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Saturday Subscriber Count Drop?
2007-11-04 17:05:00
If you saw your subscriber count drop precipitously in your Saturday, November 3rd summary from FeedBurner, the reason is that specific subscriber stats from Google Feedfetcher were offline because this service was apparently out late with friends on Friday night, and well, it completely slept through Saturday. It appears to have rallied, however, and amid firm declarations of "I'm never doing that again", Feedfetcher has started diligently reporting subscriber numbers to us, early this morning Pacific Time. FeedBurner publishers' subscriber counts should be closer to what you'd normally expect starting with reports that will be available on Monday morning.
AdSense Integrated with FeedBurner Site Ads
2007-10-31 22:00:00
There's really nothing spookier than hollow, empty ad spaces rattling around your blog and/or web site, putting no cash in your pocket nor any extra hob- in your goblin. Before you banish these underperforming idlers to some distant house upon a lonely hill, we recommend redeeming them with a chance to boost your earning potential. This Halloween, the FeedBurner development team is asking those of us who do the announcing around here to make note of the now-available integration of FeedBurner site ads and AdSense. This newly integrated capability — designed just for FeedBurner-powered content like yours — puts relevant AdSense content ads to work on your blog and/or website. (Note: AdSense options for feeds not available at this time.) If you choose to activate this service, you can run a 300x250 or 468x60 text or image AdSense ad on your blog. The ad will appear below the first item on your site and archive pages once you have installed the necessary code. Ad content ...
Google Reader Subcription Stats and FeedBurner
2007-10-15 17:07:00
Earlier today, the Google Reader team described the new subscriber stats feature now available in Reader's search results. We'll go grab a donut while you take a moment to read the thorough post. As the Reader team discusses at the bottom of their post, it's important to remember that FeedBurner is aggregating your Google Reader (and Newsgator and Bloglines and...) statistics across all feeds that you may be redirecting through FeedBurner either via your own http configuration wizardliness or through plugins like FeedSmith or maybe even through simple and direct integrations like those in Typepad and Blogger. We've consolidated subscriber stats from most of the far corners of the feed subscription universe (yes, we are going on record and saying the universe has corners and is a simple geometric shape - we are not yet committing to whether it's 3D/4D/5D, but we are saying it has corners), in order to give you the most complete picture of your audience. There are thousands of...
Video a GoGo
2007-10-10 04:00:00
Can you imagine adding fun, targeted video content to your site, while earning revenue at the same time? No, really. Picture the majesty, the drama, the undeniable spectacle of it all. Video. Your site. Total togetherness. It's a dreamlike state. Whoa, snap out of it! This video-makes-money-on-your-site thing is now a solid reality. Google AdSense announced today a new offering called video units. Video units let website publishers choose relevant content from select YouTube partners and have it streamed to their sites within a highly customizable video player. The videos are supported with user-friendly, targeted advertising, both above the video content and within the bottom 20% of the viewing area. Video units are now available in the U.S. for English language websites that are signed up for an AdSense account. If you want to learn more and see a sample video unit, you can check out the AdSense blog. If you're ready to get started, sign in to your AdSense account. You'll nee...
The FeedSmith Plugin: newly fortified as part of this delicious breakfast
2007-10-04 02:41:00
This post is a quick note from the foreman down at the FeedBurner ironworks and custom tools depot. If you're a new or longtime user of FeedBurner FeedSmith — our plugin for WordPress that helps ensure you count all of your blog's feed traffic through FeedBurner — there is a recommended security-related update to this plugin for you to download. Here are the details: Potential security vulnerability Some WordPress plugins that permit the entry of user-entered values, such as older versions of FeedSmith, can be vulnerable to what is called a "cross-site request forgery." Without getting overly technical, this permits someone to change WordPress plugin settings on your system without you noticing during the time you are signed into your WordPress control panel. And no one wants that. How to protect your feed Protect your feed by downloading FeedSmith v2.3, available; download it now. This newest release ensures that the only person who may change FeedSmith settings is...
