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One of the fastest growing collections of celebrity news and galleries on the internet. High quality photographs and wallpapers featuring a vast array of male and female celebrities. If your favourite isn't listed, feel free to request!


Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 6-12th October 2007
2007-10-12 16:09:00
Friday, 12th October 2007A bit of an Eastenders theme to begin today's update. Updated the Rita Simons and Samantha Janus galleries with new promotional shots and added new pages for Laurie Brett, Tiana Benjamin and Zahra Ahmadi.Updated the Milo Ventimiglia gallery with a new photoshoot.Added 30 Seconds To Mars live performance pictures to the Jared Leto gallery.Added a new gallery for Justin Timberlake.Added a dedicated page for screen captures from the new Britney Spears music video, Gimme More.Added a dedicated page for screen captures from the new Kylie Minogue video, 2 Hearts.Wednesday, 10th October 2007Updated the Mojave Moon page on the Angelina Jolie gallery with nearly 500 screen captures from our DVD copy of the film. Please note that the Mojave Moon link will take you to our Tomb Raider Costume Resource which hosts all of our Angelina Jolie vidcaps.Added a dedicated page for screen captures from Avril Lavigne's new music video, Hot.Added a dedicated page for screen capt...
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 29th September-5th October 2007
2007-10-05 17:26:00
Friday, 5th October 2007Added new galleries for Ali Bastian, Lucy Hale, Melanie Gutteridge and Will Yun Lee.Added a dedicated page for Bionic Woman to the Michelle Ryan gallery.Added Bionic Woman promotional shots to the Katee Sackhoff page.Added wallpapers to the Joss Stone and Katharine McPhee galleries.Added more Strictly Come Dancing promotional pictures to the Alesha Dixon and Kelly Brook pages. Series Five begins tomorrow (6th October) and the official website is now live!Thursday, 4th October 2007Added wallpapers to the Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Brook, Kylie Minogue and Mya Harrison pages.Added new galleries for Katee Sackhoff and Zoe Salmon.You may have also noticed that we have now split the index for the female celebrity galleries into four pages. With over 500 galleries (and picture banners for well over half of them), things were getting a little out of hand and it was impractical to keep them all on one page. Hopefully, you should find that navigation is a lot easier (and f...
Strictly Come Dancing - Series Five - Promotional Material
2007-10-03 17:22:00
Strictly Come Dancing makes its long-awaited return to British television screens this Saturday (October 6th). Here at Prawn Cufflinks, we can't wait!With a theme tune that evokes images of cold, dark nights snuggled up on the sofa (preferably with a plate of spaghetti bolognese) and the excitement of the build-up to Christmas, Strictly is surely the best programme on television at the moment (and, as everybody knows, we watch a lot of telly!). This year is set to be one of the best series yet, not least because one of our all-time favourite celebrities is taking part - Kelly Brook!Alesha Dixon (ex-Mis Teeq) will also be showing off her skills on the dancefloor......and a whole host of celebrities from some of Prawn Cufflinks' favourite television shows will also be on hand to entertain, whether via the medium of brilliant dance or just by being a bit of a ham-fisted oaf.(Click for high resolution version)The line-up in full (l-r): Kenny Logan (Scottish rugby star - dancing with O...
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 22nd-28th September 2007
2007-09-28 12:13:00
Thursday, 27th September 2007To mark the start of The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl on ITV2 tonight, we've uploaded a number of high quality pictures to the Billie Piper gallery.Wednesday, 26th September 2007Added a new gallery for Vanessa Hudgens.Added pictures from the Resident Evil: Extinction premiere to the Ali Larter and Milla Jovovich galleries.Sunday, 23rd September 2007Added a dedicated page for screen captures from Meatloaf's Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through video to the Angelina Jolie gallery.Added a dedicated page for screen captures from Live At Wembley to the Atomic Kitten gallery.Added dedicated pages for Like This and Survivor screen captures to the Kelly Rowland gallery.Added dedicated pages for screen captures from At Night I Pray and Talk To Me (both by Wild Orchid) to the Stacy Ferguson gallery.Added a dedicated page for screen captures from Now That You Got It to the Gwen Stefani gallery.Added a dedicated page for screen captures from Common's Drivin' Me Wild v...
