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Interview With A Blogger - Naughty Boy
2007-11-10 01:11:00
Tonight's Interview With A Sexy Blogger is taking a little twist, as tonight we are talking to a sexy male blogger! We have been fortunate enough to get an interview with the charming "Naughty Boy" of Talking Dirty wonderful sexually charged blog.I have to be honest, Naughty Boy and I have had an"relationship" on and off for the last year or so....he is a deliciously sexy young man, a perfect tease for this um...well...slightly older MILF!! However, although we have emailed each other fairly regularly, it wasn't until he agreed to this interview that I really got to know a little about him. So here goes:SBR: Do you consider yourself a sexy blogger, or a writer of sex blogs? Why?NB: Hmmm...I think its a mix of both, but I'd lean towards "writer of sex blogs", it sounds cooler too. I think there are very few "sexy bloggers", but more "writers of sex blogs". I write a sex blog, it's pretty clear from my posts and overall it seems to describe me better...
The Housewife Next Door
2007-11-08 11:27:00
Even the name of this blog, The Housewife Next Door sounds sexy and conjures up pictures of a sexy MILF living next door. You know the one, the sexy blonde that you know is horny, or the dark sensual brunette who looks at you with those I want to eat you eyes and licks her lips as you pass her on the sidewalk.Well it's more than the name of this blog that is sexy, there are some very sexy stories here, many of them recounting adventures of sex that have to be read. The blogger's "About Me" piece says, "You'd never guess now, unless you are one of the lucky few who have had me, that inside this married mother of two is a raging tide of lust and insatiable passion."After reading some of her stories I believe it..... The Housewife Next Door is on a Wordpress platform, nice smooth layout, common to Wordpress blogs, and is clean and uncluttered with the extra stuff that so many of us bloggies seem to think is necessary. (including me LOL) There aren't a whole lot of posts here, it...
More About: Wife
Interview With A Sexy Blogger - MuseMandy - How About Now?
2007-11-07 02:06:00
This is Interview With A Sexy Blogger week here at Sexy Blog Reviews and tonight is no exception. We found Mandy sometime ago and decided we'd love to interview her for our blog. Mandy has a very sexy blog called how about now?We met Mandy for a drink in a sexy little nightclub just off the strip where we enjoyed martini's and olives and asked her about herself and her blog. She is as sensual and sexy as she seems in her blog, and a pleasure to talk to, here is the interview.SBR: Do you consider yourself a sexy blogger, or a writer of sex blogs? Why? MM: I write about my life, and a lot of what concerns me is sex, relationships between men and women (I'm mostly hetero, so that's what I know) and the politics of sexual and emotional baggage as we move through our lives. My blog is an intimate blog, and a lot of that intimacy is sex, but I hesitate to embrace the term "sex blog" since there are so many good ones out there. So I hope I'm a "sexy" writer, but that's really up to...
Interview With Karen - Tits-N-Toast
2007-11-06 02:46:00
As promised here is our second in the series, Interview With A Sexy Blogger. For these interviews we look for someone whose blog we have reviewed and we believe to be a "sexy blogger." Tonight's interview is with Karen from the sexy blog, Tits-N-Toast We reviewed Karen's blog a short time ago and haven't been able to get her out of our minds ever since. You can read the review Here!! So ww here at Sexy Blog Reviews were very pleased when Karen agreed to an interview with us. So here goes:SBR: Do you consider yourself a sexy blogger, or a writer of sex blogs? Why? Karen: I consider myself to be a sexy blogger. My blog is where I share my life with the blogosphere. I enjoy sex and it is a very big part of my life, so naturally it shows up as a predominant part of my blog. My posts are wildly varied. One minute I may be blogging about some new orgasmic sex toy and the next I could be complaining about the fact that the milkman left the wrong cream...(pun intended). Will you find ...