Pubvertise Your Live Content to a Wider Audience
2007-08-01 17:15:00
They laughed at us in Geneva when we presented our new word to the scientific community, but it's the surest way to describe our latest enhancement to Headline Animator. Publish + Advertise, all in one place (and let's not kid ourselves, "adverblish" isn't going anywhere). Headline Animator - through its many transformations - is morphing into quite the marketing tool. Why do we continue to call it a Headline Animator when others refer to these things as widgets? Because we are a stubborn people, some would say an ornery people, raised on the hardscrabble plains east of Medicine Hat, eking out meals of corn with more corn, and we say it's a Headline Animator…where were we? Oh yes. For those of you tracking the Headline Animator's evolution via ham radio or this blog, you already know that it helps build your audience by enabling feed promotion on MySpace, other blogs, in forums, even at the bottom of your emails. Or, you can just grab code and put it wherever you think...
Flame-Bearing Swag Still Available
2007-07-20 22:49:00
We've recently moved into Google's fabulicious Chicago office and brought with us our remaining stock of FeedBurner stickers and buttons. If you are interested in procuring these free delights, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope (or international reply coupon) to our new mailing address. This offer is good until we run out of stickers and/or buttons. Google c/o I Want A FeedBurner Sticker! 20 West Kinzie Street 9th floor Chicago, IL 60610 USA Here are a few answers to some lingering questions from the original thread: Can you ship my swag overseas? We'll send your sticker to the moon if the postage is correct. But to answer the question, yes. We are able to send stickers overseas and can report several successful exchanges from Italy, Malaysia and Japan. Not a peep yet from Reykjavik, but we're cautiously optimistic. Why don't you save yourselves the hassle and put this stuff on one of those fancy web-based swag fulfillment sites? What can we say, we're con...
FeedBurner Integration for Blogspot Blogs
2007-07-12 00:00:00
Hot on the heels of last week's much-ballyhooed free FeedBurner for everyone, we are very excited to announce the immediate availability of one-click redirection for Blogger Blogspot blogs (note our fine use of both alliteration and first syllable congruence). If you host your content on a Blogger blog with a address (or use Blogger's “custom domain” feature), you can now redirect your native Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed (quite easily, might we add). Gone are the muggy, languorous days of wrestling with "autodiscovery" tags in foreboding corners of your Blogger template code or hacking through this tangled discussion thread for a glimpse of configuration clarity. Starting right now, you just log into your Blogger account, select Settings | Site Feed, enter your FeedBurner feed address and click "Save Settings." Zap! Pow! Kraaakkkk! Now you've got the complete picture of how your content is being consumed out here, out there, out everywhere. Wh...
FreeBurner for Everyone
2007-07-03 17:00:00
One of the many benefits that FeedBurner publishers will enjoy now that FeedBurner is part of the Google family is a little something we like to call, "more for free!" Beginning today, two of FeedBurner's previously for-pay services, TotalStats and MyBrand, will be free. Not in the sense of soaring high above the clouds or recently sprung from the hoosegow, but free like you'll no longer gladly be billed on Tuesday for a burned feed today. We suspect this will be welcome news to the 450,000+ of you using many of our other free services, but understanding that your feed is your feed, you will need to activate these newly freed-up services in order to partake in their awesomeness. FeedBurner Stats PRO PRO is feed analytics taken to the next level. You will now have access to the number of people who have viewed or clicked individual content items in your feed and “Reach,” which estimates the daily number of subscribers who interacted with your feed content. You can tu...
It's True-gle!
2007-06-01 19:55:00
Unlike the rumor that FeedBurner is nearly code-complete on a multiplayer Wii edition, the blog posts, phone calls and conjecture about our future as part of the Google family tree are now officially true. FeedBurner has been acquired by Google. The local weather forecast calls for general euphoria with intermittent periods of off-the-rails delight. This is one of those posts in which there's so much to say that it's difficult to know where to begin. We want to start off by highlighting the whys, wherefores, and whatnots for our publishers. FeedBurner has always been a publisher-centric company. We built the company around a central theme and hypothesis that distributed media present publishers with immense opportunities as well as spiraling complexity. The vision is straightforward: publishers who successfully promote distribution and measure consumption will be in a position to derive more value (aka make more money, gain more influence, etc.) from media distribution. Feeds p...
