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A Bit About Minx Addiction and Her Musical Tastes
2007-11-08 03:15:00
You would think that chicks who like to dress up as pinup models, or have that Bettie Page retro look, like the delectable, addiction producing Minx, would have musical tastes that gravitate towards the Cramps, Elvis and Charlie Feathers. Not so with this tough cookie. Among her musical tastes she includes “Death metal, grindcore, doom and ...
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Pedal Pumping?! Let?s Consult the Fetish Road Map!
2007-11-08 02:49:00
Each time I think I’ve seen it all in terms of what fetishes are out there, I inadvertantly see something that blows my mind. Luckily, Katharine Gates’ handy “Fetish Roadmap” can easily point me to the location of gas pedal pumping, which is somewhere right on the border between shoes, high heels, and “car” which ...
More About: Bizarre
Russian Girls Gone Wild at Hungry Duck Club: Ladies Night Party at the Famo
2007-11-05 23:06:00
Russians have always gone wild periodically but mostly not in a good way. Now thanks to shaking off 75 years of social repression, like the Czechs they’re going wild in a sexual frenzy. The Hungry Duck and its girls “going wild” is an example of the reckless sexual abandon with which they free-falled into after ...
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Nina A and Sandra F in Eromania by Helios from MetArt
2007-11-04 23:44:00
Nina A, on the left is of course a stunner but it’s Sandra F with her pale skin and full, pouty lips that has me particularly excited in this “Eromania” set from Met Art by Lucas Helios. Now for the nerdy tidbit: This time the name of the set, eromania makes some sense though I’m not ...
More About: Lesbians
The Occupational Hazards of Shooting Porn or Naked People
2007-11-04 23:36:00
Think you got what it takes to shoot porn? Think again. Or at least don’t wear Speedos. It’s just a stupid photoshop job but I got a chuckle out of it, particularly from the fat guy in the back. Share This
More About: Humor , Amateurs
Gizel - Hispanic Glamazon Shot by Coulter
2007-11-04 23:31:00
Bob Coulter’s Crazy Babe du jour is Gizel, a Puerto Rican/Dominican model from New York City who can rightly be called a “glamazon” with her striking looks and 36DD breast size. I can’t seem to find too much info on Gizel yet but if I do, and I’m sure I will, I’ll be certain to ...
The Adventures of the Man With No Penis
2007-11-04 23:26:00
Short, sweet and to the point. What else would one do if one had no penis. From the hilarious and bizarre comic strip Perry Bible Fellowship. Share This
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Time for the Weekly Video Newsletter from Abby Winters - the Best Amateur S
2007-11-03 02:05:00
It’s Friday! Which means not only that the weekend is here but the Abby Winters weekly video update is here! This week it’s brought to you by by the delicious duo Jacki and Petria. Give it a minute to load, and then check out the rest of the tour when you’re done salivating. You’ll also see another glimpse of the naked Yoga Girls in the vid. Share This
The Flower Drum Song
2007-11-03 01:57:00
Thanks to Indienudes for revisiting “The Flower Drum Song”, a celebration of all kinds of flowers and flora. Didn’t think it was possible to combine art, botany and upskirt pussy photography? Think again. Share This
Nice View! Julia S. in Kreuzberge from Femjoy by Stefan Soell
2007-11-03 01:46:00
Sometimes the photography in Femjoy is so spectacular that I’m torn between two forms of natural wonders - the scenery or the naked girl in the photo like this set in the Kreuzberge with a model named Julia S. Now I don’t know if the photographer Stefan Soell had this in the back of his mind when doing these shots but being the artfag nerd that I am, I immediately thought of Caspar David Friedrich’s painting called something like “Traveler in a Sea of Fog.” How nerdy is that? Talk about nerd porn! Share This
Sexy Stuff by Beatrice Neumann
2007-11-02 02:55:00
This section of photographer Beatrice Neumann’s website is called “Sexy Stuff” and as you can see below, it’s for a damn good reason. Her bio is pretty interesting as well. Since she writes she is the daughter of political refugees from Transylvania, she must come from the German minority of Romania. After arriving in the ...
