you do just that! Check out my 10 Top Picks....Help get your man in the mood with a sexy outfit .....he'll be putty in your hands in no time! The Roxana Nurses Dress has a zip up front so you can have a bit of cleavage on show, and he can gain easy access. It also comes complete with a white and red nurses cap and sexy white lace garter featuring a pretty red bow. It is currently on sale for the fantastic price of £31.50!If that's not quite you're thing, then try the gorgeous Corsetti Black Livia Lace SetThis is a stunning little number and sure to make him stand to attention. Black lace babydoll featuring large black po...
The NEW iGino One
2013-05-20 13:01:00
A while back, I was approached and asked if i'd like to review the new iGino One. As the concept of this new vibe had me so curious, I said yes and soon after received my very own iGino One.It arrived in a plain cardboard box, which when opened, revealed a pretty white and pink pastel box bearing the iGino logo ...Boxed iGino OneThe lid simply lifts off the box to reveal your new toy ..and what an interesting one it is too!Box contentsIncluded in the box are your iGino One, 2 different adapters, a USB cable, a velvety black pouch, some spare spongy spacers and a flower shaped spongy head to attach to the massager.My first instinct was, wow, this looks just like a mobile phone/ipod ......great for the ultimate discretion! I imagined all sorts of scenarios as to when and where I could use my new toy and couldn't wait to get started.The iGino is extremely easy to use. To charge, simply pull out the USB stick from the bottom of the vibe .....Pull out USBplug in the UBS cable and adapt...
The Pet Shop by K.D. Grace
2013-05-09 11:37:00
I received this review copy free of charge in return for an honest review.The Pet Shop is one of those books where there's never a good place to stop always want to read more!When Stella is handed a human pet for the weekend as a gift from her employers, she is adament that she won't be using him for his intended purpose. That is until Tino begins to familiarise himself with his new Keeper and she can resist his charms no longer. She gives in to temptation and allows Tino to take her on a journey of pure ecstasy, exploring every inch of her sexuality. He's rarely obedient and always hard and horny which is exactly what Stella needs for a weekend of relaxation.When the time comes for Tino to return to The Pet Shop, Stella is already smitten with her wanton pet. She wastes no time in trying to hire him for another weekend of mind-blowing sex and so begins her fascination. Not only is she curious to know more about Tino, but she's also very curious about The Pet Shop and al...
Hard by Lily Harlem & Natalie Dae
2013-05-08 12:31:00
We've all been in relationships where we're too scared to say exactly what we want in the bedroom and this couple are no different. Despite an active sex life, this married couple finally open up to each other and explore their fantasies.Although the sex is great, the wife longs for her husband to take control and push the boundaries of their lovemaking, an idea that he finds a little hard to comprehend at first. She wants it hard and fast, to be used and abused and treat like a whore. He sees her as his precious, fragile little angel whom he doesn't want to hurt. After a slight build up, they embark on their wildest fantasy and both are surprised by their enjoyment of it all.I really enjoyed Hard! It's such a simple story and one many couples will probably be able to relate to .....I know I can! The sex is hard and raw and written in a way which allows you to visualise every action as though you're in the room sharing the experience with them.If you're looking for a quick rea...
Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Beginners Training System from UberKinky
2013-05-01 11:45:00
I recently received a Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Beginners Training System from UberKinky for review. This is the first item of it's kind that I have tried. Read on to see what I thought!As always with Uberkinky, my product arrived safe and sound in discreet packaging so as not to arouse the suspicions of my postie. Inside I found a simple white box showing pics of what to expect...I noticed that there's mention of a 'free eye mask' on the box too added bonus that I hadn't expected. Inside you'll find your eye mask in one clear bag and 3 different ball sizes and a black strap to hold the gag in place in another clear bag ....I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the 'eye mask' when I removed it as it feels quite paper-like and rather flimsy. I suppose I shouldn't really complain as this was a freebie and to my surprise, it didn't do a bad job of blocking out light and vision but I did find it slightly uncomfortable as it seemed to crinkle where the elastic pulle...
Ann Summers Discount Codes .....
