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Vibrators and Sex toys for men and women

Vibrators and Sex toys for men and women
Sex toys are not essential but just for fun and to enhance the intimacy in relationships. Sex becomes a routine with time and couples start loosing the flame. And sex toys are just the ones to revive this flame.


3 secrets to experience a truly seismic orgasm
2010-06-17 16:01:00
You must have come across the word ?earth shattering orgasm?. You might be wondering what such an orgasm is all about, because you have never, till date, experienced an orgasm of truly seismic proportions. You might have used your trusty little rabbit vibrator for this purpose, but what if you want to experience such orgasms during sexual intercourse?Here are 3 secrets that will help your orgasm hit the roof. These are simple sex secrets that any and every woman can integrate in her sex life.Secret 1: Don?t ?wonder? whether you are going to have an orgasm or not?Wondering whether you are actually going to experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse will not get you anywhere. On the other hand; telling yourself ?Yes, I am definitely going to have one?, will pave the way for a wonderful orgasm. The focus will shift to the way you are going to have an orgasm. Orgasm is like a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you know you will get one and more importantly enjoy one, you won?t have any pr...
What guys want ? What?s in and what?s out?
2010-06-09 16:00:00
Its not that guys don?t like all soft romantic things that women so love doing. Deep down most men are real softies, but they are some things that they prefer over others. Knowing what they like and what they don?t, paves the way for a loving, fulfilling and long lasting relationship.Love letters vs. romantic textsWomen are definitely impressed by those long love letters that are an outpouring of their man?s emotion, or are they? Think about it this way; when a man writes a love letter, more often than not it?s a way of trying to impress you. But, if you receive a loving text message, however small, it?s a spontaneous out flow of emotions; something that comes straight from the heart. So, don?t badger your man for that love letter that he doesn?t want to write. Wait for those romantic text messages.Perfume or smell of your hairYour man is definitely going to appreciate the perfume that you have used, but nothing can beat the appeal of your fragrant hair. The fragrance of your hair i...
Four fantastic foreplay tips ? Fuelling your man?s sexual desire
2010-06-04 15:25:00
Pre-play is what gets your man?s pulse racing and fuels his sex drive. For great sex, you need to add a healthy dose of foreplay into your sexual activity. Titillating foreplay helps get your man ready for sex and ensures that he experiences an intense orgasm.It?s also going to make him want to perform better in bed. So, in a way it?s good for you too. Here are a few ways to get your man?s attention in the bed and enhance his sexual desire and performance.Body talkLet your body do the talking for you. Slowly, take off your clothes and let him feast your eyes on your naked form. Better yet, get wet and make sure your clothes are sticking to you like second skin. Peel them off slowly and watch your man hold his breath. Job half done!Breath helps work up the appetiteExhaling slowly on the erogenous zones of his body is going to heighten arousal. Just pressing your lips gently around his nipple or stomach and slowly letting out your hot breath, is going to send tingles down his spine. G...
Cuddle signals ? Know what your man is like when you cuddle up
2010-05-28 15:36:00
Your man might look tough, but in his heart he is pure mush. When he holds you against him, it means a lot of things - primarily love, protection and understanding. Your man?s cuddle will also give an insight into his mind and his sexuality. The dependable nurturerIs your man is in the habit of cuddling you against his chest; it?s a way of showing that he?s there to take care of you. He?s the kind of man who is going to soothe your sinking spirits at the end of a hard day?s work and somebody who can be depended on, even in the most difficult of situation. This cuddle also speaks volumes for what he is going to be like in bed. He?s going to want to take charge, and more often than not, his favorite position will be missionary and doggie style. He is a man who knows what he wants sexually and is not afraid to use masturbators like fleshlights for addressing his pleasure needs. The spooning cuddleAnother common cuddle is the ?spoon?. This is a very physical cuddle; your bum?s going to ...
Experience an orgasm ? Its good for you
2010-05-20 15:44:00
An orgasm is definitely good for you. Apart from the extremely pleasurable sensations that you experience, it?s also a winner from a health perspective. This amazing feeling that is laced with the health benefits has also made sex toys very popular. Both men and women aren?t averse to experiencing orgasms using sex toys like masturbation sleeves and Rabbit vibrators. Here are the reasons why an orgasm is good for you.- Stress busterAn orgasm relieves you of all the stress and tension that?s built up in your body. During an orgasm the muscles of your body tighten, flex and relax post climax. This helps permeate a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Your mind in the time immediately preceding an orgasm is free from worries. It?s not necessary that the orgasm is a result of partner sex. You can even use sex toys for experiencing an orgasm. The benefits are the same.- Good for your organsAn orgasm results in an increase of blood flow and also improves the circulation in the body. A...
