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So how many blondes does it take?
2007-11-09 14:00:00 exposes the variety of animated sluts who are down to do just about anything you can cum up with. Let your imagination run wild and make your fantasy a reality!
Home sweet home. Fuck the rules.
2007-11-07 14:06:00
The characters over at believe that rules are made to be broken. Nothing is taboo and it?s all about the orgasm baby. Get in where you fit in and enjoy the fuckin moment.
Yep, It Was A Fuckin Monday
2007-11-06 14:17:00
Fuck, I went to work yesterday an hour early because of daylights fuckin savings. When I first pulled up, I was wonderin’ why the damn receptionist wasn?t at her desk. Then I noticed that the lights were off. Fuck! I could have so used the extra hour of sleep. But then again, it wouldn?t be a damn Monday if everything went smooth. The only good that came out of going to work early was being able to get off early so I decided to hit up the gym, but there was nothing exciting that happened. I just did some cardio and worked on my arms a bit?but there was no eye candy there at the time I went. The gym is such a coin flip?sometimes there are whores galore and other times it?s all buffet lookin chicks who have to be there. I went home feeling good, but there was an unsatisfying feeling. When I saw my laptop, blood rushed to my cock and I knew it was time to surf a little bit. I was debating whether to shower first or ?get in touch? with the cute animations over at Trash...
There are no stupid questions
2007-11-03 14:00:00
When encountering a anime, there is a way to get everything your cock desires. Enter a world where it?s no holds barred sex goin on 24/7.
It?s always happy hour around here
2007-11-02 14:02:00
In the world of, every customer is satisfied from head to the other head. Your wildest imagination only scratches the tip of the iceberg? but don?t take my word for it. See it for yourself.
The spot merely known as G
2007-11-01 14:04:00 will be sure to satisfy your sexual appetite.  Every chick will suck your cock dry and if by chance they don?t orgasm when you do, they always find a way?it?s a win-win proposition.
Halloween Is Here, Cum Out You Fuckin Sluts!
2007-10-31 14:16:00
It was a fuckin zoo at work today ? every guy tried to look smooth and cool in their Military outfits or Pirate/Vampire costumes and every thin slut appropriately dressed in skimpy, sexy, revealing cutsie uniforms (French maids, cute animals, etc.) and I didn?t dress up at all. I was going to wear my Phantom of the Opera gear, but to be honest with you, I don?t give a shit about pleasing the people I work with? I?m not fuckin any of them ? well, not yet anyway, so why do I need to conform? The day went by fine as people gathered for picture taking throughout the day and during lunch we all gathered in the break room for the best dressed costume contest and, of course, the sluttiest broad in the room won. I did enjoy looking at all the skanks for who they really are as it showed in their costumes? I don?t think I can look at them the same ever again (which is a damn good thing). I just arrived home from work and I needed a nap because the 18 year old and I were going to go to a...
Some broads can?t get a hint
2007-10-30 14:00:00
At, you will laugh, you may cry, but most importantly, you will be ?in touch? with your feelings? lend yourself a helping hand. Pun intended.
Whoresty the Snowcunt?
2007-10-29 14:02:00
Sometimes the ol lady gets just that ? old. Spice your relationship up at because ideas are in abundance and unconventional methods of having sex are the new trend.
Hasta la vista, whore
2007-10-27 15:05:00
Taking a page out of a former president?s book has earned the Governator my respect. At, these twisted animators don?t see anything wrong with a little bump and grind. Don?t hate the player, hate the game…
The Motherfuckin Skanky Freaks Come Out At Night
2007-10-26 15:18:00
Tonight was the first of the two nights of partying that the 18 year old and I were going to do in celebration of Halloween. When we arrived at the party, I noticed all kinds of sluts dressed up?proud to be accepted for one fucking night. That shit cracked me the fuck up as every slut checked out the other to see who was sluttier. Trapped under my Phantom of the Opera mask, it was pretty easy to remain anonymous. It was a huge mansion (one of the 18 year old?s friend?s parent?s home) that one could get easily lost in. After dancing with my ?girlfriend? and mingling with her friends for an hour or so, I went off to explore a bit while my ?girlfriend? stayed in the main room with her friends. Equipped with a bottle of champagne (that I drank straight out of the bottle), I made my way up the stairs to the balcony?an area of the house that was taped off while being remodeled. It was dark, and I could look down on the people below as they partied. Hidden from view, a stranger place...
