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Delight Orgasm - All about orgasm,sex pleasures an

Delight Orgasm - All about orgasm,sex pleasures an
Delight Orgasm-all about orgasm,sex pleasures,lust.How to get orgasm-for male and female.Anal orgasm,vaginal orgasm,clitoral orgasm.Sex stories,orgasm videos, orgasm photo, sex toys reviews, sex positions, live orgasm.


In life is not like in porn.
2012-01-16 17:20:00
1) You compare all girls with Angelika Black or Riley Steele and  in this comparison girls not winners ... 2) At a meeting with the girl you think that now she should begin with slowly striptease, licking lips.. 3) You very surprised when you see her breasts and you understand that her tits are less than watermelons.                                           4) You very surprised when instead of deep blowjob you get: "Are you crazy - it's nasty." 5) You very surprised when instead moans you hear phrases like "Not there, stupid" "Did you cum?" "Well, are you finished...?". 6) You very surprised when instead her shouts "Yes, yes, yeah" "Yeah, dude, you sooo hot" you hear "Can you do it quickly?". 7) You very surprised when she did not consent for anal sex, and she tell you to shove cucumber at your ass and share your feeling. 8) You very surprised when in...
Sex taboo :)
2012-01-08 15:01:00
  Hello again! Today I want to talk about what not to do during sex. This is not a rules and it does not apply to everyone ;) 1. Don't be selfish.  Many women complain that men find it important to your own satisfaction, reaching orgasm, turn away and go to sleep. 2. Play with women's breasts. Breast ... I have no doubt that as soon as you undress the girl, one of the first wishes to grab her breasts or nipples. In fact, more than 50% of girls don't get the pleasure of caressing her chest (for some it causes distaste) So, biting the girl's nipple, try to draw attention to her reaction:) 3. All night the search G point.  "My former partner is very irritated me that he was groped inside for hours, trying to find this magic point. Every time he began to caress with this action. Orgasm?! Fuck!  Nooo, I was lost all desire and arousal, but I heroically portrayed the pleasure... " Tip: If response is no, then do not to...
Cheap sex toys is sucks ?
2011-12-04 14:26:00
                                                                       Hello, my friends!   Today i wanna talk about one of my fave sexy item... Very often I'm hear question "High quality sex toys can have low price?" And I can safely say - of course! Look at this super-duper vibrator for only 5 bucks.   This vibration bullet make your clit and tight little pussy yelp of delight;) Despite the small size , with this vibrator in five minutes your body will collapse from the powerful orgasm (verified by me... hehe) Pink Vibe Oops, almost forgot ... don't use it very often, sometimes remember  about your boyfriend. Because, sending him every day in a bar with friends or baseball (with thoughts about another wild orgasm), you risk losing him. He can pay attention to your fat ...
Female anal orgasm (continue)
2011-11-27 12:00:00
                                                                         Hello again!  Today I finish my instruction about anal orgasm. If you new here you can read first part on this post "FEMALE ANAL ORGASM"  To get anal orgasm partner should move smoothly like in the tango, while not causing pain. anal penetration    If you feel uncomfortable, then anal orgasm you will hardly get.  To try and get a pleasant feeling while anal orgasm, partner's erection  shouldn't be like cotton, dick must be like iron. Then you get rid of discomfort with penetration in the hollow of the anus.  You have to be a director for your macho, saying how and where to fuck. Anal sex(doggy style)   Doggy style is probably the most convenient position to reach orgasm.  Partne...
Female anal orgasm
2011-11-17 15:50:00
  Anal sex! .... In our lustful and perverted lives, these two words would not be a surprise to anyone. The only difference is that not everyone outside our lifestyle would totally agree with this. The surprised eyes and raised eyebrows will definitely be on the faces of many people. Well, maybe because of the taboo that anal sex has. To the opinion of many, anal sex is ugly, dirty, and also very painful. Most people would agree with this, however, anal sex has its advantages ? namely, the anal orgasm!    Anal pleasure   It is an absolutely mind-blowing advantage! Wouldn?t you agree? This can be explained by the fact that the rectum has a lot of erogenous zones and it allows the girl to catch the excitement; as a result - Woohoo! Anal Orgasm!!! After reading this, many women might say that this is all bullshit. However, this is not so.  Getting an anal organism is a little like getting a vaginal organism - you just need a little work and use a special ...
New video about SIRI.
2011-11-10 09:57:00
              LELO siri  & iPhone siri.             Important not to confuse (especially at night... your pussy can be shocked ;)
More about creation of FleshLight.
2011-11-08 22:33:00
                                                                           Hello,again!      I'm just uploaded new hot video about FleshLight ;) Today - about mouth molding (and little more) with sexiest pornstar Teagan Presley.                                                                               Enjoy!                                                                          &...
The creation of FleshLight
2011-11-05 13:33:00
                                                                                     Very often I get asked the question - " Are all these toys have something in common with the hot parts of the body my favorite porn stars?" And to dispel all your doubts - FleshLight recorded a few videos about manufacturing process of your favorite sex toy.    So... Enjoy and don't fuck your brain and throw the shit out of your head :) Jesse Jane
Makeup & Eyelashes
2011-10-30 08:46:00
  Cherokee Xotic Eyes Gold Red Glitter Eye Paint American Indian Costume Washington Redskins. Get a professional make-up artist look for less. Great for Dancers, Showgirls and Costumes, or an attention getting look at the club! Temporary body art is hot and completes any look. Easy to use do-it-yourself kit is Reusable and water resistant. Many styles to choose from. Follow these 3 easy Steps: 1. Peel: Remove pink backing from the Exotic Eyes leaving the clear film on the front. 2. Stick: Apply the Exotic Eyes while the eye is open above the eyelid crease. If you apply on or below the eyelid crease the Exotic Eye is incorrect. 3. Fill: Use the Pasty Glitter Goo to blend the Exotic Eye down to the lash line. Kit includes: Upper and    Lower Exotic Eyes, Pasty Glitter Goo and Easy To Follow Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions.  Exotic Eyes is must have eye make up! Sparkle eyes are perfect for the club, costumes, show make up dancers and professional models.Sexy...