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 15th-21st September 2007
2007-09-21 16:40:00
Friday, 21st September 2007Updated the Stacy Ferguson gallery with a number of Black Eyed Peas promotional shots.Wednesday, 19th September 2007Added Eastenders promotional shots to the Rita Simons and Samantha Janus galleries.Added wallpapers to the Ali Larter, Kelly Brook and Billie Piper pages.Added performance shots to the Gwen Stefani and Stacy Ferguson galleries.Updated the Charlotte Church page with pictures from the current issue of Cosmopolitan.Added a high quality photoshoot to the Joss Stone gallery.Added some lovely pictures from Interview magazine to the Avril Lavigne page.Updated the Lucy Pinder gallery with a high quality photoshoot.Added a new page for Jessica Biel.Monday, 17th September 2007Updated the Angelina Jolie gallery with a number of high quality photoshoots.Added a fantastic set of pictures to the Arielle Kebbel page.Updated the Bijou Phillips gallery with some pictures from a recent fashion event (we love the cuddly Elmo being waved by the little girl nearb...
Paddington Bear - Marmite Advertisement
2007-09-17 16:38:00
Marmite splits us right down the middle here at Prawn Cufflinks. Gareth loves it, Louise hates it, and it's one of the few things that causes us to disagree. However, neither of us can deny that the new advert for Gary's favourite sticky black stuff is brilliant!Paddington Bear swaps his old favourite marmalade for a bit of yeast extract. That's a big thumbs up from Gareth, who hates marmalade (although funnily enough, Louise loves it - but we don't disagree quite so strongly about that). Extra kudos for the melon that falls on the policeman's head at the end. SPLAT!Is anybody else really in the mood for some Marmite and toast now?
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 8-14th September 2007
2007-09-14 15:28:00
A fortnight's worth of updates today due to the technical problems of last week. Therefore, this is probably our biggest weekly digest to date!Friday, 14th September 2007Added a new (and long overdue) gallery for Juliette Lewis.Thursday, 13th September 2007Added new galleries for Louisa Lytton and Natasha Mealey.Added a high quality photoshoot to the LeeLee Sobieski page.Added the Glamorous photoshoot to the Stacy Ferguson gallery.Updated the Avril Lavigne page with pictures from her performance on Canadian Idol.Updated the Bijou Phillips, Joanna Levesque and Michelle Trachtenberg galleries.Added dedicated pages for screen captures from the Aerosmith videos Crazy and Cryin' to the Alicia Silverstone gallery.Added a dedicated page for screen captures from Aerosmith's Crazy video to the Liv Tyler gallery.Wednesday, 12th September 2007Added over 250 screen captures from the new Evanescence video Good Enough to a dedicated page on the Amy Hartzler gallery.Added a selection of promoti...
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 1st-7th September 2007
2007-09-07 09:18:00
Sorry folks, for the first time in nine months there have been no website updates this week. We've had connection problems since last Thursday and BT have only just sorted things out for us this morning. Normal service will resume tomorrow.We've been using our downtime productively though, and we have plenty of screen captures of people such as Angelina Jolie and Avril Lavigne ready to upload, plus new galleries planned for Emma Amos (Goodnight Sweetheart, The Last Detective) and Joulia Stepanova (Snow White in Rammstein's Sonne video). They'll all be live on the site next week - check the Website Updates page for all the latest news as it happens.In the meantime, why not use this time to refresh your memory of the 400+ galleries already online? You can see the full list by clicking the banner at the top of the post or by using the links on the right which will take you to some of our favourite people.See you next week, Gareth & Louise
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 25th-31st August 2007
2007-08-31 15:26:00
Wednesday, August 29th 2007Added photocall pictures from the Heroes world tour to the Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia galleries. Ali is in Japan with various other members of the cast, while Hayden and Milo are touring Europe with the rest of the show's stars.Updated the Avril Lavigne page with pictures from the recent Teen Choice Awards.Added pictures from the twentieth anniversary of Kentucky Harvest to the Hilary Duff gallery (she's wearing a very small pair of shorts and knee high boots).Added a recent Vogue photoshoot to the Kate Winslet page.Updated the Lindsay Lohan gallery with a very nice high quality photoshoot.Updated the Megan Fox page with some candid shots of her signing autographs in a very pink dress.Added three new pictures to the Samantha Janus gallery.Updated the Sienna Miller page with the latest issue of Glamour (Russian Edition) magazine.Added three high quality photoshoots to the Lucy Pinder gallery. The first is her most recent topless sh...