Sexy Blog Reviews
2007-11-05 03:13:00
Sexy Blog Reviews had to take a bit of an hiatus today from our regularly scheduled programming owing to a long power outage caused by a storm which blew threw the area yesterday. I apolgize for no post.However, I can tell you that we have two new "Interviews With A Sexy Blogger" almost ready to go and the first of them should be published tomorrow evening, Tuesday at the latest. There are so many wonderful sexy blogs in the blogosphere, and so little time, but we are getting through them, one orgasm at a time...Thanks for reading Sexy Blog Reviews
A Classy Elegant Lady...In Lust
2007-11-03 02:23:00
A Classy Elegant Lady...In Lust is an interesting sexy blog with lots of erotic stories about the sex life, no make that, erotic sex life of a 40 something woman and her affairs of a sexual is a lot of 'sex' in that sentence. I suppose because there is a lot of 'sex' in A Classy Elegant Lady...In Lust!! It's written by a lady who seems to have not one but two blogger profiles, "Classy" and "Classy Elegant Lady" I think she should add one more name to her profile, "Classy Horny Lady" cause oh my, this little lady is horny! and ya gotta love that! Classy is fairly new on the blog scene with about 27 posts to her credit, but some of them are pretty steamy reading, take for example this line, from Exceeded His Expectations I'm biting the pillow so I don't scream at the top of my lungs and he is getting close too...he's fucking me faster and faster. Wow! Biting the pillow. I love it when my sex partner bites the pillow. I particularly love it when it's th...
2007-11-02 01:53:00
Now here is a sexy blog with a very straightforward and to the point name, Masturbation Yup, that's the name, pretty simple and doesn't leave much doubt about what the blog is about. Gotta like that! Masturbation is new to the sexy blog arena, having started in August of 2007 and with only 10 posts to it's credit at the moment. I hope there are more to follow. It's written on a Blogger template by a very sexy blogger named "Jenny" from the United Kingdom who says that she "has to masturbate at least five times a day." Yup....five times a wonder she has only posted about 11 stories since the first of September...she is too busy masturbating....Now I like the occasional 'self love' experience myself but five times a day? I only wish...I also wish I could meet this girl in person! Whoo hoo! Masturbation begins with a very sexy story called Shoe Shopping which I have to admit I found love the idea of being nude or next to nude in public, ...
Erotic Garden
2007-10-31 23:37:00
Erotic Garden Sensual Erotic for Women is written by BadGirl and is a delicious collection of erotic posts about all kinds of sexy stuff. I really liked some of the posts and...yup...the pics....including the picture that accompanies this post called The Dangers of Dating A Coworker Wow, what a great pic....and let's not forget this one that comes with the post, Naughty by Nature which links to a story about sex in public. Most of the posts this blog are links to other articles from all over the internet.But they all have one thing in are some great links here as BadGirl leads us to many fine articles about stuff we need to know like Using Your Brain to Have Hotter Sex and It's not all articles either, there are some hot stories like this one called Stranger On A Bus and lots of Sexy Picture Posts Erotic Garden leans towards being erotica for women, but when you come right down to it, the pictures will appeal to both sexes, as will most of the ar...
Interview With A Sexy Blogger - A Slip Of A Girl
2007-10-31 01:24:00
Welcome to a first here at Sexy Blog Reviews! I am calling this feature "An Interview With A Sexy Blogger" In this, the first interview, we asked our questions of Slip, from A Slip of A Girl a blog we recently reviewed. So without further adieu, lets get into the interview!!SBR: Do you consider yourself a sexy blogger, or a writer of sex blogs? Why?Slip: Yes, of course I consider myself to be a sexy blogger; I'm very very sexy and I blog. *wink* But I actually don't consider myself to be a sex blogger because I don't really focus on sex per se. So many directories etc. insist that I am, that the blog is a sex blog; but really I consider myself to be a lingerie blogger, which would make it more of a shopping blog or a fashion blog than a sex blog. However, unlike most lingerie blogs, I admit that lingerie is tied to sexuality and I don't skirt the issue. (I could argue that all fashion blogs are similarly linked, but that would be more of a thesis-length post than an answe...
Sexuality Happens
2007-10-29 11:20:00
Sexuality Happens is a cool blog by "Essin' Em," who describes herself as "your friendly neighborhood sexpert. Not only am I personally well versed in the world of sexuality, I am also well on the way towards my Master's and Doctorate in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University."Wow! This might be the first blog we have reviewed where the blogger is actually some kind of an authority on sex.One cool feature that I like about this blog right off the get-go is the sidebar piece called "Who Is This Essin Em Person" It's pretty cool and a neat descriptive piece about the writer. It's almost, in fact it may be one of those, '100 things about me pieces', that we see in some blogs.So let's see, what have we got? We have book reviews, sex toys reviews, some sexy HNT photo's and some musings and interesting works about sex. There are over 200 posts, so there is lots to see and do, enough for an evening of reading. Her link list ...
