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My nightstand
My nightstand is your guide to sensual photography, art and more. No porn, just pure, tasteful and respectful nude, semi nude and non nude art.


Flexible Yanna stripping
2007-10-13 08:43:00
And here is Yanna, again, but this time in motion. See 3 short video clips of her sensually wriggling herself out of tiny winy black see-through skirt which wasn't much to start with anyway. Enjoy the smooth motion of her flexible body. This girl nows how to move. If your enchanted by Yanna, here are previous posts about this popular model: Sensual in stay ups Flexible nude ballet by Hegre A nude ballet dance by Hegre
Sensuality of the bellybutton
2007-10-12 08:18:00
With this marvelous image photographer Karsenika proves once and for all that the bellybutton can be a very sensuous subject. Of course, it's more then just the bellybutton that makes this image so outstanding. © Karsenika The carefully selected toning, the pearly string as the perfect accent, the bright white skirt for contrast and the slight hint of nipples at the top to name the most obvious onces. For me this photo really has the Wow status. More of the exquisit fine art nudes are to be found in Karsenika's Flickr set ArtNude. Enjoy. Excellence in nudes See every single detail at 6000px
Sensual knitted fashion
2007-10-11 08:14:00
Today I wanted something different. So, instead of the usual sensuality we're going to talk about knitting. Ha, fooled you didn't I? Although the title is a give away of course. It is possible to talk both about sensuality and knitting at the same time. Yes sir/ma'am, that's proven by this fashion label who has a pretty amazing collection of damn sexy knitted outfits like this beauty which is called Chastity Belt. © Babini Kuki Babini Kuki is the name of the label and it represents genuine hand knitted fashion. Check out it's collection and you'll just have to admit there are some fabulous items in there. Maybe a nice idea for a present with the winter coming up?
Gorgeous nude portrait
2007-10-10 08:11:00
This sensitive and sensual nude portrait has everything going for it. From the shy yet seductive look to the beautiful gray tones of both skin and backdrop. It really is a portrait in the first place and the nudity is only second which gives it a very sophisticated fine art nude ring. © Carlos Pereira More of these black and white beauties as well as sensual color photos can be found in the Flickr account of Carlos Pereira. Almost all of them have this introspective atmosphere which defines the nude artwork of Carlos. Enjoy See it to believe it!
The softness of sensuality
2007-10-09 08:24:00
Marco Guerra is a master in creating very subtle, very soft, often non nude but o so incredibly sensual photo's. © Marco Guerra A genius in putting every ounce of seduction into his images without any threat of them becoming cheap, a photographer with class in every fiber of his artwork. Glamorous in every aspect, in every detail, but again with such subtlety. Oh, I'm just going to shut up and let you enjoy his wonderful portfolio. Please take the time to absorb it in full.
From erotic fashion designer to photographer
2007-10-08 08:22:00
Earlier this year I talked about corset designer Mannixxx who creates very original and erotic corsets. He does more then this specialized fashion design though, Mannixxx is also a photographer. I think it want surprise you that again here in this art field, fetish is the name of his game. © Mannixxx As you can see from this fabulous leather see-through dress, the connection with the fashion world is never far away in his photography. So fetish fashion photography describes most of his portfolio, I'd say that all of his work deserves the title fetish glamour photography. Enjoy. See it from the inside Now intimate 6000px images
Naked relaxation at the spa
2007-10-07 08:58:00
Enjoy the sensuous Hegre model Anna S. while she enjoys a brief relaxation cure in a spa. No need for pesty clothes, just a beautiful bright flower to enhance her natural beauty while she searches for inner peace. Some nude meditation can do wonders, specially with Petter Hegre in the neighborhood to capture it all.
Alicia Silverstone gets naked
2007-09-24 08:40:00
Alicia Silverstone gets naked in a very hot and sensual fashion for animal rights movement PETA to promote vegetarianism. Now, in the previous PETA campaigns I understood the link between the message and the nudity. Here though, I don't think we can talk about functional nude as it is called. Lets not complain though and just enjoy the slow, slik movements of one of Hollywood's greatest beauties of whom we don't see enough at the moment. This is the change to see a little more of her. Here's the clip and poster on the PETA website. Use the "Other viewing options" where you can use Mediaplayer and by right-clicking the clip can switch to full screen via "zoom". Another thing you may wont to know about this campaign is that is has been pulled from the air already in Texas for whatever lame reasons.
A naked debut
2007-09-23 09:40:00
I would like to introduce you to Claire, one of FEMJOY's newest models. Claire is a petite natural beauty with lovely hair, gorgeous gray eyes and always the hint of a cute smile on her lips. Enjoy Claire's debut photoshoot with FEMJOY for free and witness here sensuality and self-confidence from the start.
Dark & wet angel
2007-09-22 08:31:00
A Dark and sensual skin, a cold shower to keep her magnificent nipples erect. A classic setup for a glamorous photoshoot, but it is no classic photoshoot. No, this is Richard Murrian from Muse at work. Master in the creation of a special erotic atmosphere. See how he plays with light, angle and composition to squeeze every drop of sensuality out of this fabulous dark angel. Muse really is the place to be if your looking for something "more" in nude photography.
