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Seeking out the best in hot bi male group sex action in mainstream movies, pop culture, and hardcore pornography of course...
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Sorry, We?ve Been Busy Playing Bisexual Games?
2009-05-02 02:54:00
…but we’ll be back very soon. What kind of games? Well, something like this: Get the Flash Player to see this player. Stay tuned… Share This
Happy Bisexual Polysexual Group Sex New Years to All!
2009-01-04 02:50:00
Happy holidays! Hope there will lots of bisexual group sex fun this year! We had a little romp up in poly sex city, San Francisco this New Year’s and it was a lot of fun. We’ll be sharing some naughty bits with everyone as soon as we recuperate! Share This
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Zack and Miri Made a Porno, but So Did Zach and Amanda and Other Cute Amate
2008-11-03 22:38:00
We’re not fans of Kevin Smith and won’t be going to see his Zack and Miri movie. Instead we’re going to revisit the cute amateur couples at Sell Your Sex Tape like Amanda and Zack, among the dozens of real amateur exhibitionist couples who did just what Zack and Miri do - make their own ...
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Do Women Enjoy Gay Porn? Yes but We Prefer Bisexual!
2008-10-24 00:03:00
My husband pointed out a column in Esquire that asked if women like to watch gay porn. The answer was interesting. Basically it said: yes and no, with some disagreements but the point was that in straight porn, usually all you see is the guy’s dick, whereas in gay porn, gay guys like to see ...
Bisexual MMMF Foursomes in Porn and Advertising!
2008-10-16 22:15:00
Never having done a bisexual foursome with a gay male couple, I’ve only seen the MMMF thing in porn and always thought that somehow there was an odd man out. This “three on one” Guiness commercial however, might change our minds about it. Possibly the best beer commercial ever made! Watch the whole thing, it’s ...
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What?s a Lucky Pierre? It?s the Lucky Guy in the Middle of a Bi Threesome
2008-10-14 03:47:00
We recently came across the term “Lucky PIerre” and a bit of internet research reveals that Pierre is indeed lucky because he’s the guy in the middle when you’re doing a bisexual bump and grind in a MMF menage a trois where everyone gets penetrated at once, and I’m not talking about a girl sucking ...
Time For a New Look! And Some Crossdresser Porn?
2008-10-14 03:11:00
It’s time we changed around the look of this site; let us know what you think of the new layout once it cums up. Speaking of changing looks, we recently discovered the website of “Katie-Ann, Teen Crossdresser“. Always on the lookout for new stuff and sexperimentation (with the possible exception of fisting (see below), Katie ...
Bisexual Fisting Lesson: WTF?
2008-10-14 02:52:00
Remember when fisting was all the rage? Me neither, but I do remember than in some dens of iniquity like New York and San Francisco, “porn positive” folks like Tristan Taormino and Annie Sprinkle would talk about fisting ad nauseaum (no pun intended). Now pussy fisting might be fun and relatively easy to do, depending ...
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Where?s All the Bi Guy Porn? Right Here, Guys and Gals!
2008-10-10 03:17:00
Where’s the bisexual MMF porn, they asked recently in a article titled “Where’s all the Bi Guy Porn” on alt-sex blog Boinkology. To paraphrase Kyle McLachlan and Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet: It’s right here, Frank. Do you want me to bring it? NO I want you to fuck it! Shit yeah, bring the fuckin’ ...
New Bisexual Sites re Bi Porn Stars, And Bisexland WILL Be Back!
2008-10-05 06:58:00
OK, we’ve been slacking, and that happens to everyone, even bisexual couples so forgive us. We’ve been rather busy lately with not only bisexual sexual activity but a bunch more stuff. Well, we haven’t been gone as long as the Danish Couple. Glad to hear that they’re back in full bi-force, btw! In the next ...
Bi Mens Web - New Bisexual Porn Portal and Raunchy Bi Community Forum
2008-04-19 01:33:00
In the spirit of Justusboys but focusing on bisexual groups as well as straight, gay and lesbian porn, Bi Mens Web is a cool new site that also features a bisexual forum, which is neat because the focus is more on porn and sex as opposed to bisexual community issues or gender talk or whatever. ...
Strapon Dreamer, New Strap-On Fetish Site With Gorgeous Girls and Hot Guys
2008-04-11 03:14:00
We’re big fans of strapon sex as you know, but a lot of strap-on content is often somewhat poorly produced, why we have no idea. It also seems to overlap a bit into BDSM and humiliation, which is fine but we prefer pleasure to pain and just some naughty playing around with a strapped on ...
American Bi Returns With Bisexual Double Blowjob Porn Star Action!
2008-04-06 22:29:00
We wrote about the great series of DVDs called American Bi which features only (and frankly it’s the best part IMO) double blowjobs, one guy getting head from a guy and a girl at the same time. Now that series is a whole website on it’s own! Hurrah! And it features pro porn guys and ...
Straight Porn for Bisexuals? Check Out Sell Your Sex Tape
2008-04-06 22:19:00
Remember the straight porn for the gay guy idea? While not intended exactly like that, Sell Your Sex Tape is an awesome site because it’s real homemade porn made by real couples, mostly boy girl but some girl girl as well. Why is it so appealing to bisexuals like us? Because the intimacy and up-closeness ...