Ashley in Watercolors
2007-11-02 02:44:00
Ashley from Femjoy, again. This time in an outdoor setting in front of a pastelly sunset. Sometimes I get a little hung up on one model or another and luckily Femjoy keeps doing more and more shoots with this gorgeous gal that I’ve become mildly fixated on. Share This
Everyday Slaves, New BDSM Site Offers an Intimate Glimpse Into the Lifestyl
2007-11-02 02:34:00
Everyday Slaves is an interesing BDSM site that I just came across. I’m not a regular and hardly even irregular participant in BDSM play. For an artfag like me it’s all about the sexy, kinky fashion. That doesn’t mean I don’t find the subject matter fascinating (not to mention the clothes). Of course anyone can ...
More About: Fetish
Sasha Grey, ?Teenage Anal Princess? and ?Existentialist Porn Star? Shot by
2007-11-01 22:31:00
Here she is again, Sasha Grey, who manages to cary both the title of “Existentialist Porn Star” and “Teenage Anal Princess.” Sasha is photographed by Rich Kern, posing nude and there are some BDSM clips thrown in of her getting hog tied and abused, and as usual she’s interviewed talking bollocks. And yet… I somehow almost ...
More About: Hardcore , Fetish , Teens , Porn Stars
Scary AIDS PSA Ads From France
2007-11-01 22:22:00
Sometimes you gotta be scared straight and these French PSA AIDS ads about safe sex and condom use are pretty creepy. The copy at the bottom translates as “Without protection it’s AIDS that you’re making love to.” Artistic, scary, and effective. Share This
Real Bisexual Nerdy Girls in Glasses in Lesbian Romp, Kissing, Undressing a
2007-11-01 00:12:00
As Anna and Penny from Nerd Porn (Nerd Pron to be precise) say: “We’re not fake porn chicks - we’re real bisexual girls who honestly love to lick and fuck girls.” This is true and you can see them doing just that: “licking and fucking” in this awesome set which also features real amateur strap-on ...
More About: Amateurs , Lesbians , Amateur Porn
Sixteen Naked Japanese Girls Blowing Horns, Sucking on Organs and Cracking
2007-10-31 20:35:00
I counted sixteen naked Japanese girls in this naked orchestra from Japan. They butcher Tchaikovski’s Nutcracker and like Liberace, they may be great on the piano but they suck on the organ but what the hell, they’re cute. You can always turn the sound down or off and just watch them blow. On a related ...
More About: Humor , Bizarre
Happy Sexy Halloween With Amandine the Naked Witch From Hegre
2007-10-31 20:14:00
Happy sexy, erotic Halloween everyone. Click below on sexy Amandine from Hegre to send someone a naughty e-card. Share This
Close Up Pussy Photography by Michael Helms Could Use a Vial of Vulva Origi
2007-10-31 01:14:00
Michael Helms of MLH Photo shoots some outstanding nude, glamour, fashion and fetish photography, and while I remember Hegre doing something like this a couple of years ago, it’s Michael’s gallery of up close pussy photos that I found particularly exciting. Truly they show the love of the vulva as in this one… apart from ...
More About: Bizarre
Porno Marketing!
2007-10-31 00:40:00
Porno marketing? Yes, but not marketing your own porn site. We’re talking about using porn to market well known brands using product placement. Of course quasi porn is used to market all kinds of things on a daily basis, but this hilarious site called, Porno Marketing, what else, calls itself the first product placement website ...
More About: Humor , Amateurs
How To Look Incognito When Exiting a Porn or Sex Shop
2007-10-30 21:08:00
I can’t tell if this was just a print ad or whether they actually manufactured these things as collateral advertising products but I tend to think it’s the later and pretty clever. The German porn and sex shop chain Beate Uhse is giving its customers glasses that look those black bars you see in print ...