2013-04-30 13:17:00
If you're planning on in treating yourself to some sex toys from Ann Summers, then now's the time to do it! Please use the following codes for discounts .....Code Details:Offer: 15% off when you spend £30 on sex toysCode: PLEASUREStart Date: 30th AprilEnd Date: 6th MayT&Cs - Code only applies to sex toysExpress Delivery Details:Offer: Half price Express DeliveryStart Date: 30th AprilEnd Date: 1st MayHappy Spending :)
Lucky Me Lucky You Flavored Towelettes
2013-04-29 11:53:00
Lucky Me Lucky You are a new innovative Strawberry flavored towelette used to enhance pleasure. Here's the official information .....Purpose:Flavored and scented towelette that when applied to any skin surface will provide gentle cleansing and a great smelling and pleasant tasting experience.Intended Use:An adult novelty item that is intended to be applied to the male or female genital area. When applied in this manner it is intended to enhance the oral sexual experience. This is a single-use product. Application to other skin surfaces (ie neck, navel) that are erogenous zones is a secondary intended use.Ingredients:All below ingredients are known to be Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS), a standard established by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The towelette is composed of 45 gsm spun-laced cotton and when unfolded has dimensions of 5x6cm (approx. 2x2 3/8in).Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Stevia Rebaundia extract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate...
The Rechargeable One from Ann Summers
2013-04-24 13:21:00
I was absolutely thrilled when I received a delivery from Ann Summers at the weekend and proceeded to have a fantastic weekend! I was so impressed with the products I received, that I decided to review them and share my opinions with you all.So, here's my first review .....We've all heard of the Rampant Rabbit and probably have many variations hidden away in drawers etc, but when I received The Rechargeable One, I really couldn't believe my luck! I'm a HUGE fan of the infamous rabbit vibes as they give extra stimulation exactly where I like it but I often run down the batteries and have to wait till I remember to buy more before I can 'play with the bunnies'.Thanks to The Rechargeable One, that is now a thing of the past!!The box shows a rather delightful picture of your new vibe and opens out to reveal it in all it's glory. The front of the box is held down with a small magnet which is really easy to open.Inside, you'll find the most attractive looking rabbit vibe, a chargi...
Ann Summers Pleasure Emporium
2013-04-18 15:15:00
If you're struggling to find the right toy for you or your partner, then look no further than Ann Summers Pleasure Emporium which is being highly publicised this week as it's National Pleasure Week. Ann Summers believe that there's a toy out there for everyone, the problem is, finding the right one. That's where the Pleasure Emporium comes in. You can find everything you need and it's all in one place with several options available to help steer you in the right direction.Whether you're feeling flush and looking for your next designer toy, or looking for a novelty gift for someone, the Emporium has it all.The options are endless can search toys for women, toys for men, designer toys, couples toys, clit pleasers, fully insertable toys ...the list goes on! There certainly is something for everyone and each product has a full in depth description as well as clear pictures so you'll know exactly what to expect!This is a fantastic event aimed at helping you achieve ma...
Love Bites - The Gloves with a Bite
2013-04-18 12:04:00
A few weeks back, I was asked by the lovely Ms Serene if i'd like to receive a pair of her new gloves, 'Love Bites' for review. Of course, I said YES!!My gloves arrived in a discreet brown envelope which, once opened, contained a clear plastic bag which had a large hand-written label stuck on the front.Once inside the plastic wrapper, this is what you get to enlargeThese gloves are made from Chenille and are 100% vegan, washable and reusable.On the surface these gloves look like any other, however upon closer inspection, it's clear to see the tiny little pins poking through as you look at the inner palm and fingers.spiked palm & fingersspikes on fingers (click to enlarge)The pins are pushed through from the inside and glued/stitched into place...Pins shown from inside the gloveI personally think that something else is needed here, especially since you can feel all the bumps whilst wearing them and they don't seem to be very secure to me. An inner glove or some mat...
The Pearl Necklace by Geraldine O'Hara
2013-04-16 12:07:00
I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review.When Sasha Hillary responds to an online newspaper article regarding slimming pills, she has no idea just how much her life is about to change. Sasha is soon thrust into the spotlight as The Pink Pill Diet Woman, and struggles to deal with all the media attention ......a far cry from her previous employment as a wedding planner!Many women dream of living the Glamour Girl lifestyle but for Sasha, the constant messing of hair, make-up, clothes etc ready for TV/radio interviews leaves her feeling less and less like her old self. The fantasies in her head are her only escape from realism and thoughts of her hunky bodyguard are often at the forefront of her mind.Can Sasha make those fantasies a reality??The Pearl Necklace is a great little read and it didn't take me long to reach the end .....I couldn't put it down! It's very tongue-in-cheek which I really loved, and has a good mix of humor and sex with a great littl...