Can using sex toys create problems in your relationship?
2010-05-06 09:50:00
You must have come across various materials that talk about the benefits of using adult toys in a relationship. The benefits cannot be denied but there is also evidence to suggest that these toys might also affect your relationship negatively. So, instead of improving your sex life, using male sex toys or for that matter even female sex toys, they can potentially worsen an already fragile relationship. The up and down syndrome Say your relationship is going downhill. The reasons for this could be many and varied, but you may try and address the various issues by choosing one of the many adult toys that are available on the market. Initially, the fascination of the toy will see you and your partner having fun with it and looking forward to its use. But, what happens when this fascination wears off? You will be hard pressed to fill the void left by the lack of interest in the toy. Your relationship may even go further downhill from here. On the other hand, if you have already put thi...
Lelo Mia - Lipstick Sized USB Vibrator for Women on Move
2010-04-26 11:17:00
LELO Mia is a cute, ingenious vibrator. Cute because it has all the features that a cute and petite vibrator should have and ingenious because it is recharged via your PC or laptop?s USB port. Unlike other rechargeable vibrators that need to be recharged by plugging them in to the wall socket, LELO Mia prepares for its job while you are doing your job on the PC.What do we like about it?The first thing that catches your eye about the LELO Mia is that it is no more than 4 inches long, available in a pearl finish and shaped like a lipstick. It means that you can carry your compact USB vibrator discreetly in your handbag and even your boyfriend won?t be able to tell what it is. It also features different vibrating patterns, which takes care of all your moods and needs.The second thing that we love about this USB vibrator is that it uses a USB port, which makes it a rechargeable vibrator. This feature comes handy if you are out and about and don?t have a wall socket where you can plug it...
How to build stamina with Fleshlight sex toys?
2010-04-20 08:50:00
Believe it or not, some male masturbators can help you to build your stamina, so that you can last longer in bed. They also help you to enhance your sexual performance. If you feel that this is a bunch of tall claims and a scam pulled off by the manufacturers of male masturbators, it's about time you add a Fleshlight to your bedside drawer and reap its benefits.As we all know that practice makes a man perfect, practicing with a Fleshlight will make you perfect in more ways than one. With the perfect practice and solo training you will be able to build stamina without having to focus on your partner's needs. All you need is some will power, patience and restraint. As Fleshlight sex toys are made to provide you more stimulation than with a real woman, you will be able to build more stamina than usual. Your first aim should be to be able to last longer than your previous rendezvous with the male masturbator. Start with 5 minutes, graduating to 10 and then ultimately 20 minutes. Don?t...
Daily orgasm ? Keeping illnesses at bay
2010-04-13 13:25:00
In ancient times, many people thought that orgasms were the work of the devil, owing to the immense amounts of pleasure experienced by a person as a result of an orgasm. Not any more. Over time, attitudes have changed and the immense popularity of sex toys suggests that you should leave no stone unturned to experience an earth shattering orgasm. Orgasms from the health perspective Research has proven that women who experience regular orgasms display more vitality than women whose orgasms are few and far between. Also, the effect of orgasm is also seen on the health of the women. The old adage ?An apple a day keeps the doctor away? can be turned on its head and reworded to ?An orgasm a day, keeps the illness away?. It?s not just orgasm through sex that?s beneficial. Orgasm experienced through the use of sex toys is equally just as effective. More Sex ? Better Lives Those women who give their sex lives priority have been found to have better psychological and physical health. The over...
Fleur De Lis ? Flaring Kink in the Sex Toy World
2010-03-26 07:30:00
VivaVibrators is now introducing the second wave of sexual pleasure. New flaring range of sex toys ?Fleur De Lis?. Browse through to get the detailed information on each product from this range.Fleur De Lis Bliss Satin smooth classic waterproof vibrator from Evolved vibrators range for overall massage and sensuous intimate stimulation.Fleur De Lis DelightWaterproof silent vibrator with its vertical ribbing, contoured body and tapered head from Evolved vibrators range to replicate the sexual pleasures.Fleur De Lis DesireClassic ribbed vibrator for stimulating your inner walls to fulfill your every sexual desire from the Evolved vibrators range.Fleur De Lis SeductionSatin smooth vibrator from Evolved sex toys range with simple and sleek design which is sure to deliver waves of pleasure and orgasms every time.Fleur De Lis SilkyWaterproof g-spot vibrator from Evolved sex toys designed to caress your most sensitive areas to help you enjoy multiple orgasms.
