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The Mulatta Seductress
2007-11-06 04:09:00
(Originally posted on La [email protected] on 07.04.07) No, not me but I'm flattered that you thought it was. :)I frequent the site Interracial Voice on a regular basis. Most of the editors and writers on the site are mixed race and write articles that address problems which affect multiethnic people like me and so many others. I absolutely love it. In the section of the site called 'Point-Counterpoint' this subject came up: "Why are mixed race women stereotyped as exotic and highly sensual?" Subject: TOPIC FOR POINT-COUNTERPOINT- Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 From: [email protected] are racially mixed women are labeled exotic, erotic and immoral? Society and media had always feed the myth of racially mixed women, whether they are eurasian, amerasian, mulatto, part north american indian, anglo indian, and latin american mestizo women are depicted in movies as more sensual than monoracial women. Monoracial men, whether they are white northern european, sub-saharan african, or east a...
Eden Fantasy's
2007-11-06 03:50:00
(Originally posted on La [email protected] on 07.04.07)During my long hiatus I made a decision not to do so much spleen venting and point out some great positive, sexual things in this world. This will last about two entries. :) On to the praise!I received an email from Chris Williams of Eden Fantasy's inquiring on a link exchange with this blog. I followed the link and looked over the site before I gave an 'ok'. Quality control and all that. I have to say, I love the site. It is bright and cheerful, wonderful with the graphics. What impressed me the most is the organization. The best section, in my opinion, was the lubricants. It is divided into the lubricant base material (like water, silicone, etc.) as well as whether the lube is scented, edible or flavored (there is a difference), warming and what the lube is (best) used for such as jilling off or for anal penetration. I do believe they have near every lube on the American market. The selection is vast.Their condom page is ...
Review: The Snapper
2007-10-25 07:03:00
(Picture courtesy of The Used without permission)Quite simply ladies, you need to buy this fantastic tool. The Snapper give you resistance while doing Kegel exercises, something many women find useful. Though I've never had a problem doing Kegels without any penetrating toys, this feels great. It was created by people who are definitely familiar with our glorious cunts because it fits perfectly.I've had The Snapper for about a month and I wasn't very consistent with wearing it. Nonetheless when I do, it is comfortable and feels so damn sexy! The Snapper can be worn under your clothes at any time; I wore mine to class and actually stayed awake during a very boring subject. The little ball at the top provides clitoral stimulation, especially the more you move around. If only my professor knew...which I wouldn't mind by the way. He's fucking hot in that scholarly, intellectual, forbidden way. Yum....Anyway, there are two different versions of The Snapper: The Standard...
America's War on Sex by Marty Klein, Ph.D: Review
2007-10-21 03:17:00
(Originally posted at La Libertine's Salon-Blogdrive on September 27, 2006)I made an earlier post about Marty Klein's upcoming book, America's War On Sex but I had yet to read it. I have to say I was so excited when the book finally arrived. I knew to expect the wit and undeniable truths that I have come to appreciate in Dr. Klein's Sexual Intelligence Newsletter and I was not disappointed. Quite simply put, this book must be read. It must be read by anyone who truly values freedoms, their own and others, and does not merely pay lip service to the idea. It must be especially read by any sexual libertines because, mon amies, our private sexual liberties are fast being chipped away. Finally this book should be read with Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale which, to echo Catherine La Croix, is coming closer and closer to fruition under the Bush Administration. Dr. Klein's book in a great compliment to that fictional (for now) novel.One of the most startling similarities of the...
A Hoax...for now
2007-09-19 04:23:00
Marry Our Daughter !While it is a satirical take on Biblical insanity, let's remember that there are actually policymakers in D.C. that would be more than happy to see this tradition return. Nonetheless, as the article points out, there are some very ridiculous marriage and sexual consent laws in this country.But one factoid not mentioned is that many of the sexual consent and marriage laws were written with the implicit hope of controlling female sexuality, though of course it affects males too. However the laws were penned by those heavily-influence by the "good book" and it is anti-female and anti-sex. So as long as the man buys/marries the girl then a-okay!It's interesting to note that, as mentioned in the article, that the U.N. anti-trafficking protocol mentions nothing about the selling and buying via trafficking of girls, yet this is the same protocol that seeks to categorize all prostitutes and prostitution as trafficking. That is thanks to anti-sex and sadly misinformed an...
Canada's SexTV and a Dita Von Teese interview
2007-09-15 01:30:00
They produce great sci-fi. They produce hilarious comedians. They produce some gorgeous mixes. They have multiculti big cities that almost make NYC look homogenous (Toronto's 9-1-1 is equipped to handle emergency calls in over 150 languages!). And they have a more realistic view on sex. O Canada!SexTV is a channel based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (and available on satellite around the world) that discusses sex, sexuality, eroticism and its politics in an intelligent, mature and exciting way. Did I mention how cool Canada is? I came across the channel via the very sassy Betsy Prioleau's website. SexTV, which is in its ninth season, is excellent for the sexual intellectual and the honestly curious. At the end of this post is a list of archived clips of the show that I enjoyed.Speaking of the sexual intellectual... The A.V. Club has an excellent article with Dita Von Teese conducted by Genevieve Koski. I adored Dita before (Glamorous! Talented! Sexy!) and after reading the article I...