A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne
2013-04-08 11:00:00
After i'd reviewed Mia's Books, Tabitha Rayne very kindly sent me a copy of her novel A Clockwork Butterfly. I'm so grateful that she did, thankyou Tabitha :)With mankind virtually extinct due to a deadly toxin, those who remain are kept under lock and key in manors, where their precious seed is collected daily.All young women born into this strange world, are watched from birth to see if they have what it takes to help reproduce more males into the population. Lena seems to stand out from the crowd, and although naive and innocent, they see great prospect in her.Mae is one of the first girls Lena meets, she introduces herself to Lena in the most unexpected way and wastes no time in showing her the ropes (so to speak). Before long, they become alot more than just friends. It's during her time spent with Mae, that it's discovered that Lena carries a rare pheromone which they believe could reignite human fertility. Once it's confirmed, no time at all is wasted in pairing her wit...
Temporary Insanity by Victoria Blisse
2013-04-08 09:31:00
I received this book as a review copy in retun for an honest review.Caroline's job in a mundane office isn't exactly the exciting life she has in mind, however a chance encounter in the photocopying room could be about to change all that!Never before had she seen two men embrace each other so passionately that she struggled to keep her eyes off them. Before she knew it, she'd been spotted and was given a proposition that could make her very rich indeed ....whilst enjoying some extremely hot sex along the way! The bet was set and the stakes were high. Does Caroline have what it takes to see it through to the end?You'll have to read it to find out!!Once I picked this book up to read, I simply couldn't put it down. It's straight in there no messing, with plenty of steaming hot sex and a great storyline that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. It's the first book i've read containing gay sex scenes and Victoria manages to write in such a way that despite it being hard, raw s...
A Menu with a Difference by Lucy Felthouse
2013-03-26 13:35:00
I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review!Despite this being such a short erotic story (around 13 pages), the fabulous Lucy Felthouse manages to squeeze a whole lot in there!Jed and Annette are a couple who indulge in an open relationship and have their eyes on a pretty young waitress who they'd love to partake in some sexual activity with. Despite Jeds best efforts, it's Annette who ends up taking the lead and finding out whether their prey is willing ...with rather surprising results!It's hard to grab the readers attention with such a short story, but Lucy has managed it with ease and kept me interested until the very end. From setting the scene to the graphic sex which follows, this is well written and entertaining's also the first book i've ever read with a lesbian scene, and I loved it!!Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something quick and exciting!!Available on Kindle from for only £1.97
The Cougar Diaries Part 1, by Aoife Brennan
2013-03-26 12:52:00
I was thrilled when Aoife Brennan contacted me via twitter and asked if i'd like to review her spanking brand new book. I obviously jumped at the chance as i've been at a pretty loose end since finishing Fifty Shades of Grey and needed something else to help fill the void.The Cougar Diaries, Part 1, is a true-to-life story of one womans' fight against the world. Struggling to cope with the breakdown of her marriage, running the family home, holding down a job and bringing up two teenage boys, Aoife, with the help of her best friend Trish, decides it time to get back out there and see what else life has to offer.A new haircut, wardrobe, underwear and a surprise gift from Trish are just the beginning for Aoife and she quickly notices the amount of attention she's receiving .....particularly from younger men!Since her marriage breakdown, many of their 'joint' friends seemed to take sides and her social circle slowly began to diminish. It wasn't long though before Trish...
TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager from Naughty Nights UK
2013-03-21 12:24:00
I love it when I receive something a little bit different to review and thanks to Naughty Nights UK, I received just that.The TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager arrived at the weekend and I couldn't wait to try it to enlargeAs with all parcels I receive from Naughty Nights UK, this arrived in very discreet packaging ...just what you need if your neighbours are as nosy as mine! Not only was it sealed in a plain white padded envelope, but once I got passed that, I found that it was also sealed in a purple plastic bag .....perfect!The massager packaging is a nice small box which is pale lilac in colour and has a see through window on the front ....although it only shows a small amount of the vibe!Once opened, there's a slide out plastic sleeve which houses your new toy and a small leaflet with minor instructions for use as well as showing other TAOI products available.Unlike alot of other toys, this massager is intended to be used, then thrown away ....such a shame for such ...