More About: Humor
Naked Girl in the Swimming Bath
2007-10-30 04:54:00
At first I thought, “what on earth is a swimming bath”? Is it some kind of bath specifically designed for swimming? Huh? Then I learned that a swimming bath is an English expression for a swimming pool. And I also learned that I need to stop paying attention to semantics and pay more attention to ...
No Mile High Club for Singapore Air - Sex ban on the Airbus A380
2007-10-29 23:14:00
No, you can’t join the Mile High Club if you’re flying on Singapore Air. The airline which contains the Airbus 380 in its fleet, the largest passenger airliner in the world, recently made its first commercial flight on October 25th from Sydney to Singapore. However…despite offering double bed suites, in typical Singaporean repressed/repressive fashion, they ...
More About: Hardcore , Lesbians
Borghild: Did Nazi Germans Invent the Sex Doll?
2007-10-29 22:49:00 claims that “The world?s first sexdoll ? or ?gynoid? ? was built in 1941 by a team of craftsmen from Germany’s Hygiene Museum Dresden.” Much like a RealDoll, but intended to prevent Wehrmacht soldiers from catching a case of the clap from foreign hookers, or preventing them from mingling with “foreign womenfolk.” It was ...
More About: Humor , Bizarre
Real Amateurs from Australia With Beautiful Hairy Pussies to Bring in the H
2007-10-29 05:56:00
The girls from Abby Winters: natural, often hairy, but always happy & fresh amateur Australian girls make me believe in the future of erotica, porn and the art of arousal and few do it better than AW. I’ll be sure to give you more teasers about the site that I have been a member of ...
More About: Masturbation , Amateurs , Lesbians , Amateur Porn , Hairy
Adidas Commercials for Adicolor Are Amazing, Jenna Jameson Beating the Crap
2007-10-29 03:33:00
The brilliant Unscathed Corpse posted about these “Adicolor” commercials for Adidas which gave each artist/director a colour to work with and basically free reign to do as they please afterwards.. The first one features Jenna Jameson, in the “White” clip, is pretty good. But I think I like the PINK one better because it is ...
Kern?s New York Girls Aren?t Nude, They?re Naked Like This Pale Shaved Brun
2007-10-27 03:40:00
One of the reasons why I love Richard Kern’s New York girls is that he shoots them NAKED, and I mean NAKED. I’ve talked about this before of course, but nudity vs. nakedness is indeed an interesting subject, to me at least. Think of going to Spearmint Rhino, Showgirls or Scores, or whatever, ...
More About: Amateurs , Shaved
Designer Merkins For Either Royalty or For the Naked People at Burning Man
2007-10-27 02:42:00
Those crazy naked hipster hippie people at Burning Man invented a new accoutrement for their naked - ness. A merkin flashlight. What for? To help your naked ass navigate the “playa”? Perhaps. They say that it’s “The perfect marriage of form and function - our Merkin Flashlight helps leave something to the imagination as well ...
More About: Bizarre , Hairy
Does Anyone Get Jealous in a Threesome if Everyone is the Same Sex? And an
2007-10-27 02:18:00
You always hear when talking about threesomes, “don’t do it”, because someone is bound to get jealous. Well it’s possible to get jealous and even probable but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. However since this jealousy subject has been flogged to death everywhere, in my besotten mind, I actually wonder if this occurs ...
More About: Lesbians
The Incredible Edible Anus For All You Anal Sex, Rimming and Analingus Fans
2007-10-26 02:17:00
Nothing wrong with anal sex, or anal/oral sex i.e. analingus, rimming or however you wish to call it, as long as one practices proper hygiene. But the confectioners who invented the incredible edible chocolate anus are taking things just a bit too far by making chocolates in the shape of an asshole. Not only that ...
More About: Fetish , Anal , Teens , Bizarre , Anus
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