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Tomorrow is going to be ace....
2007-09-27 19:36:00
Hi babesI have just red my blog from last night and can't believe I allowed him who shall remain un-named get to me. It isn't his fault, he is blissfully unaware what he does to me, but there ya go. I had a down moment, for like 1 hour, I'm back on form today.I met up with an old friend of mine Emily. We are going out tomorrow to a top club, , getting wasted and hopefully I will get fucked in more ways than one. I have a really cool dress I am going t wear, it is short enough to show my legs but just about long enough to cover my ass, no back in it with a criss cross thing going on and is pure white to show off my tan and tits lol. I'm hoping my brown nipples are not too conspicuous but evn if they are fuck it, guys dig that kind of thing. I call it my fuck me dress, it was one of those when I read the price tag i said 'Fuck me' lol. It was also my lucky dress in America and it NEVER let me down, I don't see it being any different in Manchester. H is coming along to...
You know we should...
2007-09-26 23:31:00
I haven't had a fuck buddy since Matt went weird on me so perhaps Rob is the new replacement. I won't ask him any questions, I'll forget I even heard a girl and go on as we are. He's fun and he's a satisfying tease in bed. Mmmm, see now you've got me thinking about it and now I'm super horny!When are you next up? We could all go out together, all stay at mine, just don't make a mess of the covers ok! Hahaxxx
You have been naughty?
2007-09-26 23:19:00
Dont think too much what Robs up to. He is probably playing with your head. Guys do that.95mph? Are you insane?He who shall remain nameless text me before, history sucks and I reallly cannot drum up the energy to suck James off to relieve me of my sadness.I need a new fuck, Robs mate Kirky is defo the answer........
Watch it missy!
2007-09-26 21:58:00
Funny you should say that because we spoke about it this weekend, some of the guys on his team had been winding him up about me, asking if they could take me out. He told me I'm still his baby sister and I'll never be old enough to date. I told him all the girls I knew fancied him and how it felt wrong that people fancied my brother! But hey, we're a good looking family what more could I say!I drove the DB9 to Newcastle to meet up with an old friend, I was going 95mph when I was pulled over but it isn't all that bad. It was 2am, they tested me for drinking and asked why I was going so fast, I played innocent that I was being followed by a group of guys. They drove behind me to my Dads estate leaving me with a warning.Sorry you're feeling low babe. I feel a little low because I miss the North East. Oh, and I think Rob has another chic, not that it matters because we're not girlfriend/boyfriend, and I errr, wasn't exactly faithful last night if we are. Oopsxxx
Footballers Wives........
2007-09-26 19:09:00
Have a lot to answer for, tee hee. Your bro is fit as fuck! Your story made me laugh out loud big time, because I can imagine you loving all that shit. Were you actually driving the DB9? Has your bro lost his mind or what? And is he still a hunka chunka piece of burning love? haha only teasing.Guess what happened today? My mobile phone, the one I lost in America? Arrived back to me yesterday. I was jumping around the living room like a demented nine year old who has digested too many addictives. My message inbox was bursting at the seams with text messages and well wishes for coming home to the Uk, I filled up when I read them to be honest. Memories of New York came flooding back, I loved New York above anywhere else I visited. I also had a very special little message from him who remains and always will remained unnamed.Asking me if I was back in the Uk, how he couldn't wait to see me and catch up on all our gossip. I felt my heart sink and lift. Sank because he who will always re...
2007-09-26 17:41:00
Hey gorgeous! Guess who got pulled over in my brother's DB9?! Haha. Oh dear. I flashed a bit of leg to the policeman and he let me off with a warning. Sometimes being pretty really does go a long way!So I'm now back from the mighty North East. Glad to be back if I'm honest. My Dads wife just gets more and more annoying but she took me to the spa which I really can't complain about. I took the puppy for a walk along Seaham beach and if I'm honest it made me realise how much I miss it.The paparazzi followed me and my brother a few times, it's quite annoying. Why they follow footballers around I do not know. It made me laugh a little, one said to us, "Ahh, the happy couple" and my brother turned around and said "she's my little sister you daft cunt" very funny but still I'm not happy about being
Where are you?????
2007-09-25 19:24:00
TC, have you gone awol?I am sooooo ill today. James came round last night, just as I was getting into the shower. I was too tired to argue with him about coming in, haha my house not the shower. I decided to pay him back for pissing me off over the weekend texting me constant so I insisted on going into the hsower alone, but not before I teased him with a quick partial flash as my towel slipped accidentally on purpose as I rushed into the bathroom with the waterproof sex toy I bought from America. I should have bought you one, I never thought at the time. It's this little device that vibrates at different speeds but it has a ring on it so you slip it on your finger. It's absolutely fantastic placed against your clit and the orgasms were so intense I sounded like that woman who does the herbal essence shampoo ad. By the time I had finished (a good ten orgasms and 30 mins later) James was practically climbing the walls outside.I have beat my record for coming by the way. I ca...
