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Coda Risa (????) Sexy Japanese Girls
2007-07-12 05:15:00
Coda Risa (????)Rating: 4 / 5Birthdate: October 10, 1985Zodiac: LibraBirthplace: TokyoBlood type: BBreasts: 82 cm (32 in)Cup: C-65Waist: 58 cm (23 in)Hips: 84 cm (33 in)Height: 163 cm (5 ft 4 in)Weight: 47 kg (104 lb)Shoe size: 24 cmHobby: CookingCharm point: DimpleFavorite food: Spicy foodFavorite type: MuscularFirst experience: 14 years-oldFavorite position: NormalCoda Risa's photo galleries
Aka Mihiro Taniguchi (???) Sexy Bikini Girls.
2007-06-19 08:31:00
Mihiro (???)aka Mihiro TaniguchiRating: 4.15 / 5Birthdate: May 19, 1982Zodiac: TaurusBirthplace: NigataBlood type: ABreasts: 82 cm (32 in)Cup: B-65Waist: 59 cm (23 in)Hips: 84 cm (33 in)Height: 153 cm (5 ft)Shoe size: 22.5 cmCharacter: CarefreeHobby: Shopping, care of bodyFavorite color: Pink, white, light blue, black
Maria ( Miyabi ) Ozawa (?????) Cute Japanese Girls.
2007-06-12 08:42:00
Visit More Maria ( Miyabi ) Ozawa Site at
Takako Kitahara(?????) Sexy Model Of Japan.
2007-06-12 06:28:00
Takako Kitahara ?????, ???? ??? is 21 year old Japanese AV actress from Kanagawa prefecture who is a rising new star in the Japanese AV world. This beautiful model has done one movie a month since starting out in June last year and her studio MAX is grateful their new star has achieved such a popular following.
Yua Aida (??? ??) Sexy Japan Girls.
2007-06-10 09:06:00
Name: Yua AidaBirthdate: August 12, 1984Birth location: Aichi, JapanMeasurements: B35? W22? H34?Height: 5 ft 2 in (157cm)Waist: 57cm Hips 87cmEye color: BrownHair color: BrownNatural bust: YesBirthday: 1984-08-12Body Measurements: Bust: 88cmHobbies: Oil PaintingDebut: 2004Yua Aida (????? - Aida Yua) (born August 12, 1984 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese model and adult film actress who took the AV world by storm when she debuted in photo layouts in 2003, and the January 2004 DVD Pichi Pichi. Appearing in over 30 DVDs within a year, as of 2006, along with Sora Aoi, she is the most popular figure of the S1 studio. According to her official website, her hobbies are oil painting and tennis. On March 20, 2006 she was awarded the Japanese adult grand prix actress award for the year of 2005.Yua Aida has quickly become one of the top AV stars of the 21st century in Japan, because of her very natural beauty and the impression she gives that she?s enjoying every minute of what she do...
Akane Soma (???) Sexy Hot in Japanese.
2007-06-08 08:00:00
Akane Soma (???)Name: Akane SomaJapaneseName: ???DOB: Sept 8, 1975Place: Fukuoka, JapanHeight: 164cmSizes: B83 W58 H84 S24Profession: ModelCountry: JapanCurrentlyWorking in: TaiwanAkane Souma is one of the most famous Japanese IdolsAkane Souma born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. In the tender of 18, she has appeared on many Japanese magazines, Japanese Drama shows, and Idol books
Hyo-Ri,Hyori,Hyolee (???) Dark Angel and Stylish E CD
2007-06-06 06:09:00
Hyori Lee (???) Sexy Of Korean.Name: Hyo-Ri, Hyori, HyoleeBirthday: May 10, 1979Birthplace: Choong BookHeight: 166 cm.Weight: 47 kg.Blood Type: AReligion: ChristianFamily: Mom, dad, 1 older brother, 1 older sisterSchool: Gook Min University, 2nd yearChildhood Dream: Police OfficerHobbies/Special Talent: Drawing/ActingFavorite Part of Body: Her long, straight hairIdeal Guy: Someone who leaves a good first impressionMotto: Let's do the best we can in everythingHobbies: Drawing, ActingCustoms: Laughs often, low temperComplex: Long black hair, cute eyesMost precious thing: FamlyFirst love: Elemetary school, there was a boy who did everything so wellFavorite food: Anything, but specially crackers covered with chocolateFavorite color: WhiteFavorite Singer: Mariah Carey, BrandyFavorite Songs: Mostly Ballad and R&BHyori was the youngest of three children born to her parents. She is a Korean Pop singer, who leads the Korean female band Fin.K.L. (Fine Killing Liberty). She was discovered whi...
Reon Kadena Hot Sexy In Japanese Site.
