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The best of the boob world online - the most fabulous babes with the heaviest boobs. Anyone missing - let us know, and they'll be on faster than you can say big, heavy, natural.
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Katarina Hartlova's Big Boobs Affair With Sophie Mei
2010-03-14 03:08:00
Katarina Hartlova may be better known as Kathy Kozy but some of her best work can be found at under the former name.This heart-stopping gallery featuring Katarina and big boobs new-comer Sophie Mei is a case in point.Katarina has also used the last name Dubrova, and been seen as Snow, Angel, Katrin, Katharina, Katerina Kozi, Kitty, Kelly Norton, Kathy and Cathy.The range and number of pseudonyms is an indication of just how much this green-eyed blonde Czech bombshell has worked. Compared to Mei, who Mei-d her debut last year, she's an absolute veteran of the busty lense.While you can see 34E Katarina at Scoreland or any of the numerous big-tit site's she's worked with, and even join her own personal site, her work with DDFBusty is among her best - as is the case with the full range of huge chested babes at DDF.You can take this post as a stand-alone update on Katrin/Katarina or just as part of a building thread on her. Learne more by clicking this link.
Karina Hart's Spectacular Slovakian Breasts
2010-01-30 15:23:00
Slovakian 34HH model Karina Hart has been conspicuously absent from this blog for no apparent reason other than negligence.Our apologies!Bratislava-born brunette Hart moved to the Czech Republic a few years ago to attend school when she came across recruiting site rest, as they say, is history. Currently in her third year of university, majoring in art history, Hart has since become a Scoreland favorite and developed enough of a following to launch her own site, KarinaHart.comThe first Slovakian babe in SCORE history, Hart won accolades for the Best new find for 2008.While Hart had aspirations to be a typical, classic model, she had to shift her goals because of her amazing boobs."Once my breasts started to develop, I knew that I wouldn't be able to be a fashion model. They are all tall and skinny with tiny breasts."We are all blessed and lucky that she didn't turn into a runway model. So enjoy Karina Hart at her site or all the o...
Jordan Carver's Extra Heavy Boobs At PinupFiles
2010-01-21 03:20:00
Jordan Carver is a known heavy chested lingerie model with a wonderfully sleek, athletic is a site that venerates classic pinup-style posing with a modern twist, featuring slender babes with big 34G boobs and slim waists getting out of bikinis, tight tank tops and button-up sweaters that mould to their curves.And these two have come together in a most explosive way...Just check out Carver's new gallery with to see the knee-weakening sexiness of the combination.Then check out the rest of the site, because since PinupFiles merged with in March last year, their line-up of models with slim-waists and enormous breasts has... expanded, to say the least.
Fresh New Boobs For The New Year!
2010-01-01 05:59:00
The hunt for the best new boobs of the year 2010 is over and there isn't one single busty babe involved...Rather, this year, it's a whole site of new thin models with titanic tits.Yes... it's hard not to be very impressed by Busty-Teens and sister site 18andBusty.Apart from premiering sets by boob favorites like Jennique Adams, Kathy Kozy and Raylene Richards, both sites are constantly coming out with yet more new ripe babes with big boobs and small waists who will either go on to other photos and big natural tits glory, or we'll never see again.And the claims to all-natural boobs are easy to believe judging from a quick browse of a few huge tits galleries.If you like unknown big breasted models or want to be able to say you saw her back when she started, is the site for regular, weekly "discoveries" of fresh young, small waisted babes with enormous tits.Enjoy our double-boob dose for 2010, and Happy New Year!
Aria Giovanni's Cuddly Big Boobs
2009-12-19 02:01:00
While we're still searching for one, hot, special big boobs babe to be our New Year Boobs Gal (feel free to suggest someone in the comments!), nothing prevents us going back to one of our favorites for a year-end first.Aria Giovanni has joined the big pin-up breasts team at with a spectacular first entry featuring her and a pair of fuzzy white gloves and... not much else.Well, there's a stone fireplace and a white shag rug, of course, and a long knit scarf, and the whole thing is caught in a video of Aria stripping her big, warm boobs bare...Need we say more? Or is more... less?Since this time of year features inevitable picture sets of models half naked in winter wear or santa hats, let's try to bring it all to a close with some of the better ones, shall we... beginning with 34DD Aria Giovanni's PinupFiles Glam...