Vibe Therapy - New Sex Toy Range for Sexual Therapy
2010-03-18 08:59:00
VivaVibrators is introducing you to new waves of sexual pleasure. Let?s start with the first sexual wave - "Vibe Therapy" sex toys range. Browse through to get the detailed information on each product from this range.Vibe Therapy PinnacleMulti Speed slim line rabbit vibrator to stimulate your vagina, clit and the sensitive g-spot for both inner and outer orgasms.Vibe Therapy ExhilarationDolphin shaped clitoral stimulator to help you achieve outer and inner orgasms for a pleasurable sensory experience.Vibe Therapy DelightWaterproof g-spot vibrator that offers vibrating, rotating and pulsating functions for a varied range of sexual sensations.Vibe Therapy Frenzy5 inch therapeutic vibe for overall body massage along with the clitoral and vaginal stimulation to escalate your way to pleasure.Vibe Therapy SereneMulti speed waterproof vibrator with 7 vibrating functions, 2 pulsing functions and 1 escalation setting to deliver the most amazing sensations.Vibe Therapy Fascinate Duo BallsVibr...
Product review ? iTap G Vibe Lilac
2010-03-09 09:26:00
The iTap G Vibe Lilac from Cal Exotics is the world?s first touch activated vibrator. Its revolutionary touch sensitive technology is a treat for gadget geeks. Instead of buttons or switches, this modern design features 5 tap-activated functions; the first tap will switch it on and the fifth tap will switch it off. This vibrator is the most powerful g-spot stimulator that delivers strong vibrations from the tip.About the iTap G Vibe LilacThe iTap G Vibe Lilac is a g-spot vibrator that also helps stimulate the clitoris during sexual activity. The iTap G Vibe Lilac features a smooth and seamless construction; 5 functions including vibration, pulsation and escalation; curved tip for g-spot stimulation; flared base with ridges for clitoral stimulation and strategically placed motor to deliver powerful vibrations especially for g-spot stimulation. Features of the iTap G Vibe LilacThe iTap G Vibe Lilac is made from hypoallergenic ABS plastic with velvet-cote and contains no latex and phth...
Buying a sex toy for your partner ? Tips for first time buyers
2010-03-03 14:53:00
Adult sex toys are popular big time these days. What?s more, everyone wants their very own Jack Rabbit vibrators or Fleshlights, to enjoy their 'me time'. Masturbators have also emerged as a great gift idea. So, if you want to surprise your partner with a sex toy as a gift, here are a few tips that you can use:Market researchPrior knowledge about the availability of the sex toys and their various types will go a long way in helping you make the right choice. You don?t have to make the round of the traditional shops in this regard. All you need to do is search for the kinds of products that you are looking for online. This will give you a fair idea of the various female and male sex toys available on the market.A great looking toy There are many adult sex toys available on the market, which have tremendous visual appeal. They look delicate and are completely user friendly. You don?t want to scare your partner with a dramatic looking toy such as a huge dildo. So, go for something th...
Sex toys and sexy lingerie ? Will they help seduce that special someone in
2010-02-23 13:19:00
Sexy lingerieImagine donning sexy lingerie and doing a seductive little dance in front of your partner. Can you just imagine the kind of effect that it?s going to have on your partner? Lingerie will help you feel sexy and also improve your levels of self confidence. This will definitely result in an improvement in your seductive wiles. Lingerie, unlike sex toys is all about seducing your partner with an erotic visual image of yourself. Using lingerie helps your partner feast his eyes on some of your private parts that have been highlighted through the sheer material of the lingerie. His imagination is bound to run riot when he sees your lovely form draped in lingerie. No marks for guessing what the sex is going to be like? These are not the only forms of seduction that you can use to seduce that special someone in your life. There are many others. But the efficacy of vibrators and lingerie in terms of seduction has been proven time and time again. So, why not give it a try?
Sex toys and sexy lingerie ? Will they help seduce that special someone in
2010-02-15 12:54:00
Seduction is one of the keys to great sex. Getting your partner turned on using various adult sex toys or by using erotic products is a great way of spicing up your sex life. Relationships need a helping hand All relationships need a boost now and then. Even if your relationship is going well adding to the sexual experience is just going to make your relationship better. A change in terms of methods of seduction is a great idea in a relationship which is fast losing steam. If your sex is monotonous or boring, there will be a gradual decrease in sexual activity. The use of sex toys like vibrators or wearing sexy lingerie can help put your relationship back on track. The sex toy Titillating your partner with sex toys is one of the better ways of stimulating passionate sex. Experimentation is the name of the game when it comes to adult sex toys. Using these toys helps you explore your sexuality and also allows you to learn about what stimulates your partner best. You can not only physi...