MediaVillage Feeds to Reside in Ye Olde FeedBurner-burg
2007-05-23 14:00:00
In our fair hamlet of FeedBurner we are very pleased to announce today that Myers Publishing, LLC is now burning feeds and has joined our ad network. It takes a village to raise a compelling collection of commentary and reviews for both TV fans and television executives, producers, writers and stars. And Jack Myers calls that community MediaVillage. is where TVland meets Internetland in a top TV Fansite dedicated to enabling viewers to SoundOff to TV executives and talent, and providing ongoing feedback to TV programmers and advertisers on TV viewers’ passions, preferences and emotional connections. MediaVillage offers criticism and insight with feeds such as Jack Myers Media Report, Jacki Garfinkel's Confessions of a TV Maven, Ed Martin's Watercooler TV, and Savoring Soaps. Loads of show-specific feeds will provide up-to-date commentary and news from popular programs such as Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, American Idol, Gilmore Girls, Law & Order, The Simpsons, an...
Jackson Pollock didn't bother with a "Troubleshootize" tab.
2007-05-17 19:00:00
Today FeedBurner channels our inner Picasso, as we proudly sponsor the Bernstein & Andriulli New Media Symposium happening this evening at the Library at The SoHo House in New York City. Bernstein & Andriulli is an artist management agency that represents all types of imaginative folks like photographers, illustrators, stylists, hair and makeup artists, interactive artists and producers. Today's symposium ponders, "Webisodes, Mobisodes, On-Line Advergaming, Branded and Unbranded Media, Urban Vinyl Toys...What Does It All Mean?" Boy, we wish we knew (hey, we don't have all the answers, but we do know our Monets from our Manets — and our mayonnaise, for that matter). And with mother nature brandishing her palette of lovely Springtime hues all around us, we thought it timely to present some of our many artistic publishers who are distributing colorful feeds far and wide. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall: a FeedBurner feed is always in Cézanne...uh, season. Take V...
FeedBurner Adopts Two-Year-Old, Renames it 'FeedSmith'
2007-05-03 23:47:00
It's official. We've signed adoption papers for the popular WordPress plugin that seamlessly redirects requests for an ordinary feed (from self-hosted WordPress blogs) to your super-powered FeedBurner feed. This plugin — a toddler in age, but a prodigy with HTTP requests — will be made available directly from FeedBurner as "FeedSmith." It was originally raised by the multi-talented Steve Smith, who's trusting us to ensure its continued well-being. If you aren't already familiar with this handy plugin, you should know it's a reliable way to track your entire feed-reading audience and can even result in that elusive "bump in subscribers" effect when you first activate it. What the plugin accomplishes, in Steve's own words:Using some WordPress plugin magic, and user-agent detection, this plugin simply forwards all your feed traffic to FeedBurner. The plugin will detect all ways to access your feed (e.g. or ...
Warm Up To a Protected Advertising Climate
2007-04-26 14:00:00
Today we announce AdClimate, a new feature of the formidable FeedBurner ad server for blogs and RSS feeds. AdClimate gives marketers and advertisers the power to suppress their ads from being served into content they might deem questionable. By way of example, let's say you have an aversion to the word, "wingnut" and the thought of your ad for pinenuts showing up in a publisher's blog post about the history of wingnuts would be totally unacceptable (hey - who are we to judge?) AdClimate to the rescue. In addition to screening a multi-language default list of inappropriate language, advertisers can submit their own list of keywords next to which they don't want their ad to appear - wingnuts and all. AdClimate is the solution for that awkward adjacency issue that makes advertisers and media planners sink a little lower in their chairs (kind of like lumbar support, but without the foam cushion or unfashionable belt). If there’s one thing we can say about the content produced by ...
The Universal Language of FeedBurning
2007-04-18 22:47:00
For those of you playing the FeedBurner Around the World game, please place your left hand on the "Flame Thrower" square while we take a moment to catch everyone else up. Unbeknownst to the lot of us who've been contentedly minding our stats, stockpiling our reserve of Headline Animators, and tending to our FeedFlare gardens, FeedBurner has quietly spread to the four corners of the earth. For real. We have resellers in Japan, Spain and Russia, our customer base includes thousands upon thousands of feeds from publishers all over the world and our flame-o-con burns brightly for millions of subscribers in 190 different countries. It's irresistable — even Ewan and Charley plotted their route straight through picturesque FeedBurner Country. (Hey, that movie looks familiar.) In the spirit of at least one burned feed for every online publisher, we are proud to announce the latest enhancement to the site: Multilingual support for Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and S...
