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Bubble Backs
Clips and pics for the bubble butt lover


This lil Redbone puts in work. Babygirl is from t...
2007-06-18 09:38:00
This lil Redbone puts in work. Babygirl is from the Black Creamy Pies series and she is serious about what she do. You'll love when she shake that ass right before she get it pound out. You'll Also love her in BBO2 which is an older posting. So sit back relax and enjoy this lil yellow thing.
Line'em Up
2007-06-15 21:17:00
Here we have a nice variety of ass.There's every thing from french vanilla to double chocolate chips, plus every type of size and shape of booty. These honeys are from the BubbleButtOrgy series and there in flavors like now or later's. This one has 4 other videos in addition to this main one, but there all good.Click Pic to see video
Meaty Bones
2007-06-09 04:26:00
This is what i call a real bubble butt. This broad looks like 30% of her entire body weight is in her ass. I bring you Sexy Brown from the big booty club series. Baby girl face ain't all that, but I'll be damn if that bitch ass don't make up for it. She is in like a Christmas theme and there's a lot of good angles so enjoy the pic.Click pic to see more!
Double The Booty
2007-06-06 13:52:00
Double the booty, double the fun. This clip has two nice hot tamales from the Black Dicks Latin Chicks series. This is a nice latin mix, with a nice dark cutie and a nice light mami. They both have nice asses and they both look nice wet.
Booty Cream
2007-06-06 13:40:00
This butter pecan bitch gets that tight ass booty loosened up. This little cutie is from the Black Creamy Pies series and boy did she get a creamy pie!!!. Any watch as this girl take the dick up the shitter like a pro.Click pic to see clip !
Glossy gluteus
2007-06-06 01:25:00
Her we have a nice spanish broad, with her ass all waxed up. I call her glossy gluteus (for obvious reasons). This honey is from Phat Booty Cheerleaders and that booty's definitely phat. This chick also has a fat pussy with a piercing in it. So enjoy the pics.Click to see more !
Chunky Bubble
2007-06-05 19:48:00
I call this honey chunky black. You can probably see why. Anyway this bubble back chunky woman is from the Brick House Butts series and she definitely has a lot of cushion for the pushin. I really like the pic of her in doggy style with that ass glistening from the baby oil.Click pic to see more !
Chocolate Milk Shake
2007-06-05 14:56:00
Home girl can really jiggle her jello. This honey's from Bubble Butt orgy and she got a mean shake. Also with this clip it a few other ones to enjoy.Click pic to see clip !
Tattooed Brownie
2007-06-04 18:30:00
I've gotten a request for a tattooed booty about an hour ago and i found this. A nice brownie. I added the extra clip cause i know i personally like to see the face behind the booty, especially when the broad is making fuck faces. If you got a request and i can find it, I'll add it(if its booty related).
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Fishnet Red
2007-06-04 16:33:00
I luv fishnet stocking. So when i found this clip, i knew i had to add it to my blog. As soon as them red thong come down, she pokes that booty out and give a full moon. Just look at how that fishnet grab on her ass as the dude rips the middle.
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Bubblicious Booty
2007-06-04 04:23:00
Know this is what i call a bubblicious booty. If that ain't bubblin for the bangin then i don't know what is. Anyway i wish i was the purple thongs on this swiss mocha coffee butt babe. this broad is from the Black Creamy Pies series. She also have a very pretty face. I give her a ten.Click pic to see more !
Roxy's hot
2007-06-03 19:41:00
This is Roxy from the black creamy pies series. She is one of my personal favorite porn actresses. Those pink panties look good on that bubble butt, but trust me!. Wait till you see the rest.Click pic to see more !
Phat Brazilian Booty
2007-06-03 16:17:00
This Spanish broads body is so nice i decided to put three clips of her up. This girl is from the PhatBootyBrazil series and she is a nice thick chick. The oil glistening off of her booty just looks awesome.
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What a jiggley butt
2007-06-03 02:08:00
This girl butt really shakes like jello. That is one thick black booty. I like how it oscillate.
Chocolate and Vanilla
2007-06-03 01:57:00
Double the booty double the fun is my motto. In this Black Creamy Pies series we have two firm booty's from different ends of the spectrum. I think of them as the yin and yang of booty's. Click the booty's and see it all.Click pic to see more !
In your Face
2007-06-03 01:45:00
This is definitely a sight for sore eyes. A nice piece of spanish booty from the Black Creamy Pies series. It looks like you can just sniff it don't it. She has some great pics. just click the pussy.Click pic to see more !
How'd you get in them jeans
2007-06-02 19:28:00
Watch as this honey pull down them pants to grease that big ole booty up.tis is youtube at it's finest!
Soapy Booty
2007-06-02 19:22:00
This is a nice soapy spanish butt. She's from the brickhouse butts episodes and she's brick house tight, don't you think?.Click pic to see more !
BrickHouse in fishnet
2007-06-02 19:13:00
This is a nice yellow booty in fishnet stocking. She comes from the brickhouse episodes and the booty is dynomite!.Click pic to see more !
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Blig black BrickHouse Booty
2007-06-02 19:03:00
This is Cherokee from the BrickHouse Butts site. This broad has an amazing as and it looks even better oiled down.Click pic to see more !
Oily booty walking down hotel hallway
2007-06-02 01:41:00
Just like the title say. A nice yellow oily booty walking down the hallway. That bubble looks real luscious strutting down that hallway, don't you think!.
2007-06-01 02:25:00
This is another great clip from Bubble Butt Orgy. I especially like the light skinned girl she's mega hot
2007-06-01 02:18:00
This is a nice clip from the bubble but orgy saga. This is one of the many i got for you ass lovers.
Booty Pants Variety
2007-05-31 22:05:00
This is another nice super duper dooky booty. This clip is about 5min and it shows this dooty booty walking in a veriaty of different tight pants. Booty Clips. BABY GOT BACKPosted Feb 17, 2006Title says it all. I put alot of work into this video, i would like to know what you think leave a few comments ok.
Super Bubble
2007-05-31 21:54:00
This is what i call a super bubble. The shape on that booty really stand out to be so big and gelatinous.
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