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Spoiled Black Princess Panties

Spoiled Black Princess Panties
Hear all about my panties for auction. I post new entries on a regular basis so hurry these panties in all diffrent colors, texutures and shapes run out quickly.


Been a while
2007-06-04 10:27:00
Its been a while since the Princess made an entry on LJ so just to let you bois know a lil about me. I am a bratty black princess who loves to manipulate weak pathetic males any why I see fit. I get a couple of regular guys who hate what I do and express it very cleary (as if I give a flying fuck). The problem with these men are that  they are in the wrong section trying to change me into what they desire me to be. What they fail to understand is that you must always read the package before you make an emotional, mental and financial investment. We all know how difficult it is for dum males to be distracted by beauty. For some reason they believe anything thats sexy is a "sexual" object for their pleasure alone. Ha!. Thoes bitches have nothing else better to do but to watch and whine like a baby. I myself dont go around seeking attractive males then complain when I find out he's disrespecting women. Too much energy wasted as I know all personalities are...
My Popular Amazon Wishlist
2007-05-02 10:22:00
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Gift Certificate Updates
2007-05-02 09:20:00
Ok so I been sitting back realizing that some of you slaves find a few of my spoil me items to be-quite intimidating for  your spluge taste. Another reason for this is because you are not paying attention to reading anything thing on my site. So I'm moving my Spoil-Me page over to LJ.. Here I will update this page as much as possible with links of gift certificates and anything related to gettting me gifts at affordable prices.Dont want your spouse to know about our little affair? THE BEST OPTIONYou can get a greendot reload card in your local area at   Next email me ([email protected])  the Code number #, and finally I apply the funds to my debit greendot plastic. Zawh Lah! Whats yours is mine!         THE SECOND BEST OPTIONWant my attention ASAP? This is the fastest & best way to get to me. [email protected] Your constant whining and bitch begging will not get me to talk to you u...
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