A sensual Alice in Wonderland
2007-09-21 08:26:00
A while back I wrote about the Belgian retro-fetish model Mademoiselle Isa. Today I discovered a short and sensual mixed media story about Alice in Wonderland featuring this gorgeous model. This short but wonderful masterpiece was created by French artist Romain Deviseg. © Romain Deviseg In these 21 page's you'll find Mademoiselle Isa dressed in a sexy costume amidst cartoon characters. Her adventures are, ehr, loosely based on those of Alice. Romain has a good sense of humor and sensuality prevails without actual nudity. Enjoy.
Light and color, experimental nudes
2007-09-20 08:19:00
In two of his photo essays Polish photographer Tomasz Sobieraj goes for an experimental approach towards nude photography. © Tomasz Sobieraj In I'm only lusting after your body Tomasz creates a special mood by using experimental lighting techniques, painting with light if I'm not mistaking. In his other essay, Compositional masses, a different experimental path is followed. Here bright colors and transparency, in fabric or in technique, are the main components of this interesting portfolio. Enjoy.
Sensual electric chair
2007-09-19 08:31:00
Andrew J Baran has a small but beautiful portfolio of dark bondage photos. They radiate a very warm and lovingly erotic atmosphere. Is this in contrast with the fetish subject? Now it's not. There are different ways to experience bondage. It doesn't have to be rough, it can be soft and caring as well. That's what Andrew successfully translates into images, at least in my eyes. You might have another opinion on the subject of course. © Andrew J Baran This small dark treasure can be found in his deviantART portfolio. You'll need to register to get past the mature filter, but trust me, it's worth your while. Enjoy.
Blue art nudes
2007-09-18 08:14:00
Blue Art is a blog where Belgian photographer Gunther presents his more erotically inspired art photography and is as such complementary to his main website Gunther has a very distinct style which he developed himself. © Gunther @ International Glamour Pictures All his Blue art photos have a blueish cast which create a strange erotic atmosphere. With these pictures he tries to show the artistic and sensual nude in a special and different light, quite successfully in my opinion. I suggest you give both sites some of your time. Enjoy. PS. Gunther drew my attention to his work using the Share your sensual stuff link. If you own a sensual website, why don't you do the same?
Sensuous realistic nudes
2007-08-23 08:54:00
John Harding is a self representing Australian artist on eBay with a knack for very realistic drawings and paintings. His subjects are divers but what interests us most are, of course, his sensuous nude women. With divers media like charcoal and pastel he draws gorgeous girls that have just the right balance between realism and the finesses of his chosen media. © John Harding
Juicy Carolina
2007-08-22 08:16:00
Juicy Carolina is a hot girl on Flickr. She has a very sensual and teasing portfolio of herself online. There's no real nudity, only implied nudity but that doesn't stop the photos of being really sexy. © Juicy Carolina Well, that's not all that strange considering that Juicy Carolina is very juicy indeed.She has the most gorgeous eyes, amongst many other qualities. There are at the moment no less then 602 images for you to enjoy, so, enjoy and watch how she evolves from home made photography to a real glamour model.
Sensual Avant-garde photography
2007-08-21 08:18:00
Markus Richter has a daring portfolio full of sensual photography with a harsher edge to it. His nude, semi-nude and non-nude erotic photography contains a lot of fetish elements mixed with just the right amount of glamour. Besides his skillfulness in photography goes a lot of attention to the make up and clothing of the model (where appropriate). © Markus Richter The end result is a very professional looking and very erotic Avant-garde portfolio filled to the brim with voluptuous ladies ready to seduce you. Enjoy. PS. Markus I tried to email you about this post for your blessing but your email address isn't working. Should you read this please contact me. Want To Pick-up Women? Never Be Rejected Again fine art nude -male -gay
Tatjana, Nylon dreams model
2007-08-20 17:04:00
Tatjana is an amateur model with a love for nylon. Body stockings, stockings, pantyhose, ..., as long as its sensual nylon Tatjana is happy do erotic photoshoots in them. But, I quote: I do not restrict myself only on those accessories. I like any beautiful erotic garment, for it excites much more than a plain naked body (in my personal opinion). So you'll find some other shoots in her portfolio as well. This boudoir-ish image is my absolute favorite. © Tatjana, It's all home made, so don't go expecting top level photography There's nothing wrong though with high expectations for the model because Tatjana is a gorgeous and sensuous lady. It's all very tasteful and sensual. It's great to see a totally free amateur model site where teasing is the rule and pornographic is the big no-no. Enjoy.
Deep desire by Muse
2007-08-19 08:49:00
Eighteen year old Ukrainian beauty Alla poses and seduces in this erotic, romantic, and highly artistic late night photo session... Come. Fall in love with her sensuous lips, her small breasts and cute bellybutton piercing. Another inspiring photoshoot by Richard Murrian for Muse.
Sensual baroque Alessandra
2007-08-18 08:28:00
Gorgeous black haired Alessandra is being very, well, gorgeous and sensual in this FEMJOY photoshoot. Amidst a baroque (I think) setting dressed only in black thigh high stockings and with only a beautiful red rose as company Alessandra truly shines. Enjoy
Sensual boudoir stories
2007-08-17 08:16:00
Maybe I shouldn't write to much today, and let these wonderful stories tell themselves. In short: photographer Victor Ivanovski has an online portfolio dedicated to boudoir photography. If you page trough it the images unfold into erotic stories, with a little help from your imagination of course. Enjoy! © Victor Ivanovski Sexy girls in opaque stockings See them stripping down to their stockings fine art nude
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