Rick's Ruminations: Full Feeds
2007-04-18 18:10:00
David Churbuck's recent post imploring bloggers to publish full feeds reminded me that I've been meaning to comment on this for a while. It's a subject I speak on regularly at SES, and some of the recommendations I make are not the same ones you see made on a number of blogs. First of all, I think the primary justification often given for partial feeds - that it will drive higher clickthroughs back to the publisher's site - is off-base. As people subscribe to feeds, they subscribe to more feeds. And that means they're consuming more content, which means that each click out of the feed reader is taking the reader away from more content. In other words, feed reading is consumption-oriented, not transactionally focused. We've seen no evidence that excerpts on their own drive higher clickthroughs. Secondly, the reason many larger publishers give for trying to steer traffic back to the site is that they can make money on the site. Guess what? You can monetize feeds as well - givi...
SFGate + FeedBurner = Summer of Burning Love
2007-04-17 16:30:00
In a match made in distributed media heaven, the City by the Bay's leading newspaper has hooked up with the Windy City's one and only FeedBurner. SFGate, the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, has burned a few hundred feeds, blogs and podcasts, and is now contributing inventory to FeedBurner's ad network for blogs and RSS feeds. “As one of the first major newspapers to have a Web presence in 1994, SFGate has maintained its commitment to offering valuable Internet services and we continue this tradition by improving the way we distribute news and information,” said Peter Negulescu, Vice President, Digital Media, “FeedBurner’s analytics reveal a significant percentage of our readers consume content through our RSS feeds, so this deal signifies a logical extension of our overall content strategy. The online advertising revenue opportunity is very promising.” As the number one newspaper site in Northern California, SF Gate delivers top news stories...
FeedBurner to Manage Feeds Across the AOL Network
2007-04-13 18:00:00
FeedBurner will be working with AOL to manage hundreds of the company's RSS, podcast and video feeds consisting of news, sports and entertainment content. Additionally, all Time Warner properties including HBO, New Line Cinema, Time Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment can take advantage of FeedBurner's services. We like open floodgates around here, so long as the servers stay dry. We'll be providing AOL with detailed analytics about how its content is consumed beyond the AOL Web site -- such as within widgets, in feed readers and on blogs -- to help them accurately measure influence wherever their content is consumed. AOL joins a long list of established brands, including Dow Jones Online, Geffen Records, and USATODAY, who are using our super-powered FeedFoundry service, i.e, our enterprise-strength feed management offering for aggregating, analyzing and reporting distributed media activity across large numbers of RSS feeds. FeedFoundry allows publishers to monitor audience en...
FeedFoundry Gets More Features, Fans, and a Facelift
2007-04-11 18:30:00
After some considerable engineering derring-do and successful settlement to a debate about using Celsius or Fahrenheit (contrarians that we are, we chose Kelvin), we are proud to announce a significant update to FeedFoundry, our industrial-strength feed management offering. FeedFoundry is currently humming away, minding the mass feed management details for over a hundred of FeedBurner's largest commercial publishers, retailers, and blog networks. This update puts more raw materials to good use for more robust feed management and analysis. And while we're on the topic of shiny, new and just outta shrink wrap, NPR and Circuit City are the newest faces to join our distinguished list of FeedFoundry customers. NPR's Michael Yoch has this to say about FeedFoundry: "This service will provide new insights into how users are consuming NPR's distributed media on the Web. NPR users are avid consumers of RSS feeds. With FeedFoundry we'll be able to track this activity and make more info...
What's Up With That? Vol. 3: SEO
2007-04-09 22:30:00
As we gear up for this week’s Search Engine Strategies conference in New York, we thought it timely to discuss the many ways in which feeds and the wonderful world of search engine optimization (SEO) intersect. Increasingly, doing a search at a search engine will result in links to your feed as well as your site. This is a result of search engines’ increased use of feeds to help discover and index web sites, and is seen by many as an advantage in that it gives searchers multiple opportunities to find your content. Of course, some site owners want to control how (and when) their feeds show up in search results, as well as influence how the search engines interpret the information they find in the feeds. In order to better understand the issues, we keep in touch with representatives from the major search engines, and we also talk regularly with a number of leading SEO consultants. While a full SEO tutorial is outside the scope of this post, we wanted to at least outline the ways ...
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