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Reon Kadena opinion and news
2007-11-07 13:40:00
There?s a new movement in Japan and sizzling model Reon Kadena is leading the way. This impossibly busty pinup is the latest -- and arguably greatest -- ?gravure idol,? a term used to describe Japan?s newest breed of well-endowed bikini models. Far from your typical Asian waifs, these girls are breathtakingly voluptuous and they?re quickly becoming an international sensation thanks to their provocative poses and sexy direct-to-DVD films. In addition to Reon, some of Japan?s most enticing gravure idols include Saaya Irie, Yoko Matsugane, Rio Natsume, and Fuko. Reon Kadena might just be the most flirtatious girl in Japan. Blessed with an innocent face and a sinful body, this bodacious beauty has made a career out of teasing her legions of fans. That playful spirit is just as evident in her direct-to-DVD videos as it is on her multiple game-show appearances, in which she delights in coyly arousing those around her. Unlike some of her modeling peers who simply get by on looks alone, Reo...
Yuma Asami (????) - Japan porn Idol with nice body
2007-10-24 13:24:00
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Kyoko Ayana - Shy japan idol with F-cup boobs
2007-10-23 14:10:00
Kyoko Ayana (????, Ayana Kyoko), born April 15, 1981 in Japan 's Kanagawa Prefecture, is a Japanese AV Idol who debuted in 2001. Described as a "shy girl with F-cup boobs,"after nearly three years in the field, by 2004 Ayana was being called "the top idol of AV. According to Peter Payne, founder of the Japanese popular culture site, J-List, Ayana had "claimed Japan's top big breast idol spot.. Read More
Rino Kisaki - Tiny and fragile looking Japan av idol
2007-10-17 11:29:00
Rino Kizaki is so tiny and fragile looking that she makes us want to protect this delicate flower. But for some we are sure you would want to pack her into a suitcase and bring her home for our own pleasure. Born on August 22 1983. Rino is only 148 cm (4'8 feet) tall and is one of the shortest AV girls out there. You will certainly love her perky breasts and pink nipples too..
Kurara Tachibana - Fresh JAV idol Part.1
2007-10-15 13:24:00
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Harumi Nemoto - Japanese big bobbies idol
2007-10-15 13:22:00
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Kurara Tachibana - Fresh JAV idol Part.2
2007-10-15 13:21:00
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Sato Hiroko - Japan idol video
2007-10-14 16:02:00
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2007-10-14 14:02:00
Haruna Yabuki - Cheerful & Cool japan bikini
2007-10-12 15:14:00
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Yoko Mitsuya - Japan Sexual Surprise
2007-10-12 13:02:00
Yoko was born in Tokyo but moved to Saitama shortly after she was born. She began practicing ballet as a first grader; her dream was to become a ballerina. When she was in sixth grade, she applied for the Horipro Talent Scout Caravan and was awarded a prize for her excellent work. From there, she made her debut in the photobook Baby Kiss (and was photographed alongside such idols as Yoshii Rei and Omori Reiko). Around this time.. Read More
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Yui Minami - Japanese idol in pink bikini
2007-10-04 10:23:00
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Yuko Ogura - Sexy japan idol from varius magazine
2007-10-04 10:22:00
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Chinami Ishizaka - Another hot Japan gravure idol
2007-10-01 14:55:00
Shizaka Chinami is a gravure idol and She was a member of Seikore in 2002. Recently she can be seen as an image girl for the Japanese sweet lolita brand.. Read More
Yukie Kawamura - Pink and yellow swimsuit model shoots
2007-09-25 14:01:00
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Yuma Asami - Japan girl in red thong and more
2007-09-22 14:58:00
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Yoko Matsugane - Japan idol in Black lingerie
2007-09-20 21:21:00
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Tokito Ami - Japanese Gravure idol and singer
2007-09-20 13:23:00
One of the winners of Miss Magazine 2005, Tokito Ami made her debut as a gravure idol in May 2005 with her first DVD. She released another DVD before her first photobook was released. What makes Ami so attractive to fans are her trademark glasses, as she is rarely seen not wearing them. While most gravure idols do wear glasses when they're not in front of cameras, few wear them in front of camera when it isn't candid or for cosplay. Because of this, Ami is known as a "megadol".. Read More
Shoko Nakagawa - Sexy japanese shoolgirl and Swimsuit
2007-09-19 15:19:00
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Jun Natsukawa - Japan Idol Video and latest photoshoots
2007-09-19 10:21:00
Jun Natsukawa (Kanji: ???, Hiragana: ???? ??? Natsukawa Jun - born September 19, 1980) is a Japanese gravure idol from Hiroshima, Japan. She is popular for her sexy body and high level of physical fitness. In October 2005, she released a music cd titled Himetra Trance in which she covered the theme song from the anime Cat's Eye. She's made an appearance on the Japanese television show Pink no Idenshi, as a schoolgirl.. Read More.. Related Posts: Jun Natsukawa in silver bikini and lingerieJun Natsukawa - japan idol Photoshoots Clip
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Yukie Kawamura - Japanese idol in Black stoking and more
2007-09-17 21:07:00
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Nonami Takizawa - Special Gravure video and pics
2007-09-17 01:30:00
Nonami Takizawa (????, Takizawa Nonami?, born December 14, 1985) is a Japanese gravure idol, and a female talent. She is from Saitama, and her nickname is 'Nonamin'. Gravure idol Nonami Takizawa taking a dip in the cool waters..
Yuri Morishita - Japan Idol in Silver and Blue Bikini
2007-09-16 22:24:00
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Aki Hoshino - Japan girl in top and bikini
2007-09-16 14:38:00
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Nozomi Takeuchi - Japanese gravure idol and female talent
2007-09-13 11:03:00
Nozomi Takeuchi (?????, Takeuchi Nozomi, born June 25, 1980) is a Japanese gravure idol, and a female talent. She is from Aichi, belongs to the show-business production 'Yume Kikaku'. Her nickname is 'Kojocho' (means a factory manager), derives from her handle name of the official blog. She graduated from.. Read More
Aki Kawamura - Varius G-cup Bikini picture
2007-09-13 10:52:00
Aki Kawamura (???? Kawamura Aki, born October 15, 1980 in Tokyo) is a well-known Japanese bikini model and television "idol". She debuted in 1999 with the Yellow Cab Talent Agency. After some time out of the public eye, she joined the Spice talent agency and resumed her career. Kawamura's DVDs include Fuji Television Visual Queen of the Year '00 'Aki Kawamura' Aloha Paradise. Read More
Shoko Hamada - Japanese Mysterious Doll
2007-09-10 21:48:00
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