Nicki Lewis
2007-10-29 02:44:00
In keeping with my philosopy to post them as I find them, I have to write about Nicki Lewis Now, before I go any further I am going to say upfront, Nicki is an "amateur" where "amateur" actually means more of a...well...professional, designation. Therefore, she has a website. But she also has a blog, and it is a pretty interesting blog, full of posts and pictures, like ones of her nude outdoors, riding a Sybian Machine, and even some fantasies.Now, what could be better than that, the fantasies of a girl who provides many of us with our own fantasies....oh my....Nicki's blog is designed get her name out there and of course draw some visitors, paying, to her website. OK, that's fair ball as far as I am concerned, we're all in this for something.That said, Nicki has a pretty damn good blog if you ask me. There are lots of great pics with posts going back to August 2006. Lots of pics, of a very sexy Nicki, like this one shown here Bare In The Bushes about some nude pictures outdoor...
Silent Porn Star
2007-10-29 00:10:00
Silent Porn Star is a sex blog in a manner of speaking, that is, it is about sex and sexuality, and more specifically vintage sex and sexuality. I couldn't find any erotic stories here folks, although there are some vintage erotic photos, advertisments and other items of a sexy nature from years gone by.The blogger's profile notes say,This blog isn't about me. It's about us - all of humanity & our sexuality.Our sexual icons: their history no longer our mystery.Seperated by the silence of time, they whisper, if we listen...The forms of the past are shapes & shafts which still fit our emotional & physical sexual voids.Whew, that's pretty cool stuff, and being the word pervert that I am, I take note of the use of the word "shafts" in the last sentence....woohoo...doesn't take much to get me going does it? Silent Porn Star is written on a Blogger Template, and has lots of pictures and posts with archives reaching back to 2005. This is a glimpse into sexual history with lots of v...
A Slip Of A Girl
2007-10-28 15:37:00
A Slip of A Girl bills itself as a "lingerie blog" which I guess it is, but it is more than that. It's stories, pics, and other stuff which includes lingerie.When I first started reading it I wasn't sure it was my kind of blog, or at least not the kind I would pick for a review here. But as I got into it I found some stuff I liked, including some of the writing. In fact, it wasn't until I really started reading some posts that I realized the blogger has a talent for writing, and if the stories I read are any indication, she is actually quite humorous. Take this one for example, I laughed out loud at a couple of her lines. I know, I know, I usually stick to pure sex blogs, with stories of the ultimate orgasm, and pics of nude MILFs getting it on with their handyman etc, but a little humor injected sometimes makes an orgasm even better.There is quite a bit to see and do at A Slip of A Girl iincluding gaze at some very sexy vintage nude pics which are always a treat, she also has...
Guys With Small Pricks
2007-10-26 03:29:00
As equal opportunity bloggers here at Sexy Blog Reviews, we think it's only fitting that we have a look at blogs of all shapes and um...sizes...and that's kind of what we found over at Small Pricks to the heading this blog has pictures of men with small dicks and the men and women who love them. Well, let me tell ya, it lives up to it's word. There are lots and lots of pictures of nude men with small penis's or penii as I have seen it spelled. Most of these guys are hunks too. I don't know if they are supposed to be gay or not, and for some reason I doubt they all are. C'mon no matter what you may have heard, it's not just gay guys with small cocks. Girls, these guys are hunks, some of them have been spending their free time at the gym, no doubt about it, and small dicks or not, they look good enough to eat. Small Pricks is on a blogger platform and didn't just arrive on the scene, as it contains over 250 posts. That's 250 pictures of men with small...
Sexy Labia
2007-10-21 20:02:00
Wow...I stumbled into a big can I say this...I found a big pair of big pairs of lips...Ha ha, actually I came across a site called Sexy Labia that kind of has to be seen to be believed, understood and enjoyed. Sexy Labia is not exactly a sex blog, more of website in one sense, but I couldn't go past it once I had come across it. This is really quite the thing, not for everyone I don't think and not for the faint of heart either. Lots of pictures of woman with big, sexy labia, and some helpful information about what to do with big, sexy pussy lips...and's better if you see it for yourself, I don't think I can do it justice....I'm not going to give it a rating, as I don't really consider this a blog in the sense of the kind that I typically review. This is just one of those sites I come across that I feel I should tell you about! Sexy Labia
Woman On Top
2007-10-21 18:56:00
What's your favorite position for sex? Mine happens to be woman on top. If that's yours too, check out Woman On Top This isn't a very um...talkative blogger, more of a photo blog but that's OK too, especially considering I am a fan of blogs with nude pics. This one is fairly new, with somewhere around 25 posts to his credit so far. Woman On Top is one of several blogs this blogger has on the go, relating to sex. He also has a survey blog that I found very interesting. I will write that one up later, I think it deserves a post of it's own. Meanwhile back to my favorite position for sex, the girl on top, her boobies dangling in my face, nipples hard...oh my...gotta love that...besides that, with the girl on top you can really get a sense of whether or not she is really into it, based on how hard she is working on your hard cock. Woman On Top needs some more commentary from the blog writer....geez never thought I would say that, I am usually complaining about too much talk and ...