Orgasm - what is it?
2011-10-24 15:10:00
  Today I would like to talk about orgasm.   So... what is it - an orgasm, and where can I get it ?   Of course, almost everyone knows that the orgasm can be clitoral and vaginal depending on the localization. Slightly less well known that there is clitoral-vaginal orgasm. And, probably, very very very few know about .. hmm ... how would it be called? In the literature this term I have not met ... Well, let it be tactile. Yes, tactile orgasm. It arises from a simple touch, stroking, manipulating hair (you can "catch" it in the barber shop and a massage;). In addition, all but tactile, have a variation of the auto-orgasm, or self-orgasm, so to speak. Particularly clever is understood that they occur exclusively in the process of masturbation. You know that  they are somewhat weaker, and do not cause such vivid emotions.      Ok ok, enough of boring theory. We proceed to the practical recommendations. Orgasm  To begin with ...
Insignia by lelo, lyla - cerise
2011-10-13 14:52:00
Product Description Lyla is beyond comparing with massagers of this kind. Featuring LELO's pioneering SenseMotion technology and a wireless remote with a range of up to 12 meters, vibration patterns are adjusted by the controller with a simple tilt of the hand. Meanwhile a discreet motor inside the controller mirrors Lyla's vibrations to show what a partner is feeling, or can be used as an additional massager whenever the moment feels right. Wonderfully quiet, fully waterproof and rechargeable with a beautifully smooth silicone design, Lyla is designed for when second-best is never enough.
Waterproof Slender G
2011-10-08 21:00:00
 Get ready for a tidl wave of orgazmic sensations! This ultra-sleek g-spot stimulator delivers waves of pleasure in or out of the water, thank to its powerful multi-speed motor and incredible contoured design! The curved g-spot tip easily excites those hard-to-reach spots with a whisper-quiet hum that only you'll know about. Go ahead, splash around in ecstasy! 2 AA batteries not included. For just $7.81                                                                                                                                              Customer Reviews
Freestyle G Spot Purple
2011-09-14 01:47:00
Add some music to your inner :G Note (Ok G-SPOT) with the Freestyle :G, a wireless music driven vibrator. When it is connected to an iPod /iPhone (or any mp3 player), the vibe will pulsate to the music giving you a unique dual sensory experience with ultimate freedom of movement and motion. Connect the iPod to a home speaker system with the cable provided and Freestyle :G becomes the perfect accessory for partner play. Like all OhMiBod music vibes, Freestyle :G can work without music too. Switch to the manual mode option and explore 7 amazing pre-programmed vibration patterns. Music mode. Ergonomic design. Safe and hygenic materials. Powerful whisper quiet. 1 year warranty. Control music volume and vibration intensity independently. 25 ft. (7.5 m) range from wireless 2.4GHz transmitter. Rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of pleasure. Splash Proof. Body friendly materials Phthalate free. Powerful motor whisper quiet. Velvety finish with chrome accents. Convenient travel case and ...
Sex and woman.
2011-09-04 15:13:00
 You bastard! Well simply no other words, only the "bastard" and interjections.  Fuck you! .. For what you said, I'll never forgive you, you don't hope! Not really I need you. You think you're a good fucker? I'll find another, not only your dick grew! .. Bastard! Week without sex.  So. He bastard, I have to remember that. But don't call, hang up immediately! Come on, remember what he told you - yeah remembered? That's good, and want to have sex less, and kill him - more. Schmuck, schmuck, schmuck! But fucked me well ... NOPE, bad, bad everything was - and always made me seasick,  and I'm tired of the regular orgasms - and I don't need this anymore! ... Don't! Two weeks without sex .  Or do you want? Hell, began to torment erotic dreams - soon i'll be speaking German!             Wow, how quickly you get used to the good ... But - no.  Live with such bastard - not yourself respect, it...
Some of the most ubiquitous sexual myths)
2011-08-31 15:42:00
1. Point G.        Someone  is has it  ,keep looking. But believe me, find it's not all. And why such garbage is needed if it is so hid? Recently conducted a poll among women "Do you have a point G? Here's what they said: Accurately no - 0.4%It seems there is - 2%I do not know - 11.4%Yes, there is - 24.8%It seems that there is - 61.6% 2. The longer the better.      At this myth is believed by many men. And seeing that the young lady nothing getting , guys artificially prolong the process. And all the assurances that nothing will come of it, stubbornly clenched teeth, bravely asserting: "Do not worry dear, I can do it for long. I'm not going without you" And he continued to fuck, to fuck, to fuck...And poor babe lying in a puddle of sweat, which dripped from our macho, nothing remains but to gracefully bending and remembering the acting technique in some porn, moaning: "Ah-ah-ah ... Oh-oh-oh ... Yeah ah ... I-uh ... "and so on. ...
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