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Musings of a 22 year old phone sex operator. Welcome to my blog! Here's where you go to get a glimpse into my life, a peek at my kinky fantasies, and maybe a few pictures to tease you with.
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Adjusting to Changes
2007-06-07 02:31:00
Hey there guys. This is going to be a short post since I’m exhausted. Unfortunately I haven’t been available for the past few days. I just started a new day job, and I’m adjusting to the new schedule and work. I’ve been a little stressed out because of the change, so I haven’t been available. ...
Bragging About My Calls And Listening to Losers Humiliate Themselves.
2007-06-03 01:10:00
Hey there everyone. It’s so hot here in New York. I’ve finally been turning on my AC. I’m one of those people that never never uses it. I just open the windows and wear lots of skimpy clothes around the house. When I end up turning on the air, that means it’s boiling outside. All ...
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Weekend Parties at the Expense of Losers
2007-05-29 21:16:00
Hey there guys. Sorry I vanished over the holiday weekend. I had an excellent time at a party though. I was there most of the weekend. As you can see, I chose my wardrobe carefully. I had plans to have some fun. It was a pool party, but I never really had a chance to ...
Website Updates and Loser Boys.
2007-05-25 23:45:00
Guess what! I finally made a gallery for this website. I’ve been putting it off forever because I’ve had a hard time finding a good wordpress plugin. Apparently I didn’t really need it. I overlooked something very simple that works great. Thank you everyone that helped me with that. There will be more pictures soon. ...
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Topless Carwashes!
2007-05-22 21:27:00
I just wanted to share an article that I found the other day. I thought it was pretty awesome. It’s only too bad it’s in Brisbane. For 55 dollars you can get a topless car wash. If you have 100 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you can opt for the deluxe car wash ...
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New Caller Weekend.
2007-05-21 02:24:00
Hope you guys are all having a great weekend. Mine is going wonderfully so far. I’ve had a lot of awesome calls with some new people. I think Niteflirt has settled down in it’s errors for a while at least. Things are still not perfect, but I’m not noticing as many issues. If you find ...
Yet Another Busy Week.
2007-05-18 04:41:00
What a week! I’ve been so busy this week and I haven’t even been able to log on for calls. I’ve been going crazy with Mother’s Day, birthdays, interviews, and other stressful things. I just finished spring cleaning my apartment. It’s not exactly fun, but my place looks so incredibly nice right now. Maybe I ...
Sex With All Your Senses
2007-05-14 05:29:00
I was glancing through some old news and I found this. The name of the website is SoundsDirty. It’s geared towards the visually impaired, but there’s also subtitles for hearing impaired. There’s a bunch of options such as subtitles, narrative (sexy narrative of course:)), zoom, and plenty of other options. I just thought that was ...
I?m a Bad Girl This Week
2007-05-11 00:47:00
Hey guys. I’m a very bad girl because I haven’t been sticking to my schedule as much as I’m supposed to. Guess you’ll all just have to give me a good spanking when you find me online. I just have a lot of things going on this week. I’ve been kind of giving myself more ...
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Great Weekend for Me, And My Upcoming Schedule
2007-05-07 02:47:00
I had a great weekend, so I just wanted to thank all of you for your calls, fun times, and wonderful feedback. I had some nice long calls with Spike, Jim, Steven, and Michael. I’m surprised I had so many calls though. I would think everyone would be outside enjoying cinco de mayo barbecues or ...
I Love Being a Slut
2007-05-06 00:47:00
I love being a slut! Today has been an especially good day slutwise. I’ve been pretty busy with back to back calls. My pussy hasn’t had a rest until now, but I’m not complaining at all. I’m just having a snack before I take some more calls. I guess by the volume of calls I’ve ...
Gardening, My Schedule, and Some Yummy Calls.
2007-05-03 03:30:00
I’m sorry I haven’t been online very often this past week. I’ve just been so busy. When I get home, I just haven’t felt like I would be able to give it my best, so I haven’t logged on. Things are finally calming down for me, so I can go back to being available more ...
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Little Bit of Eye Candy
2007-04-27 23:53:00
I’ve been very busy this week unfortunately, so that means that I don’t have a lot to share at the moment. However I did finally get a chance to take a few pictures this week. There will be more coming, and hopefully a gallery soon. For now, I’ll leave you with this.   Bookmark to:
I love Erotica!
2007-04-25 18:52:00
I just finished reading an awesome story on literotica. I’ve read a ton of stories there, and this one is definitely one of my new favorites. I think I say that every time I read a new story, but this time I mean it! I want to write a little summary to get you interested ...
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Masturbate for a Good Cause!
2007-04-23 01:58:00
Did you know that there is an annual “Masturbate -a-thon?” I had never heard of it before, but it’s been going on since 1995. That’s gotta be tons of fun. Can you imagine a bunch of women in one room, and men in the other, all just wanking away. That’s gotta be a lot of fun ...
