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Moot Sex Motel

Moot Sex Motel
A nymphomaniac in the pants of the chaste. I like sex, alright? Run your hands through my hair, clasp my breasts, unbutton those jeans... ooh, la la! Wait. Let's be reasonable about all this. We wouldn't want the world to know.


Castle Nerd
2007-06-10 10:22:00
He said: "I live in a castle. It's in the hills. Okay, so it's a fake castle and it only has one battlement, but there's a palisade as well. Not a very big one." "What's a palisade?" I ask, after a moment of staring at him. He has the best pick-up line in the city, because no girl knows what a palisade is and, in the end, there's no-one else in the club who could tell you. You just want to know. "A palisade is a steel or wooden fence or wall of variable height, used as a defensive structure." I thought he gave in too early. He could have teased it out for longer, made me want it so bad it would have become an urgent whisper on my lips. And now that I knew, I was disappointed. It wasn't even an offensive medieval structure; ramparts and parapets are hard and bulky, but defensive structures are never going to get a girl as interested as something pointy. Some hidden spear that juts from the wall just as the unwary defender approaches, cursed with a spike that penetrates the s...
ExperiÍncia Ideal
2007-06-09 19:38:00
OBJECTIVE: To determine the effects of sexual interference (intercourse, oral manipulation etc) on sleeping male subjects actively engaged in REM (dreaming) sleep. HYPOTHESIS: Sexual interference will result in sexual dreams. PROCEDURES: Male subjects will be observed as they sleep. The Subject will be considered to be undergoing REM sleep once flickering of the eyes is noticed beneath closed eyelids. The Principal Investigator will then, with as much dignity as possible, perform sexual acts on the Subject, including but not limited to: oral manipulation, vaginal intercourse, nipple licking etc. The experiment will be deemed complete when the Subject is roused from an REM state or the testicles have been jettisoned their seed, whichever comes first. The Subject will then be immediately awoken (if not already awake) and interviewed. Enquiries should focus on the content of his dreams, and noted in as much detail as possible. It is not necessary for the Subject to be a willing p...
Gram Tosses Man
2007-06-08 22:22:00
From my cubicle I can often hear the conversation of men in the lunchroom. At their loudest they're at their most pointless, so I only really listen in when there's a stifled hush and the voices become low and creepy. "...nah, I'm not into mature ladies. [that conversation ends - there's nothing more here about mature ladies. Jes.] But I'll take it as easily as you say she gives it. Back in high-school, there was this one chick..." Well, I've heard a few of these. She must have been called Jess. "...I can't remember her name. What was her name? Jed, do you remember her?" "I dunno what you're talking about." "...she was kinda crazy, actually, nuts. She brought a knife to school." "...oh, yeah, yeah! Amanda. She didn't bring a knife, but she just said she did later. She cut someone's hand with a compass." Okay, not where I expected them to go. Amanda is a crazy person's name, the sort that seems to always have her oily head cocked because she's hearing voices when n...
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Lawnmower Sex
2007-06-08 10:23:00
We rarely hear, these days, "lawnmower" and "sex" in the same sentence. In any situation, that combo should be enough to raise an eyebrow. I sat bolt upright, eyes wide, the Really? on my lips unspoken for just a moment as common sense struggled, and failed, to keep up. I'll get wise one day. "Have you...?" "No," he said. "I've never done it before either. Sunday?" The block was wide. There was a lot of grass, and he was insistent on ensuring that it all be cut. I was very excited. Jason was very insistent. Horses and cars and anything with some kind of muscle in it have always been enough to whip me into a frenzy. At the big horticultural show, back when I was the only one who thought my breasts were growing, a boy had dared me to accept the dirty farmer's invitation to try out a tractor. Afterwards - after the screams of terror and delight at the vibration of the enormous four-wheeled beast between my legs - I had staggered around drunk for a minute or two, my bud frazzled. ...
Let's name names!
2007-06-06 20:37:00
The man I had sex with last night, a club hopper and a good sport, was mostly unremarkable except for his unflagging interest in his own portrayal on this site. I couldn't resist telling him about it, this shining new diary of mine, as he drove me home. I admit, my slightly drunken slurring probably took some of the sheen off, so he remained unimpressed. "What will be my name? Will you use my real name when you write about me?" "I... what's your real name?" I said, laughing. "Jamie." "I would never use your real name on the site. I'd call you Pete, or Jeff or something." "How about Rick?" "You'll need to have a big cock for that. Rick is a stallion's name. I dunno. I haven't seen it yet." He parted his jeans and showed it to me at the next red light. That late at night, the surrounding cars couldn't see it. Shit, I couldn't see it. "Touch it and it might improve," he protested, a little dismayed. "I'm at least a Steve." I touched it, which was enjoyable enough for u...
The Furtive Grape Thief
2007-06-05 02:32:00
I should explain that this blog is going to get very personal. I'm one of those secret people you see in the cream and paisley cubicles of life. As you walk down the street and glance to your left, no, behind that row of parked cars, facing slightly away from the world, stuck behind your own wobbling reflection on that wall of glass - there I am. Penetrate that world and you'll find I'm only an engineer (of sorts), a bored drone who finished university too soon and is already tired of working in front of a computer monitor all day. But when I walk up to you in a bar later you'll notice me right away; because my breasts are wonderful (I've always said I was narcissistic, but I haven't told you that yet) and your eyes, like the eyes of all men and women, interest me as grapes do to the unhurried hungry thief stalking the vineyard at night. I don't usually look away. I am always hungry and appraising. I first made love to a man two years ago and then as frequently as possible a...
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