2007-06-04 12:45:00
Reon Kadena (??????, Kadena Reon)
Aki Hoshino Angel of Japan.
2007-06-04 11:19:00
Great body, not afraid to show it off. She looks alot younger than her age, I would guess her age to be around 20 instead of 30.Hoshino Aki (?????)Real name: Hoshino Aki (???? - different spelling)Nickname: Akki (????)Birthdate: 1977-03-14Place of Birth: Tokyo, JapanBlood type: OHeight: 165cmAbility: Hoarding grapes in her mouth (like a chipmunk with acorns; her record is 10)Hobbies: Getting massages, walking
More About: Aki Hoshino
Ayumi Hamasaki Sexy Hot Japan Girls.
2007-06-01 10:59:00
Ayumi Hamasaki" Japanese Hotties " of the day is Ayumi HamasakiAyumi Hamasaki (?? ??? Hamasaki Ayumi, born October 2, 1978) is a Japanese pop singer and Japanese idol originally from Fukuoka. In Japan, she is commonly called by her nickname Ayu. To this date, she has released six full-length studio albums, one mini-album, two compilation albums, and 38 singles. She officially debuted in 1998 with her single poker face. She is the first Japanese artist to have her first original six studio albums top the charts.Related Tags: Ayumi Hamasaki, japanese idol, japanese singer, japanese model Ayumi Hamasaki (?????, Hamasaki Ayumi)is a Japanese pop singer. Commonly known just as Ayu, Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most popular and influential Japanese pop singers in Japanese music history, and is dubbed ?The Empress of J-Pop?. She was born and raised in Fukuoka and moved to Tokyo to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Since her debut in 1998 with her first single "poker face," she ...
Yuka Haneda (????) Pictures Hot Japanese Sexy Idol Girls.
2007-05-30 06:54:00
Yuka Haneda (????)Rating: 3.98 / 5Birthdate: July 14, 1985Zodiac: CancerBirthplace: TokyoBlood type: OBreasts: 90 cm (35 in)Cup: G-65Waist: 60 cm (24 in)Hips: 90 cm (35 in)Height: 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)Hobby: Watching moviesCharacter: GentleFavorite type: Wild personFavorite food: SushiFavorite color: RedFirst experience: 15 years oldSensitive part: ClitorisFuture dream: It becomes happy
Yui Seto (????) Pictures Japanese Idol Girl
2007-05-30 06:49:00
Yui Seto (????)Rating: 3.98 / 5Birthdate: February 16, 1983Zodiac: AquariusBirthplace: TokyoBlood type: ABreasts: 85 cm (33 in)Cup: EWaist: 58 cm (23 in)Hips: 84 cm (33 in)Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)Shoe size: 24 cmHobby: Shopping, listen to musicSpecial skill: Volleyball, basketball
Shun Aika (????) aka Syun Aika Pictures Hot Sexy G...
2007-05-30 06:36:00
Shun Aika (????)aka Syun AikaRating: 3.98 / 5Birthdate: December 8, 1984Zodiac: SagittariusBirthplace: KanagawaBlood type: ABBreasts: 87 cm (34 in)Cup: G-65Waist: 59 cm (23 in)Hips: 86 cm (34 in)Height: 162 cm (5 ft 4 in)Hobby: Listening to music, shoppingSpecial skill: Volleyball
Sakura Sakurada (?????) Pictures Idol Japanese gir...
2007-05-30 06:30:00
Sakura Sakurada (?????)Rating: 3.99 / 5Birthdate: January 14, 1982Zodiac: CapricornBirthplace: KanagawaBlood type: OBreasts: 89 cm (35 in)Cup: E-70Waist: 59 cm (23 in)Hips: 86 cm (34 in)Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)Hobby: Karaoke, golfSpecial skill: Judo
Sae Mizuki (?????) Sexy Idol Pictures
2007-05-30 06:22:00
Sae Mizuki (?????)Rating: 3.98 / 5Birthdate: December 12, 1984Zodiac: SagittariusBirthplace: TokyoBlood type: OBreasts: 86 cm (34 in)Cup: EWaist: 60 cm (24 in)Hips: 86 cm (34 in)Height: 153 cm (5 ft)Hobby: Walking the dogSpecial skill: Table tennis
Reika Shiina (?????) Pictures Japanese Idol Girl
2007-05-30 06:15:00
Reika Shiina (?????)Rating: 3.98 / 5Birthdate: November 11, 1985Zodiac: ScorpioBirthplace: TokyoBlood type: ABreasts: 84 cm (33 in)Cup: C-65Waist: 56 cm (22 in)Hips: 83 cm (33 in)Height: 154 cm (5 ft 1 in)Shoe size: 23 cmHobby: Strolling, shoppingSpecial skill: Cooking
Maria Takagi (?????) Pictures Japanese Idol Girl
2007-05-30 06:06:00