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Office Sex
2007-04-21 01:01:00
I saw this article and I just thought it was funny but not surprising. Apparently Porno has been found on about 25 percent of workplace computers. I guess some of these people are going through a lot of trouble to bypass porn filters. It really doesn’t surprise me that much. When I was working as ...
Slutty Fun
2007-04-18 18:10:00
Hey there guys, I know it’s been a few days. I had a great day yesterday though. The best part about it is it was completely sponsored by a caller. It’s so much more fun knowing that my meal, drinks, and slutty clothing was all funded by someone else. Anyways, we went out for lunch in ...
Groovy Callers and That Itch for a Tattoo.
2007-04-15 02:19:00
Hey there, everyone. I really don’t have a lot to chat about, but I’m just in a good mood because of the fun role plays I did today. Thank you K— for our fun time. I haven’t been pulled over yet for speeding, but after that fantasy I just might need to run some red ...
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Good moods and tattoos
2007-04-13 17:54:00
Hello everyone! I’m in a particularly good mood today. No idea why, but who cares! I got to sleep in today, so now I’m sitting at my desk eating some awesome leftover pizza. Yum! I’ve had some great calls this week. Maybe that has something to do with my good mood. Quite a few new people ...
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Why the attacks on sexual pleasure?
2007-04-11 20:48:00
Why is sex such a taboo topic? It is perfectly natural and healthy( see this post), but many people disagree. Why are we attacking some of our best resources for sexual pleasure? There have been so many attacks on birth control and pornography. My views will be very biased of course because of my line ...
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Busy Pussy
2007-04-09 20:52:00
My pussy has been very busy today! To start with, I had some great Easter sex last night. I still don’t know what it is about Easter that gives me some of the best sex ever. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be terribly horny after last night, but I was. Actually, what was really turning ...
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Awesome Easter Sex!
2007-04-09 01:29:00
Hope everyone’s having a great Easter. I’ve been pretty much addicted to Guild Wars all weekend. That’s why there haven’t been as many long posts. *slaps wrist* Bad girl! I’ve never really done much for Easter. The only thing that’s consistant for me is getting laid on Easter. I don’t just mean having sex, but having ...
Happy Easter Everyone
2007-04-08 03:46:00
Hope everyone has a great Easter. Go dye some eggs and have a yummy easter dinner and all that good stuff. If none of that stuff tickles your fancy you can always do this!
Just a Friendly Post Reminding You to Masturbate Frequently!
2007-04-06 04:34:00
Everyone I know lately has been sick. Everyone should just call phone sex lines and get a couple great orgasms instead of going to the doctor. I was just browsing around researching random sex topics when I came across this article. Did you know that: Men who have frequent orgasms have a significantly lower risk of ...
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Being Creative with Role Playing
2007-04-04 01:48:00
I’m definitely in a role play kind of mood today. When I was younger, I would have never thought role play would turn me on as much as it does. I had always pictured something out of an extremely cheesy porno, or something you read about in women’s magazines as a way to “spice up ...
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More Stupid Tests!
2007-04-02 16:05:00
Sometimes I just get addicted to stupid tests. Here you go! Feel free to let me know what your results are You Are 60% Weird You’re so weird, you think you’re *totally* normal. Right?But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks! How Weird Are You? Your results: You are Supergirl Supergirl 97% Wonder Woman 92% Superman 80% Spider-Man 65% The Flash 65% Batman 60% Iron Man 55% Hulk 55% Robin 52% Catwoman 45% Green Lantern 40% Lean, muscular and ...
Phone sex operators are not mind readers! A Mini Rant!
2007-04-01 23:28:00
So you’re feeling a little bit horny. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of dirty thoughts running rampant through your mind while you’re at work. Perhaps there’s some secretary who’s tight black skirt leaves little to the imagination and flawless pantyhose get you hard as a rock. Maybe when you get home from work, you can ...
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I?m finally back taking calls!
2007-03-30 19:33:00
After a long week of hearing about how sick I am, you guys finally have the opportunity to call me. It’s so nice to be back taking calls, even if I’m still not 100 percent well. Oh well, I’ll live. After falling asleep early from so much Nyquil, this whole week has been a blur ...
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My Introduction Into the Adult Industry
2007-03-30 01:31:00
It feels like I need to write about something, but since I’ve been unable to take calls for the past week, I couldn’t think of anything. I thought you guys might be interested in my experience in getting over stage fright. For those of you that don’t know, I started working as a cam girl. Come ...
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Still sick
2007-03-28 18:04:00
As you can see (I hope), things have been coming along with my page design. I’m really liking the way it looks so far, but I still have some work to do. I guess I couldn’t have asked for better timing. I’ve been so sick all week. I really want to play on the phone ...
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