What a Weekend
2007-09-23 20:20:00
Hi hun. I have just got home. The traffic was fucking horrendous. My head was pounding as well from way too much champagne. Rob’s friend Kirky is gorgeous and I can honestly say I know he fancies me. I didn’t sleep with him, the walls in Rob’s apartment were so thin and I thought if I joined in screaming too the neighbours might have thought murders were being committed. But we kissed and he was an amazing kisser, really horny. His shoulders are so broad as well. I could imagine gripping onto those babies put it that way. I’m also glad that I took the time to buy another phone this week because he has just text me: ‘Ur amazing, can’t wait 2 c u agen, r u free next week?’I haven’t replied but I think it’s a no brainer that I will be.Did we not keep you awake dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop till You Get Enough?’What a horny song and I was singing into the tip of the champagne bottle as Kirky pulled me to h...
Missing you!
2007-09-23 15:56:00
It was so lovely having you over sweetie. I miss you so much already. Really sorry we kept you awake all night, I didn't realise the walls were so thin! hehe. I'm so embarrassed you heard everything! But hey, we just can't help ourselves!Shopping yesterday was fun. When Rob came over, I had that outfit on which you suggested and oh boy did it drive him wild. I made him work for exactly what it was he wanted and god it was amazing. Everything we do just keeps getting better and better.Rob's friend who you met has a keen eye on you, shall I give him your number? Be gentle with him though ;)
I'm Packed
2007-09-21 16:59:00
Hi SweetieI asked Dear Daddy for a favour and got Timmo his driver to drive me over. I'm in a pardddyyy mood. Bottle of Champers in my hand, Timmo is just putting my bags in the back. I love being priviledged. My legs are not so wobbly now, I'm right into UK life.Hey, no way would I step on your patch unless Rob said it was ok ;-) God I wish u were Bi.........Ciao for now, Timmo is getting stressed coz I'm taking my time and he has to drive me to yours and get back for daddys golf presentation. To which I say, 'You have a blacked out top of the range Range Rover, duh get over it, loser!xxxCant wait to see you x
So excited!!!
2007-09-21 16:05:00
I'm so excited about seeing you, nervous about the fight but I can't wait to introduce you to Rob. Do NOT look at his crotch when you shake his hand and definitely don't mention that I showed you that picture! More importantly, hands off! hehe. Love you, see you at 6pm!
Hunni Bunni You are so Scrummy
2007-09-21 14:15:00
Hi BabesSo sorry i have been AWOL but like you, work has been so demanding. The magazine decided to commission an article about young girl goes off to America on her own the highs and lows. Yawwwwwnnnn. Not X rated stuff allowed. I have been trying to think of some lows but the only low I had over there was losing my phone and snapping a Jimmy Choo heel which I got stuck in a grid in a back alley. (More about that some other time)Well, I have read your little blog with interest, bet you can imagine my eyebrow lifting in that way that maks you giggle, you naughty, naughty minx. Rob sounds perfect, hundreds in his wallet, private booths and a thick cock to boot and I'm the one with Lucky in my name. Those pics of him you sent? My eyes were on stalks. Where the hell did you pick him up from? His tattoos are so horny. I tried to maximise the pic you sent me to see if I could view his package but unfortnately I couldn't.What time are you leaving tonight? James has been texting me const...
Sunset and sunrise
2007-09-19 21:46:00
Today has been one of those days, not that I'm complaining but it has been. Rob left my apartment shortly after 4am. We had such amazing sex, over and over, god he's just...perfect! I know this sounds daft but he's like the male version of me, he thinks in the same way I do and he's just as competitive. Rather than re-type if you look on my blog you'll find a detailed account of the experience, hehe.I have the hottest picture of him on my phone - wearing nothing but a baseball cap, covering himself only slightly with his shorts. I just know I'll be playing with myself looking at that picture...(sorry, that too much info? haha) I'll send it over to you so you can see but sweetie, he's mine so hands off!Rob has a kickboxing match on Friday, he said I can go and watch if I want to but would prefer not to see me before the fight because he needs to be in the right state of mind. I've told him I'll not go but I wonder if you fancy staying at mine and coming to watch it with me?...
Good Luck
2007-09-18 21:57:00
Shit, I feel so selfish now. (Got carried away with my afternoon forgot about your date1)GOOD LUCK TCNot that you need it, but he definitely does and little does he know it ;-)P.S Break him in gentlyLove n kisses xxxxx
Welcome Home from James
2007-09-18 20:52:00
James rang me today. So there was no need for me to do my ‘hold out until Wednesday’thing. Also as you know TC I don’t believe in playing games, if the guy contacts me, that’s enough to let me know they are interested. Not that I have ever doubted James’s interest. I just like playing with him and he has obviously missed me playing with him in more ways than one ;-)He rang me this morning, just as I was squeezing oranges through my juicer. (You know, it’s easier to adopt a healthy lifestyle in America, in dull Bolton it takes all your effort to get out of bed, I’m sure that’s why vibrators sell so well over here)He was chatty, the usual, did I have time to ‘do lunch’ which translates as, can I fuck you? I agreed to lunch, in turn agreeing to fucking. I’m such a whore. I dressed conservative for the occasion, knowing that too much on display isn’t James’s thing. He terms it as unwrapping a present, why have the surprise on show. So I slipped into my k...