Laugh! It's Funny!
2007-09-11 19:47:00
Just How Gay Is The GOP? by the inimitable Mark Morford. Maybe GOP should stand for the "Gay Ol' Party". Hypocrisy is such a stresser; they must all have ulcers from it.Examples Of Republican Hypocrisy on dKosopedia. Scary but true.
2007-08-31 06:07:00
I was cleaning off my kitchen table when I saw the headline on todays Chicago Sun-Times: "Beware of Damsels In Distress" at first I ignored it but decided to go back and read it. Apparently in a rush to fulfill quota, an ill-advised attempt to arrest a prospective john by an undercover vice cop was made on an innocent man, Erasmo Palacios.Mr. Palacios was in the car with his wife Rocio as they waited for their 22-year-old daughter to come out of a restaurant where the fam had just finished breakfast. The vice cop, posing as a hooker, frantically waved as though in distress. She approached the car on the passenger side where Rocio was sitting and quoted her price for oral sex and regular sex. The married couple basically laughed in her face.Next thing they know, CPD vice cops swarmed around the car alarming the Palacios and their daughter who had just emerged from the restaurant. They arrested Erasmo, impounded the family's 1983 Mercedes and threatened Las Palacios when they protest...
Promiscuity vs Indifference
2007-08-20 20:18:00
(Originally posted on La Libertine's Salon at Blogdrive on 26.11.06)When the subject of promiscuity, especially though not always a heterosexual or bisexual female's promiscuity, the term is deemed interchangable with indifference. One hears the accusation, "Oh, she'll sleep with anybody!" This is a stereotype, of course and like all stereotypes there is a small grain of truth in it. One can look at said grain in two ways: that sluts will sleep with anyone they deem worthy of sharing a bed with and please tell me how that is wrong; or that they will sleep with anyone without holding said person up to certain standards.A person can be indifferent to whom they chose as lovers whether they are promiscuous or monogamous. Truly I have heard of and personally knew more monogmaous, 'socially acceptable' people (women mainly) who keep very low standards for lovers because they feel "inadequate" without one. So basically they just take whatever is given through desperation. This seems t...
And This Guy Has a TV Show?
2007-08-18 22:06:00
Read this: The Science of Insulting Women by Melissa Lafsky. The most idiotic reader comment was posted by this guy who tries to claim this to be an evolutionary technique by men to keep their mates and that this would ensure their continued relationship. Also that somehow a woman would interpret this as protection. Right. That's a bit like expecting the school bully who taunts and terrorizes you day-in, day-out, to protect you when another bully shows up.It's amazing how asshole behavior is always "justified" when given the veneer of 'evolutionary advantage'.
A Bitch? Au Contraire!
2007-08-15 03:28:00
(Originally posted 23.05.07 on La Libertine's Salon at Blogdrive)Shortly before the new year, I purchased a promising book called "Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Argov. Ms. Argov is very particular about how she defines a bitch within her text:"An important distinction should be made between the pejorative way the word is usually used and the way it is used here. Certainly, I'm not recommending that a woman have an abrasive disposition. The bitch I'm talking about is not the 'bitch on wheels' or the mean-spirited chracter that Joan Collins played on Dynasty. Nor is it the classic 'office bitch' who is hated by everyone at work."The woman I'm describing is kind yet strong. She has a strength that is ever so subtle. She doesn't give up her life, and she won't chase a man. She won't let a man think he has a 100 percent 'hold' on her. And she'll stand up for herself when he steps over the line."She knows what she wants but won't compromise herself to get it..."So on and ...
Love Chess
2007-08-09 04:25:00
(Originally posted on 15.5.07 at La Libertine's Salon-Blogdrive)An Erotic, 3D, computer chess game. If chess was always like this, a lot more people would be interested in it.Main site: Art of Love : Erotic Art, 3D Art, Adult Games.
Chicago Tribune: The 237 Reasons To Have Sex
2007-08-04 04:02:00
On Wednesday that was the headline on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. A study conducted by University of Texas researcher Cindy Meston and co-authored by David Buss showed that number of reasons many people have sex. Many were the usual: it feels good, for love, to conceive, for money, to show appreciation, etc. One was unusual and quite despicable: to give somebody else an STD. I hope that person was immediately referred to the campus psychiatrist.Their results were published in this month's issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior. Meston showed surprise at the number of people who claimed a pursuit of sex to 'feel closer to God'. Well, if they're talking about the Judeo-Christian God, then I'm just as surprised, but that is certainly not the only deity believed in. She says, "Most of the literature shows that religious people have more sexual problems...but several people endorsed the idea that religion and sexuality were actually closely linked." Once again, it must be a...