Flashback: Kelly Brook - Loaded - The Book Of Kelly (2003)
2007-08-28 18:01:00
Back in 2003, Loaded magazine launched a reader survey to discover the nation's "Most Wanted" celebrity female. The winner was Kelly Brook (and what a good choice it was too). To celebrate the occasion, Loaded gave away a free giant poster (which still has pride of place on the Prawn Cufflinks office wall) and a mini-magazine entitled The Book Of Kelly. This tome contained some of the best pictures of Kelly to ever appear in print - even now, four years later. After years of meaning to get around to it, we've finally scanned every page from The Book Of Kelly and uploaded them all to a dedicated page over at the Kelly Brook gallery. A small taster follows below and, as always, the actual pictures are in lovely high quality.
World Athletics Championship - Kelly Sotherton Wins Bronze
2007-08-27 14:39:00
Kelly Sotherton has added another medal to her collection after winning bronze in the heptathlon during the World Athletics Championship in Osaka, Japan this weekend. Having spent the majority of the competition in a medal-winning position, Kelly slipped to fourth after a disappointing javelin event. However, she pulled it back in the 800m to win Britain's first medal in this year's competition. Jessica Ennis, Kelly's British team-mate, finished fourth overall in her first appearance at the World Championships. Here at Prawn Cufflinks, we say congratulations to both!We've uploaded nearly 100 pictures from the event (many in high quality) to the Kelly Sotherton gallery. We've also added a new page for Jessica Ennis and a long-overdue gallery for Carolina Kluft (this year's gold medallist).The World Championships continue for the rest of the week.
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 18-24th August 2007
2007-08-24 12:43:00
Friday, August 24th 2007Added a new (and very sexy) Marilyn Monroe-inspired photoshoot to the Lucy Pinder gallery. The white dress shows off her figure nicely and, even though we never used to be big fans of them, you can't help but drool at the sight of white stockings after staring at seventy high quality pictures.Updated the Amy Hartzler page with six high quality pictures from a recent Evanescence performance on the Family Values Tour. Now, if only they'd bring the show to Wales...Added the new Got Milk? poster to the Hayden Panettiere gallery, plus a handful of candid shots (including two pictures of Miss P looking very excited on her way to Starbucks. Maybe she was having a raspberry Tazo - they're our favourite).Oh, we've also re-uploaded the nude Siwan Morris pictures that Photobucket so helpfully deleted within an hour of yesterday's blog being posted. We've put them on Imagevenue this time and tagged them "not safe for work", so there shouldn't be any further proble...
Siwan Morris - Skins (Better Late Than Never)
2007-08-23 15:04:00
Remember back in March when Ask Prawn Cufflinks was bombarded with queries about "Siwan Morris nude"? At the time, we couldn't understand why one of our favourite, yet little-known, Welsh actresses should be popping up in a search term that was usually reserved for snooker referee Michaela Tabb. Anyway, a helpful person pointed us in the direction of E4 and a new programme called Skins. We never did get around to watching the show but thanks to this website, we managed to download some short clips of the scenes that were driving everybody crazy.Nearly six months on, Skins is now being repeated on Channel Four. We still haven't watched it, but visitors have started dropping by in their hundreds in the hope of catching a glimpse of Siwy in her birthday suit. Well, we like to provide a service here at Prawn Cufflinks (and it was always in our mission statement that we would champion Welsh talent and provide pictures of lesser-known celebrities), so we've done the decent thing and c...
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 11-17th August 2007
2007-08-17 08:29:00
Just the one update this week as we're on our summer break, but there are still many pictures for your enjoyment.Monday, August 13th 2007Added two new galleries for Christina Ricci and Evan Rachel Wood.Both contain wallpapers and high quality pictures - over 250 in the case of Christina Ricci.