Tits- n -Toast
2007-10-18 04:25:00
Tits-n-Toast is a very sexy little blog written by the sexy Karen from the Suburbs in Colorado. Ah yes, Karen is very fuckable looking...and bless her heart she has some pics! Lots of HNT pics! I like this one, it's on a Blogger platform, simple and easy to read and some of the posts are titillating to say the least. Karen likes to tell us about some of the hijinks of her and her husband, and I think her blog is probably pretty close to the truth regarding her life, which makes this all the more interesting to read. It's cool to read the stories of real people and then see pictures of them naked....I like that a lot. Our sexy blogger also has a cool little post about the different words for boobs including things like "Meat Loaves, Meatballs, Milk Cans, Milk Shakes, Milk Wagons, Mounds, Mountains, Muffins, Mulligans, Nancies, Nectarines, Niblets, Ninnies, Nippers, Nodules, Noogies, Nubbies, Oranges, Orbs, Ottomans, Pagodas, Palookas, Papayas, Parabolas, Paw Patties" and more! Ha!...
Beautiful Creature
2007-10-17 11:44:00
One of the dangers of being a sexy blog reviewer is that I will find one that is soo damm good my readers will stop coming here and spend all their blog reading time reading the blogs I recommend....Well if the above is true, I am in real trouble...because Beautiful Creature is one heck of a sexy blog. Written by Aliza from somewhere in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia, her header says that her blog is "A fairy tale this is not, this is my life, my fantasy and reality. The writing is my expression, thoughts and observations on life, sex, people and being human. The photographs satisfy the exhibitionist in me. This site helps me accept myself as a beautiful creature, one of many."OK, I'll buy that, this is one sexy blog, and Aliza is one sexy girl! Very sexy. Very,very sexy...OK she has pics on her blog, you figured me out. But that's not all, the writing is very good, good enough to keep me entertained and good enough that I bookmarked her so I could come back again an...
Dating Tips For Men & Women: The Art of Dating, Seduction, Romance & Relati
2007-10-15 23:33:00
Dating Tips For Men & Women: The Art of Dating, Seduction, Romance & Relationships is a blog that probably should win something for having what may be the longest title in all of blogging history.One thing about a title like that, there is little doubt what the blog is about. Yup you got it, car kidding. This site is blogfull of tips and advice for the dating scene, just like the name implies. With over 200 posts already up, if you read all of this blog and can't get a woman, well...perhaps you are gay...or which case you need to go HERE! Just kidding....Dating Tips For Men & Women: The Art of Dating, Seduction, Romance & Relationships is written on a blogger platform by a couple of bloggers, Nicole and Josh...hmmm...I wonder if they found each other using these great dating tips and techniques? This isn't a sex blog so I suppose you are wondering what it is doing here on Sexy Blog Reviews? Well, it may not have pictures and it may not have a lot of ...
Bad Bad Girl
2007-10-13 02:15:00
Men love a bad girl, some women love a bad girl, but sexy men and woman REALLY love a Bad Bad Girl and you will too when you visit her blogBad Bad Girl profile says: Looking for a man who will respect me like a woman, spoil me like a queen, and fuck me like a slut. I love to share my dirty stories. Some are fantasy, some are true... some are a little of both- you decide. Enjoy me.Uh-huh, well, with a lead in like that, how was I going to be able to avoid reading her blog? Bad Bad Girl has some great stories posted, and lots of them, over 200 over the past couple of years. Needless to say I have been busy reading posts with titles like, Smooth Surface, Craving and Games Lovers Play you gotta keep reading and reading. These are some really hot, sexy, erotic stories. This is one that I can recommend and feel good about it. The writing is certainly erotic and sexy, the stories keep you reading, and yes there are even a some sexy pics *wink* But wait! There's more!! If you look c...