Be careful what you wish for
2007-10-25 15:01:00
A lot of men just ?wanna get in that ass? when encountering a hot looking slut. On, every chick will grant you your sexual desires, so be very, very careful. You?ve been forewarned?
How they do dat right der
2007-10-24 15:06:00
Sluts down south are known for their warm hospitality, but sometimes they need some time to get acquainted with themselves. On, rest and relaxation is first and foremost.
Uh, what the fuck?
2007-10-23 15:06:00
Saying that is a hilarious website is an understatement. Puff, puff, pass?whatever the animators are smoking, I need a rip from!!! Life is too short to be uptight, so live a little and stimulate your mind and cock all in one place.
The Difference Between Making Love And Having Sex With The ?Girlfriend?
2007-10-22 15:17:00
While driving home from work today, all I kept thinking about was wanting to go to bed and just forget this day ever took place (Fuck Mondays); but when I pulled up to my parking spot, I saw the 18 year old in front of my door smiling at me as she held onto a bag of groceries. A smile came over my face, forgetting the long day I just had. How fuckin thoughtful of her?I talked to her during lunch and told her I had a bad day, but I didn?t expect her to rush her ass over to my place to kick it. After we finish eating, I became Mr. Fuckin Romance and I played some slow jams as I took her to the living room to dance; I could smell her cunt getting wet. After a little slow dance, I lifted her up and wrapped my arms around her legs and lifted her up?taking her straight into the bedroom. I undressed her slowly, staring into her eyes the whole time. I then grabbed a bottle of massage oil and started moving my hands up and down her back with just the right amount of pressure to get her to ...
All they wanna do is have some fun
2007-10-20 15:00:00
There is nothing you can?t do in the world as these gorgeous, horny animations will let you touch them, tease them, hit them, squeeze them?whatever the fuck you like. It?s your world and every toon is at your service.
The key to a successful marriage
2007-10-19 15:04:00
The sick in the head fucks over at come up with fun and enlightening ways to get you through the day, regardless of what mood you?re in. Life?s a bitch, especially if you marry one?
Not Quite The Mile High Club, But Shit, It?s Pretty Damn Close
2007-10-17 15:18:00
I was at the airport this morning because for the rest of the week, I was scheduled to fly to Seattle, WA for a convention that my boss suggested I go to?learning is part of the ?moving on up process?, so I agreed to get my learn on. As I boarded the flight and turned to the right to walk down the aisle and find my seat, I thought about the girl I had seen waiting at the gate. She had to be in her early twenties. She was about 5′3, slim and supple. Smooth skin, a tight small ass, and a beautiful face and mouth that had a slightly mischievous look to it. She caught me looking at her I think, and instead of looking away had given me a flirty raise of the eyebrows along with a smile. She was dressed for comfort, for travel. Her t-shirt didn’t come down quite to the top of her pants and her olive toned stomach showed glowing and tight. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and, more importantly, she didn’t seem to mind. I walked almost to the back of the plane and to...
Her name is Whorest. People call her Whorest Rump.
2007-10-16 15:00:00
hat is better than a slut who loves to play table tennis while naked? I can?t think of many things either. is where to expand your mind while turning your frown upside down. You may as well kill two birds with one stone.
It?s best to just shut the fuck up sometimes
2007-10-15 15:02:00
If it?s too hot, then get out of the motherfuckin kitchen and let someone else cook it up with the sexy animations over at because the hormones flow at a pace that the average person can?t keep up with.
Hard cock gives her wings
2007-10-13 15:05:00 is full of hot animated chicks that love every aspect of sex.  Their hands, mouths, and every hole cum into play where it?s no holds barred fuck for all.