Eve The Little Gem from Private Delight
2012-08-21 09:27:00
I love my bullets and I love clit stimulators so when Private Delight approached me and asked if i'd like to test and review 'Eve The Little Gem' I simply couldn't refuse!Eve arrived in a discreet grey envelope, hidden away from prying eyes (namely those of my postie!)Eve The Little Gem (box front)Eve (back of box)The box itself was really small wasted packaging so great for the environment! Once inside you'll find a sleek and stylish Eve complete with 3 x LR44 batteries ....a definite bonus that they're included, however Private Delight did send me some batteries too.Box contentsPerfectly formed, EveOnce removed from the box, you can see just how discreet and sleek Eve is .....she's silky smooth too making her all the more alluring!Eve is made from ABS material and is 2.75 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter - the perfect size to fit in your handbag or pocket for some fun on the go.Twist off end for battery insertionTo insert the batteries, simply twist off th...
Pleasurists Edition 180
2012-08-14 13:35:00
Image courtesy of BzzingbeeWelcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product contests, giveways, and sex toy reviews that were posted and submitted approximately between June 10th and June 24th. If you like what you see consider following the RSS Feed and Twitter for updates on further editions.Did you miss edition 179? Read it all here. Do you have a review for edition 181? Be sure to read the submission guidelines and then use the submission form to submit before Sunday June 17th @ 11:59pm Pacific Time.*Pleasurists also accepts photo submissions for the art at the top of editions! For more information click here.Giveaways & Contests:James Deen DVD Giveaway: Win ?The Official Jersey Shore Parody?! Deadline: June 30th @ 12:01am Eastern.The Studio Collection Giveaway: Win The Full Line of Vibrators, Balms & More! Deadline: June 30th @ 12:01am Eastern.50 Shades of Grey Giveaway Deadline: June 30th @ 12:01am Eastern.Win one of 5 bottles of Give Lube Lubricant! Deadline: June 30th...
Madame Orgasm Cream from Magic Moments
2012-07-27 09:15:00
Now for my second review from Magic Moments ...the Madame Orgasm Cream!18ml tube of Madame Orgasm CreamAs you can see, this tube comes boxed and I rather liked the feminine design of it ...espeically the pretty pink on the inside ...Pretty Pink inside the boxBrief description on box (click to enlarge)When you remove the cap from the tube, you'll see that it has a covering which you need to pop before using (not sure my descriptions too good here). To do this, simply turn the cap upside down (there's a raised point inside the cap). and pierce the top of the tube with it ...perfect and mess free!Pierce top with raised point in lidThe consistency is similar, in my opinion, to Vaseline and it's slightly milky in colour...Around 1cm of Madame Orgasm CreamIt is advised that you apply 1cm of Madam Orgasm Cream to your fingertip then begin to massage the clitoris by 'caressing and stroking' to impart a 'delightful erotic sensation'.I followed these instructions and let myself go...
Vagina Rub Vibe from Magic Moments
2012-07-19 08:47:00
I was thrilled to be approached by @Sex_Toys_Fleur on twitter and asked if i'd like to review a couple of products from Magic Moments. Within a few days of emailing my choices, I received 2 products for reveiw.Secure packagingI was very impressed by how securely packaged these products were. Both were generously wrapped in bubble wrap which was held in place by 'Hygiene' tape chance of them being tampered with before I got my hands on them! Now to see what I got...Vagina Rub Vibe & Madame Orgasm CreamRegular readers of my blog will know that i'm a huge fan of clit stimulation and generally require quite a bit to reach orgasm. I opted for the Vagina Rub Vibe as i've never tried a product designed soley for clit stimulation and the style of this one really appealed. The Madam Orgasm Cream, again is something i've never tried before. I use lubricants regularly but this will be my first use of a cream designed to give an 'erotic sensation'.I've decided to writ...
Rock Star Stevie from Vibrator Kingdom
2012-06-21 08:15:00
Recently,  I noticed a competition running on facebook to win a Doc Johnson Rock Star vibe of your choice from the very lovely Penelope of Vibrator Kingdom. I enetered on the off chance and was lucky enough to win!! So, for my prize I chose the Rock Star Stevie Black.Within a few days it arrived safe and sound but I had to wait a while before I could try it ....girlie troubles! Since I now have, I though i'd review it and let you all know what I thought.Rock Star Stevie BlackStevie Black arrived in a pretty funky box which I loved! Despite it being simple clear plastic, the decorative roses etc make it scream 'Rock'.Back of boxOn the back of the box is a brief description and inside is your vibe...Stevie Black in all his gloryThe first thing I noticed was the lovely silky feel this had to it and the flattened end was ever so slightly squishy. The handle end is made from slightly stippled material, which was a bonus when trying to hold with slippery fingers! I really loved th...
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