Poland's Wham-Bam Thank-You Busty Pam
2009-11-07 14:26:00
Heavy-chested blonde Melissa Mandlikova's distinctive knockers and sloe-eyed sensuality have been bopping about the interwebs for quite a while, whether as Melissa, or Steffi or Pamela.As Melissa she's been on too many big-tit sites to mention here, from her vacuum boob-sucking at all natural, no-makeup to glam-chic Scoreland galleries.But now you can get her huge hubcap nipples and occasional hardcore action all in one place, her own solo site's hard to get a handle on busty Pam, though. When she's listed as Melissa, she's a native of the Czech Republic and sports a 44EE rack of titties... but as Pam, she's from Poland and hefts a chesty 38EE.One tends to believe the latter set of stats more though because of Pam's long-time association with Polish massive mammary site of which, one of the best things about joining is that you also get free membership to the other girls of - namely, BoobsDonna, huge...
Bulbous Boobs and Mellow Blue Eyes: Mia B
2009-10-18 17:01:00
Once you've seen this rarely seen model's incredible charms, you aren't ready to forget her.Her soft blue eyes and solid jaw, smooth body and pouting, jutting, bulbous god-blessed boobs are simply unique.But you're hard pressed to find much about her.While she goes by Paloma at Femjoy, she's usually Mia, as at Amour Angels, or one of the natural beauties of Domai, or Mia B at Met-Art (Because they already had a Mia A).Mia's singular, striking appearance allows her to be herself and at home outdoors in nature, her all-natural charms spread out by rivers and trees, or in more unusual locales, such as her warrior-priestess set at SinfulGoddesses, which takes babes and puts them in fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons-style settings (without the dragons).Besides her name and her obvious assets, nothing is really out there about her, except that she's Ukrainian, not short (5'7''), and having an eye kept on her by fans of bodacious, bulging boobs out here in the boobscape.Open up!
Shione Cooper Busts Out Everywhere!
2009-10-04 00:32:00
Well as much as we love finding new big booby babes here at The Best Breast Blog, seldomly have we had as much pleasure as discovering black-haired, pierced Shione Cooper.From nowhere she's suddenly surfaced at several sites all at once, her long black hair and cherubic cheeks turning that bodacious bust into a shocker when you lay eyes on it.The green-eyed Czech bombshell has turned up at DDFBusty, XX-Cel, BoobStudy, and Watch4Beauty, as well as the site that first thrust her to our boob-dar's attention, and which has the most material of hers, she's known as Deborah at 18andBusty, the site also refers to her "real" name, Shione. We're not sure if that's pronounced "Shy-One" or "She-own" but it's uniqueness would lead one to think that it probably is her real name.Apart from her remarkably cute face, great 34DDD or 34F breasts, there really isn't much to report about Shione since she's so new, so enjoy a few busty galleries to let you decide which site ...
Emma Nicholls:Boobs and Natural Beauty
2009-09-13 04:41:00
Discovering new big boob babes is always a pleasure, but rarely as instense as finding this fresh-faced British babe Emma Nicholls at BreathTakers.comNicholls is a UK Glamour Model studying photography out of Cambridge, England, who's also completed her Cocktail and Whiskey training and gotten a diploma in Customer Service.The Brown-eyed brunette only just started modelling and has had her impressive 32F juggs displayed in such magazines as Maxim and The Sport after initially appearing on the impressive site.Hopefully this natural beauty won't go too glam and hide her beauty beneath layers of make up and lense filters, but often this is the end result of being so amazingly photogenic.Let's keep our peepers open, shall we?
Live Boobs And Kinky Blonde LCN Xev
2009-09-06 14:19:00
It's hard not to be charmed by LiveCam's Xev.The webcams site's resident boobs babe is smart, funny, somewhat geeky, and sports a fabulous set of firm, ripe hooters that must be seen in motion to be fully appreciated.A natural blonde, Xev sometimes changes her hair to fire-engine red, but always comes back to her real colour.What's cool about Xev is her own kinky nature, which she lends to such fetish sites as Emma's Balloons and Wasteland.And she also does those fetishy, kinky things live at, and all you have to do is politely ask...