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Bi-Curious Porn From Straight Boys Fucking Show What a First Time Bi Threes
2008-03-11 02:30:00
As much as we’re fans of hardcore bisexual porn, we also love porn that’s bi-curious, meaning amateur content like Dare Ring. The great thing about that stuff is that in a first time threesome that just may turn bisexual, slightly or majorly, you don’t just start having a triple penetration if you’re a guy ...
Roy Alexandre?s Bisexxxual Encounters of the Extreme Kind, Starring Leon Co
2008-02-06 23:41:00
Well, we’ve been watching a lot of bisexual porn lately, mostly through the great Bimaxx updates which is always great inspiration and/or vicarious fantasy fulfillment. Recently we watched a different type of flick called Bisexual (Bisexxxual, actually) Encounters of the Extreme Kind by a guy named Roy Alexandre who has been shooting a lot of ...
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Happy Bisexual New Year Everyone! Let?s Party!
2008-01-08 00:24:00
It’s a new year so let’s kick it off, belatedly, with some bisexual orgy action where there’s no such thing as being straight or gay but where everyone is bi and attracted to both sexes, and thus parties it on with more decadence since the Roman Empire! Our New Year’s eve wasn’t exactly as decadent ...
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Male Female Cum Swapping, Snowballing Couples, the Taste of Cum? Is it Bise
2007-12-12 05:00:00
The first time I heard about “snowballing” cum was way long ago, and was actually kind of shocked. I think it was an erotic story and the guy fucking his girl told her “I want you to give me a snowball”. She said, “what’s that?” and he said that’s when I cum in your mouth ...
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We?re Back? No, We Didn?t Disappear Like the Bisexual Couple aka the Danish
2007-11-26 23:53:00
Anyone remember the couple who only went by the name “The Danish Couple”? Not just both bisexual but also exhibitionists, they had a great original site which was registered simply as Unfortunately despite their promises - as in the front page below, the site has been down for a while and I don’t know ...
Do You Have a Penis Fetish or Are You Really Bisexual?
2007-10-09 00:07:00
I found this recent article about bisexuality kind of odd for the following paragraph about “penis fetishes” as opposed to being a true bisexual. In it, the author writes “ Some guys who do not identify as gay may be sexually turned on by specific behaviors or male body parts. For example, some men have ...
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Bi Threesome in the Kitchen from Bimaxx
2007-09-14 00:06:00
Bimaxx keeps coming out with some of the best bisexual porn out there. I can’t get enough. There are two new kitchen themed bi MMF threesome scenes from the latest updates which are great because I think the kitchen is a sexy place, and one where we did some group sex experimentation of our own ...
Hot girl Gets Fucked by 2 Bi Guys
2007-09-03 01:19:00
Nothing like a little bi porn to get things started. Then everyone takes turns giving each other head, moving into the bedroom for guy-guy, guy-girl, and threeway fucking, ending up with a double dose of cum on her face. From the always outstanding Club Bisexual!
The Future World Will be Bisexual!
2007-08-28 21:15:00
Finally, a bit of good news in the papers today! From the Basque news channel of all places, but hey, we did say before that Spain is a great place to be bi. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the prediction about “more manly women.” Maybe we’ll end up with more chicks ...
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Allison Wyte, Redhead Pornstar in Male Strapon Action
2007-08-28 20:54:00
I remember seeing Allison Wyte (or Alison White, as she has been known to spell her name differently) a few years ago but I thought she seemed to have dropped out of the porn scene until I saw her on Club Bisexual in a hot and heavy strapon fucking session. From what I recall this ...
Jonathan Jaxson is on a Mission to ?Out? Everyone in Hollywood, Including B
2007-08-22 04:37:00
Celebrity blogger Jonathan Jaxson is on a mission to out everyone he possibly can. Check out his site to see a few of the folks he’s been outing. I say more power to him and let’s hope everyone outs themselves soon! Especially when bisexuality is concerned. I had no idea that Will Smith made the ...
Anal Ring Toss Game?
2007-08-21 03:33:00
Sex is the New Blog had a rather humorous article about the rather strange ring toss game that involves a butt plug. Check it out. Something to think about perhaps for when we’re really, REALLY drunk.
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Bi Threesome With the Nurse
2007-08-19 23:44:00
Watch what happens when a horny brunette cums in to join these hot bi guys in this scorching series from Club Bisexual. If only every visit to the doctor’s office was this good!
Awesome Bi Threesome Sharing Cock - Two Gorgeous Bisexual Guys and a Horny
2007-08-18 03:17:00
The bi guys are hot and the naughty tatooed chick who loves them is just as awesome. A perfect bisexual threesome!
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Another Awesome Bisexual Foursome From Bimaxx
2007-08-16 04:03:00
We’ve only got one MMFF foursome under our belt so far, here’s hoping that we can get it on with another hot couple soon, much like these guys and girls… Click on the pic, and see what happens when the other girl comes in!
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Dan Savage and Violet Blue on All About Pegging, Strap-On Sex, Anal Play an
2007-08-11 10:28:00
In the latest post to Dan Savage who actually helped coin the term “pegging” the letter begins with “I am a 25-year-old bi female with a bi male partner. My boyfriend likes stuff up his butt?really likes it.” Sounds like us. But let’s go on…. Violet Blue adds: “Pegging started showing up in porn circa ...
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