Over Forty Married Sex
2007-10-08 01:27:00
Mr and Mrs Manic Depressive have got it going one over at Over Forty Married Sex With over two years of posts to their credit, TW and Mr M-D as they like to call themselves have a lot of sexy material all in one convenient place. Stories of their sexcapades, comments on life and lots of links are just some of the reasons to visit this sexy blog. Of course we can't forget Foto Phriday either, because you know that got it pics! In fact when I stumbled into this blog this afternoon I came face to face with Mrs Manic Depressive's impressive boobs! Yup...right there....However, I couldn't find anymore, with the exception of three hot babes in a boat in 3 More Good Reasons Over Forty Married Sex is on a Wordpress platform, easy to read and fairly easy to navigate. I couldn't find a link to "older posts" which meant I had to keep going back to the archives, something I assume is a Wordpress thing. It also appears that the folks remove some of their pics to make room for ...
the corporate bitch::
2007-10-06 02:33:00
As my regular readers know, I typically prefer to find the sexy blogs I review on my own, rather than soliciting requests from bloggers to have me review theirs. However, I am open to suggestions and I do review the occasional blog that has been suggested by someone else. In this case I had a request from Daisy, the author of the corporate bitch:: Now at first glance, the corporate bitch:: doesn't really seem like much of a sex blog, in fact there is a disclaimer up front that says, 'this is not a porn blog' So I was quickly losing interest in reading it, but....the "About Me" piece in the sidebar changed my mind, it says: This is the story of an innocent girl blossoming to a woman of submissive pleasures. She was a victim once and now it's time to get even. Men are just humans with a tool and it's time we play with it. We don't cry over men. We make them cry.So I have to admit, my curiousity was peaked albeit only a little bit. So I started reading, and came across some p...
And Now For Something Completely Different
2007-10-03 01:07:00
Whomever said the "internet was invented for sex' was bang on the money. Wait, maybe that was not really I'm sure it's been said many times before I thought of it. However their is no doubt in my mind, the internet has moved ahead they way it has in the last 20 years in a large part because of sex. Let's face it, no matter what people admit, some, if not most of them at one point or another are searching for sex, or sex stories, erotica, nude pictures, porn movies or the like. The internet has done for sex what McDonalds did for hamburgers, make it cheap and available for anyone interested. In my lifetime porn has gone from something you watched on a reel to reel movie projector at a stag party, to something you can watch in huge abundance, and in any shape, size, kink or fetish at home on your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays and weekends...Swinging, as we now call what was once whispered wife swapping or even more discretly referred to as '...
Tara Tainton's Blog
2007-10-02 03:05:00
Although I usually steer clear of reviewing what I consider to be commercial or "pro" sex blogs and websites, occasionally I come across one that is clearly a commercial effort but better than the rest, and worthy of inclusion in Sexy Blog Reviews. I also occasionally assume that a blog is so good, or so well known in sex blogger circles, that I must have already reviewed it, I mean, how could I miss it?Finally, I am usually very guilty of falling for a sexy blogger, especially one with pictures on her website...well folks I have fallen for Tara Tainton!! the quintessential sexy blogger! I have been a Tara Tainton fan for a long time, ever since she left a naughty little comment on one of my other blogs, and I have never really forgotten about her. That's why I was surprised to discover that I seem to have missed her in my odssey of searching for sexy blogs to review. Now Tara Tainton is actually the proud owner of a website, a little more than a blog, but she has three or four bl...
The Swing Blog
2007-10-01 02:32:00
I came across this blog because they came across me and bless their sexy hearts, they had posted a link to Sexy Blog Reviews on their own very sexy website. I am talking about The Swing Blog and so far, it appears to be a keeper!!In their "about" page the bloggers describe themselves as a "real, normal couple who happens to enjoy swinging. Our foray into swinging started a little over a year ago and we have had a blast!!! The sexual aspect of swinging is only one reason why we do it. We enjoy meeting other sexually open people, some of which have become good friends."Of course, that makes for good blog material and they are starting to develop lots of it. They haven't been around too long, it looks like their blog may have made it to the blogwaves around August of this year. Since then they have posted about 7 or 8 posts, all of which are interesting, especially if you are interested in the swinger sex lifestyle.This is a blog about swinging. The posts are about some of the var...