FTV Danielle's Breasts of Fresh Air
2009-08-12 00:05:00
This month marks the first year anniversary of, home site of the most popular model.A blue-eyed, fresh-faced young lady with impressive bazooms, Danielle is a native of Louisiana who grew up an Army Brat until settling in Arizona to finish high school and becoming a "First Time Video" model.Danielle soon became the most popular FTV girl, and understandably earned her own solosite, which the 36D damsel has been running herself since.Now in school studying to become - get ready for this - a forensic pathologist, she keeps updating her site and adding to it regularly, like clockwork.Danielle is only 21, so she has a few years to go before she must drop the site (or will she?) and she needs the money to pursue her studies.It looks like she's more than a flash in the hand... having been around this long, she's in it for the long haul, so do yourself - and her ripe boobs - a favor and check out
Gabriela's Rising Stars
2009-07-31 14:07:00
While we haven't done an update on Gabriela for the longest time, it's not because we didn't want to...The truth is that not so much was known about her, and with the exception of a few notable appearances, we weren't hearing from her.But now with the appearance of her MySpace page and recent vote to #1 model at, things are moving along for the 34D (or 36G) beauty and we become... illuminated.While we've known her as Gabrielle at MC-Nudes, Ala Pastel at, even Lucy C. at Met-Art, her real name turns out to be Karin Spolnikova.Now what's most exciting is that the green-eyed Czech beauty with the gimpy smile has a solo site in her sights.So enjoy these hot galleries while you wait, but don't let that stop you from joining her at her various sighted sites... eh?
Lorna Morgan Weighs In, Expansively
2009-07-19 21:56:00
One of the internet's backbone big busty babes is Lorna Morgan.With a growing sense of guilt, we realized that it was high time we cover all-natural 32H Lorna here at The Best Breast Blog.Lorna has been around the web it seems forever... or at least from its start. For many boob surfers, she's the first breasty babe they discovered on the web to awaken their obsession... And she's still rocking on.Apart from a past with all sorts of boobs bonanzas like Scoreland, Lorna's loyalty currently lies with her own personal site and recently started following Lorna on Twitter and she wrote back, really seeming to be into the whole idea and even offering to trade traffic... we're all for it!So visit her shrine or venerate her at her other favorite site, either way you're doing yourselves a favor.We'll be back with more from this fabulous babe soon, no doubt.
Nice Spicey Latina Teen Boobs With Tania Spice
2009-07-11 18:52:00
Probably the hardest working teen model in adult is this hot reddish-haired latina Tania over at PacinosAdventures.The only model who seems to work as hard is Serena over at oh, wait. It's the same girl!Although there's hardly any more new info about her since our first boob blog about Serena, we can now add an entire new site devoted to her to the list.Apart from her work on Pacino's Adventures, she's now shooting stuff for Tania Spice, the latest addition to the Spice family of hot latina teen babes, as well as shooting lots for may want to check out both sites and decide for yourselves which version of the girl (her real name is Nagore Zabala) you prefer.Both sites are hardcore, lesbian and solo stuff, but the photo-style and posing are completely different, as is Ms. Zabala herself.Serena18 is all about bobby-socks and pigtails and various other colorful teen accoutrements such as big bobble ear-rings and dayglo green bead necklaces, while Ta...
Dors Feline's Cute Alt Goth Boobs Charm
2009-06-29 01:09:00
Sigh sigh... where to begin with Dors Feline?!?This cute, voluptuous British babe is only 5'5'' and maintains an incredible 34K rack... yes, it's true.And though she crashed into our email only today and has one of the most impressive boob sets we've seen in a while, it's not all about volume...There must be quality. And Dors, bless her bosom too, is full of it.While her new site,, is brought to you by the same brit boobmasters who also created and, she is completely not about bubble-gum and pig-tails.(BTW if you like those lovely, slightly thick chicks with enormous boobs, joining Dors' site gives you all access to theirs, too!)On top of being a cool, semi-goth tattooed alt chick with plenty of smarts, Feline is really, really cute. Her eyes are a soft, chocolate brown and her face rawks, and and that's why she's here.Obviously she passes the "naturals" test - her boobs are so big, so heavy, they hang, but do not flop; in fact h...