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 4-10th August 2007
2007-08-10 18:31:00
Friday, 10th August 2007Seeing as Amy Hartzler is now at the top of our favourite females list, we've capped her entire video discography. Or is it videography? Whatever, it's a lot! We've added dedicated pages for all of the Evanescence videos so far: Bring Me To Life, Going Under, My Immortal, Everybody's Fool, Call Me When You're Sober, Lithium and Sweet Sacrifice. There are also two pages dedicated to live performances, first from Rock Am Ring in 2003 and then the 2004 Evanescence live DVD Anywhere But Home. Finally, we've capped a couple of Amy's collaboration videos - Broken (with Seether) and Freak On A Leash (Unplugged) (with Korn).As if that wasn't enough, we've also capped twenty Garbage videos and given them all dedicated pages over at the Shirley Manson gallery. The list in full: Vow, Only Happy When It Rains, Queer, Stupid Girl, Milk, Push It, I Think I'm Paranoid, Special, When I Grow Up, You Look So Fine, The World Is Not Enough, Androgyny, Cherry Lips (Go B...
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 28th July-3rd August 2007
2007-08-03 18:13:00
Friday, 3rd August 2007Added a Blood And Chocolate screen captures gallery to the Agnes Bruckner page.Added new galleries for Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Joey Jordison (Slipknot) and Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park). Joey's page contains screen captures from the new Korn video, Evolution, in which he appears as guest drummer for the band.Added a dedicated page for Linkin Park's What I've Done video to the Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda galleries.Added a dedicated page for Linkin Park's Bleed It Out video to the Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda galleries. The UK premiere of Bleed It Out is screened on Channel 4 just after midnight tonight.Thursday, 2nd August 2007Updated the Amy Lee gallery with a number of high quality performance shots and some promotional photoshoots.Updated the Cristina Scabbia page.Added new galleries for Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) and Sonya Scarlet (Theatres Des Vampires).Added scans from the latest issue of Bust magazine to the Rosario Daw...
Agnes Bruckner - Blood And Chocolate Vidcaps
2007-08-03 16:25:00
It has been a while since we last uploaded vidcaps to the site, but we've finally made some new screen captures from one of our favourite films in recent months, Blood And Chocolate. Agnes Bruckner is the star of the werewolf thriller and she spends most of the film in a short dress and knee high boots (yes, yes, we're so predictable). We've uploaded nearly 600 high quality pictures to a dedicated Blood And Chocolate page (some tasters follow) and you can watch the official trailer for the film below.Blood And Chocolate is available on DVD now.
San Diego Comic-Con 2007 - Highlights
2007-07-30 15:01:00
Some of our favourite sci-fi stars were in attendance at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend:Hayden Panettiere (promoting Heroes):Jessica Alba (discussing the Fantastic Four movies and Dark Angel)Kate Beckinsale (promoting new movie Whiteout)Lucy Lawless (appearing with fellow stars from Battlestar Galactica)Shannyn Sossamon (promoting new movie One Missed Call)Tricia Helfer (also part of the Battlestar Galactica team)High quality versions of these (and many more) pictures have been uploaded to the respective galleries.
Celebrity Gallery Updates - Weekly Digest - 21st-27th July 2007
2007-07-27 12:23:00
Friday, 27th July 2007Updated the Danielle Lloyd gallery with a number of high quality photoshoot pictures.Added a great lingerie photoshoot to the Gemma Atkinson page.Added more pictures from the UK premiere of The Simpsons Movie to the Keeley Hazell gallery (including some shots featuring her Simpsons look-alike).Thursday, 26th July 2007Updated the Olivia Wilde and Paris Hilton galleries with pictures from the recent "Feed The Models - Save The World" charity event.Added pictures from the UK premiere of The Simpsons Movie to the Keeley Hazell page.Added new galleries for Lisa Maffia and Nancy Sorrell, both consisting of pictures from the UK premiere of The Simpsons Movie and various other candids and photoshoots.Updated the Danielle Lloyd gallery with a number of high quality candids.Wednesday, 25th July 2007Updated the Anne Hathaway gallery with pictures from the New York premiere of Becoming Jane.Added pictures from the Beckham's Welcome To America party to the Alyson Hannigan,...