Maria Takagi (?????)Rating: 3.98 / 5Birthdate: October 25, 1978Zodiac: ScorpioBirthplace: ChibaBlood type: ABreasts: 88 cm (35 in)Cup: E-70Waist: 60 cm (24 in)Hips: 87 cm (34 in)Height: 161 cm (5 ft 3 in)Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)Hobby: Snowboarding, massageSpecial skill: Swimming
Ayaka Komatsu Japanese model - actress
2007-05-28 04:35:00
Ayaka Komatsu" Japan Hotties " of the day isAyaka Komatsu Japanese model - actressAyaka Komatsu is a Japanese model/actress. She was born on July 23, 1986, 20 year old, in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture. She lived eight years in Argentina. She look pretty girl.Birthday: 1986.7.23 (20 years old) Iwate prefectureHeight: 159 cmType of blood: A typeSpecialty : Ping Pong and candy makingKomatsu Ayaka was part of the CANDy fashion magazine stable of models. Her work there led to some small TV and movie work including "Idol-Do". She appeared in the Winter 02/03 "Angel Blue" fashion catalog, as well. All of this preceded her selection as Sailor Venus.She did a few controversial swimsuit layouts prior to being selected as one of the four girls for the 2004 edition of Nittelegenic ????????? 2004?, an annual group of four girls who help promote various items. As part of her involvement with Nittelegenic, a solo Idol DVD of her ?????????2004 ???? figure A? was released August 24th of 2004. The ot...
More About: Ayaka Komatsu
Kaede Matsushima - Sexy Japanese Girl Pictures
2007-05-28 04:21:00
Kaede Matsushima (?????)Rating: 3.98 / 5Birthdate: November 7, 1982Zodiac: ScorpioBirthplace: FukuokaBlood type: OBreasts: 85 cm (33 in)Cup: D-70Waist: 58 cm (23 in)Hips: 84 cm (33 in)Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)Shoe size: 24 cmHobby: Shopping, cookingSpecial skill: Nail artFirst experience: 15 years-old
More About: Kaede Matsushima
Leah Donna Dizon :: Hot Japan Sexy Girl
2007-05-28 04:12:00
Leah Donna Dizon(???????)Date of Birth: 09/24/1986Birth Place/Hometown: Las Vegas, NV/Hollywood, CABirth Sign: Libra; TigerHeight: 5'6"Weight: 110 lbsMeasurements: 34B-25-36Hair: BrownEyes: HazelDress: 4Shoe: 6-7Favorite Food: kimchi, yakiniku, fruits and vegetables, spicy food
Maria Ozawa Japanese Hot AV Idol Sexy Photos Gallery
2007-05-23 12:10:00
Maria Ozawa (?????), one of Japan?s most popular, gorgeous & hot AV Models and Asian beauties who has the perfect mix to get our blood boiling. Maria Ozawa also known as Miyabi who was born on January 9, 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan. Ozawa is half-Japanese and half French-Canadian, giving her an exotic look that?s made her a huge success in Japan. Maria Ozawa has done several photo-books and glamour (?graveur?) videos that feature her in the nude but not performing sexual.
More About: Sexy Photos
Asami :: Hot Japan Sexy Girl
2007-05-22 09:01:00
Asami (???)aka Asami MiyajimaRating: 4.16 / 5Birthdate: August 19, 1985Zodiac: LeoBirthplace: TokyoBlood type: ABreasts: 86 cm (34 in)Cup: D-65Waist: 58 cm (23 in)Hips: 86 cm (34 in)Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)Shoe size: 24 cmHobby: Play game, watch movie, karaokeSpecial skill: Piano, saxophone
Yuka Koizumi :: Hot Japan Sexy Girl
2007-05-22 08:37:00
Yuka Koizumi(?????)Rating: 4.15 / 5Birthdate: February 16, 1986Zodiac: AquariusBirthplace: KanagawaBlood type: OBreasts: 83 cm (33 in)Cup: F-70Waist: 58 cm (23 in)Hips: 85 cm (33 in)Height: 163 cm (5 ft 4 in)Shoe size: 24.5 cmHobby: KaraokeSpecial skill: Swimming Ohh!!....
Tina Yuzuki :: Hot Japan Sexy Girl
2007-05-22 08:23:00
Tina Yuzuki(?????)Rating: 3.99 / 5Birthdate: October 29, 1986Zodiac: ScorpioBirthplace: TokyoBlood type: ABreasts: 84 cm (33 in)Cup: CWaist: 58 cm (23 in)Hips: 83 cm (33 in)Height: 154 cm (5 ft 1 in)Hobby: Karaoke, bathSpecial skill: Portuguese, human observationErogenous zone: EarFavorite food: Mango, sausage, chocolate parfait
More About: Tina Yuzuki
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