Jelena Jensen Busts Out Into Hardcore
2009-06-25 01:11:00
Jelena Busts Her Green SweaterSee More Busty VidsIncredibly, stalwart and solo girl star Jelena Jensen has announced she will be going hardcore!Now what form of hardcore this will be remains to be seen - could be just POV blowjob/fuck scenes with her boyfriend, or gang-bang bukake scenes...Though bets here at the Best Breast Blog are that it will be the former.Meanwhile, the incredibly hot, 36F girl-next-door babe with curves to kill for has released a new video at PinUpGlam - in a sexy lime-green sweater we're pretty sure site regulars Rachel Aldana and Maggie Green have already used...Nonetheless, it's a fetching sweater and color and we can't wait to see the full video ourselves... meanwhile, here's a hot gallery to hold you over, featuring Jelena and another incredible babe who recently went hardcore: Jelena Jensen and Sunny LeoneEnjoy!
Scoop! Monika Lazlo From Twitter Rocks Our World
2009-06-22 14:42:00
Lawdy lawdy, the benefits of Twitter begin...Just days after starting our own Twitter, this lovely lass decided to follow... and we noticed.This busty brunette is lilMonika909 or Monika Lazlo; completely unknown - no site, Facebook or MySpace accounts, just this hefty-chesty picture of her on her Twitter account...I dare say we may just have scooped Smoothie Luv's Boobie Club on this one. (Smoothie is the premiere web destination for amateur boobs, btw).I really wish we could post some more pictures or even a gallery of the blessed Monika, but we can't.There's nothing out there. Just this Twitter pic... sigh.So enjoy and if enough of us decide to follow or comment here Monika just may... bust out of her shell heheh.Ok, carry on (ahem).
Cute Bodacious Ellie Jay's Enormous New Boobs
2009-06-09 14:59:00
I you like them slightly thick, plump and voluptuous but not voluminous, you will certainly enjoy new British boobs babe Ellie Jay.It's really all a question of proportion. Ellie Jay's super ample bosom definitely suits her cushy tush and the extra coat of comfy flesh she wears evenly over all her frame, making her an exceedingly disireable cuddle.You just want to take a bath with her or wake up to a gentle roll in the blankets as soon as you look at her and those big globular boobs she sports so evenly...What's neat is that though her UK knockers are unique, she has a face a little reminiscent of Ines Cudna.We wish there was lots and lots of info on this bodaciously cute bustalicious brit babe...But, there isn't. That's the name of the new babe game... so enjoy the pictures and please be patient as we cull more of these gnarly knockers' plump proprietor...
Recent PinUpFiles Updates - Great Boobs and News!
2009-05-21 15:41:00, which seems to be turning into the premiere big bosom babe site on the web, has celebrated several landmarks in the last couple of months.Having celebrated their tenth anniversary last year with big pierced nippled September Carrino, they returned for their eleventh with spectaular thin waist corset fetish babe Dahlia Dark's 32GG debut with the site...Then, having seen the new decade of the site's existence, titanic 34G Taylor Kennedy hauled her heavy boobs and tittilatingly tattooed tanned skin out of retirement to contribute some heart pounding vids and pics for the site.And finally, as a topper, they introduced mostly amateur top-heavy cam girl Taylor Stevens to the world of pinup chicks and pro photography.Stevens was a Score girl at one point, as a voluptuous, even BBW, model... but now she's lost those pounds and kept the 34GG boobs and proudly pulls them out of a hot pink bikini for us.April is always a good year for PinUpFiles.
Incredible Gianna Michaels' Artsy Boobs Set!
2009-05-03 04:42:00
Hot breasty Gianna Michaels is generally known for her salacious, sexy hardcore scenes, movies and galleries.But in surfing about here and there in our boobquest, we came across this incredible set of her at DigitalDesire (formerly DigitalDreamGirls, but still DDG - go figure).The tall, leggy brunette, sometimes known as Becky or Gianna Rossi, is usually photographed in harsh, raw, reality-based light, sucking cock, getting fucked, and generally being one of the most prolific and popular pornstars on the web.But true Giannafannas know she is one of the hottest, sexiest, best-made babes on the web, and this discovered set of her at DigitalDesire brings out that passionate, sultry side of her to great satisfaction.All-natural 34E, Michaels has only just started this fashion/glam/babe modeling thing, but we hope she keeps it up!And you can bet that her next set in this style will probably be at DigitalDesire...