Get The Fuck Up And Get The Fuck Out
2007-10-12 15:16:00
When I woke up this morning, I didn?t expect to find the 18 year old next to me. She was supposed to be at school. What the fuck was she still doing here? I woke her ass up and, instead of panicking, she smiled and said that she felt like sleeping in. I told her I had to go to work and she was under the impression that she can stay while I?m not home?I don?t play that shit. Sure, I?ve been dating her for a while now and most men wouldn?t mind their ?girlfriend? staying, but check it out? it?s not a trust issue. I know she?s not going to go through my shit. What it is is a ?getting too comfortable? issue. So instead of kicking her ass out of my place, I instead, made her wanna leave. I jumped off of my bed and yelled ? rat! She hates rodents and insects and I ran towards a corner of my room as if I was looking for it; the 18 year old instantly was awake and because I couldn?t find the rat (damn it), she told me that she couldn?t stay there knowing that there was a furry ro...
The wet circle of love
2007-10-11 15:00:00
After drinking games, it?s sexual games being played over at Get a taste of the good life ? you only live once, so enjoy it?
Hey, take me drunk. I?m home. I owe a favor you?
2007-10-10 15:00:00
The next time you go through a ?what the fuck happened last night? moment, remember that the anime?s over at sympathize with you ? life?s a trip. A little bit of liquid courage can go a long way?
Funny mirrors are a beautiful thing
2007-10-09 15:00:00
Whatever the fuck works to get your significant other into bed with you should not have to be justified?ever. Get other bright ideas and amusement from, where there is nothing left to the imagination. These animators deserve a fucking raise.
A Tribute To Columbus On His Day
2007-10-08 15:15:00
Why the fuck am I at work on Columbus Day? Shouldn?t this day be a national holiday? Didn?t he discover this great land? And how do we repay him ? by working on his day like he ain?t shit. Yeah, it must be Monday today. I really don?t want to be here today because I feel like I?m getting jipped a holiday. On the bright side, there?s a couple of new hot pieces of ass in our customer service department, so I guess I?ll introduce myself and get acquainted with them today. My other co-workers seem like they are in la-la land just zoning out as they realize, like me, it?s a fuckin Monday. Mondays are so fuckin unproductive at work as half of the staff has bed-head and the other half are doin other shit that doesn?t pertain to work. What the fuck is this? An e-mail from the 18 year old? she rarely, actually never has, e-mailed me. Damn my privacy is getting smaller as each day passes. It has its pros and cons, but remember this my brothers, I am a man of my word and if I say...
Oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop
2007-10-06 15:00:00
Ya gotta love blondes. There?s something about them that makes a man?s ideas seem genius. Join the animators over at for a sweet treat as your cock is, as it should be, the main attraction.
Ready, willing, and able? here doggy, doggy.
2007-10-05 15:03:00
Look at the perfect round ass on this anime whore. With green eyes and wild red hair, you know that this bitch will give you the motherfuckin business. is where you can find the sexiest anime?s on the net.
What The Fuck Is Up With The Internet?
2007-10-03 15:15:00
When I hopped on my computer tonight, the unthinkable happened?a fucking blackout occurred (which killed the router), and I couldn?t believe that the electricity wasn?t back up within a few minutes. I lit up a couple of candles and afterwards, went into my car and turned on some news radio to figure out what was going on. I wasn?t dressed to go out (nor was I in the mood) and I could not groom myself into mac-mode with the lack of lighting I had, so I was in a fuckin rut. It was too early to sleep, so I said Fuck It? I rolled up a joint, grabbed my computer, blew out the candles and went to a local coffee shop dressed like a fuckin bum. I?m not a big coffee drinker, so I sipped on some chai tea while surfing the net. Being out in public made the Internet somewhat boring because there was a sense of restriction I felt. Of course, it?s common courtesy to not have anything offensive on the screen, but fuck, there were no kids around ? and even if there were any minors, they stil...
It does a body good
2007-10-02 15:00:00
A healthy serving of milk is good for your bones, especially one bone in particular. Some may refer to it as a muscle, but the sluts? call it a bone ? don?t argue with a naked tramp. Here?s to your health!
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