The Simpsons Movie - UK Premiere
2007-07-26 20:59:00
The stars were out in London last night for the UK premiere of the new Simpsons movie. Amongst the celebrities attending were some Prawn Cufflinks favourites who don't seem to have been around for a while:Keeley HazellOur fifth favourite model (after Kelly Brook, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh and Sophie Howard).Lisa MaffiaWe haven't seen much of Lisa since she released her album First Lady back in 2003, but now she's back with new single Bad Girl (At Night).Nancy SorrellPresenter of Trust Me I'm A Holiday Rep and Ann Summers model.High quality versions of these pictures (and more) have been uploaded to the Keeley Hazell, Lisa Maffia and Nancy Sorrell galleries.The Simpsons Movie is released in the UK today.
Feed The Models - Save The World
2007-07-26 14:49:00
A charity event was held in Hollywood on Tuesday night in aid of Project E's "Feed The Models - Save The World" campaign. The Heroes-inspired motto aims to raise awareness of eating disorders in conjunction with EDIN (Eating Disorders Info Network).Celebrities helping to spread the word (and model some T-shirts) included The OC's Olivia Wilde and Paris Hilton. We think the charity is a fun idea and anything that promotes healthy eating over crash dieting is fine by us!More (high quality) pictures have been uploaded to the Olivia Wilde gallery and we'll hopefully have some Paris Hilton ones for you soon.
Hayden Panettiere - You Magazine
2007-07-25 20:42:00
Heroes finally arrives on British terrestrial television tonight. To mark the occasion, we've got some scans of Hayden Panettiere's recent photoshoot from the Mail On Sunday's You Magazine.We've seen some of the photos before, but it never hurts to see the full set accompanied by a new interview. Hayden speaks about her role as Claire Bennet in Heroes ("it's X-Men meets reality TV"), her dislike at being compared to Lindsay Lohan ("I don't have anything mean to say about her, but when you're a young woman you get pigeon-holed") and her charity work (including the Whaleman Foundation, "a nonprofit organisation that saves whales which isn't getting the attention it deserves.") Overall, Hayden comes across just as likeable as her Heroes alter-ego - but then we all knew that already!High quality scans of the You magazine set have been uploaded to the Hayden Panettiere gallery, along with a number of pictures from her recent Orange County Flyers performance with Band From TV (a g...
Eva Longoria - Bebe Sport Campaign
2007-07-25 20:13:00
Eva Longoria has recently taken part in a new advertising campaign for Bebe Sport. The series of posters sees her posing with a couple of muscle men in various states of undress. Eva looks fantastic in a variety of different outfits from the Bebe range. Predictably, we particularly like the shots which show off Eva's amazing legs (especially the one where she is wearing knee high boots) - however, she looks great in all of them and the campaign is sure to be a great success.Keep an eye on the Eva Longoria gallery where we'll be uploading high quality versions of the photoshoot very soon. In the meantime, we've uploaded some other high quality pictures of Eva, plus shots of her arriving at the recent party to welcome the Beckhams to America.For more information about the new Bebe Sport range, visit their website.
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David & Victoria Beckham - Welcome To America Party
2007-07-25 17:38:00
David and Victoria Beckham attended a star-studded party in their honour earlier this week. The event, designed to welcome them to America, was thrown by celebrity friends including Will Smith and Katie Holmes.David and Will wore grey suits (although Will's was much shinier) and Victoria looked absolutely stunning in a tiny black dress and very high heels. Other guests included Alyson Hannigan, Eva Longoria and Rihanna.High quality versions of the following pictures have been uploaded to the David and Victoria Beckham galleries (plus a number of other high quality pictures from various events attended by the couple recently). Pictures of the other guests mentioned have been uploaded to their respective galleries.
Anne Hathaway - Becoming Jane - New York Premiere
2007-07-25 15:35:00
Anne Hathaway was out in New York last night for the premiere of Becoming Jane. The film, in which she plays Jane Austen, was released in the UK over three months ago, but arrives in America from August 3rd 2007.Anne looked classy in a black dress and posed outside the screening for a number of photographs. We don't know how she does it, but she seems to get more attractive with each new photoshoot! High quality versions of the following pictures have been uploaded to the Anne Hathaway gallery.
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