Katrin's Big Boobs Kozy Up Together
2009-04-18 18:37:00
Quite a week for premieres!Just after having found that Nubiles Milana had launched her own site, we come across Katrin Kozy who now cozies up her 34DD boobs together at predicted this green-eyed blonde who hails from the Czech Republic would go places when she first showed up on that maniac boob Fetish site posts followed Katrin as she went on to more and glammier shoots, until finally showing her fine breasts via Met-Art's artistic lenses.One plus Katrin had for some who really like their pics and video to feature their favorite breastacular babe doing girl-girl and boy-girl scenes were her hardcore scenes... which is something they won't find here yet.But regardless the context, or arena, or site, the girl is the girl, and in this case becomes what fans have wanted from the start: a shrine to Kathy Kozy, or Cathy or Katerina or Katarina...Enter, and kneel before the altar...
Met-Art's Mysterious Sofi A
2009-04-18 07:26:00
If this mammarian marvel has ever modelled elsewhere than Met-Art (and fellow site Errotica-Archives?), we would certainly like to know.Sweet face, clear-eyed, self-assured and with a touch of goofy to her modelling style, Met-Art's Sofi-A is definitely a girl to look out for.Though she recently did appear at (where her name is Sofie) it was either her first or her only appearance at the venerable female worship site.Meanwhile, the Met-Art galleries keep coming, very often with a partner for a sweet lesbian liason, or simply outside, melding her easy, toned beauty with nature.She's also the one Met-Art babe most likely to do... silly things. You get the idea it was probably her idea, to pose with a beach-bum motorcycle nomad and not just his bike, or get really goofy about a lesbian set with a tutu, or model pink bunny slippers.Wish there could be more about her here, but this is often the case with fresh, new boobs babes. We'll just keep an ear (and eye) out... meanwh...
Nubiles Milana Busts Out with
2009-04-11 21:32:00
It's always nice to see young models moving up and on to bigger things. Take, for example, Milana from ripe, firm-breasted blonde has launched her own solo site under her own name, the name applies rather well, too, since she's using her freshly-legal charms and age to flaunt herself on a college girl level.Very nice.You may actually know her as Chantel at Met-Art , Lola at, or Darlene at TeenStarMagazine, but forget all that now. Now, she's Anna Smart - amateur sologirl.The Russian blonde's American-style appeal is on full display at her new site, rest assured, with no image alteration or those glossy slick touch-ups - you get the real Anna, dimples and all, and some nice, candid stuff as a result.The photos, though posed sexy, aren't so "posed" if you understand, and really reflect the girl beneath the glam. On top of which, heh-heh, she assures us, "my girls were a gift from Mother Nature herself, not Dupont".We believe her, t...
Chloe Vevrier's Kundalini Comes To A Head
2009-04-08 22:44:00
Whether it was a barometer or a contributing factor of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Chloe Vevrier's topless appearance on a float of that city's 750th anniversary parade (in which she was either a mermaid a Valkyrie) will always be remembered.And once the Wall came down, there was no stopping the huge-busted brunette.It would be ten years before the world-travelling model, professional masseuse and now actress would land in India and discover Tantric Yoga, of which she's become a devout practitioner and proponent.In fact, over the first half of this decade, Vevrier has atributed the expansion of her already incredible 38EE bust to a 38GG to her practice of Yoga.It's not clear whether she used the mantras and yantras to deliberately channel the tantric energy to her boobs, or if it was just a side-effect, but Vevrier has since stated in her site journal that her proportions have achieved 38K in size.It certainly beats surgery, and as is amply shown in this glorious photoset in he...
Ashley Sage Ellison Gets Her Due
2009-03-27 04:14:00
If you like 'em thick and delicious they don't get better than bodacious blonde Ashley Sage Ellison.Despite her solo site, the British Boobs favorite still found the time to be "discovered" by, who have featured her on the cover of the April '09 issue of Scoreland Magazine and proclaim her the next big thing.Ashley seems to have gained some comfortable weight since her last shoots for her own site, and really seems to fit the Scoreland esthetic of enormous-breasted voluptuous babes.The new hair do and make up are especially fetching, though may not to be to everyone's taste - but it's nonetheless striking.It just seems that as long as the gain is evenly distributed, and the babe remains curvaceously proportional, the charm is simply not lost.Ashley is a dream babe, and her boobs are deliriously delightful. Don't miss up this chance to see her in a very special light at
Sofia Webber's ... Back, and Front, and Sides...