Moulin Rouge Online
2007-08-01 06:59:00
I can't even remember how I stumbled across the address, but I'm glad I did. The Moulin Rouge website gives a summary of their history and most famous patrons and dancers from the belle epoque, as well as their menu. They also spotlight the artistic director, costume designers and head waiter. Sounds yummy all the way around and I would be thrilled to have dinner there and see a show. I've been a long-time fan of the can-can and would truly enjoy the show and appreciate it as a former dancer. I was never able to find any studios in Chicago that taught can-can, unfortunately but if I find a class while I'm still young, you best believe I'm signing up!
C.I.A. Sexism
2007-07-31 06:14:00
A very short column in this week's PARADE magazine highlighted an ongoing sex discrimination suit brought against the C.I.A. Several female agents, I forget the specific number, charge the intelligence agency with unfairly targeting them for firings due to the fact that they have foreign-born or foreign-national lovers. One woman was told to either call off her wedding or submit her resignation. These women are language experts in such tongues as Chinese, Korean, Farsi and Arabic--basically all the nations this one is keeping close tabs on. This is sounding familiar, non?What makes it sexist is that their male counterparts, who also have foreign-born or foreign-national lovers have not been targeted. Ever. Now, wasn't there in expose in the past couple years about an agent whose female Chinese lover was spying on us while dating/married to him? One female agent reports that the C.I.A. feels women agents will become 'too attached, sentimental'. They have labeled these women trait...
Lorenz Baumer- Joaillier
2007-07-29 03:04:00
(Originally posted on 18.4.07 at La Libertine's Salon)As W Magazine is my Bible for all things fashion, beauty and society related, I tend to read it back and forward and forward and back every month. I have my grandmother to thank for whetting my appetite for la dolce vita. This month, W featured a short article on a favorite in the world of haute joaillerie, the French-German Lorenz Baumer. Two of his watches bear daguérrotypes of particular interest to me and you as well: one depicts women's faces in the throws of ecstasy, appropriately named "Extases"; the other, and my favorite, is called "Origine du Monde".The fact that this watch daguérrotype is a picture of a woman's cunt in all it's natural glory and entitled "Origin of the World" is a very powerful statement. One many people, male and female, forget. I'm sure plenty, especially Americans, would see that as especially crass, but it isn't. It's a thing of over $20,000. But for such beauty and art, price b... Invasion of Privacy
2007-07-28 02:58:00
Suddenly the Paranoids Don't Seem So Paranoid Anymore is an excellent commentary on the US' new lack of respect for privacy on Of course this is vindication for those of us who have seen the writing on the wall for lo, these many years. For many sexual civil rights activists it once again proves the point that sexual rights are the first ones attacked as a 'vector prime' for other invasions of privacy: the 2257 code, the hysteria around Miss Jackson's (because I'm nasty) aureola and the resulting ridiculous fines, the firing of the children's show host for a bit part in a sexual satire video, etc.When it was just us sexual 'freaks', others poo-poo'd our dire warnings that they were next. But the first rights to go within a totalitarian/fascist society are those of sexual freedom. Always. Really, take a look at history from a legal and cultural standpoint: as dictators come to the fore, sexual and women's rights (and they are always connected) are the first to e...
Trojan Condom Commericals
2007-07-27 09:14:00
Dr. Marty Klein reports that FOX and CBS have refused to air this witty and positive new commercial from Trojan brand condoms because it does not only emphasize condom usage to prevent HIV and STDs. The commercial is about sexual pleasure and increasing that pleasure (and respect for your partner) by using a condom. But of course the commercial is on the net so we're seeing it anyway. Once again, sex can sell everything under the sun to Trojan for this awesome commercial and their refusal to change to accommodate America's sexual schizophrenia!The commercial: TROJAN EVOLVE
I Live For Moments Like These
2007-07-25 22:53:00
(Originally posted on La Libertine's [email protected] Blogdrive on 08.06.07)"First Man" Adam is a Sexy Beast! I wonder why an actor wasn't chosen from a local evangelical congregation? It would be interesting to see what kind of so-called perversions might be revealed from that group, were one of them in the same situation. Perhaps I can post some beaver shots, start a fetish site (complete with online shoppe) then get cast as The Shulamite in the new evangelical museum, "Solomon Does Israel"?
Introducing: La Libertine
2007-07-19 01:12:00
Hello everyone!La Libertine is a sexuality and feminist oriented blog written by me, a courtesan-in-training. It will celebrate all positive expressions of sexuality and eroticism as well as discuss and dissect the negative. La Libertine is currently located on Blogdrive, but the desire to make money from affiliation links prompted the move here to Blogger, which will allow me to do so. Most of the first several entries will be old entries from Blogdrive that were too good to lose.So enjoy and feel free to email me with comments as I disallow them on the blog. Warning: I do not suffer fools but intelligent discourse is welcomed. Posts are occasionally peppered with French phrases and are frequently explicit in nature. The first post will be here within the next seven days.
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