Strap-ons ? Not just meant for lesbians!
2010-02-10 14:42:00
Think of strap on toys and you think of a woman wearing a strap-on having sex with other woman. It?s natural that you conjure up such images, but it?s important to understand that strap-ons are not just meant for lesbians alone. Heterosexual couples can have fun with them too, as also can gay couples. Strap on dildos are one of those sex toys that are meant to be enjoyed by all couples.Heterosexual fun Strap on toys are geared for some intense sexual pleasure. A heterosexual couple can enjoy role playing sessions. A woman can use female strap ons to have anal sex with her man. On the other hand, male strap ons are designed in a way such they the dildo lies under the real penis. Dual penetration is possible in such cases and a man can put it to very good use. Gay fun Gay couples can enjoy sexual intimacy using male strap ons. They can surprise their partners with a male strap on with an extra sized dildo. Also, if one partner has been accused of a weak erection or reduced levels of ...
Brief guide to strap-on sex toys
2010-02-01 12:53:00
For beginners, strap-on sex may seem to be intimidating. However, with this easy guide and a little practice you will soon find yourself an expert. There are two types of strap-ons, male strap-ons and female strap-ons. Some strap-ons can be used by males as well as females. Strap-ons come with a dildo or vibrator that is used for penetration. Males who find it difficult to attain or maintain an erection often use strap-ons, whereas some males use a strap-on vibrator to enjoy masturbation while penetrating with a strap-on vibrator. Women use a strap-on vibrator to penetrate their partner anally. Whatever you choose to do with strap-ons, they can help to bring lots of variety to dull and boring sex sessions. Here's how you can go about selecting and using strap on toys:1. Selecting a harnessMost strap-ons come with adjustable straps that are made to fit all sizes. Make sure you buy a strap-on made from nylon, for better comfort and fit.2. Selecting an o-ringAn o-ring is the ring from...
What's so good about the Tenga Wild Hole Lotion?
2010-01-20 04:59:00
The Japanese company Tenga offers 3 lubricants, wild, mild and real hole lotion, all designed to give you a totally different, out-of-this-world experience. Different people like different Tenga lubricants but for a wild and ravishing night, the Tenga Wild Hole Lotion is just perfect.You can use the Tenga Wild Hole Lotion with your Tenga toys or other sex toys. It is totally safe for use during sex too. However, the menthol taste of the Tenga Wild Hole might not suit everybody's taste, especially during oral sex. Wild Hole Lotion is different from the other 2 Tenga lubes namely Real Hole Lotion and Mild Hole Lotion. Tenga Mild Hole, as the name suggests is mild and Real Hole Lotion, as the name suggests give realistic feeling. The Tenga Wild Hole Lotion on the other hand is ravenously exotic and exciting and stimulates your senses and makes your erogenous zones tingle with excitement.Extra featuresIt is water based lubricant but feels as thick as oil based lubricant, which means it...
Masturbators in your man's closet ? Should you be worried?
2010-01-06 08:47:00
If you find a male vibrator or masturbator in your partner's drawer, your first reaction would most probably be of anger or hurt. Some couples do use cock rings and sex toys in their sex life; however, male masturbators is a different pitch altogether. So is there any need to be alarmed if you find one of his secret treasures?Ask himThe first thing that you must do in this situation is to talk to him calmly and ask him about it. Chances are that you are alarmed for no reason. But keep an open mind and be empathising. He might be using it not because he loves you any less or he finds sex with you boring but probably because he wants to try something new to infuse variety. The reason it is hidden from you is because he is afraid of your reaction. If you give a positive reaction from the beginning, he will be more open with you about it.Enhanced libidoAfter childbirth or during menopause, many women have decreased libido while their men don?t. This might make it difficult for you to h...
In-depth review of the Tenga Hard Rolling Head
2009-12-30 06:34:00
Originated in Japan and well known worldwide, the Tenga onacups are every man's dream come true. Its realistic sensations can send a surprising shiver of pleasure up your spine. The Tenga Hard Rolling Head is designed to accommodate penis with slight curvatures and like all Tenga onacups, it has a spine-tingling precision to give you strong and long lasting orgasms. WorkingThe Tenga Hard Rolling Head offers a sensual sensation that makes you feel like a thumb is slowly massaging your penis head. This feat it manages because of a small rubber ball at the tip of the cup. The flexible tube shaft offers you a wide range of simulation. Like all Tenga onacups, the Tenga Hard Rolling Head contains several small and big rubber nubs that add to the stimulation. These nubs are strategically placed to hit just the right buttons. This male masturbator is tight, yet wraps around your penis comfortably. The pre-lubricated Tenga cups are ready to use, so there's not much preparation needed when ...