2009-03-16 14:57:00
We at the Best Breast Blog love to find new talent out there, and the ubiquitous Sofia Webber pretty much qualifies in every department but one: she's not so new.But photos of her are so rare, information about her so scarce, it's hard not to see her as a complete mystery, if not raw, unfound talent.However we have done some digging and come up with a few nuggets concerning Webber.Before she was discovered by and appeared in Penthouse Galleries and went on to pose for DigitalDesire, Webber was a Bulgarian beauty Contest Queen. For real.Now 22 or 23 years old, Webber started modeling in Bulgaria at the age of 16, when she won a Valentine's Day beauty contest jointly held by Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic two years in a row.Then came Penthouse, which had spotted Webber and flew her to California as soon as she was 18."My dream was to hopefully go to Germany or the United States where I knew my potential could be unlocked," Webber is quoted as saying."We knew she would be...
Insanely Cute Brit Babe With Big Boobs
2009-03-06 09:19:00
Ah, yet another big breasted British bird has joined the pantheon of our tit goddesses this week (and a really cute one too!).For a while now, Brook Little has been modeling her curvy, heavy-chested form at sites like BoobStudy and TopHeavyAmateurs, where she's known as Brooke, with an "e", and - as well as the sexy stockings site OnlyTease (she has hot legs) as "Brooke G".And that blonde big-boobed sweet-faced charm she has was bound to get her her own site sooner or later.Well it's sooner now, and here it is: , who is by no means "little", exposes her enormous, inverted-nipple chesticles in a variety of costumed, girl-girl and straight naked modelling sets that will have many tripping over their credit card info to get in.While there's not much out there about her, yet, Brook's warm, cuddly strong-hipped, top-heavy coziness will have to do until we can learn everything in the world there is about her and report it here.Meanwhile, we can o...
Big Boob Asian Fuko Fucks!
2009-02-22 02:24:00
One of the frustrating things about a lot of the Japanese AV (adult video) stars is that they are purely non-nude models.Especially the big titty girls.And some, like the biggest breasted Asian, Fuko, inspire us despite ourselves to have fantasies of what it could be, might be, should be to have sex with them... which are never realized, of course.Except now.Fuko, also known as Love, has broken the seal in a manner of speaking and performed in her first ever hardcore production.Imagining sex with her is now a thing of the past.On top of which she looks lovely squirming, grimacing and squealing in pleasure as she spreads her legs, blowjobs, and boob-fucks some mercifully faceless guy.One revelation is that Fuko is a squirter. For those of you who groove on female ejaculation as well as big boobs, this is quite the news.The effect is arresting, upon first view, and hypnotizing upon repeat viewing. Fuko's enormous natural Japanese breasts and slim body are fully naked, in motion, as h...
Met-Art's Babes With Big Boobs...
2009-02-22 01:20:00 and main photographer Erros's partner site feature such an insane amount of beautiful, fit, thin women spreading their legs (to the point where it sometimes seems like a pussy-fetish site), that it doesn't seem they have very many babes with big boobs...Which is where you'd be wrong. Though you have to wade through reams of awesome naked women of varying breast-size, Met-Art not only has some awesome bustalicious babes, but even more than some breast-fetish sites, due to sheer volume.Pictured Perla is just one of the breath-taking examples of Met-Art's big-breasted models. Though she's known as Simi at other sites, she's never "seen" in quite the same light, pictured as beautifully or artfully in all her nudity.Perla here epitomizes the Met-Art esthetic of graceful, pure nudes, in natural settings, sometimes outdoors, always naked and never starting dressed and then stripping.Along with better known faces such as Perla/Simi, Ariel (Piper Fawn...
Brittany's Hot Boobs (and Bod)
2007-07-15 20:36:00
Alright alright what can I say? I'm a sucker for hot cute busty blondes after all,... I mean how could you not be sucked in by this cute Britanny chick - regardless of her boobs... which are, to say the least, absolutely spectacular! But she's a cute and playful naughty honey to start with - look at that picture - I crack up everytime I look at it!Anyhow, like any new model (large natural breasts or not) there isn't much to learn about Brittany. I can tell you what her site text says... which is basically that she was a young innocent chick with great boobs who was suggested to start a site... Then there's a little bit about her nervousnes... "If you thought I was nervous about being in a bikini in the park, you have no idea! I jumped in the pool at this really nice hotel and was flashing my boobs hoping I wouldn't get caught!" Whatever. The point is we'll learn more in time or from her site, and her actual boobalicious state is hypnotizing - she has great tits, to get down to...
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