Can't wait...
2007-09-18 17:30:00
You dirty little minx! Mind you, I'm not surprised you always do get what you want don't you.How is everything with you honey? You all unpacked now? Work has been super hectic and I feel like I've barely had any time to study for my course. I've started the first activity which is a presentation on how I'd explain Marketing to my local chamber of commerce. I don't even know how to explain marketing to myself, let alone anyone else!I've 30 minutes until I leave the office. I'm rushing home to get changed in to my PERFECT outfit and he's coming to pick me up. I'm really excited about tonight but I need to distance "fun" from a "relationship". I need to work out exactly what he wants without actually asking.I'll text you tonight and let you know how it's going/how it went! Be good! I won't be...
I'm Naughty and I don't Care!
2007-09-17 20:40:00
You go baby girl, stop teasing me with your talk about your underwear. I'm sure you will blow his brains. On that note, let me share one of my experiences in America....You will love this. I know I came ten times last night at the memory before falling asleep, a smile on my face, the jet lag and sexual satisfaction rendering me instantly to sleep. Feel free to have fun alone tonight on the strength of this!I know it wasn’t the smartest move I had ever made and I have since said twelve hail Mary’s, sank even more bloody Mary’s to get rid of the guilt but if I had the chance to do it all again I would. Sorry if that offends people but how many of people out there have always fancied their friends partner/husband/wife? Exactly! The only difference between them and me is this, whilst they have the fantasy in their head I acted out the fantasy. Shock, horror! To which I say ‘Ever heard of emotional infidelity?’I guess I have always been an in it for a pound as opposed to a ...
2007-09-17 20:09:00
Today has been hectic. The chairman had me work on report after report after report - I was beginning to think the day was endless. I'm so glad to be home!The guy I met at the BBQ has been sending me some texts me today. He's told me tomorrow night will be a surprise and that I'm to dress smart/formal. I wonder what that's about? I'm looking forward to seeing him anyway. I have THE perfect dress and the perfect lingerie to wear underneath. I'll have to sneak a picture of him because he is seriously hot. Even you'd give him one look and rate him "highly fuckable". God, I'm getting turned on just thinking about how good he looks!I have next week off to visit my Dad and my brother up north. I'm actually going to watch my brother play football for the first time in years! Have been watching him on sky sports, it's really weird but I can't wait to hang out with the footballers wives! God, I can't stand those type of girls but I'm a sister and I get the same kind of benefits ...
2007-09-16 21:05:00
I'm so sorry I missed your 21st but I hope you got the prezzie I sent you. I was slightly worried it wouldn't get by customs..hahaPlan A: Meeting tomorrow with a magazine. I'm hoping to do a slot about how every girl should travel to enhance their life experiences. Obviously not too detailed about what I experienced, that would be too X Rated!!!!Plan B: Catch up with James Marshall. He has left me a message on my answering machine at home saying he wants to give me a welcome home present.If I wasn't so tired I'd skip to Plan B but I know James, keeping him dangling is the key to ensuring I get a good fuck, so I will return his call on Wednesday.I'm off for a bath and some fun alone ;-)I need to relax!!Chill Baby catch ya tomorrow xxxxxx
Welcome back!
2007-09-16 21:02:00
Oh my god honey, welcome back! I have missed you. Missed you dearly but this summer certainly has been interesting. My 21st birthday was crazy, we had a Moulin Rouge theme so I wore a tiny black skirt, basque and stockings, etc. I was quite literally "sex on legs". We went out in Leeds I got stupidly drunk and pole danced in Flares. I don't remember a moment of it but my mates took pictures as evidence.My brother came down and stayed down for a week so I had to hide my saucy outfits, lingerie and vibrators in a shoe box at the very back of my cupboard. I had no time to be chatting up guys online and I certainly couldn’t bring anyone home after a drunk night. It was like torture!For me, this summer has seen many things but I'll call you in the week to tell you about it (in fact, you've read the blog so you probably know already). I start a marketing course tomorrow, (Yes, I'm still career orientated!) think I can see a career in it. I'm good at promoting things, love writing a...
Catching Up
2007-09-16 20:25:00
Hi TC a.k.a Top Chick, Top Cat. ;-)I have just got back from the States, I take it you have missed me? I lost my mobile over there which has really hacked me off because:a) losing your phone is like losing your purse (total trauma and hysterics) and also I had some really hot contacts in there, if you know what I mean ;-) American guys are so cute, really forward compared to English guys and their stiff upper lips, although a stiff cock is the same wherever you go to be honest. (I will tell you all about it soon)b) I have also lost all the numbers for my English fuck buddies which is traumatising to say the very least. Ah well, I'm sure I can rack up a fair few new ones now I'm back over here.I checked in with Mum and Dad before heading back to my house which has been immaculately looked after by my Nanna, she is such a sweetie. I'm glad I had the forethought to hide all my sex toys in the loft, my drawers have been peeped in, but I suppose that's human nature.So how’s tricks ...
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