Threesome For Fun
2007-09-27 03:39:00
I usually try to post and link to logs that are current, that is, frequently updated, and updated recently. However, from time to time I come across an older sex blog, perhaps one where the writer has lost interest and drifted off, or moved to another blog etc. When I come across one of these old blogs that deserves mention, I will post something about it, perhaps if the blogger finds out they will get renewed interest in it and start sex blogging again. When they were posting the bloggers described themselves as: "a very happily married couple who sometimes enjoy the company of others in our bedroom. We are young- she in her late 20s and he in his mid 30s. We are normal professionals who don't broadcast our sexual interests to everyone- well, publicly at least. We know we are not alone." Well, nope, you are not alone, judging by the growing popularity of wife sharing/cuckolding lifestyles, you are in the company of a lot of sexy people.In this case I have found Threesome For Fun ...
Cuckold Lexicon
2007-09-27 02:54:00
I've always had a special place in my blogger heart for cuckold and wife sharing type blogs, so blogs with titles like Cuckold Lexicon get my attention. Written by Eve and Alex, from Massachusetts in the good old U.S.A, this is a pretty cool adventure. Lots of pictures, which of course is a plus, but lots of stories too, with a total to date of about 50 posts. As I mentioned, there are lots of pictures, some of them I believe are of the bloggers, Alex and Eve, and a couple in particular, seen Here are an especially sexy set of pics. There profile describes Eve as "a dark beauty of Greek extraction who loves life and people. A true "giver," Eve has always put others first, and because of this fact is loved by many." and "Alex is of Anglo-Germanic-Spanish heritage; introspective, loyal, and passionate for Eve who has been his lover and mentor in this life." Gotta love folks like that eh? I am especially curious about the description of Eve that says she is "loved by many"...oooh......
Married Exploits
2007-09-26 02:58:00
Sometimes I get reminded about a sexy blog that I may have found but for some reason have failed to review, probably because there are so many sexy blogs to read. I get a little overwhelmed by times, and end up missing someone very deserving of some attention. In this case, although I read it frequently, I have managed to miss reviewing Married Exploits for no good reason. Written and starring Odysseus and Penelope, Married Exploits is an interesting read about the experiences, perspectives and sexual exploits of a 20-something married couple and Penelope...when was the last time you ran into someone named Odysseus? For that matter how do you scream Odysseus when you are having an orgasm??? I dunno but I bet Penelope does!! Right off the bat I enjoyed this blog. They have a couple of posts about threesomes and considering threesomes and foursomes that were very interesting and from my experience with threesomes, quite accurate. I agree with Penelope by...
You've Got To Reach Out And Grab It
2007-09-25 03:27:00
I literally stumbled upon You've Got To Reach Out And Grab It and I am glad I did. Written by a blogger going by the name John Galt who makes it clear he is not the adult movie actor John Galt or in any way affiliated with him, this is a cool blog. Written on a Blogger platform, You've Got To Reach Out And Grab It has 61 posts to his credit as of this posting and many of them are quite good. Of course their are pictures, which adds to the quite good designation. There are also so hot stories, but the one that caught my eyes (both of them) and got me reading and reading was this one about sex with John and two, count them, two girls, and there are pictures as proof!! However, there aren't a lot of pictures in the other posts, other than some non sexy photos and some pics of John, and ah...John's john...sorta...but nonetheless, the pictures in this one make up for any lack of pictures anywhere else. By the way, these aren't just any girls, these are two hotties...I'd like to m...
2007-09-22 12:13:00
Written by someone who describes herself as an "average young and horny female" Slutissimo is very sexy blog. On a Wordpress platform it has the typical characteristics of Wordpress, clean, clear page views, excellent photo quality and so on. I have to say though, for some reason I am not crazy about Wordpress blogs, not the blogs, but the look, I dunno why, just a stupid quirk of mine I guess....However, the platform isn't the drawing card for Slutissimo, it's the writing and the stories, lots of them. I admit I like this blog, and spent quite a bit of time reading the posts and browsing the archives, of which there are lots....Slutissimo, (I love that title) has been posting faithfully since August 2005 so there are lots of articles to read. There is lots of sexy ground covered here, including but not limited to, group sex, threesomes, girl-girl sex and more, almost anything you could ask for, and then some. Some, if not all of the writing is great, with passages as erotic as ...
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