Candid Review of the Vibe Therapy Sutra
2009-12-24 12:48:00
The Vibe Therapy is the latest in the long line of proven therapy solutions follwing on from water therapy, aroma therapy and colour therapy.? About the Vibe Therapy SutraVibe Therapy has a wide range of luxury and high-end products. The Vibe Therapy Sutra is a chic g-spot vibrator that helps soothe stress with its therapeutic range of vibrating and pulsating functions. ? Features of the Vibe Therapy SutraThe Vibe Therapy Sutra features 7 speeds and functions of vibration to choose from including pulses, throbs and escalations; you will really be spoilt for choice. The shaft of this silicone vibrator features several indented lines that swirl around the shaft and produce intense sensations. It is a waterproof vibrator and features silicone touch buttons for ease of use.? Design and looks of the Vibe Therapy SutraThe Vibe Therapy Sutra is ergonomically designed to fit in your hands comfortably. It comes in a soothing sky-blue colour and is a relief to your eyes. Its total length is 9...
Lubricants: Smoothening sex for you
2009-12-18 09:01:00
Hundreds of different lubricants are available on the market. What you might find the best might not be the same for someone else. Choosing lubricants is a matter of personal choice. As everyone seems to have different opinions about the same type of lubricant, it is safe to say that none are better or worse. Here's a brief idea about the three leading types of lubricants that will help you decide which will suit your needs the best.Water-based lubesWater-based lube is touted to be the best lubricant because many people find it to be non-irritating and it does not cause latex to deteriorate. However, this is not true because some women who are prone to yeast infections, find that water-based lubes containing glycerine or sugar can aggravate their infections. The major drawback of water-based lubes is that they dry more quickly than other forms of lubricants; however, this can be easily remedied by adding a bit more lube, water, or saliva as this can reactivate its slippery propert...
LAYAspot from Fun Factory ? Product review
2009-12-10 06:10:00
LAYAspot is a small vibrator that is fun, discreet, sporty and ergonomic. It is not meant for vaginal penetration and yet claims to give you big orgasms. You may ask how? And the answer is that the LAYAspot requires no fuss, no thinking, no difficult controls and buttons to manoeuvre and the only thing you need to focus on is your body and its response to the LAYAspot.What you'll love?A lovely sense of subtle stimulation between your lips and the close, uninterrupted ebb and flow of vibrations over your clitoris are what you will love and look forward to when using the LAYAspot. This small toy will easily fit in your palm and will never cease to amaze you with its teasing, tantalising and stimulating capabilities.What you'll not love?No matter how good a vibrator is, it is no good if it can't be penetrated. Some women just can't get off without vaginal penetration. LAYAspot can be a good clitoral massager but as it can't penetrate, it may not be favoured by some women. Also, wo...
With Clone-A-Pussy you can replicate your own pussy
2009-12-07 06:37:00
The Clone-A-Pussy kit includes everything you need to make a perfect copy of your pussy. You?ll also find full, detailed, step-by-step instructions for cloning your vagina, along with some really innovative suggestions about what you can fill the mould with once it has set. Height of innovation could be filling the mould with wax and using it as a candle! The kit contains:? Patented liquid skin? Moulding gel? Moulding container? Liquid rubber? Stir stickSimple and easy to use, this ?Do It Yourself? pussy moulding kit can replicate your pussy to perfection in minutes. All you need to do is add water to the moulding gel and mix with the stir spoon. The mixed gel is then applied to your vagina. The mould is then removed and left to dry for a few hours. Once the mould is ready, you can pour in the liquid rubber and leave it to set. Once set, your very own replica is ready in no time. You can of course be creative and re-use the mould for more pussy copies, use either the patented liquid...
10 Creative Ways of Using Vibrators
2009-12-04 06:49:00
So you have taken the leap ahead and have used a vibrator. You are not shy and timid and you don?t feel that using a vibrator is a crime or immoral. Kudos to you! But, have you now felt that most vibrator users undergo i.e. 'what next?'Well, after using vibrators of all types, from dildos to rabbit vibrators and from clitoral vibrators to sex machines, many people feel that the sex toy industry has nothing more to offer them. Sex toy manufacturers that expand faster than you can blink don?t actually create new products, and instead tend to just adapt a thing or two to old sex toys and re-introduce them as new. So even using a vibrator is thought to become boring after some time. Unless, you step up and try something else. How can you help?You can save your sex life from becoming boring and make your box full of sex toys appear more interesting with a few simple steps. Keep these steps in mind and you will live sexually happy ever after...1. Buy at least one sex toy of each type th...
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